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This is the twelfth match of GameOgre.com’s MMO Showdown 9.  This annual tournament determines the best MMORPG out of 16 games. The winner will be named MMORPG of the Year. GameOgre.com also has a Prediction Contest for forum members each year for a $10 Game Card or $10 of Riot Points.


League of Legends




This a very important match on GameOgre.com as both games are very popular on the forum and have tournaments that consist of forum members. Of the two, League of Legends (LoL) is the more popular and is the overall favorite to win the whole tournament. However, early forum voting is showing the two games in deadlock. If Hearthstone is able to win, it will be the biggest upset of the tournament by a large margin. Which will you choose and why?


  1. Voting for LoL even tho Hearthstone is great card game and I play HS, but LOL is something that i play for 3 years and I wouldn’t vote for it and play it if that game didn’t had much effort on me!

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  2. These are only 2 games that i play atm, I gave vote to League only cause i play that game for 4 years. Am recently started to play HS and game is more interesting every day, only card game that i ever played.

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  3. I’ll go with LoL I find it more interesting because of the gameplay, I’ve never been a fan of card games I find them boring it’s too kug mind game for me so it’s a no no.. 😀

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