Play 1471 Renaissance (Timefighter)

You are a pilot. A time fighter, fighting a battle against aliens that are attacking the world.
Time portal, secretly invented by Leonardo da Vinchi, will sent u to future to help fight the battle in 5 different time periods.
The greatest battle of our planet begins, are you ready for chalenge ?


1471 Renaissance (Timefighter)
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  1. Another arcade shooting game, here u use time portal to travel into future and fight aliens, pick different weapons to increase your power, also be aware of lighting clouds or tornado, it can makes easy to be killed.
    What i dont like here is color of enemy’s weapons, its so similar to background that i can barely see it

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  2. Arcade shooting Game u fight with aliens and you travel to future,2d graphic game is good but was gonna be bored

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  3. 1471 Renaissance is a arcade game where you control a plane and your job is to shoot down incoming alien ships.Graphics are ok considering its arcade game.

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  4. Simple,fun,addicting and challenging is what I use to describe 1471 timefighter renaissance :). I do currently have the record (not to brag) on this game because I love it so much! Awesome powerups aswell. I recommend this game to shooter fans!

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  5. This is an (as Ness said) funny/simple game.Not so good but it’s worth to spend some time on it,definetly,atleast for me.I’m not going to suggest it because it isn’t so good it’s just regular game,but I will say that game is worth a try.I’ll give 2/5 to this 🙂 .

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  6. Decent game, easy to play. I think the biggest problem I have with this game is lag and it makes hard to dodge the incoming alien ships. I’m not sure why I get bad frame rate when I play this when the other games work fine.

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  7. This game too is also horrid, the game play is repetitive and the graphics are low rated. I feel like this is a biased opinion, however, I find any 2d type game with low poly graphics to be a definite no for me.

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  8. Hmm another game with a spaceship shooting down enemy vessels and fighting Bosses!!! Though i like these kind or games it becomes repetitive after a while and you get bored of it… So im gonna give it a 2/5

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  9. 1471 Renaissance (Timefighter) is a fun side-scrolling shooting arcade game. What I like about this game is that the player gets to shoot ammo from his ship towards other ships and turrets. I even like the power-ups in this game which affect the player’s ammo like by turning one ammo into three ammos. What I dislike about this game is how hard it is to see the incoming bullets since it is not distinct enough, but the graphics in this game is not bad at all. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.5/5.

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  10. Another classicish arcade game. It feels very old when you play it. The overall game play is quite boring and the graphics do not compliment it at all. It’s quite simple and easy to play but still it’s just not the best game. I probably would never really play it. I rate it 2/5.

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  11. 1471 Renaissance (Timefighter) is action game. You play as a pilot who is getting rid of alien invading the earth in 5 different time periods. You will either shoot bullets or drop bombs at the aliens to defeat them but be aware that there are a lot of them! This game plays decently and looks nice. 3 stars.

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