You can explore a totally new and unknown world you have never been to, put on beautiful clothes and gorgeous accessories, and even attract other users in the process. You may begin the journey to explore the world of unknown alone, but you may come out on the other end with numerous new friends through hunting and chatting. If you’re tired of hunting and competition, how about playing minigames with a friend for a change?

Review Archive

Post Date: 20:14 10-08-2015
Rating: 5
Author: Septera
Comment: Maple story is 2d scrolling MMO game , game is fun and adictive but biggest problem is cash shop becouse game turns into P2W type of game.
Positive thing is great and big community that is willing to help.

Post Date: 20:33 02-08-2015
Rating: 7
Author: LosmiK
Comment: A solid game, but I do not like too much.

Post Date: 16:42 11-01-2015
Rating: 7
Author: altot
Comment: The oh-so popular 2D MMORPG that made a breakthrough in the industry by just being unique and as clean of bugs as it can. The only downside would be the unbalanced LVLing system that can be pretty rough for newcomers.

Post Date: 10:33 04-11-2012
Rating: 6
Author: ufbre
Comment: I like Maple Story

Post Date: 10:06 01-10-2012
Rating: 7
Author: AnimePhreak
Comment: I like Maple Story because you don’t have to rely on your mouse to do everything. The downside is you have to be a certain level to unlock and play a character. This game has TOO much grinding. The game is quite addicting too and the server aren’t that bad too

Post Date: 18:18 08-07-2012
Rating: 5
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: Simply, playable game. Nothing great but very nice. Dont like too much 2d graphics so 5/10.

Post Date: 13:33 08-07-2012
Rating: 6
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: I would say that this game is okay. Not one of my favourites but still decent. It’s graphics are 2D as you can see. There’s not many 2D games that have catched my eye and this isn’t an exeption. I must admit that it can be a little addictive if you have played it for a long time. But it wasn’t really what I was searching for so I moved to another game. Although it’s a great game if you like this kind of games.

Post Date: 16:55 25-04-2012
Rating: 10
Author: KuroTsuna
Comment: Maplestory is a fantastic with many different and original contents in the game. The game has added many new classes to the game from beginning to today. There was to begin with only four different type of classes, mage,bowman,warrior,thief. After that Pirate classes make there appearance in maplestory with Corsair and buccaneer. Both classes are very enjoyable. After the pirates they have a Dual blader classes aka thief with flashy skills and easy gameplay. The cygnus jobs with the 5 standard classes, mage, bowman, warrior, thief and pirate. All classes of the cygnus are casual classes, max level is 120. We have the standard classes and the cygnus classes, but Maplestory has more than that now they have Legend classes, four are released in korean maplestory, Mercedes,Aran,Phantom and Evan, The fifth classe pirate isn’t released yet, but It will happen soon.
Mercedes is a bowman legend, very fast and with flashy skills. Aran is a warrior legend, very nice gameplay with the combo system. Phantom is a thief legend, very cool job, since it can steal other classes attacks, except legend classes. Evan is a mage legend, fighting along side with his dragon is really cool. The pirate legend is still a mystery, but I’m looking forward to it. There’s one more genre of classes in maplestory, the ressistance. The classes of the ressistance are Bowman, Mage, Warrior, pirate. Thief classes isn’t released yet. Bowman is named wild hunter. Mage is named battle mage. Warrior is named Demon Slayer. Pirate is named Mechanic. All classes has there unique things about there jobs.

Now we know a bit more about the classes in maplestory. After playing the classes, you will notice that they aren’t that strong that’s why maplestory revamp those classes. First they revamp the adventures aka the standard five classes. after that revamp the others.

Of course Maplestory has events to enjoy more from the game. There’re many event that are planned on special days, like summer, winter, spring, autumn and valentine,X-mas, etc.

The gameplay of this game is a bit different from the beta version years ago. The level up system is easier than before since it takes years to hit cap level and it’s boring when it takes too long to reach that, but if you reach the cap you will feel happy.

I don’t know why Maplestory is rated below 7, but I can tell you that Maplestory is better than you think without playing the game.

Post Date: 20:32 17-03-2012
Rating: 10
Author: Dmt_2000
Comment: I love this game even know i just started playing it i think its fun i like all of the classes evenly i will talk about the classes Warrior is the tank Magicians are the magic class heal spells ice fire ect Thief Tricky stealth back stabbing class cloak and dagger stuff Bowman has Highest accuracy among all classes shooting class with arrows Pirates i love these the best because they do the most dps and they are fun Pirate can go both skill tree way melee or Gun Those are all of the basic classes

Post Date: 09:52 16-02-2012
Rating: 8
Author: gamegenre
Comment: Maple Story a 2D side scrolling game like Windslayer 2.. 😀

Post Date: 13:12 21-12-2011
Rating: 10
Author: KuroTsuna
Comment: Finally legend update has come to GMS maplestory. This patch adds 3 new classes to the game. A new pirate, canonneer, a ressistance, demon slayer and the bow legend, Mecredes :). All the 3 classes has there own playing style and weapons. The legend coin system, gain coins through leveling a profession to buy hidden weapons, recipe, android, AP and SP resets, or 1,3x exp coupons. In cash shop they will be adding a new miracle cube called legendary miracle cube which has a greater chance to rank up a equip or weapon. Mecredes is an elf and the best looking character of whole maplestory at the moment. The skills are pretty and very well made. All the 3 jobs has a link-skill to link a buff to another character to use the buff of the character. Demon slayer was betrayed by the black mage that’s why he’s a ressistance in this game. Canonneer is a pirate that uses a canon as his weapon. All the 3 classes are very unique.
Post Date: 14:44 15-12-2011
Rating: 10
Author: perfectperfect
Comment: Maple Story is the best! It will win against DragonNest!

Post Date: 15:30 13-12-2011
Rating: 0
Author: indianlace
Comment: I love Maple Story!

Post Date: 05:29 25-11-2011
Rating: 9
Author: pasibe1
Comment: Maplestory is a pretty good game. I played it heavily for about 3 years and now I play on and off. Even though the Bing Bang and Chaos updates have made much of the game easier before, there are still many hard things to achieve in the game.

Post Date: 23:50 21-10-2011
Rating: 7
Author: lumlehsumleh
Comment: maple story is a good game. the one thing i dont like about it is that it has too muck competition. there is so much to do it can get boring..

Post Date: 12:05 05-10-2011
Rating: 10
Author: KuroTsuna
Comment: I like this game, so I’ll review about the new patch ascension.

This patch is awesome, because Nexon improve the skills of the adventures:Warrior, Magician, Bowman,(thief, Pirate will come out later).
Warriors: Skills improvement are fantastic and more powerful than before.
Magician: Skills improvement are powerful and looks great.
Bishops look really godly.
Bowman:Finally more bowmans in maplestory. Double jump (same as flash jump) and more skills are awesome.
There’s more, Wedding revamp. Wedding is easier than before and this event is hot.

There’s alot more in this patch but I’ll make it short.
New monsters are added. They look the same but the name of the monster adds a ‘rare’ XXX mob

Get your nx cash and buy the ascension package now for a good start 🙂

Post Date: 05:21 03-10-2011
Rating: 7
Author: mmowiz
Comment: love it or hate it, ms is a popular mmo. the community can be childish as the graphics at times. with all the wow closes these days i am appreciating ms more than i used to!

Post Date: 07:51 19-09-2011
Rating: 7
Author: logen9
Comment: I would rather play MapleStory Adventures on Facebook than regular MapleStory. The best thing about the original is it being like a platformer. The hackers are the biggest negative for me:(.

Post Date: 10:48 07-09-2011
Rating: 1
Author: Shadeypwns
Comment: it”s maple story, not like it matters lol

Post Date: 15:23 19-08-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Cyberpunk
Comment: This game deserves Rating of 10 Pts. and I’m not meaning its publisher or NEXON’s failures, but the game itself is pretty catching. I play Global MapleStory since OBT was released, I’ve tried MapleStory Europe Korean MapleStory and also MapleStory Adventures (Facebook); this game has a cummunity pretty known by experienced End Gamers: Scammers, Hackers, Ads., F2P (Micro-transactions)and a Team Play walkthrough for the best. Also it contains pretty nice people, helpful people, humble experienced players and Guild leaders willing to help newbies. It offers sequels and sagas, pretty interesting and stories for everyone. Global MapleStory now offers a PvP System, and a Secondary Job (Artisans) system, personality, the improved Monster Book (The Codex) that gives you a Rank system and you can collect monster cards around the Maple World. Who said Grind Fest is the only way to enjoy this game? We just get pushed by the constant pressure or known or random people in a competitive way.

In short words, talking about my experience or Levels of my characters is irrelevant, the only thing you must know is that the game is one of the best (if not the best) 2D Scrolling MMORPG.

Post Date: 16:15 28-06-2011
Rating: 10
Author: cooldude671
Comment: A awesome game

Post Date: 13:12 28-06-2011
Rating: 10
Author: KuroTsuna
Comment: I have played MapleStory for several years too. It is an awesome game, but this game has many hackers If you can’t handle that, I suggest not playing MapleStory, though the grinding as become easier now that the exp needed to level up is cut by almost half. Thanks to the Big Bang patch.
This game has a wide variety of classes to choose from. There are more than 18 classes to choose from. The cap for most classes is 200, but some have a level 120 cap. You can choose from becoming an Adventurer, Cygnus Knight, Legend or Resistance. The Adventurers have five classes to choose from, archer, warrior, thief, magician, pirate. Each has 3 job advancements starting at level 30.
Cygnus Knights are similar to adventures with small improvements, but they can only level to 120. The jobs are basically the same as the Adventurers Their skills are different from the Adventurers and are easier to level up and use.
There are two Legends, Aran and Evan. They have great potential if you know how to use them right, but they are easy to level. Aran is a warrior with different skills. Evan is a dragon taming job. The downside to Evan is that to obtain some skills you have to pay cash. The Resistance has three classes at the moment, Battle mage ( mage), Wild hunter(archer) and mechanic.(pirate) There’s maybe an warrior classes of resistance coming.
The world in MapleStory is huge. There are so many places to explore. Chaos Patch is coming! PvP, Professions, classes improvements, and an GMS-exclusive thing is coming to GMS.

Post Date: 19:22 22-06-2011
Rating: 8
Author: gokiguy
Comment: I have played MapleStory for several years. It is a great game, but a grind fest. If you can’t handle doing the same thing over and over again, I suggest not playing MapleStory, though the grinding as become easier now that the exp needed to level up is cut by almost half.
This game has a wide variety of classes to choose from. There are more that 18 classes to choose from. The cap for most classes is 200, but some have a level 120 cap. You can choose from becoming an Adventurer, Cygnus Knight, Legend or Resistance. The Adventurers have six classes to choose from, archer, warrior, thief, magician, pirate or Duel Blade. Each has 3 job advancements starting at level 30.
Cygnus Knights are similar to adventures with small improvements, but they can only level to 120. The jobs are basically the same as the Adventurers except that there is no Duel Blade Cygnus Knight. Their skills are different from the Adventurers and are easier to level up and use.
There are two Legends, Aran and Evan. They have great potential if you know how to use them right, but they are hard to level. Aran is a warrior with different skills. Evan is a dragon taming job. The downside to Evan is that to obtain some skills you have to pay cash. The Resistance is something new that I don’t know much about so I can’t be any help on them.
The world in MapleStory is huge. There are so many places to explore. I still haven’t seen all the world and I have been playing for years. If you want PvP, you have to wait a bit. It is going to be implemented.

Post Date: 20:02 17-06-2011
Rating: 10
Author: KuroTsuna
Comment: The game has many improve since the beta. That’s why I like it this game. The graphics are very good with the 1024×768 resolution and the sound are average as always but the sound in Korean Maplestory and Japan Maplestory are fantastic. The communication of this game is very good because Maplestory has many worlds and player in each world.
The event are fun too. The protection of this game is horrible, however they patch hacks very fast. Hackers ruin this game for this and for every game. You can play this game with or without using money both way is fun. Big Bang Patch was good because it takes too many time too reach a high level. Choas Patch is coming to Gobal Maplestory and this game gets PvP. the pvp systeem is really fun, but the profession system makes maplestory looks like WoW. The MTS system is really handy because you make NX via MTS with selling your items for nx cash.

Post Date: 15:28 10-06-2011
Rating: 10
Author: cooldude671
Comment: Maplestory is awesome

Post Date: 14:19 20-05-2011
Rating: 10
Author: KuroTsuna
Comment: This is the best 2D MMORPG I ever played. This game has alot of improvements and the graphics are very good. The events are nice too. The communication of this game is very good. This game is free to play but with money you could do alot more and it motivates you to play. That’s what you call addiction.

Post Date: 10:14 20-05-2011
Rating: 10
Author: sasuke24
Comment: This is my favorite 2d side scrolling MMORPG. The gameplay and graphics is awesome and the features are nice too. The game also has a very friendly GMs and a nice Forum. The game is free to play so players need not to invest any money on this game. Also MapleStory would surely offer the player an complete addiction. This is the reason the game has over 20 million players all over the world today.

Post Date: 09:19 04-05-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Chris0198
Comment: It’s a fantastic game, i am by my self level 32 😉 Nice stuff to buy, and sell, and which you get from monsters. I played it a long time ago, and now I see that is Nr. 10.. It should be on minimal 3.

Post Date: 16:32 02-05-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Arti
Comment: It has many opportunities, there are always events in progress. Much classes for choose. It’s the great game!

Post Date: 20:42 14-04-2011
Rating: 10
Author: KuroTsuna
Comment: I’m still playing this game, because there’s always something new. Graphics looks decent and new storylines.

Post Date: 18:18 28-03-2011
Rating: 9
Author: Len
Comment: Fantastic game, they changed UI and everything and it looks great. the graphics are better now since they changed the resolution.

Post Date: 05:15 07-03-2011
Rating: 8
Author: toyaX
Comment: orite, i juz register to share my experience on this game(MapleSEA) which are Malaysia&Singapore; sever. I started this game when i was 14, play about 1 year and quit. Since on the date i play wasnt consider a good game for me, coz less event were held tat time. I’ll rate this game for 3 at tat time. Now when i turn to 17(at 2010), my real life friends start to play ms again, which attract me to join in again. I start up with noobs lik every1 did but with little experince, my friends start play for about 3months and quit, while i stay coz i feel diferent with last time, leveling bcome ez and more pq to help u level(monster carnival,gspq…..) it took me 1year to reach 100lvl+ , not everyday play though. Events are attractive, reward can made u rich even your a beginer, i earn about 1bilion+ from those events(no joke buddy). For NX cash, its not compulsory for changing job(even 4th job);except your job is Dual Blade which nid cash to skill. The only reason why they bought is it would make them stronger, higher damage, cool. Well im also spending few cash on it to buy things tat are rly necessary and those are not rly such as permanent cash item(no expire date:forever) For comunity, yes scammers and hackers are there, but after my years of experience, juz look at the guy i noe he is or not. I also join my 1st guild until now im still in, i noe these ppl deeply and were kind to me as i did. So you wont feel alone and bored when u hav ntg to do.
Curently now im lvl130 Dark Knight, took me only 3hours+ to lvl131 on x2 exp(event), wad i sugest here is dont train when don hav exp event on my lvl, tat save lots of time and reduce your addiction to it(if you had). And last thing, when you reach a certain lvl more than 130, don worry about money, it will come to you automatic, or u simply boss awhile u can sell those scrolls with high price.

Yes its a great game. 8/10 hope i didnt wrote too long o.0

Post Date: 11:35 03-03-2011
Rating: 7
Author: Starfire
Comment: I’ve been playing it for ages. Maybe 4 years? I quitted recently as I think the jobs isn’t very nice as it forces you to buy cash. But anyway, its a nice game though I coulden’t get over level 80. Fair graphics, though cannot be compared to those 3D ones. But as the levels go up, I can’t deny that it becomes pretty boring, one of the reasons I quit. And the patches don’t load well for me.

Post Date: 19:44 18-02-2011
Rating: 8
Author: Adrian
Comment: I have to agree with sasuke24. This is the best 2D MMORPG out there. Combat is nice, fast download. And the classes are a blast.

Post Date: 14:19 18-02-2011
Rating: 7
Author: sasuke24
Comment: This is one of the best 2D MMORPG. I love the graphics and the Party Quests.
@ dantabletennis – first of all the graphics is better comparing to the other 2D MMORPG. And 2nd the download speed depend on your net connection. I made the download in 2.5 hours with almost 400 KBPS.

Post Date: 09:11 04-01-2011
Rating: 0
Author: dantabletennis
Comment: CRAP! took ages to download, for crap graphics!

Post Date: 07:43 16-11-2010
Rating: 4
Author: maxfreak
Comment: I played through the first several “areas”, so that I can get to level 30. The gameplay is very repetitive and progress is slow, which forces you to either pay for XP boosters or play for 8 hours a day. Or even, do both.

Most games I’ve played, I managed to get to the level cap. Do not fall into that trap with Maplestory. You will not hit level 200. Here’s why:

EXP from 1 to 120 is 428,844,210
EXP from 120 to 200 is 30,533,762,496

This is not a typo. To get to 200, you need 70 times ALL the EXP you have accumulated till 120. Assuming paid boosters for XP and the best solo class, you would pass through 120 to 200 in 400 days.

Post Date: 01:12 28-10-2010
Rating: 2
Author: trala
Comment: summary is at the bottom if this review is too long 😛

okay, this game is seriously really fun.
i have quit for more than 4 months after playing this game for 2 years and I still think about it. This game SERIOUSLY gets addicting after 3rd and 4th job not only because of the skills, but also the community.
because i am a hardcore gamer, I spent all my time playing this game trying to keep my grades up at the same time. I gotten players up to level 150.

but the bad thing is,
this game gets addicting, fast.

when u start playing u can’t stop, and will continuously play on and on. For me, sometimes i would even play 9 hours a day. And I spent money, i have probably wasted more than 400 dollars and this game and i still feel remorse because it could have gone to better things. I was getting so addicted that i needed even more money so i started hacking, and botting, leaving my computer overnight to level up. I started disconnecting other players and botted characters to levels 70 and higher. I had become what i hated the most.

I played this game throughout 6th to 8th grade and the summer before high school, I thought about what i really wanted, which was a nice education and to become something better in life. Now i am in 9th grade passing with a 4.33 GPA. I used to play for the joy of it and my excuse of not quitting was because I wanted to play, because i was only in middle school.

In all, if you have the time and the money I would deeply suggest this game because it is very, very fun.
But if you are still in school I would not recommend this game because it is highly addicting and you WILL spend money on this game. It will isolate you from friends and you will learn nothing from this game, besides that you need to stop before you get super addicted, and that there are more important things in life.

I rated this a 2 because of my expierience
Post Date: 21:04 11-10-2010
Rating: 9
Author: NomadHoolah
Comment: Okay first thing is most of the people reviewing this game has either never played it or played it 2-3+ years ago.These people just need to go away I have been playing for so long I can’t even remember how long it’s been.There are 13-14 classes in the game each with their own strengths and weaknesses.Yes it is a little bit difficult when your first begin to play but that’s how it usually is in most mmorpg’s, and for the community … yes there are a few bad apple’s every now and then but there are also many many good honest players out there that will gladly help you get on your feet.The graphics are amazing compared to any other 2d game I love the detail and hard work that’s been put into it.Sound is also a plus they match the mood for wherever you may happen to be.Okay I’ll admit that Nexon is getting pretty greedy with the cash shop but it’s not as if you even need to go into the cash shop to play and unlike many other games like Runescape (which i am a very big fan of) they do not keep a vast amount of extra game play that you cannot get a hold of unless you pay.Overall the game is very fun ( yes, it can begin to get addicting ) and the community is just like any other game you’ll ever find.

Post Date: 01:00 31-08-2010
Rating: 6
Author: whatdoyoutypehere
Comment: Honestly the game itself is good, but don’t expect a utopian community where everyone pays attention to you (I’m looking at you GM’s.)The soundtrack is amazing, as well as the gameplay. Don’t spend money on Nexon Cash, especially if its for a stupid avatar. I had a friend who hacked people on MS, and he eventually became an addicted prick with straight K classes in high school. Maple Story sticks like nicotine, and hurts like a hangover when school starts. Once you’ve gone past lvl 50, its gonna hurt like hell because you’ll feel guilty for investing so much time in the game.

My Opinion, hanging out with friends in real life is much better, and unless you’re anti-social, be grateful that you have friends. Look down on people like Fangblade who accumulated days of time on one character.

Post Date: 17:36 27-08-2010
Rating: 7
Author: 1sty
Comment: Maplestory honestly has decent graphics for a 2D game (not a graphics whore) and can be quite fun if you can be patient with the crappy community and sift to the fun part of the game, which in my opinion starts around level 50 or so.
The music is amazing in my opinion, but there’s 2 things that i can recommend before playing this game.
Start with a group of friends if you don’t, the community will get to you.
And only play this during the summer, unless you just don’t care about grades, This game takes a lot of time and patience and (maybe it’s just me) but I can’t get enough time in this game during a school year. I haven’t played this game in about 2 years, but i do have fond memories. I may get to be playing again though.

Post Date: 18:39 25-08-2010
Rating: 9
Author: EvilConker
Comment: This game has no equal in terms of the originality of the game. I’ve NEVER explored so many interesting locals in my life. I’ve got a level 63 Aran and I’ve seen almost every type of interesting world possible, from the Romeo and Juliet meets Frankenstein meets Dark Ages world of Magatia, to the booming New Leaf City, to the MIA operated Omega Sector. You know what? Just go play the game already. There are multiple classes to choose from, such as the legendary Aran and Evan, or the Elite Cygnus Knights, or the standard Adventurers and new Dual Blade. There’s even a Resistance classes expansion coming!

Also, the graphics are gorgeous. The game isn’t exactly Crysis but it makes up for it with it’s amazing art style. I’ve litteraly spent hours exploring the world, looking at how amazingly things were drawn. Also, the characters are all pretty humerous, especially the monsters. And the avatars are so good that you’d actually want to buy some NX items. Additionally, the mounts look simply epic, be it an adventurer’s pig, a Cyngus Knight’s weird bird thing, an Evan’s Dragon, or an Aran’s Wolf.

This game is absolutely nothing like you’ve ever played before, so I suggest you get to at least level 50 before passing a fair judgment.

Post Date: 03:17 31-07-2010
Rating: 5
Author: Zephyrus
Comment: OK well, the graphic is pretty decent for the 2D game and the rise of classes system might be very good. But the very big two problems among the Maplestory servers are service and community.

The service is a problem that makes people disappear from 5 years ago, the service turned out to be much more insane. you are able to see hackers and scammers everywhere but the GMs don’t talk a move at all, and sometimes you are able to see the bugs every time Maplestory update. The events they posted might be interesting at the first sight, but it turned out it’s much more downside then they look. The worst part of service is you might be banned without a reason.

For the community, you might able to find some good people to talk to, but most of them are not really friendly at all. When you tried to be a friend with someone, he might just turn around to talk his/her friend or began to swear at you. Even you ask something from a veteran player in that game, he/she might just ignore or laugh at you. The worst part of all is everyone only cares about themselves, especially for meso (symbol as the money in game), you are able to see the rise of scammers and selfish rich people unlike 5 years ago.

Recommendation: If you still want to play this game, I suggest other servers than MapleGlobal, because the Nexon company in US started to get “greedy” now.

Post Date: 08:32 24-07-2010
Rating: 0
Author: Yogurt
Comment: The game itself is good, but the customer support is so horrid I wouldn’t recommend the game to anyone. Recently hackers found a way to duplicate the in game money, and go buy out the free market.
All the players who interacted with anyone who was deemed to have “hacked money” has there accounts frozen. Regardless if they knew of the exploit or were involved with it in any way. This affected hundreds of players.

Two weeks later all items and skills were removed from their accounts on the very day that they accounts were supposed to be fixed. Currently it has been close to 3 weeks since this issue has started and nexon has failed to resolve it, and currently are refusing to even acknowledge that it happened. I myself have lodge numerous tickets with their customer service, asked to speak to a GM, and posted on the forum. I have yet to even get a response.

Players who have spent hundreds of dollars on this game

Post Date: 00:20 15-07-2010
Rating: 10
Author: laneproctor
Comment: Maplestory is the best game ever!!! And its free!!! I have played WoW before but maplestory is much better. No joke. [You even have to pay for WoW.] There is so much to do in maplestory, it’s just so awesome! Some people think you need to buy nx, but you don’t. I have a really good character, considered pro, and I haven’t used one cent! There is nothing that is negative that is actually TRUE ~cough~cough~ [other reviews] that I can say about maplestory. Download it now! WoW and runescape suck!!! Hahahaha!!!

Post Date: 22:18 14-07-2010
Rating: 8
Author: MMORPGFreaky
Comment: I used to be really addicted to this game. I am the type of guy that could care less about 3D games as long as it has overall good game play. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes rapid paced games and a lot of quests. Plus I like the cash shop to customize your character. Addictive game

Post Date: 02:11 14-07-2010
Rating: 7
Author: GameBurrito
Comment: Maplestory isn’t that bad of a game. I’ve got over four years of off and on experience, so I know it pretty well.

The audience is young, but you meet older and more mature people as you get to the higher levels. It’s very rare to find someone that acts below 15 years old when you get to level 50 and higher.

If you do a (little) research, you can find good spots to train and level at a decent rate. As everyone’s been saying though, you WILL have to do a lot of grinding to level higher, HOWEVER, there’s a major rehaul for Maple Story due soon (called the ‘Big Bang’) where the exp curve will be decreased SIGNIFICANTLY. It’s due in Korean this summer, but it might take a while until it reaches America/Europe.

The graphics are actually good in my opinion, considering the fact that I don’t really need anything serious looking to keep me entertained. Also, you’ll obviously be more attracted to Maple if you’re an anime fan. The game IS an anime game, really.

There’s a lot of classes to choose from, and the new ones have a fair amount of back story. There’s also (Decent) equpiement and weapon customization, however it pales in comparison to the items in the CASH SHOP (a.k.a. the stuff you pay for in RL).

Be warned. This game can get addicting, and is filled with potential gripes and dissapointments (Gacha Gambling, Jump Quests, Scammers, Insane Grinding, etc.) It has enough features to keep you entertained for hours, none of which actually requiring the amount of time you’ll put into them. Play with caution.

Post Date: 21:08 11-07-2010
Rating: 9
Author: aarozaim
Comment: Actualy, maplestory now has 12 classes, soon to be 13 (July 14th 2010) And BTW Xardin, ive been playing the game since it came out, try going to a newer, less populated world o.0 *Clunk, think buddy, think*

Post Date: 02:04 30-06-2010
Rating: 0
Author: crono277
Comment: I don”t think my review got posted but I”ll just keep this one very short and simple. This game sucks. I would rate it at least -7. But for this I guess it”s 0.

Post Date: 00:30 10-06-2010
Rating: 10
Author: ozk4r123
Comment: Maple Story is a fun game!

Post Date: 20:14 30-05-2010
Rating: 5
Author: BT786
Comment: Good game and great example of solo MMO’s. Download takes a good 2 hours if you have a computer from 2004 but it’s worth it.

The game is a grindfest and focused more on the combat aspect. The main goal of this game is too level to 200.

5 different classes, yet once you hit level 30 the game starts to become boring and wastefull.

Post Date: 05:29 25-05-2010
Rating: 2
Author: Xardin
Comment: well, when i first play this game, which is like 2006, i attually enjoyed it. I had alot of friends in real life that attually played this game and we end up doing many things together including kerning PQs, ludi, etc. But as time goes on, you will only find yourself at a point where you will only want to spam train and want to get better than everyone else. I have the patient to do this, but “most” of my friends didnt, so most of them end up quiting, even friends from inside the game. Then after reaching like lv 100 in a year. I end up just spam train at a certain place everytime. To make it worse, nexon just have to add things that benefit the nx buyers, like 2x exp for example. Nexon only think of themself getting how much money every time they add new stuff. I admit sometimes i do buy it, until im to a point where i found out i was wasting time doing pointless training. Btw, did i mention the community also suck, the only thing i can remember from them was “CC PLS” -___-. Seriously, people who rate this game 5+ have no idea what they have gotten themself into. In like another 1 or 2 years, they will find out what they have been doing in their past few years. Ill give this game a rate of 2 because i just like it better when the nexon was not greedy during the time i played and the good memories i have recieved from the games with my friends in my lv 1-50. I quited this game in September 2006, when i found out that i wasted 1 year of my life time.

Post Date: 21:14 23-05-2010
Rating: 0
Author: bent
Comment: I played this game for over 3 years and I’ve seen it slowly descend from a F2P game to a P2P game. Back then it was pretty fair but now they’re adding more and more gimmicks that benefit people that pay. Hell they’re starting to force you to buy job skills with each new class they introduce.

If there were things I would complain about the game it would be these:

1. You need to buy Nexon game cash in order to survive. [Don’t believe the people that say “You can use MTS to get Nx” because when you start out brand new and have NOTHING, MTS does not benefit you.]

2. Community sucks complete ass. There’s ALOT of hackers, scammers, kill stealers, elitist [people that dictate how to run the game. You want to kill a certain boss? better kiss their ass first if you want a chance] and general assholes.

3. Grinding is a chore. [Once you pass lvl 70, leveling up really slows down as there are less and less beneficial pqs to do. Especially at the 120+ levels the game sort of forces you to buy 2x cards in order to level up faster. You don’t have to unless you enjoy grinding 16 hours+ for one level.

4. Nexon will disappoint you time and time again. DO NOT expect anything from this company. The only time they take action is when the game servers completely crash. Other than that, they will not give you support if you have problems and will send automated messages if you have questions.

5. If I haven’t said it already, this game is becoming extremely Nx cash dependent. I wouldn’t be suprised if later content has you having to pay in order to use it.

I don’t recommend playing this game at all. 3 years ago I would but this game has turned into a complete piece of trash.

Post Date: 01:41 23-05-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Syrup
Comment: MapleStory does get all the love that it deserves. You should consider the folow before hating on MS.

1. The graphics are fun. Eye popping graphics are not needed to have fun in a game world.

2. No fees.

3. No PvP is a good thing.

4. Easy to fire up to play.

Post Date: 03:49 25-04-2010
Rating: 7
Author: boredum1029
Comment: maplestory is a great game for quite a while i have played it for 7 months and havent got bored. they update lots many things to do and well… just good for a long while.anyway… the graphics are good from what they are trying to do, the controls are kinda complex (till ya get used to it), and you dont need REAL money to do anything (unless u are buying unnessesary clothes or mastery books for evans)and well theres alot of stuff to do from lvl 1-120 or 1-200.

so id give 7.5 (but i cant =( )

Post Date: 04:08 20-04-2010
Rating: 8
Author: Veldomort
Comment: Most of the people who say that leveling takes “years” basically either got stuck at the 50-70 “pit” or really just don’t know where to level. People make third-job characters all the time, and some reach level 80 in a month or less.
1) Entertaining graphics.
2) Very straightforward, and not confusing.
3) Paying micro-payments aren’t necessary to reach fourth job, but you might get ostracized a bit.
4) It gets from interesting, to fun, to entertaining, to addicted really quickly.
5) Boredom doesn’t set in until you’re up to around level 80-ish, when party quests are no longer available.
1) Community is not so good. In order to combat that, try getting into a nice guild, and an active buddy list. They can help distract you from the annoying people.
2) Since I only play MapleGlobal, I can’t speak for KMS or anything, but due to its funny graphics and its wide range, people in a drastic range of ages (from 8 to people well into their 50s) and languages play, causing disparities between the community.
3) Scammers and hackers ruin your fun a lot.
4) After 200, which is extremely hard to get to, there is nothing to do. You’ve essentially beat the game, although you can always start over, but this time with much more money.
5) Micropayments are a almost necessity, especially when you get to the higher levels.

Overall review- Its a game where you can only like or not like. You literally can’t be the occasional gamer. Once you start, you can’t stop. It’s graphics are nice, its gameplay is relatively smooth, and once you get into a nice guild, Maplestory really begins to feel like your home-away-from-home. In other words, try it.

Post Date: 00:06 20-04-2010
Rating: 7
Author: cygnus17
Comment: Oh yeah i forgot to include this in my last review… If so many of you people hate this game then… why is there 400+ reviews to this game… this shows to people who just skim thorugh this website that the game is very popular…

Post Date: 17:16 17-04-2010
Rating: 3
Author: kingsblade42100
Comment: maple story is horrid because it basically promotes scamming, plus it takes years to get past lvl 80!!!!! Even though it is possible to get past 80 before then, but you probably have better use of your time then waste it all on this game. This game also has a problem with its 3 MONTH ONLY nexon cash which costs $50 a card and u waste it all. THE ONLY REASON THIS GAME GETS A 3 IS BECAUSE OF ITS AWESOME EVANS (and sometimes i find people that are fun to play with, BUT that almost never happens)!!!! I was playing this game for 2 years so i know what I am talking about. People made me START OVER! because they either SCAMMED ME OR HACKED ME OR EVEN RUINED MY FUN!!!
IF you didn’t feel like reading all that then just read this simple list.

Pros(very little)
-THE EVANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-very little people are interesting to be with
Cons(Too much to write in one review)
-HACKERS AND HACKER WANNABES(meaning that they say they are going to hack but they are to dumb to know how because they are idiots)

And yes, this is my second comment and I believe this one is better than the other one.

Post Date: 19:11 09-04-2010
Rating: 8
Author: cygnus17
Comment: OK now the game i”m talking about today is Maplestory. Where to start ok First of all it”s a 2D game and unless you need subscription to see that ure dumb…. 2nd Maplestory is a grinding game in which you need at least 2 hours to level at 50+… Great right. The community… ok let me explain if i had a nickle everytime i saw some noob saying” oh look i leveled and now im going to battle some big ass monster for 3 hours,” i would be a fking Bill Gates. It”s seems to me the game had become a corporate success for Nexon, but is it really worth it to destroy millions oh childrens lives for their entertainment. Nah they wouldn”t care. Now believe me I love Maplestory, hey i played for about 2 years. I even started when i was 10 and did they care… nah. The only good thing about the game was when i made some decent friends that were at my side throught every pixel broken arm. The game has unlimited potential… still belieive me it still has a chance but if they want to help their “chance” they better pony up the cash and make some changes to it. The one thing they should NOT CHANGE is the 2D screening. I mean come on the entire game is full of 10 year olds. Picture this a boy plays maplestory and they upgraded it to 3D. How the fk do them monsters look like? HAha i sort of laughed if i pictured that… Anyway back to the point. The game should not be insulted.. yet and Nexon(AMERICA not korea… they made it so we should give them SOME respect… and japan) should really step it up a notch so that they can involve something decent. If you have noticed other Maplestory(S.E.A. etc) they have monthly not weekly event that show what a fun games it is. Now maplestory has become a global FACEBOOK and people just go on for the friends. Well I give it an 8 out of 10 because it is a pretty good game.. not the best… but hey what can you say about a game that had lost it”s “touch”.

Post Date: 23:31 16-03-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Regret
Comment: This game is really hooks you in when you first start out. As you make new friends and realize this game is fun, you will keep playing. You just need to meet some cool people. The community may not be the best but there are several people out there who are nice. There are many cons to this game though. The costumer service is basically poop and the company itself does not really help as much as they say they are. Later on in the game, it’ll seem as if you need to purchase some of their Nexon cash to get anywhere but that does not occur until about level 80. Nexon does give out lots of 2X exp so you don’t really need to worry that much about buying Nexon cash. Overall, this game is fun and quite addicting!

Post Date: 12:15 10-03-2010
Rating: 1
Author: frostypurp
Comment: Weak game with a weak commutity. Not as fun as it is addicting. The leveling system is rediculous, graphics are weak, and there is no story. New classes are extremely OP. The controls are boring and repetitive. 75% of the community are scammers. When you get good and make a lot of mesos, people follow you around spamming I LOVE MAPLESTORY, MESOS PLOX. realy really annoying. I really have nothing good to say about the game. I played for a year, highest account being a lvl 145 I/L mage (aznslicexx), and the more you play the more bored you get. I would not recommend this game to annyone.

Post Date: 00:20 10-03-2010
Rating: 2
Author: ForeverFails
Comment: Dont play it. Horrible community that thinks they are superior to you if you are a low level or dont have cash items. Months and months of grinding. The new class additions suck, just add more confusion.
Just dont play it, I played for 2 years and I cant believe I wasted so much time.

Post Date: 12:21 08-03-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Swordmage
Comment: I’m playing this game often, so if you want to get some as a new player help you can trust on me. This truly is a funny game to play as starter.

My IGN (In Game Name) is Swordmage.
Level 45 cleric.
Server: Kradia

Post Date: 14:43 20-02-2010
Rating: 8
Author: evan111996
Comment: for all the poeple that say the graphics suck they aren’t supposed to be good but they aren’t bad like wat Auralie said. the game is fun but i have been using it to talk to ma buddies mostly.oh and lol that picture is sooooo old

Post Date: 18:56 14-02-2010
Rating: 1
Author: MrStalker
Comment: Okay, at first glance MapleStory is pretty entertaining. You level up pretty fast and you gain a bunch of cool items. You advance to you second job, get all cool new items and stuff, and then you think: “Now what? What is the main goal of this game? Okay, I guess I’ll just grind my way up to my third job…” MapleStory is a fucking grind-fest, if you like grinding, knock yourself out. If not, stay away!

Post Date: 01:22 12-02-2010
Rating: 5
Author: lanjad
Comment: ok no offence but im lv 80 and i olny played for 7months and i olny spent $40 so far in 7months and i have a GF *lives in the same state as i XD ^_^* she about my age and iv seen her in RL. XD ^_^ and for you people who plan to play a lot PLZ statr that game at like 11years old than u have a lot of fun and friends. i dont mean to brag but i have alrady 100people on my BL *buddy list* and more on my other charaecters. P.S i have a lv 80 dawn warrior lv 50 page lv 50 Xbow man and lv 45 aran *my friend got me started on this game*

Post Date: 17:16 23-01-2010
Rating: 8
Author: Auralie
Comment: Ah, Maplestory. I have many fond (and not so fond) memories of you. Maple was the first MMORPG I ever played, and I certainly enjoyed for the year or two I did play it. Then, one day, I stayed up PQing until 4AM and my comp crashed. I was about to turn it back on, when I said, “I’m tired.” I went to bed. That was 2 years ago. I haven’t logged on since.
…Anyway, I still had fun when I was on it. I can’t say much for the new features though obviously. As for graphics and sounds, I liked them. The 2D scrolling system is smooth and clean and the graphics are overall… cute. NOT BAD just cute. So everyone who says the graphics suck, it’s not because they are poor quality, though they aren’t the best either. They’re. just. cute. If you don’t like cute, understandable. But I’m really sick of people saying “GRAFX r CRAP” when they really mean they don’t care for the style. Sound and music is alright. Mostly just background but there were a few themes I enjoyed and thought were pretty.
Pros: Easy gameplay, cute graphics, Overall pretty fun
Cons: Community sucks-find a nice guild if you can but be ready for 12 yr olds screaming “BUTRAEP!”, one day you may realize you are bored out of your skull.
Verdict: Not a bad beginner game (don’t let the community get to you), but experienced gamers are likely to get bored much quicker.

Post Date: 03:14 03-01-2010
Rating: 0
Author: WoWftw
Comment: The main point of the game is leveling. The max level is 200. But what do u do after 200? There is no pvp at the end. It is like you are preparing for nothing. It”s just grind, grind, grind. Dont play it.

Post Date: 23:05 31-12-2009
Rating: 7
Author: PurpleHaze
Comment: best 2D MMORPG ever,but those times,it isn’t the same.

even if all those new changes as aran and cygnus knigts bring more people to play the game,which make more profit for nexon,the game isn’t as fun as it suppose to be.
it seems that the game lost it mystical and unique form,all those who have been playing for at least the last 2 years know that.
i suggest,if you can,to play a newer version,such as the Europe version.

Post Date: 08:14 25-12-2009
Rating: 4
Author: bisurge
Comment: This is a nice little game that is worth your while. Or I should say was worth your while.
Graphics – 7/10 – They”re pretty outdated but they”re smooth and they work.
Sound – 6/10 – Pretty annoying sounds. Music is okay oftentimes, but other than that no.
Gameplay – 4/10 – Although the skills and the “beat em up” style gameplay may appeal to many people, this game has way too much grinding.
Community – 0/10 – The game”s community and guild used to make this game worthwhile, but now the game has been overrun by minors and they”re either very stupid or very selfish.
Total – 4.25/10 – This game is worth a few hours of gameplay if you”re willing to play by yourself or with a personal group of friends.

Post Date: 21:54 07-12-2009
Rating: 10
Author: rockon32
Comment: amazing addicting game dispite its graphics the game play is probally the best for free mmorpg gratz maple!!! ]
New classes such as cyngus knights and arans made this game much more exciting

Post Date: 00:36 06-12-2009
Rating: 9
Author: StopHatingGms
Comment: Can you really say this game sucks that bad? Sure not the best graphics, but WoW don’t have perfect graphics either. All MMORPG games have hackers, spammers, ect, so that’s out of the question, you can’t be mad at it for that.And, if you just don’t like any MMORPG because of all this, here’s a solution: PLay an RPG. This way there is no one to bother you, no hackers (unless you hack), and so forth. I suggest Fallout 3, beautiful RPG, just beautiful. Oh and one more thing. I’m not saying you can’t hate the game, I’m just saying you should find some friends to play it with and give it one more go, sure leveling is slow, but its much funner with friends.

Post Date: 08:52 02-12-2009
Rating: 5
Author: mushmush
Comment: although nexon is very greedy, maple story is very fun. like a couple million people play could it not be fun? all the people who say is crap is the people who don’t know how to play the game propaly. i got from lv 0 to 58 in like 2months and i only play on weekends and fridays.

Post Date: 14:11 29-11-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Wufflesrawesomo
Comment: I am clueless whereas to why me3v5god wrote this huge review and called all Maple Story lovers fools. Me3v5god that is not how the media works. Don’t be fooled by its childish graphics, but this game has all the fundamentals of a good game. for one thing, we don’t live in a perfect world. Who are you to judge that Nexon is doing anything wrong. I think its definitely addicting and after two years of game play, I can truly classify this as an addicting game like nicotine in the form of a computer program.

Post Date: 02:54 29-11-2009
Rating: 8
Author: anymotion
Comment: I used to like this game, but got bored. Basilmarket made it a lot worse, and the amount of illegal things that go on in it are really annoying. The community is pretty bad, and it lacks a decent PvP system.

Post Date: 02:04 20-11-2009
Rating: 0
Author: ice grim reaper
Comment: Maplestory is a bad game.60% players in Maplestory are very rude,only one class per character,snails in Maplestory are like lions when you are a lv 1-5 player,nexon cash cost a lot,falses ad and the title is fake,theres is notting about a maple in Maplestory and here is no story in Maplestory.So the title will be called…….. Pointless Adventure!

Post Date: 02:57 26-10-2009
Rating: 9
Author: The Winner
Comment: This game is just good. I’ve been playing on and off for 3 years, I’m not even level 60 but the people are just to so cool I’m still playing and training. (well not at the moment) Well I have no idea how you meet all those bad people what are you even doing. Walking up to them and saying “Hey want to be friends?” well asdly it doesn’t work like that. Maplestory to great to be bad.

Post Date: 05:16 16-10-2009
Rating: 1
Author: me3v5god
Comment: MapleStory Must Die
It is a rare thing when a MMO gains such popularity that it actually has multiple TV commercials airing in the united states. So rare in fact that only a small hand full have ever achieved such market penetration in the history of the medium.

What completely befuddles me is how this one particular game released in 2005 managed to ascend beyond the obscure realm from which it spawned, and become a international super Juggernaut that claims to have enough concurrent worldwide accounts to fill a small nation. It befuddles me because the game is horrible!
No not World of Warcraft; I am talking about MapleStory. If you have never at least heard of this game then I do not really know how you found this article. MapleStory is the flagship MMORPG from Nexon; the companies bread, and butter.

When it launched back in 05 it was a one of a kind game, a 2D platformer MMORPG where you ran, and jumped, and fought much like in the old Castlevania games. It also pioneered another innovation that has become almost standard among eastern, and even some western MMOs, the Free to Play, and cash shop systems.
Rather then having to buy a boxed copy of the game and then pay a subscription on top of that, players instead were able to download the full game directly from the developer, and play as much as they wanted for free. Then if they REALLY liked it they could pay real money for special items, and clothing unattainable though normal play. Back in the early to mid 2000’s this was a radical departure from the standard pay to play norms of almost all MMOs, and was the key to the games early success. Nexon throwing up banner ads from hell to breakfast also might have had something to do with it as well.

But times change better games come out, and MapleStory must die!

The very fact this game has the astronomical sum of 70 million world wide accounts just sickens me. Well that’s actually a lie, the 70 million accounts I mean, not me being sick.

MapleStory being a free game, an account costs no money, so many people create multiple accounts for whatever reason.
Then you have to factor in the millions of dead accounts, closed accounts, banned accounts, and god only knows how many of those 70 million are goldfarmer/goldseller accounts.

The day the game was released its graphics were already a decade out of date. I am by no means a graphic snob, but when you launch a 2D title that looks like a TurboGrafx game, has 3 frames of movement, and pixels large enough to kill a small dog YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!

Of course Nexon has used the fact the game looks like Bonk’s Revenge to their advantage. MapleStory is constantly updated with new zones, and mobs because they are just so easy to make. What they have never updated however, is the games frustrating, tedious, and completely broken gameplay.

To start, why make your MMO a platformer at all when the characters can barely jump as high as Mario in the original DonkeyKong? You are not going to clear any rolling barrels with those weak ups, and you are certainly not going to jump over the games mobs, which deal damage to the player just by casually rubbing against them. This has created an enormous problem since the games release, and has never been addressed. To get through groups of mobs you either have to kill them, or just run through them, and take the damage.

“Whats the big deal with that? Just kill em.” you say. That’s where the problem with MapleStory’s monster claim system comes in. Say you are fighting a monster trying to level up, I come rolling in, and see you fighting this thing in the way of where I am going. I am a pretty high level guy, but for whatever reason I don’t feel like taking the damage running through your mob, so I hit it, and kill it. The game credits me with the mobs kill instead of you, and all that fighting was for nothing, You are now mad at me, and will probably start shouting at me in misspelled caps locked sentence fragments about how I am a kill stealer and you hope my mother dies of malaria or something equally ridiculous.

Which segways to the games worst aspect, the player base. Everyone either is, or at the very least acts like they are 13 years old. MapleStory has become the 4chan of the MMO kingdom. A feted warren of raw concentrated ****ery, where all logic, kindness, and common sense has long died, dried up, and blown away. This goes for all forums, and online communities associated with the game as well; doubly so for the godless pit known as

The most terrifying thing about Maplestory is not even the game itself, rather it is other developers looking at its numbers, mistaking it for an actual good game, and making clones of it. Wind Slayer. Ghost Online, WonderKing Online, all near identical carbon copies of a game that is fundamentally broken. LaTale is the only exception, being the only MMO platformer that has come in the wake of the MapleStory craze that is even worth playing at all, because it’s the only one that at least attempts to fix whats wrong with the formula.

With the unbelievable amount of free online games on the market now, there is no reason to still be playing this broken crappy game anymore.
If you have never played MapleStory, don’t. If you use to play it, and wonder if you should try it again to see if it has got any better, it hasn’t.
If you are playing MapleStory right now, stop, and look at all the infinitely better options you have.

No wait.

Post Date: 10:43 13-09-2009
Rating: 0
Author: VaLiA99-RuneScape
Comment: I have tried MapleStory and it terrible! Only fools play this garbage! There is no PvP and the graphics are terrible@^&%#

Post Date: 15:39 10-09-2009
Rating: 2
Author: VaLiA99-RuneScape
Comment: I would play this game but its soo crappy,2D games suck,they are old(Doom is still da best)but I will give it a 3 becouse it has lots of players but I will make a 2 becouse there are retarted trailers such as 3D but the game it self is in Mario graphics eew!

Post Date: 02:26 04-09-2009
Rating: 10
Author: willidude
Comment: BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! after 3 1/2 years i still love it!!!

Post Date: 16:47 29-08-2009
Rating: 4
Author: BlackMage95
Comment: First of all, ESRB has a big problem. Maplestory is for KIDS, not like for a lot of teens who play it. I recommend it for first timers on MMOs (noobs), but 3 months is enough. The player environment is terrible, lots of the players scam other people, and pay “leech” missing the whole point of the game. also waiting times (ships/planes) a PQs are very time consuming, and take up a lot of your play time. It may be extremely slow game, but its easy to play though. Mages are EXTREMELY cheap, no casting times. If ship times are taken off, and the fame syatem is taken off or fame only (most people in this game are douchebags, they will defame you), I might give this an 8. but too bad.

Post Date: 23:06 17-08-2009
Rating: 0
Author: kingsblade42100
Comment: Hard to grow lvls
Bad Graphics
gayass players
and last and least the stuuuupid nexon cash system

thanks for reading

Post Date: 18:46 04-08-2009
Rating: 3
Author: mkwiigunit
Comment: Maplestory, I played this game for about 3 months, I got sooo bored because I couldn’t get past level 23, becuase i was soo bored all the time! This game’s only fun if Your a high level with lots of friends. It’s too hard to start unless you have tons of friends playing. Through the my playing experience, i made… no friends, because everybody already has their group of friends, so if ur just trying to get started and make some friends, nobody’s gonna want to have anything to do with you. They might give u some money, or tell u how to do stuff, but other than that, ur by urself

Post Date: 12:48 23-07-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Shankyxd
Comment: Best Game Ever, Been Playing For About 2-3 Years. Never Been Hacked Nor Scammed ^__^.

Post Date: 21:12 14-07-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Speedy787
Comment: LOL why are u guys giving such bad reviews i know its probally not the best game out there but its better than u bozos on your computers.i bet u never even played this game.its RLY fun with other ppl to talk to, party quests, killing monsters for EXP.i know its not that fun when you like lvl 10 but once you start meeting friends its a pretty fun game im lvl 62 assassin in windia (game world) with 53 awesome buddys and i have a great time chatting and killing awesome monsters with my friends.

Post Date: 20:35 12-07-2009
Rating: 1
Author: contentreview
Comment: This is an extremely horrible game due to the fact that when you actually get to around level 50 you get bored and eventually make another character. This game mostly contains extremely crazy no life nerds on the computer 24/7. the economy is screwed up entirely because their mostly a fat jerk. The wierd thing is that the more nx you have the more no lifers you attract so don”t bother getting this trash. Its even more horrible than miley cyrus chatting on twitter. I even see those maple nerds say sick things. You should see those people using their super megaphones and searching for their “soul mate”. I mean look at their charector their loaded with nx. Even if the character looks good the person thats playing it usually looks terrible. let me give you a discription a fat lipped person with acne wearing glasses and weighs 200 pounds. Or a gapped teeth bushy browed ass hole with facial hair. I mean seriously i even saw people around age 37 trying to get a boyfriend/girlfriend. I mean watch the news a 48 year old woman got pissed off at her online 33 year old boyfriend for breaking up with her and hacked his account. Then she got put on jail? and got a 10,000 dollar fine. In other words.. maple is a cluster bomb.

Post Date: 16:10 30-06-2009
Rating: 8
Author: freeplayftw
Comment: I’m not sure why I’m bothering to review a game that has been around for so long, that most of you know what you’re getting in to. And yet, maybe there’s still a person or two out there who are unaware but curious…

This is a review in a nutshell for you.
I’ve been playing this game off and on for four years.

It is quite easy to pick up and play, although all online role-playing games are a bit intimidating at first. The beginning tutorials are numerous and helpful. Combat is easy to get used to.

The graphics are cartoony two-dimensional fare. I like it, but if you’re looking for a next-generation 3D title, look elsewhere.

The community is on the whole very young. The vast majority of players are pre-teen to teenagers. There is a significant number of players in their 20s and 30s, but they are definitely a small minority. Thus, expect a lot of language and immaturity from people who act like they’re twelve. Because they ARE mostly twelve.

Like many “free” MMORPGs, Maple requires lots of money to individualize your character. You can get by without spending any money, but the temptation to buy “NX” with real life money gets greater and greater as you level. If unchecked, you can see yourself spend a hundred dollars like nothing.

Also similar to other MMOs, you will spend a lot of time just “grinding out” raising your levels, doing monotonous quests or hunting items to make mesos (the in-game currency). Do not expect to make much headway unless you devote a large amount of time to this game.

That being all said, Maple Story has become the standard for the Free MMO. Every game out since compares itself to Maple Story. Regardless of the inevitable outcry of complaints against it, it is well supported by the game’s staff, it continues to evolve, the servers are stable, and by all indications this game will be around for many years longer. Most of all, if you like gaining levels and getting more loot for your ‘toon, then you will get enjoyment out of this game.

If RPG-style level grinding is not your thing, or if you find pre-teen antics totally untolerable, then stay away. Otherwise, this is worth giving a chance. There’s a reason why Maple Story is inarguably #1 in its class.

Post Date: 21:54 18-06-2009
Rating: 10
Author: ozk4r123
Comment: this is the best game ive ever played!good bosses and monthly updates. i played ms for awhile but my pc broke. now im usen a xp!! 0_0 really terrible. cant play ms. but i miss playing it and i cant wait to get back on it. i was about 1 and a half months into being a good sales men when my cp died. about 3-5mill i had and maybe 6-7 maple weps but i sold those to wep shop!

Post Date: 16:21 13-06-2009
Rating: 0
Author: lolpie
Comment: Oh god, where shall I begin…
Okay, here’s 1 : THE COMMUNITY – wow, can it get any worse??
2 : Leveling is incredibly boring, I really can’t stand it.
3 : The thing most people notice at first : the graphics… Please, couldn’t there have been more effort put into this game? What is this, Mario Bros? No, it’s way worse… 2D!!
4 : Wow, quests sure are helpful, aren’t they? NOT.
Overall… iPod games > this… Very decieving, can’t believe people like this… Probably never seen better.

Post Date: 14:10 25-05-2009
Rating: 7
Author: Rheyth
Comment: This game is overall good. There is a cool job system, with many different skills to master. But, to get the higher jobs, you have to GRIND for hours!

-2D graphics are well done
-Cool party quests to do with friends
-Large community
-Good overall gameplay

-Are you prepared to grind for years? If not, do not play this game…

Post Date: 22:06 20-05-2009
Rating: 9
Author: blucomet
Comment: i’d recommend this to anyone, when u get past the whole 2D kid game sort of look it’s actually very good. Gameplay is easy, ur first ten lvl’s are in a tutorial island where u can spend ur ability points to decide which profession ur gonna be. The music is a bit much like a nursery but i just drown it out with my rock. So yeah get this

Post Date: 05:43 13-05-2009
Rating: 0
Author: Vashh
Comment: Ha!! Maplestory, where to start with this one…
The time i wasted on this freakin’ game is pathetic. I hated almost every person in the game but one. I mean back in 2000 something, it was a different story, because nexon hadn’t bought out wizet, and they actually knew what they were doing and they had a plan for where they were going. But alas, america is run by the world of money,

Mesos, or the currency in the game is not hard to get, simply grind on most monsters and you just made 10,000 mesos. Problem is that you try to kill something, and you work for hour after hour after hour to find out you only got 3,000 and your armor is 5,000. Next thing you know your begging because its a waste of time and you dont wanna download another game.

I played for three months after nexon bought them out, lemme say, its SOOO SAD what the community came to, its RUDE, SELFISH, and did i mention LAME?!? like not normal lame, its SO freakin lame that every player you try to talk to stands there and looks like a retard at you or they completely ignore what you jsut said and callls you a noob or jsut trots off.

The quests help NOT ONE BIT, you can do them over and over again and only get 0.6% which is pretty pathetic. Nexon revamped the exp and meso rates lately to get even more money by having people buy coupons from their in-game cash shop, by offering 2x exp and 2x drop rate scrolls.

Higher levels REALLY dominate this game with iron fists because if you spend more than 5 years on this game, you will have either no skin left on your fingertips from hitting the same hotkey over and over 100000000000000000000 times, (maybe more) , or you will have no spinal cord or soul left in you to even hit the last key to use a potion to save your life. and i hope your character dies, because then nexon will notice that the highest ranked player sucks because they were only driven by buying stuff from your stupid cash shop!

Youngsters can enjoy the graphics because the backdrops are truly stunning. I love the beach

Post Date: 19:47 19-04-2009
Rating: 3
Author: IplayFreeMMO
The players are all assholes
Takes forever to level once you get past 50
People can buy their way through but the people not willing to pay nexon suffer
Classes are awesome which saves this rating a 0

Post Date: 15:15 19-04-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Tothegrind
Comment: Need i even talk about MapleStory…
Fun game but like all other cash shop games they get boring.
Another bad point would be the incessant GRINDING, obviously of course unless you have spent money on the cash shop for 2x XP etc.
I find a really abusive community in MS which makes me slightly dislike playing it.
But, however it is a great free game, they have expanded on it largely since i have played adding new items, areas, monsters, bosses and in some versions of MS a new pirate class.
MS is a fun game and the main good point of it is IT IS DIFFERENT to pretty much all other games with the platform system it makes you feel like your playing mario+SOM+rayman at the same time.
DONT let my review throw you off i would reccomend you try it for at least an hour or 2 before you decide whether to continue playing or not, i for instance rarely play it, but it is on my desktop incase i get bored.

Post Date: 01:42 15-04-2009
Rating: 0
Author: apuresome
Comment: ah yes ms me and a group of like 15 friends played for like 2 years but then we hated and played some other game.

Post Date: 01:41 14-04-2009
Rating: 3
Author: war312
Comment: This game OVERALL isn”t as bad lots of others.

Graphics- Cartoony, but its fun and colorful. one of the best things about the WHOLE game is the background. its really amazing. Its also 2d which is around a 4-10 for graphics.

Community- To be honest…it Sucks. Its a bunch of people calling each other noobs..its incredibly annoying, and you barely make friends on the way, and the best thing about game play is making friends to party etc…

Money Making – Actually, it”s incredibly simple to make money. All you do is grind on monsters that drop cash. However, this is only if you want the lowest items and armor that you can possibly get. The real way to get money is to be a merchant. Being a merchant on MS is SO DUMB. From minute to minute prices drop and rise 100k”s at a time! its very annoying.

Leveling – Its a TOTAL grindfest, the only thing quests are for is the 1100 quest you get a decent amount of money. But grinding after long periods of time on here gets incredibly boring, why? EVERYONE ks”s you. its flashy to watch, and there are so many places to train and grind..which is the great part. Lots of dungeons..

Mini-games. – Worst thing i have ever played. this games mini-games SUCK!!! worse than any other games mini-games out there. All you do is FIGHT AND FIGHT AND FIGHT to get that 1 spot per world…What? you mean out of the 100 partys triing to do mini-games…only ONE will get it? yes…

Classes – I like all of the classes, but they are very unbalanced. Thieves can jump and shoot at a long range with a ton of damage compared to archers that do less damage and cant move around. Archers just fire, but they do get more moves. Its annoying!

Abilities – not even skill points for them! and not a big eno ugh variety to choose from..honestly. and it really sucks because you level up so slowly, so the only time your super strong is whenh your 1 level away from your job advancement..and then you get it and your weak again….wtf?

PvP – none..kinda sucky tbh, there idea of pvp (carnival) is lame, you see who can annoy eachother or bribe each other more…wow.

OVERALL i do suggest this game for begginers, because its one of those games u play to level 55 and then wanna start over…but with lots of classes, you can. it really is fun.

Post Date: 22:45 09-04-2009
Rating: 6
Author: Twaronex
Comment: Not a bad game:
Graphics: 7, 2D, but you get use to them
Gaming: 5, mostly a grinding game, it takes forever to lvl up
Overall: Needs some improvement, I give it a 5.5-6

Post Date: 03:23 18-03-2009
Rating: 1
Author: Derinzz
Comment: Let me actually give an in-depth review of this game – Not the fight of whether this game sucks balls or is the most innovative MMO in existence.

Let me start with Graphics:
They are 2D and they are unique, and is arguably one of the better parts of the game. It’s all cute-like until you get to the high levels, but it’s still cartoony but it has a bit of a mature feel to it. Overall

Next: Sound
Some BGM tracks are fairly enjoyable, some are great, while others make me want to drive a drill through my ears until I reach my brain. Then I push it out the other ear and rub it on my sack.

Next up.. Gameplay!
It’s mostly a grindfest, but the graphics kind of offset the major bout of boring and fail you will experience when training in the mid-levels. In the high levels, you can party and it gives a much more co-op feel to the game and it makes training in MS actually bearable. After your Fourth Job Advancement, you need TONS of experience to level, and monsters hardly give anything at all, percentage wise.

And now to the pits of hell.. Community
The Community of Global Maplestory is arguably THE worst I have seen in my entire life. There are a good share of nice, kind people who are highly social and very friendly, but not enough to offset the immaturity that is sweeping the game like a plague. If you do not have even ONE item that is considered “good” by today’s standards (Which is extremely high), you are automatically a “noob” and “should quit or get better gear”. They talk about it like it’s easy, but that’s because they all spoonfeed off people’s guides on “HOW TO MERCHANT”. They use all the broken Party Quests avaible to them to reach their Third Job Advancement, at which point they cannot bring themselves to grind at all. So they just “Leech”. This is a training method involving paying a high-leveled Bishop/Archmage (Fourth Job Advancement options to the Magician class) to simply use their screen-wide AoE attack to destroy absolutely everything in their sights and grant the Leecher experience while they do nothing. This is totally garbage and spoils the game; Especially for people who – Before – actually WORKED for their levels. Back in the day, level120 was considered an excellent achievement worthy of praise – Or, in some people’s perspective: Insults and claims of being a “No-lifer” – and now, it’s nothing more than a joke, and nothing is an achievement any more.


Company: Wizet & Nexon are the runners of the game. Nexon is the creator and Wizet is the publisher (Or however you want to put it). The game was originally filled with hackers in such a way that a sick goat can create hacking programs to hack the game, but most hackers were kind and did not screw the economy over with a rusty knife, and helped you get stuff that was helpful to you, and it was generally good in some ways, bad in others. Then, Nexon went on a banning spree and all the Anti-Hackers praised Nexon, as if Nexon was their savior who would make this game great again. After this, it seemes Nexon was struck by the plauge known as “American Economic Corrpution”, or AEC. They got extremely lazy and every single update included AT LEAST 10 new ploys to make Nexon lots of money. Originally, Wizet/Nexon made a promise that Nexon Cash items that were purchasable would NOT give a distinct in-game advantage over others. They took this promise and shredded it with the rotting teeth of a horribly mutated hamster, which seems to be the only working form of life inside Nexon’s corporate building in LA. iTCG items are esentially Nexon Cash items, and provide access to a plethora of HORRIBLY BROKEN, TOTALLY OVERPOWERED items that cater to 11-year-old fanboys of Naruto who take it in the backside with failed attempts at a genetic reproduction of a human spinal cord. You can purchase Pets which do all the item looting for you and serve as a free spambot with the right pet-level. The only real work Nexon does is design a few new weapons, then recolor them or add an extra feather or two. YEAHHH Excellent effort put into these new items! Must have taken them roughly half a second to come up with such a brilliant idea that no one else could!
In other words, Nexon HURTS MY SOUL as a company and should be brought down. Preferably with eggs and fire being hurled against their Corporate Base.
They even got a terrible grade from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and BRIBED them to give them a better grade to make them look good! How low can you POSSIBLE get as a company?

There wasn’t a story at the beginning. It was just “Kill this, level up, get better gear, use enhancement scrolls on that gear, become more powerful, kill more, then give money to Nexon”. But recently, a story has emerged, coming from the brilliant, and actually caring and hardworking people in the Korean division of Nexon. Nexon America, who is the symbol of rot and corruption of today decided to use their horribly broken custom continent exclusive to the Global English Maplestory version to put in a side-story that is filled with cliches, bad references to things that shouldn’t exist as well as being filled with subliminal messages of “Give us money”.

OVERALL: If you are positive enough to feel some of the BAD aspects of the game will be offset by some of the GOOD aspects of the game, which are actually few and far between; very sporadically placed throughout the game, then you will enjoy it if you can avoid the terrible community that runs amok. But if you are that positive, then you will very likely get addicted and cough up as much as over $50 USD a month. I’ve heard of people who spend even more, and I wish that they find peace and rest someday, if not reincarnated as a dollar bill in Nexon’s wallet, to see what really happens to the money that they gain, which is likely extremely horrific, as the translations and amounts of effort put into new patches and content in the game are as cheap as hiring foreign labourers trying to find their purpose in life. I think their techies and translators are dyslexic or have down-syndrome, because I’ve seen sick puppies translate better than the blighted horrors in this game.

0/10 Currently, 8/10 back in the Kind-Hacker Era.

Post Date: 05:32 03-03-2009
Rating: 1
Author: bugmenot
Comment: Maplestory used to be totally awesome in 2005 and early 2006. There weren’t so many confusing monsters, there was no third job, there were fewer maps, and fewer items. You might think this is a bad thing, but I think it made the game even better. The community was just awesome. Everyone was nice and would be willing to help out with a quest. I made so many good friends. I remember grinding and getting 0.02% per monster, and it would take me about 1 hour to get 10% exp at level 55. But for some reason it was fun because I kept talking to my guild. I remember the days when everyone would party up and go to tauromacis.. Sigh… I returned to maplestory in 2008, and everything just went downhill. Community was immature, ill, and rude. So many new maps and monsters were released. About 1000000 NX items were out. So many new features were added to the game, but it only seemed like it was there for Nexon to make more money. Grinding got boring because you knew you would never become good compared to others. If you have a time machine and you can go back to the year 2005, I strongly suggest maplestory. Once you hit the year 2007, quit maplestory.

In 2005, 1 mil seemed like what 100 mil would be now in 2009. Just SEEING someone throw ilbis was like watching the rarest event. Now everything is a joke.

Post Date: 21:47 01-03-2009
Rating: 6
Author: Trooper1222
Comment: Its Not Great But Its Ok 2d graphics are all right if you want something new
I agree with somethings they have take care of most hacking now Its all gone most of it anyway…. Private servers i dunno i havent looked in on them I am one of those 13-15 year old kids But i dont call ppl noobs or anything like that It does get borin and extermly hard to lvl i had a friend that quit but his brother plays that one game All day not joking pretty much 24/7 For all you ppl who think it sucks cuz of the community go get a life all games have ignorant ppl who dont know how to talk respectfully to others WoW has them too Just find some ppl who you enjoy to talk with and get on the game and ignore the ppl who suck

Post Date: 05:14 01-03-2009
Rating: 8
Author: superdfc2
Comment: Maple Story is fun, but gets boring eventually.

Post Date: 12:00 22-02-2009
Rating: 0
Author: HateMaplestory
Comment: Ok, let me start off with my review. Maplestory is fun and addicting with lots of events and the gm’s are always on to make it more fun. Even tho it is 2d it is ok but considering the nx cash…………. You might not think you WONT spend at least 10$ of ur lifetime but you will spend more then that. It will get you to hooked to not get nx. With my review, if uwant something not better then like WoW and wanna pay more money go for it! Hope this helped. P.S. People spend up to 300 $ without knowing it and the items expire in 3 months!!!

Post Date: 20:52 18-02-2009
Rating: 3
Author: jumpcho
Comment: I played Maplestory for a year, it least 4 hrs. a week. (I have a life, so I cant sit on the comp all day.) Anyways let me get to the review.

Graphics-6/10 they are colorful and bright, to attract teens and elementary kids. 2-D

Gameplay- 3/10 ehh… this was ok, at first just hitting the “Ctrl” button was fun because you were feeling involved, but then later it became so redundant. Also the leveling in this game is grind fest all the way, with no interesting quests. your skills are so ugly, I mean I would not even call them skills. I would just call them “moves that have some flare”. That was a Major turn off.

Community-1/10 not only is this community worse than runescapes, but your account attempted to be hacked like every month (or even week!) you will be called a n00b no matter what. Pertty much the community is 90% jerks. This is due to the fact that this game attracts elementary and junior high folks.

Quests-5/10 not much to say, other than the fact that they are extremely and boring.

All in all- I would not suggest this game to anyone. Its boring, bad graphics, and overall you don”t get that sense of a accomplishment that you get with other games.

Post Date: 00:39 14-02-2009
Rating: 0
Author: kebralt
Comment: how can any1 play this crap? its 2d. for all of u nerds that like it….. MOVE ON.

Post Date: 03:35 01-02-2009
Rating: 0
Author: Dragon 1907
Comment: You want to know how bad it was??? It was so bad that i did not even get the chance to play it. I say it sucks becasue of the fact that it told me it would take 5-6 hours just to dl the game. I will not wait that long for a game.

Post Date: 16:45 11-01-2009
Rating: 7
Author: sergio owns1
Comment: excellent game…for some weeks the only thing u do here is to lvl up and its fun for the firsts days but tiresome and very hard to lvl in some weeks

Post Date: 21:50 06-01-2009
Rating: 3
Author: Yabzee
Comment: After playing this game for a week i feel sick to my stomach, on the seventh day i logged in and noticed i was playing a 2d mmo with cutsey sprites. To begin with the aim of the game is to level, and guess what you get when you level? sod all. This game is a sandbox for the sort of boys who have highlights, straighten there hair and stroke it to one side. My main gripe with this game, well my main two gripes with this game are that the community consists of NXD-up girls at the age of 10 and the fact that you grind and grind with no target other than ooo i dunno ur next class upgrade -.-. Before i explode with wit let me cut this short, i said gratz to about 30 people when they lvled up…1 said ty. nuff said, i refuse to spend another minute rantin about this game. Press back and keep searchin pal… Best wishes Yabzee

Post Date: 20:03 02-01-2009
Rating: 8
Author: 1explode1
Comment: Well, I’ve been playing for a while now, and it gets more fun if you have a party, know the right monster for your level. Just for the cash shop, don’t buy stuff buy tickets for that machine. I think it’s name is Gachupan? Well, buy that and use the tickets and you get really rare items (I got a Mushmom summoner).
Overall, if you find the right people(I found my sister)and the right monsters(For warrior around 25 (I am) I would suggest a green mush), It’s a 7 or 8 out of 10. (My username’s assalient)So a pretty good game, I promise.

Post Date: 06:34 29-12-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Elige7
Comment: This is the best game ive ever played! good graphics good bosses and monthly updates. i played ms for awhile but my pc broke. now im usen a 98!! 0_0 really terrible. cant play ms. but i miss playing it and i cant wait to get back on it. my char name is DAxPRINCEx look me up. another one is cartoonracer. i was about 1 and a half months into being a good sales men when my cp died. about 3-5mill i had and maybe 6-7 maple weps but i sold those to wep shop!

Post Date: 17:11 28-12-2008
Rating: 7
Author: insanespoon
Comment: Ehh the games ok. Good be less of a grind, but it does what it wants to just fine. I actually like the styled graphics, gives the game more character. The game is a standout free to play game that does its job well and thats all it needs to do.

Post Date: 18:42 27-12-2008
Rating: 6
Author: komgred
Comment: Maple Story is a game that has a tremendous amount of grinding which makes it very addictive and enjoyable.

Gameplay: This game is mostly about grinding. There are quests in this game but they are very repetitive and they result to constant grinding. When a character is created they start with the beginner job. When the character meets a certain requirement, they can complete the first job advancement and become a Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Pirate, or a Thief. There are four class advancements available progressingly through out the game. 6/10

Graphics: For a 2D, side scrolling game, the graphics are great. The game acts like a platformer, which MMOs should not be. The layout of the game does not suit the graphics. 6/10

Community: Same as RS, absolutely horrible. I did find some nice people. 4/10

Difficulty: New players are sent to Maple Island, which is basically a tutorial like in RS but a little different. Soloing is very difficult for some classes, as a lot of monsters that they will encounter can be stronger than them. 6/10

Overall: 6/10

Post Date: 00:38 25-12-2008
Rating: 0
Author: burninfirefox
Comment: More like MapleCrap level 86 and it”s still boring.

Post Date: 17:52 20-12-2008
Rating: 6
Author: hobbitkiller
Comment: 6/10 interesting 2d graphics

hmmm where to start with maple story… well as you can see its 2D right?? well thats the only thing thats good. i meen its community is maby for a younger generation and the themes are repetative but i think this game has acttually changed the term “grind” somehow. many people in almost every MMO complains about how tedeous the game is. this game however seems to have a community that openly admits that they love killing the same monsters over, and over again. heck the whole game is built round it (as you can see from the pic) if you don’t mind the grind then play the game. if you want to be more social and do more than that then play somthing else. its above average. but not spectacular.

6/10 repetative, grind ridden, childish and borring. BUT GODDAMN PROWD OF IT.

Post Date: 05:50 19-12-2008
Rating: 10
Author: szym1994
Comment: Sup Everyone
First of all, this game is Pwned, aight?
MapleStory Gives people so many chances to interact with each other, which no matter how far you search is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to do in a normal 3D game. MapleStory comes with now 5 classes: The thief, magician, Warrior, archer and the new class: The pirate. all of these classes branch off into different more godly classes all involving both cool, unique, and powerful skills.

Just because maple story is a 2D game, doesn’t really change the fact that it is WAY better than people think it is to start off with. You play as a little, big headed character that you get to dress in like… um…. TOOO many cool and unique armors, not even mentioning the hundreds of Nexon Cash items you can attain by spending money.

Now lets speak about this game more in depth. maple story from level 1-20 is a breeze. From then on it get a little harder, then a lil more hard, then you pretty much give up. Thats why nexon created the Party quest. Party quests are starting to be even more common in maple story because of the huge crouds of people w8ing so nexon does what it can for it’s player by making more. But not even these can really help you too much for party quests only go from level 10- ~(Henesy and amoria pq, though i dont recomend these for they give no items and you will level up MUCH fasater not using these) 20-30(ariant and kerning pq), 30-50(ludi and Carnival pq), and 50-70(orbis,herb town and the ludi maze pq).

From there on MapleStory can be a real grind, but not to worry. The number of monsters exceeds 1000 and there are also hundreds of maps where you can find these monsters.

Getting your job, on the other hand can be quite difficult.
First of all for EVERY job (other than beginner and first(level 10))that you want to get, you need to perform a VERY boring task in order to achieve it. getting second job(lvl 30) just involves killing a bit and walking alot. 3rd(lvl 70) involves walking a HELL lot more and well, killing a copy of your instructer (quote) “and all hell breaks loose.”
I wont even explain the fourth job (lvl 120), that’s for you to discover. 😀

Overall i think maplestory is for people who are SICK and tired of mean communities from 3D games, and for people willing to try something new.

I hope Eveyone Enjoyed this review and enjoy MapleStory :D:D:D
(_) (_)

Post Date: 22:46 28-11-2008
Rating: 6
Author: fullyawesome
Comment: Hey everyone 🙂
Maplestory is probably one of my all time favourite games.
But lets just say, although I did share my most cherished gaming memories with Maplestory… It could of been better in someways.
I mean, lets just start with the basics.

Firstly, I will list down the things I liked about this game 🙂
1. At that time, my whole grade was kinda obsessed with Maplestory, so I actually had some friends to hang out with and go exploring with and to train with and yeah. I mean like, Maplestory from my point of view.. is a pretty social game, and I think the main reason I went on was to have a good time and to chat, rather then train and become one of them pro wuns.
2. The graphics are cute and I mean srsly, the characters are so puny and adorable.
3. Pqing is hella fun, if you have a good party that is 🙂 and no annoying gay asses, but theres also some drawbacks, like for example.. You have to wait a hellll long time to get in, as pq is quite popular and people use AC which stands for Auto Click, which is kinda cheating…
4. I guess overall, this game is fun if you have friends 🙂 but other then that, if you like going solo, have fun grinding 🙂

NOW… *dendendendennnnnnn* for the booooo factor.
1. The cash shop deal, DIU LEI MO… srsly, I agree with the previous reviews: ‘If you don’t have nx cash, it means you have black skin.” I usually see these nx-ed up girls, with you know.. the rose hair and cute long eyes, wearing mini skirts and tee’s… and I think to myself.. Who are they trying to attract…? But anywhoos, I guess the main reason people buy nx is due to looking good on maplestory and attracting more people and being ‘popular’. No offense.
well let me tell ya something… THE RANK 1 ON MAPLEGLOBAL: FANGBLADE HAS NO NX! Now doesn’t just prove something here? 🙂
2. It takes heeeeeelllllllla long to lvl and its so darn annoying and stuff, you gotta grind for like ever and that tends to be boring as hell 🙁 although pq is an option, but as I mentioned before.. its hard to get in, as it is very common amongst us maplers.
3. Oh yeah… When you log onto Ms, this will eventually seem quite familiar. Ahem, let me demonstrate.
L>BF HAS TO BE HOT!! AND HAVE LOTS HAVE NX@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
erm, HEY! BUYING>BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!! COME TO FM 1!!!!
yes, i think you get my drift here, well in my Maple life… I have come across ALOT of flirty/horny/retarded maplers that ask you for cyber sex and yuck, but maybe it’s just my badluck that I bumped into such perverted idiots.. coz a majority of the maplers can be pretty nice 🙂
4. Erm.. Maple Marriage? Hello… Is Nexon like promoting online love?

But all in all, I don’t regret Maplestory, but other then that.. if you go solo, this game will bore you brains out 🙁
so here’s a recommendation, play a private server 🙂 coz its got free nx that you can buy using in game money and you can lvl hella faster too.
e.g. xDreamerMS, FinalMS, WinterStory, WingedStory, EthanMS et cetera 🙂

so tadas homobeans ~ 🙂

Post Date: 17:01 26-11-2008
Rating: 3
Author: Uhlik
Comment: Maplestory is just a miserable, hopeless, unrewarding, grindfest. There was nothing innovative in the game, all the classes were same old same old. The leveling was one of the most aggrivating procedures of my life. Somewhat difficult to allocate your stats if your a newbie. I cannot think of anything positive to say about the game. Not worth playing.

Not to mention that the cash is completely over used…

Post Date: 18:23 23-11-2008
Rating: 6
Author: Kurosawa
Comment: first of all the ppl who say that u have 2 pay money cuz its 2 addicting dont have a life u dont have 2 pay anything if ur sane enough 2 pay cash 4 some kindda crap like that.

the game itself is okay but like every 1 else says THE LVVLING SYSTEM IS SO GAY 1 ur lvl 30+ its so annoying 2 lvl so no point. but its still okay, quite addicting game and worth a shot

Post Date: 06:03 08-11-2008
Rating: 9
Author: SilverArch
Comment: Good MMORPG with good music and graphics

too bad its in 2D or it cld have been better
unlike most MMORPG games, MS is 2d (wich makes it different) cuz people are too used to playing MMORPGs with 3D graphics that they think that 2D graphics are not so good

one bad thing about MS is that it gets boring after months or even weeks of playing it takes loads of time to get to a certain level
i would say that this game is purely for entertainment and chatting although it has fighting stuff n MS is suitable for all ages cuz it does not contain blood one bad thing is due to its popularity (no offens but its also quite a nice game), the game is starting to lag alot. its also free of charge so thats why i gave it 9 for the game

Post Date: 18:49 31-10-2008
Rating: 10
Author: mazen3462
Comment: It is the best mmorpg game i ever played i quit it but my memories over it is amazing whenever i think of it i feel happy in some way and MrPower guess what, ur a big NOOB because if u look at the higher lvl monsters they look much cooler. The game even has a massive community because of how much servers there are and how much they can fill in and the best thing of the game is the gameplay it is boring at the start from lvl 1-10 but when u get to the pq’s(party quests) it goes much funner and everyone who says that the lvling is hard, go to the pq’s they boost u up by alot of exp and people can heal you when u are lvl 30 so dont nag about how much exp u lose in each death. The songs arent bad inside the higher lvl’s. So this game deserves to be 10 and if there was a higher rate i would pick that. I have a lvl 45 cleric and his name is ”SHADOMAGE83” you can check on the webpage of maple story and you can see the proof that I really have it and i lvled in about 17 days.

Post Date: 23:28 28-10-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Youknowwhat…
Comment: Most stupid game i”ve ever played, it is a money sucking game. Lucky enough i was able to hold back my money since my friend convinced me to buy NX cash, i mean i would buy it if it would be unlimited duration, not 3 months.

People often call you “noob” if your new to the game or do something wrong, that is disrespectful. Characters which you may see (male/female) will often flirt with you, you may not know who the person is in real life, probably some jerk.

Pathetic i tell you, hours of grind and farming, for what? Nothing, speed up the farming process? NX cash is there! Oh i know, its stupid and waste of money. We dont care about hairstyles.

0 out of 10, needs more improvement such as:

The music
The enemies
Private servers for people ( Zone into a portal with just you in the map, no one else to interrupt you )
Grinding system
More GM”s

Post Date: 06:32 24-10-2008
Rating: 5
Author: Fantasy
Comment: This game has real good gameplay and interactive players but..-takes out list-
1)GRINDING FOR HOURS in agony to lv up

Post Date: 23:19 22-10-2008
Rating: 0
Author: game rater
Comment: i give it a big ZERO!!!!!!!
worst mmorpg i ever tried this game gets borin after 1 hours of gameplay all my friendz tried it and quit the next day. i tried it and thought it was pathetic and i only tried it cause i heard alot of ppl play this game..

Post Date: 22:13 13-10-2008
Rating: 7
Author: dchu95
Comment: this game is very addictive and fun but the community stinks and the lvl grinding takes forever. If you have a few friends to play with go ahead and download it.if you dont want to waste hours of ur life just trying to get to lvl 30 this game is not for u

Post Date: 22:25 06-09-2008
Rating: 5
Author: lilaznkazan
Comment: Comment:
All right i been playing this game ever since beta and quit a year ago….and ill tell you why…


This game pretty cool after you make friends and all, join a guild,guild quests and all that stuff yeah it pretty cool. The 2D not bad either and all the skills and attacks are pretty flashy.
And party quest pretty cool there basically a party quest from like 21 to 70 basically the only part of the game i had fun in…


Even though this game is free…. it WILL take a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY FROM YOU SO THAT A WARNING. Now your asking why? Simple this game has a cash shop in it and to design your character to look better,cooler, will cost you hell of a lot of money to buy something. Not to mention you can buy pets in cash shop,items,a lot more…. which is why it waste hella money. I spended around… over 600 bucks in cash shop over the pass 2 years playing…

K that was the money part on cons now the game part this game is shit between lvl 1 – 21,and 70+
grinding take like HELL OF A LOT OF TIME after lvl 70…. AND SO DOES LVL 1 – 21. now your wonder if u grind from 1 – 21 what about after lvl 21? (Look at the Pros after flashy)so yeah after lvl 70 it basically hell when it comes to grinding in this game…


I gave it a 5 because i can’t say i didn’t have fun on this game, in fact one of the most addicting game out there that i played and was hook on for that long. But for you new user that gonna play.. here a WARNING


Post Date: 18:31 06-09-2008
Rating: 7
Author: aRealGamer
Comment: Before you read my review, I wish I could say don’t read the other reviews and just listen to me, but I know you won’t. I have been playing Maple Story for almost 2 years (I quited). I will mention many facts about the game that people won’t admit.

Graphics: Amazing graphics for a 2D game. Do Not play this game if you hate the graphics ( you can just look at some pictures).

Gameplay: At the beginning of the game there are several important quests that give you great exp. Once you reach level 10, there is a party quest. Actually, there are party quests to be done from level 10-70. The party quests are the fun part of the game. If you are planning on playing past level 70 and hate grinding, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME! if you are looking for a temporary game to play then play this game. Also if you are planning on not spending a dime on this game since it’s free2play, then do not play this game IF you plan on playing after level 70, I will explain why later on. There is no pvp.
Classes: There are 4 main classes in the game. Warrior, Thief, Bowman, And Magician. After 30 levels of each classes you get to have either 2 or 3 choices (each class differs) of what to become later on the game. For example a theif has a choice of either becoming a bandit, which is a melee class, or an assassin which is a mid range class. The balance of the classes in this game is a joke. The strongest class is the assassin class. They receive a skill during their early levels called lucky 7 that beats all other skills from level 10-120. The assassin class is ridiculously powerful. The paladin class is a joke in this game (known as page). Many people think the paladin class are underrated and are powerful in other ways. This is not true. The paladin class is pitied. Sometimes I think the class was just thrown in there at the last minute during the development of the game. So basically there is no balance between classes. Also the level cap is 200 which only a few people have reached so far.

Free to play: Yes and no. If you are looking for a temporarily game to have fun for a while then do something else, play this game and you shouldn’t spend a single dime on this game. If you plan on playing past level 70, where there are no more party quests and all you do is GRIND GRIND GRIND you will be FORCED to pay A LOT OF MONEY to continue playing. This company uses a pull on rope (i forgot what the strategy was called) on the game. Basically the strategy is to say that the game is free to play and let people play without paying, at first. Later on once you pass level 70 you will soon realize that you are forced to pay to continue playing the game. Grinding will take so much money and you find yourself borrowing lots of money from your friends and you will soon just give up and spend a lot of money on the game to gain in game money.

Variety: There is a big variety in this game. The class system is something that many mmorpgs haven’t done (i didnt say NOBODY has ever done it). They give the players a chance to choose their own paths. Also there are several builds for each class. The game has a huge environment, there are so many places in the game that I just can’t count them. There are 3 main islands in the game, the 3rd island is split into 5 or 6 sections (there has been also i think 5 more maps ever since i left) . And the 2nd island is split into 3 sections. There is just so much to discover and it would be fun to continue this journey with a friend. And the company also gives the players a BIG update ALMOST every month.

Community: seriously if you rate a game based on the community your an idiot. I will say that the game has both good and bad (smart and stupid) players. So it’s about luck whether you get stupid friends or smart friends.

hmm… what else? I’m sure I missed something… oh well, I will give you a summary.
Classes: Unbalanced
Community: Unrateable
Variety: Loads
Not free to play in the end.
Addicting game.
It’s a great game if your looking for a temporary game. Do not play this game if you are looking for a long term game. I don’t want another soul to end up like the person below me (mist). There is a guy that spent over 50,000 U.S dollars (the last time i checked was 6 months ago and it was 50,000 U.S dollars, now maybe 60 thousand) on this game, he buys face paint, pets, a lot of stupid stuff that is available in the cash shop. Please I beg you do not play this game if you are looking for a long term game, I feel sad every time I see someone covered with cash shop items in the game. Just so you know, I quited and I am a level 169 night lord.

If i missed anything in my reivew, ill try posting another one since i cant edit.

Post Date: 19:19 31-08-2008
Rating: 0
Author: mist
Comment: played for a long time… wasted nearly $800 dollars buying crap. disgustin. I knew i should have saved up for a new computer… Waste alot of time to…

Post Date: 02:56 19-08-2008
Rating: 2
Author: Vhannoy
Comment: I have quite a few problems with this game, but I’d rather like to start on a good note.

I played this game a little after it just came out of beta and I loved it for a long time. The community was generally pleasant, the gameplay was nice, and it was pretty to look at, for being a 2D game.

Then I quit right around the time Ludibrium came out and came back. This is truly when everything started to cripple.

For one, the community went from nice to abysmal seemingly overnight. I am convinced that nearly everyone who plays this game is roughly within the 13-15 mark (or younger) and those that arent never play often enough to have fun with.

The younger set just straight out RUIN everything. When they’re not complaining about something inane, they’re insulting you over something you may or may not have done, such as accidentally hitting their monster or picking up something they dropped. That dropping thing happens quite frequently. Players will drop high level items to show off and then quickly pick them up. If someone else comes in and nabs it, all hell breaks loose.

Secondly, the grinding in this game is just phenomenally bad. I’ve seen some bad grinding issues, but these are just horrific. It took me almost two full weeks getting from level 41 to 42 playing one hour a day. And if you die, you lose 10% of all that hard earned EXP. Gee, thanks, Nexon.

The music is nice at first, but you’ll turn off your speakers quite quick.

There are only a total of four classes in the game (five in the Korean version with the addition of the Pirate class). At first, it’s nice. After you hit your second job, it goes from fun to excruciating and by level 70, you’ll honestly be crying from getting new skills. After all, only having approximately six usable skills for months on end can only go so far.

I could go on and on, not even having touched more on the insane jump quests and lack of quests in general, or perhaps about how the dungeon system is incredibly flawed in the fact that only one party can go in at a time and if you “missed” getting in, you have to wait roughly 30 minutes to an hour to GET in, but I dont want to be too negative.

All in all, it’s fun at first, but the abysmal community and the grinding will wear you out to the point of desperation.

Seriously, just go play a private server or something.

Post Date: 04:21 16-08-2008
Rating: 4
Author: Airah
Comment: Maplestory was the 2nd MMORPG I’ve played, and I was hooked on from the start. It’s very fun and addicting, but the leveling/grinding is the downside to it. It takes forever just to level once, when you hit high levels. The community is pretty nice, except you’ll find yourself surrounded by attention-seeking 10 year olds who steal their parents credit cards just to buy NX cash to get the NX items. Maplestory is free, but I think it’s more of a ‘pay to enjoy’ game. Of course, you can do without the NX cash and all, but you wouldn’t have as much fun when you’re stuck with normal clothing etc. I’ve played since BETA closed, but quit some few months ago. I don’t plan on going back, because I think it’s more of an addiction, and I’m not really enjoying the game. It does get boring at some point, because you’ll need to grind your ass off just to keep up with your friends and get more skills. If you’re interested in playing this game, I suggest you join a private server that doesn’t require real money to buy some pixel items. NX cash is really pricey, I remember when I was a hardcore MS gamer, and I spent nearly $50 just to get this one haircut. You’ll spend around $25 on your whole outfit, and around $10-15 for your pet and accessories. Nexon is real smart on making you buy NX cash. Because of the lag when you pick up items, they created a accessory for your pet so it can pick it up for you (it’s server cliented, so your pet doesn’t get affected by the lag, therefore reducing your lag also). So prepared to spend big bucks on those items.

Honestly, I love the graphics and all, especially the beautiful background, but I don’t think this is a game you would want to be playing for +1 years. I’m sure you’ll spend about $500 in your first year (a lot of people spend more than that PER MONTH), and you’ll regret it sooner or later. Now that I’ve quit MS, I’ve always regretted that I could’ve saved up that money and bought something worth while. You might call us dumb for spending that much on a game, but go download the game and play for a few months. I’m sure you’ll spend as much as me. Not to mention there’s an expiration date on NX Cash Items (except a few), most items last only for 3 months.
So I suggest, not to play this game. If you REALLY want to, play a private server. But eh, who am I to tell you what to do?

Post Date: 18:29 14-08-2008
Rating: 8
Author: knifesss
Comment: Well, Maple Story was the very first MMORPG game Ive ever played, and Ive played many more after I quit, but I just had to come back. Maple Story is a 2D Side Scrolling game and is very addictive. You can choose from 4 classes. Of course there is always a popular one and that is easily the Thief class, where you can at level 30 become either an Assassin, or a Bandit. Assassins are all the rage and high leveled assassins are usually rich snobby assholes who laugh at you because they’re twice your level and call you noob (Which makes them look like total no lives). Probably the least picked class is the Bowmen, and the least picked 2nd class is the Crossbowmen. My main in Bera is a Crossbowman and I have been called noob and said Im wasting my time many times by Assassins and Bandits. But their are a lot of very nice people and if you get in a guild you’ll make a lot of friends. The graphics are very nice and allow your character to make funny faces. I would have given this a 10 but I have to make it a because for beginners its extremely hard to make money, the community is 50/50 for being nice or just plain mean, and the cash shop items are very expensive. Now, people say the leveling system is grind grind grind!11!!!111!1!!ONE!!! Of course you’re not gonna get to level 20 in 3 hours, and of course you’re not gonna get your 2nd job in 2 days. You have to be patient and some people just wanna be rich and high leveled just like that. Its not gonna happen!! But instead of grinding you can do Party Quests which almost every level can do, plus the PQ’s give great exp so it gives you an alternative to grinding.

IGN: BowCrossMe (46 xBowman) – Bera =]

Post Date: 15:49 08-08-2008
Rating: 0
Author: killervickboy
Comment: Maple Story bad graphics laggy gameplay sound is apthetic its a bad rpg in all dont waste your time

Post Date: 19:01 04-08-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Bbsunshine
Comment: I have been playing Maplestory for quite some time now and I can not stop. I am giving maplestory a 9 because items tend to be overpriced, especially since I began playing in kradia on my level 85 ranger. But besides that maplestory is fun, you meet some nice people, you join a guild and do quests with them and hang out with them. My main which is on broa was hacked at level 107 which is another thing i hate about this game, you can hack. what is the point of hacking when you can lvl and feel a sense of joy when u level and get a new skill? But ive played many online games and maplestory was the only one i could not stop playing so give it a try.

Post Date: 16:52 22-07-2008
Rating: 6
Author: lolwut14
Comment: The actual gameplay itself is phenomenal. It’s very fun and has beautiful graphics, as long as you don’t mind 2d.

However, the community is downright rotten. Mostly children play this game. If the game required a credit card for age verification, I’m sure it’d beat most other mmorpg’s, including WoW.

Post Date: 08:56 20-07-2008
Rating: 3
Author: Cinnabolt
Comment: MapleStory the very addicting and grinding game.

This game is very hard to level at higher levels and the free character customization sucks. The community is VERY HORRIBLE if you don’t have Cash Shop items or you have black skin.

I have to say again this game is very “grindy” you’ll find yourself grinding on the same monsters using the same skill for HOURS. It takes over 5 hours for some in higher levels. Gold is hard to get when you are of need of armor and weapons at low levels. You need to either beg or just not buy armor.

Ahh yes. The Cash Shop. The place where it costs a lot of money to get a haircut and clothes. You need 6 dallors to get a haircut? Damn! And clothes ain’t cheap. $2.00~5.00. Give me a break. You’ll eventually buy Nexon Cash because you wanna look cool and different and when you get to higher levels you need 2x experience. Not that much help by the way.

Sound is bad. Very annoying to listen to unless you are a frilly happy girl that likes frilly happy girl music. Just mute the sound and listen to your iPod. >.>

Community is horrible. Just horrible. Unless you got Cash Shop items. There is plenty of immature kids roaming MapleStory looking for MapleStory girlfriends. Plenty of Hackers and gold sellers. Where is the GMS? PLAYING POKEMON. Serious GMs don’t do crap.

I found myself enjoying Private MapleStory Servers more then the official server. Why? Because you can get Cash Shop clothes w/o spending a fortune. You can get to high levels easier. You spend less time trying to get to those high levels.

Overall MapleStory is a very boring game. Try it out. Spend all your money. Try out a PS. You just found out you wasted your life on MapleStory. GG

Post Date: 03:05 18-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: chaoscalvin2
Comment: Best game ever level 96 chief bandit i have exp so dont dis this its really fun

Post Date: 20:15 15-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: anigous
Comment: OK we all agree maplestory is a great game. The leveling process is no real issue. I”m not forcing myself to play a game. I gave maplestory a second look. Here is how I review. Not you OK.

Graphics- They work with the atmosphere with the game.

Sound- The pieces are surprisingly complex. I enjoy listening to other themes but kerning and other towns bgm is unbearable. Nothing to nice.

Gameplay- OK this is not to well put together. Ctrl and any hotkeys you put skills on. The macros made some changes. Now i see annoying catch phrases said by some guy called “nitemare123″.

Overall(note community is not a factor cause” it ends up the community is spread out in different making it almost imposible to rate) The game itself needs to be online to be fun because some of my friends in maplestory are somewhat better then my real life friends. No no i don”t live in a basement my mom gave me a room. =D

Post Date: 20:55 14-07-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Mars180
Comment: The game is really addictive (All though the music is really crappy I would have a radio/CD/youtube on) is a great game.

Post Date: 08:44 12-07-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Blazingfire5012
Comment: I”ve been playing MapleStory for are two years,(around the time Bellocan came out). I do not know why, but in my whole character life playing time, I”ve only spotted 1~5 hackers, the only time i ever see hackers is if i see them on vids in Youtube or something. The people who complain on cash shop, i say, don”t use nx cash on lower lvls, wait till you get to atleast you”re second job, the only time i ever use nx was the hair stlye change one, i got a horrible haircut, i suggest use the nx for HUGE mistakes and on permanent stuff. You won”t use as much nx and you”ll still be happy. You won”t experience grinding if you actaully JOIN a guild or create friends. Maplestory was my 2nd MMORPG. Hacking has went down by 80%. The only thing I really hate about MapleStory is that the economy is unbelievably unstable. I have no idea how people get so much money. Never in my life have i ever gotten a mil. Recently Nexon added a new item to the cash shop, “Bronze Bag of Mesos”, it contains 1 million mesos. this item was on sale for 500 nx cash for 2 weeks. Eventually after those 2 weeks, Prices has gone waaaaaay up! lvl 30 weapons have gone from 25k to 105k! Also, Steely Throwing Stars in Bellocan are around 6 mil, in Kradia, i think there around 22 mil, so i dunno if the economyy is bad there too. I would have given Maplestory a 10, but the inflation and economy in the game, reduced it to 9.

Post Date: 00:29 12-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: spaderking13
Comment: I LOVE this game. I have been playing since November of 06. I have quit about a month at a time when I get a new fun console game, but have always come back to find my friend’s waiting for me. Although I am poor for my level, I still have tons of fun. Yes, people are rude sometimes but hey, that’s life. There are also people that will help you tons. You don’t even have to train. You can just make friends and chat. Also, lvling DOES NOT take as long as every1 says it does. I just made a new character, a warrior, and got it to lvl 20 in like 8 hrs total. MrPower30, yeah, the monsters cuk at beginning, but later they get better, like balrog and zakum. Also, for the leveling, it would be COMPLETELY IDIOTIC if at higher lvls you could lvl in one day! If you could level up easily, you’d all be complaining that it’s too easy!!! If you don’t wanna get ksed, find a less populated areas. Also, defamng DOES NOT MATTER except for a FEW equips!!! WHO CARES ABOUT THE FAME?!?!?!?! If som1 defames me, I show them just how much I care by faming them. Or, if I ahve already used my fame for that day, I drop 15k to pay for their fame. I play in Windia. I am the leader of 2 guilds, and a guild alliance that has 5 guilds in it. My friend’s are great, although I am the richest of them so SOMETIMES they do ask for some money. Never too much tho and not very often. They all say that it’s alright if i can’t, but i always do. Most of the time they just ask if any1 has a (insert item name here, for ex: diamond) that they can buy, and i check if I have one and if I do, I give it to em. Yes, scammers are plentiful but you just gotta be smart. Never drop your items if som1 says they are quitting. If they really were quitting, they wouldn’t care what you did. They’d either just drop their stuff or give it to you. Yes, you have to pay for NX but no1 is forcing you to buy it. It’s just fun. Yes, moderation is terrible. Also, for some reason the word “pig” keeps going in and out of being a curse word blocked by the screening program. For the chat and not being able to move, go to a platform that doesn’t have any monsters. Be smart. Also, don’t fight monsters that can kill you in one or two hits! If you do start to get attacked while chatting, all you gotta do is click away. Also holeymoley, you don’t have to stop and click the chat bos idiot. You just press 1. That’s to talk to all. Party is 2. Buddy is 3. Guild is 4. Guild alliance is 5. Spouse is 6. Idiots. Also holeymoley, as for the looting, the game gives you a set amount of time to pick up items before other players can pick it up. If you are in a party, your party members can pick up right away but thats the price for faster exp. Also, the more damage you do, the soonder you can pick up if you didn’t do most of the damage.
If you just do the last say 60 damage of a monster with a max of 800hp, you don’t get first chance on drops. If you want your drops, you gotta pick em up. Also, you can make more than 12 characters. You can make 3 characters per server. There a bunch of servers. Idk how many right now so lemme name em off. Windia,Bera,Broa,Kradia,Mardia,Scania,Khaini,Bellocan. Im sure i missed at least one, maybe not but w/e. that’s 24 chars right there. There are like 11 different paths to take. I think that’s more than enuf characters. Also, no1 praise the lvl 200s. They all hacked. Now hacking is PRETTY MUCH taken care of though. You gotta be patient with leveling. I have a lvl 36 sin (Assassin), a lvl 42 hunter with messed up stats, a lvl 52 page, 31 i/l wizard (ice lightning wizard), lvl 38 luckless cleric, lvl 20 warrior, lvl 21 islander, lvl 27 or 28 rogue, lvl 22 magician, and a bunch of other chars at lower lvls. I was patient enuf to get to lvl 52. Why can’t any1 else on this be patient enuf tog et past lvl 20 as EVERY1 is complaing about. I play in Windia. My sins name is iamathief17. My clerics name is jacob123396. My perma beginners name is Becauseitis. Whisper me if you play in windia.

Post Date: 23:23 09-07-2008
Rating: 8
Author: ennovy
Comment: this game is a really big grind but its a very good game, once you reach lvl 20 it starts to get better, but lvl 60 is even better. to get to lvl 60 you need to spend alot of time because you dont lvl as fast. Note : when you get addicted to it, you start to play it 24/7 (thats wat happened to me) and try to train areas where there are less people, also train in a party with other people because you can lvl faster.

Post Date: 22:15 09-07-2008
Rating: 5
Author: terror923
Comment: i usually give alot of games awhile to rate but i couldnt stand this one at first on the tutorial island i liked it however once i got to the main island it was very bad they expect you to trek half across the map for some professions in which you get owned a couple of times by the hard monsters… when i finally did get there i had a hard time leveling because the higher leveled players kept 1hit killing everything in sight leaving nothing to train on switching worlds did not help either =( when i finally did level i read guides on what to do most of them state it takes weeks to level(which isnt bad) however on my standing it would take longer especially since all the good places to level for my level were over stocked in players when i did fight something again the higher up player came and pwned it =( overall i think this game has potential and it may be good but i hate it 😉

Post Date: 04:25 09-07-2008
Rating: 5
Author: tsunetsuki
Comment: muhaimenr said it all.

MS is good to around level 20. Then you either spend your time trying to grind to the next level or you quit.

The community is horrible, btw. There is an unspoken respect system that definitely favors higher-levels and people with NX items. If you’re not a level 100-something player with NX items, expect to get harassed, bullied, and “noob” blasted into all eternity. Only 13 year olds who steal their parents’ credit cards for NX play this game. If you’re not that, look elsewhere.

Post Date: 00:44 09-07-2008
Rating: 7
Author: muhaimenr
Comment: Well, lets state the facts.

There are 376 reviews on this, so i wont bother stating anything else other than that this game is good in the begining(the graphics are nice and funny, easy on the eyes and is unique) but than at level 30 or 20(depending on how much time you spend looking at guides and asking people for help) u either quit, get bored, or show an extordinary amount of paitence(or just get so dam lucky, ie, some random level 200 decides to dump his 200million mesos on you and all his godly scrolled eqiups) or u become another one of those nameless hackers/scammers that keep doing hacking and scamming(mainly because of the 50/50 community, some people are nice, some people are terribly racist and mean and ******************** are just arrogant snobs who think they are better than you because they have 20000000000000000 nx cash). The majority of the people however, quit, or stay onto the game in case it becomes better later on (hopefully that new class will be out soon damit!)

Post Date: 09:10 06-07-2008
Rating: 7
Author: Samsta
Comment: I played maple story for a bit its not that bad even though it looks childish and the graphics are pretty bad. and after lvl 20 it gets boring. but still not that bad.

Post Date: 17:05 04-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: splutter

though its a bit childish, its a MUST to try out.

Post Date: 16:01 03-07-2008
Rating: 9
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: as the others said, its a great game, but by lvl 20, u either get bored and quit, or u get addicted and CAN NEVER QUIT UNTIL UR 18!!!!!!!!! be warned…
still, its a good game

Post Date: 03:10 02-07-2008
Rating: 3
Author: bisurge
Comment: It’s no fun. I wasted 3 years of my life playing this game and did not get anything out of it except a level 46 character and a level 43 character. So much grinding, the quests suck crap because they tell you to train on monsters that are EXP lacking, and partying… well the only time people pretty much do this is for PQ. Which you hardly ever get in. The reason I was addicted was because I was a young Mapler… just like everyone else! But not anymore.

Post Date: 23:04 28-06-2008
Rating: 6
Author: metalalch
Comment: an ok game and its fun with friends but vlling slows down way too fast for a lvl cap of 200 b4 lvl 20 even it starts to take like an 1hour+ per lvl the cash shop in game has cool items and they are cheap but get this THEY ONLY LAST FOR 90 DAYS so if u want a cool looking char u gotta waste cash to get back ur cool lookin items every 3 months which i think is cheap that the gms would think thats a good idea
graphics 6/10 i dont care much about graphics in a game but the 2d graphics of ms leaves alot to be desired
gameplay 7/10 fun game but can get boring fast
grinding 3/10 the lvl gain speed to lvl cap ratio is way outta whack cuz 1 hour a lvl b4 lvl 20 with a lvl cap of 200 is rediculous
skills 4/10 some are cool some r kinda lame
community 7/10 some nice people but almost every1 will ks off you
overall rating id say is a 6/10 for these reasons

Post Date: 12:01 27-06-2008
Rating: 5
Comment: u see agent9147. there u are wrong. its not the game makes that are not acting childish. its just that somehow their imagination took the wrong spot. WHO CARES?! right now maplestory is ONE of the most POPULAR mmorpg games. graphics are nice. but once u play it, it will be boring at first yes, but once u staart getting stronger u notice that u can’t quit. its like a drug. but it has its pros and cons. i agree with u a little bit. but some parts i don’t. but i really hate it because of the nexon cash. its kinda like runscape a little bit.

Post Date: 23:10 24-06-2008
Rating: 8
Author: agent9149
Comment: k maplestory is a nice game and im being nonbias here
the graphics are nice and if u noticed if maplestory was 3-d it would be stupid; has the gaming community become so spoiled that there acting like a bunch of children, graphics are for visual purpose and not for anything else. seriously graphics are only bad if they hinder u from playing; zelda orcarina of time had what we called bad graphics but it was still a hell of a fun game so
graphics 10/10
gameplay: ok i noticed that maplestory has no story at all but please its a multipayer game
if u hadnt noticed but there is no save buttons
its like life if ur gonna be a doctor u gotta work hard in maplestory terms if ur gonna be CLERIC u gotta grind hard.(its a pun hence doctor-cleric) ;D grinding and dieing is what makes maplestory annoying it took me 3months to level to lvl 30 and if i died i had to do 15minutes work all over again. yes its a grindfest but i never noticed because i had freinds to talk to

community: if ur like lvl20 and dont have atleast 3 buddys stop playing ull bore yourself to death..when lvling was slow i got a big training party together and i leveled in no time…community is great and ull find great friends but please be polite no one likes a jackass
music; the music is nice for like 20min after that it gets annoying please people if u dont like it get out your ipod and be reasonable NO ONE IS FORCING U TO LISTEN
monsters,controls and in game stuff: um if you say aLL u do in maplestory iS kill mushrooms either your lieing or didnt get pass lvl 15. the monsters range from baby cute to dark evil and cool to scary creepy cute. contols are nice and i like the fact that u can modify them to your liking. the bright colors and stuff… great . bright colors are good for a game the bright colors actually make the game more lively ad inviting. who wants to sit in front of a gloomy screen for to long. Maps are nice they are fun and each one is different no two areas are alike. this i think is interesting. age range i say this game is for tween(tween is not a typo)to young adult but id be surprised if someone 23+ played this game.. the cashshop is nice and id love to buy an item or 2 and please people use your head the cashshop is what help run the game so stop hating
in game stuff:8/10

overall:7.6 IF U ROUND IT WOULD BE 8


Post Date: 00:07 20-06-2008
Rating: 1
Author: Mr Power30
Comment: Gameplay isnt all that great, music and sound is horrible, and here are the monsters:

As a beginner, you fight weaker monsters like SNAILS and TINY WALKING MUSHROOMS.

Once you become a little tougher, you can take on BOUNCING MUSHROOMS, BOUNCING SLIMES and WALKING TREE STUMPS.


P.S: All these monsters kill you by touching you. Watch out!

Post Date: 00:01 18-06-2008
Rating: 10
Author: anigous
Comment: Hey guys, i’m anigous whether you’ve seen me on the net is up to you. This is my third or around my multiple maple reviews. I give this a ten for…

Gameplay 1/5- This part of the review was the easiest to make. The graphics are nice considering they are 2d. The gameplay itself is very unique but not enough. The skills are nice but the game itself failed to represent itself; not to mention “alt” is a horrible jump key.

Sound 2/5- This is another terrible thing. The same music again and again. *tip, just exit maplestory by control alt delete and turn on
youtube while you play and task manager out again and replay a new song.*

Community 4/5- The game itself appeals to children so they figure they can play it. The game isn’t in depth and is to easy to get. Though as a new player i was lucky enough to see that good side. I had a few friends but not many.

Cash Shop -I just had to do this. The cash shop sells itself the reason Nexon has so much money.
So many people use it and i do too.

Maplestory Memories (self-made and opinonated)-This is what i love. The first time i played Maplestory before it was commericalized and 11-year-olds started to flood this game gave me the best mmorpg memories ever. I remember all my old friends and miss them.

Summary 5/5- This game might have community ups and downs, terrible gameplay, and even a horrible grind(in which is explained by itself) but i love it. MapleStory used to be fun and time consuming in a good way. I made online friends and online battle parties. Talking with a nice guild makes me wish the gameplay wasn’t so bad. I also in my later levels noticed how much better the community got. At level 50 and the high level pq places everyone was friendly and helpful. The accasional person will ruin the fun but this is an mmo that happens all the the time. I am still upset with the new maplestory and how downhill it got. This is my farewell note and hopfully it gets improved.

Post Date: 08:24 17-06-2008
Rating: 3
Author: Cinnabolt
Comment: MapleStory the very addicting and grinding game.

This game is very hard to level at higher levels and the free character customization sucks. The community is VERY HORRIBLE if you don’t have Cash Shop items or you have black skin.

I have to say again this game is very “grindy” you’ll find yourself grinding on the same monsters using the same skill for HOURS. It takes over 5 hours for some in higher levels. Gold is hard to get when you are of need of armor and weapons at low levels. You need to either beg or just not buy armor.

Ahh yes. The Cash Shop. The place where it costs a lot of money to get a haircut and clothes. You need 6 dallors to get a haircut? Damn! And clothes ain’t cheap. $2.00~5.00. Give me a break. You’ll eventually buy Nexon Cash because you wanna look cool and different and when you get to higher levels you need 2x experience. Not that much help by the way.

Sound is bad. Very annoying to listen to unless you are a frilly happy girl that likes frilly happy girl music. Just mute the sound and listen to your iPod. >.>

Community is horrible. Just horrible. Unless you got Cash Shop items. There is plenty of immature kids roaming MapleStory looking for MapleStory girlfriends. Plenty of Hackers and gold sellers. Where is the GMS? PLAYING POKEMON. Serious GMs don’t do crap.

I found myself enjoying Private MapleStory Servers more then the official server. Why? Because you can get Cash Shop clothes w/o spending a fortune. You can get to high levels easier. You spend less time trying to get to those high levels.

Overall MapleStory is a very boring game. Try it out. Spend all your money. Try out a PS. You just found out you wasted your life on MapleStory. GG

Post Date: 19:47 14-06-2008
Rating: 6
Author: wtf…
Comment: Grinding is so boring, cookie cutter mmorpg

Post Date: 01:04 13-06-2008
Rating: 9
Author: SupreMario
Comment: This game is life-suckingly addictive. I gave it a nine because of the diversity of the overall game. You can make your character cute, or more rough looking with things like bows or battle scars. There is a wide range of appearance options, making it nearly impossible to find someone who looks like yourself. The leveling is fast in the beginning, and some of the users are rude and tend to use the word ‘noob’ a lot, but once you really get into the game, it’s so fun. Maplestory has recently released the trading system as well, which means that this game isn’t centered around leveling anymore. You can sell your things for real-life money (nexon cash) or trade with other users for things that you are looking for. I would say the one downfall of the whole game is the lack of graphics, but it also helps this game be unique and unlike the tons of generic mmorpgs you see all over today.

Post Date: 12:42 12-06-2008
Rating: 4
Author: alistaly
Comment: The game is ok but not such god graphics.The leveling isnt very nice to and the money is orite but hard to get unless you sell stuff that are easy to get like work gloves.

Post Date: 16:48 10-06-2008
Rating: 0
Author: stuza
Comment: why do all you people think this piece of rubbish is a good game its alful the graphics are alful its dull like hell i went into a coma playing it its almost painful every system put together in this game is the worst i have ever seen the fighting quest the lot utter rubbish also there is nothing to do no space to do anything i am iam feeling generous and giving it a 0 mainly because there is no -100 option oh yeah to the person hat did the review a couple below mine, i think it is boring to do the same thing over and over again and i did not go online to play games to be bloody pacient so to all the players like myself who do not want this embarassment of a game on the net 1-0 us WOOOOOO

Post Date: 03:33 05-06-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Axeforhire66
Comment: I left a previous review, but i didn’t go into depth. I beleive this game is among the best online rpgs, as it is user friendly, it is a unique gameplay experience, and there are many diverse things to do. The 2D graphics, in my opinion, are great, as they are a unique addition to online gaming. It is nice to have the change of pace. Also, the cartoony graphics are fun and enjoyable to look at. I think it’s also a great addition to the game. The music and sound effects are decent, nothing too special in that department. There is a typical class system(Warrior, Mage, Bowman, and Thief) that caters to many plass styles. The quests are often fun, but can sometimes be a bit tedious or even pointless. Sometimes you spend a very long time on a quest, only to recieve a worthless item and little experience. You must grind alot to gain any experience. It also gets a bit annoying to lose a certain ammount of experience every tiem you die, but it offers a good incentive to play wisely. The community is o.k, but you often encounter jerks as well.

This game is great if your looking for an immersive, unique mmorpg. It is almost a cookie-cutter mmo, except for the combat system and the graphics, which make it unique.

Post Date: 05:16 04-06-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Shadowinks
Comment: Right, to all people who actually give this game a less than 6 point rating or complain about the grinding, I would say that they have no patience whatsoever, and should go off playing cheap games that give you a super fast leveling and money earning system, such as that sorry game, cabal online(I won”t even give that game”s name a capital letter.) For those of you who say that there”s nothing to do except grind on forever, they obviously don”t even try to spend time looking around the game world. There is the pq (party quest system), and when you get to higher levels, go play in the Zakum dungeon or fight the horned tail. Here”s my full rating on the game:
Music: 5/10 (It was originally very bad, but the new areas released recently have good music)
Graphics: 8/10 (whats wrong with having 2-D graphics??!! Thats what differentiates this game from the typical 3D game!)
Characters: 8/10 (Can”t complain. Typical Warrior-Bowmen-Mage-Thief class roster)
Gameplay: 10/10 (Good solid gameplay. If you find where you put the keys uncomfortable, just reorder the keys where you like. They now have a macro system to let you combo your skills! Also, if you really get bored of the grinding/party quests, how about playing a minigame with someone?)
Quests: 6/10 (They can be too much for your level, or extremely difficult to do, and some are practically impossible unless you have loads of cash to spare.)
Skills: 7/10 (Good original skills, but lacking in graphics.)
Equipments: 10/10 (There are loads of different equipments at the same level, with different functions/special effects. Also, you have the special Maple-brand items.)
Conclusion: Great game if you want break from the typical 3-d games. This game rox! By the way, I would like to tell the guy who wrote the review 1 post below mine (clickmehere)that he should brush up on his English language before attempting to write a review. His grammar and spelling is SO bad. I salute “pokerhappy” for pointing out meaningless quotes in some of the useless, trashlike reviews that we can find around here.

Post Date: 00:45 01-06-2008
Rating: 4
Author: Opresser
Comment: This is basically a modern version of some of your classical hack’n slash arcade games. Except its online.

This game would have been a wonderfull idea.. TEN years ago. This games graphics are too outdated to really rate comparing it to the big name games out there. So I have trouble rating this game really comparing it to titles like ‘World of Warcraft’ and ‘Lord of the Rings Online’… So I will give its graphics a failing grade of 40% and just jump to the other aspects of this game..

Sound 66.6566%
Community 22.454%
Customer support 55.546%
Innovation 66.5655%

Overall 46.5465% – Depends on your opinion of a arcade/mmo. If you likea scrolling arcade mmo with 2 graphics i’d reccomend it to you.. but if your looking for a game with superior 3D graphics.. I WOULD NOT reccomend this game.

Post Date: 06:15 31-05-2008
Rating: 4
Author: clickmehere
Comment: Maplestory is pretty cool but Ive seen better. When I first started this game i coulde stop.

Everything is ok controls, hotkeys, etc. What struck me was the fact that you only get 2 attacks for every begning class. Then the punishment for dying is harsh. You lose a hour of exp.

Its a hard one too say about story. In the game you shape your own story basicaly. Your story depends on your job and what you choose to be.

Lvling System
I would say it takes for ever too level. I got to lvl 30 in 2 months. The game takes tons of patience. It took the best 3 years too get to lvl 200 but they did it.

Overall I would say this game sorrta sucks but hey who am i too talk to a bunch of fans of this game 😀

Post Date: 19:23 26-05-2008
Rating: 8
Author: kaage1
Comment: not bad…… BUT, WAY TO MUCH GRIND! after you hit about 8 on the updated newbie island it’s grindsville all the way to the bank. but still, not a bad game either way, i like 2d cartoon graphics

Post Date: 00:07 19-05-2008
Rating: 4
Author: Guajiro
Comment: I love 2D games and Maplestory could be a perfect game, the music is awesome and it’s beautiful but have the worst gameplay ever…

Post Date: 13:16 17-05-2008
Rating: 0
Author: zzX MMORPG Xzz
Comment: I think the graphics is fine but the gameplay, WTH!?
The game is only about farming, farm, farm, farm (40hrs later) lvl 30. Farm, farm, farm (1000hrs later) lvl 70. Farm farm farm (10 years later) Lvl 200 CONGRATULATIONS! U got lvl 200 and now u can just go and play a new game.

Post Date: 07:37 13-05-2008
Rating: 3
Author: chione
Comment: After my warlock hit 70 I felt compelled to revisit one of the first MMORPGs I ever played – Maplestory.
So I redownloaded the game and went to town.

Graphics – 8/10
I enjoy the graphics for the most part. There’s a fair amount of customization for your character (especially if you feel like plunking down real-world cash for some outfits). The fun emoticon faces are cute, and I like the overall feel and theme. The monster designs are…odd…but it works with the style.

Music – 2/10
Good for the first two or three minutes, then I turned it down and put on some Cobra Starship.

Gameplay – 2/10
This is where Maplestory falters (and the original reason I stopped playing).
The game controls themselves are fine; the UI is clean and easy to navigate. My beef is with the gameplay itself.
The game severely penalizes you when you die (On my main I would lose 10% each time), and it takes far too much grinding to level up (making those deaths even worse). Quests, unlike in some other MMOs, do not fill a larger chunk of your exp. bar (sometimes less than 5% of it >.> ) which makes most quests feel worthless, especially when you’ve spent hours grinding monsters for items or something (I also felt like there weren’t /enough/ quests either, for some reason). In addition, most monsters your “level” are misleading in that they are very strong and are likely to kill you unless you are shooting at them from a safe distance, like on a clear ledge. And even then, you get faster exp. by killing lower level monsters.

Now, to be fair, many other MMORPGs have a fair amount of grinding. The problem with the grinding in Maplestory is that it is unrewarding, monotonous, and generally un-fun to do. You sit there, glued to your screen, counting every little tiny experience point and marking down the hours till you level up. For comparison, there were times in WoW where I wanted to stop grinding, but it never got to where I was a zombie at the computer, just pressing the same hotkey OVER AND OVER. WoW also has a rich world and lots of lore stuff, which I think helps. I’ll get to that next.

Story – 0/10
There’s absolutely no story. Maybe that’s why it was so monotonous, I don’t know. Why am I killing these monsters? Is there a point? I’m not helping bring glory to my race or win a war or anything. I’m just clearing out the vermin. Ew.

Community – 0/10
I honestly wish I could give this a lower score. I played on the Broa server, and I found maybe two decent people the entire time I played (at least a year, maybe more). People rip others off (by buying expensive items off of newbies and then reselling them for a huge profit, usually in the millions), mass defame others (just for giggles), and freak out if you get in “THEIR” grinding space (leading to the often used phrase “cc plz”).
People can be jerks in WoW, Runescape, etc. But I have NEVER seen a community as narcissistic and just plain mean than in Maplestory (especially when it comes to the newbies).

Addictiveness – 11/10
Even more addicting than WoW, for all the wrong reasons.
Since the only “measure” of how far you’ve gotten is by leveling/getting new equipment (since there’s no pvp or anything else to judge your skill) I would sit on the game obsessively leveling until the wee hours of the morning (and causing grief for my parents at the time).
Until I suddenly realized that
1) I was spending weeks for just one level
2) I had no friends on Maplestory
3) I was sitting camping one part of the map just for respawns
4) I really wasn’t having any fun. And why play if it’s not fun? I only had a compulsory need to continue, to press forward, to get to where I would be respected online.
I decided it wasn’t worth it.

Overall – 3/10
For a “free” (you still pay cash for special items, but to play the basic game it costs nothing) MMORPG, Maplestory is decent, if you ignore the poor moderation, the terrible community, and the monotonous gameplay.

If, however, you are going to be plunking down cash for items and stuff, you’re probably better off spending x dollars a month for a different MMO, or paying a one-time fee for GuildWars, etc.
It’s not worth it to spend a single dime on this game.


Post Date: 01:59 12-05-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Bababushca
Comment: Maplestory is the first mmorpg I have ever played and the only one I actually played a lot. I’ve play a lot less since september, and only come on to talk to frieands. I’m a level 162 Hero, and don’t try to level much any more. What I like about the game is how you can get up to level 200 (There are only 2 level 200s)I don’t play as much any more because the game doesn’t have updates very fast(I’ve played since beta), at the start it was adding new citys and islands for a while but then stoped with major updates for along time. Compared to Korean Maple Story wich much more advanced, sure it’s been out for longer but Gloabal Maplestory (the one I play) has been out for about three years, when kms got to three years it was almost douple as advanced as GMS.

It’s a great game and awesome for socializing with friends. Also with a nice happy feel. Theres also a Cash Shop where you can buy cloths for your characters for reall money. I’m not sure how stable the econemy is now since I don’t play much anymore, but when I played it was pretty good. They did add this trading sytem where you can buy and sell stuff for NX ( NX is the points you purchese with reall money to buy cloths) so if you don’t like to pay money you can sell stuff for NX now. Puchesing NX does enhance gameplay a lot, you can get 2x exp and other things. I recomend this game for people who don’t want pay to play, and want a nice funn happy community.

Post Date: 17:54 11-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Axeforhire66
Comment: This game is tons of fun! I go between three online mmo’s, and this is one of them. I also play World of Warcraft and Kartrider. I fell that this game is by far one of the best free online mmorpg’s out there!

Post Date: 13:43 11-05-2008
Rating: 5
Author: whiting1289
Comment: A 2D version of a the 3D cookie cutter cash shop scamming KMMORPG’s out there.

Post Date: 06:15 09-05-2008
Rating: 6
Author: Brettster21
Comment: Let me just start off by saying that i used to play this game. This is a good game and i would recommend it to anyone that wants a new feel.Ive been playing on and off ever since beta. I liked the 2d it was something new. Plus the controls are very simple. However, If you dont have any friends to play this game with, then it is BORING! Because its fun to pq with a bunch of buddies, or party, or do a quest or something. It is really boring to just grind on monsters for 4 hours straight. Plus, the exo for quests suck. I”d finish a quest and get exp and it wont even get me 5%… Thats not even 1 bar in WoW(in wow there are 20 bars, so 1 bar can equal 5%) Which sucks because after you”ve spent hours after hours collecting cursed dolls or something, you hardly get a good reward. If youre new to the game, and dont know how to play it”ll be hard to get mesos. The fun part is getting to have new job advancements and getting newer skills. Oh and one thing, maplestory”s kind of gay too. The game was cool in the beginning but now its just all these queers. You have people coming out of the closet every 5 minutes using there smega phones, and its annoying. The only way you can be really good is if you put money into it too, like you might waste 10 mill on scrolls that didnt even work. Plus all you ppl bitching about no pvp. Will you stop to even think?? How the hell can a lvl 60 cleric face a lvl 60 sin. A cleric would have like 800 hp and a sin can do like 4-6k at that lvl if youre well equipped. So think stupid jerks.

Post Date: 12:44 01-05-2008
Rating: 7
Author: kiraXD
Comment: Alright this game is the best 2d game you could possibly get. The game play is awesome cept for the grind … it is IMPOSSIBLE. The only thing you could do to lessen the grind is get a bunch of rl friends to party and grind with you, makes the time go faster. Used to be full of hackers, but now they’ve cleared that up. Maplestory is quite a OK game and deserves a 7.

Post Date: 20:50 27-04-2008
Rating: 6
Author: Rob321
Comment: This game was O.K. The choice of classes/jobs was pretty fun being a rogue, theif, ect. The combat system was fair enough although the foes were like tree stumps and mushrooms. The people in the game treat lower levels like trash though and theres a lot of nonsense like in-game marriage. The graphics were good enough and the 2d didnt bother me.

Graphics- 7/10
People- 3/10
Quests- 4/10
Things to do- 7/10

Post Date: 20:31 26-04-2008
Rating: 9
Author: imppy725
Comment: People who complain about the graphics are pure losers

1) why did you download this game, JUST to complain about the graphics
2) notice that all other games (except ghost online) are 3d, THIS MIEANS THAT MAPLESTORY IS UNIQUE, they didnt try to make it a 3d game, so why areu complaining about it? if you didnt like the 2d graphics, why download it?
3)graphics are not the only qualities of a game, if you downloaded maplestory, just to complain about graphics, then shut up, because u alreayd knew that BEFORE u downloaded it

Post Date: 22:11 24-04-2008
Rating: 10
Author: muhaimenr
Comment: Heads up.

Just to clear things up… I have a level 36 archer names hunterenergy if u wanna check. (I used “u” instead of “you” for speed)


sound-4/10(the worst part but you can something that you like on the bckground, I always listen to Disturbed.)
Gameplay-8/10 the reason its 8 is because of the massive grind(Yes, there is a massive grind) at the high levels, such as level 100. If you know wat monsters to kill, than you will level up faster. Thats why there are so many maplestory fansites there, to help those who dont know what to do. So dont complain unless you read the guides first.
Why? Well… lets take a look at runescape. I tried playing that you know… and quit after 30 minutes. I felt like my head was spining. Music? yea right, i would rather listen to the absymal music of maplestory for hours than runescape.. i had to turn on my volume full blast to even hear it. But thats not what we are talking about.

The graphics… Quote-“OMG look i did 5 dmg OMG i am level 3!!!!!!!!” actual qoute from runescape character..

So, that kind og gives you what all runescape players hope for.. to do the amazing.. GODLY damage as they call it… the damage of 3!!!!!

Whlie maplestory people are easily doing 10,000 damage and fighting massive monsters, such as Platapus(a giant clock) and Phirana(not sure if its called that, but is a massive fish.) and the hyped up Barlog(A demon looking thing that appearse on the ship to orbis).. and more besides. Look up more on if you dont belive me.

Qoute-“How exactly is a swirling ball of energy so much better than a Black Dragon?..” yea right…(sacrasm)


and just for your information, even 20-year-olds play this game. And i am 15.. just thought you would like to know.
Post Date: 01:07 22-04-2008
Rating: 0
Author: ghostcloud852
Comment: Fun At First Then…………….HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!
All U Haters Can Rag On Me All Day But I Won’t Change My Mind!

Post Date: 01:57 21-04-2008
Rating: 3
Author: jjdragon60
Comment: a stupid 2d korean grind, impossible to level, and ugly grahics. terebble comunity, and verry adictive at first, but it gets boring after 2 days. i’d rather play mario than this junk!!!!!!

Post Date: 22:35 19-04-2008
Rating: 7
Author: atomiceraser
Comment: MapleStory (as I’m sure for everyone) surprised the heck out of me. Most people say, “2D!? No way man!” That’s what I said. This game will last most people for awhile.

-Awesome battle system
-Free to play (with payable features)
-Great graphics
-Fantastic soundtrack
-Everyone is unique
-Four classes (Mage, Thief, Warrior, Archer)
-Big world
-Easy to get money
-Infinant weapons and clothes
-Great monsters
-Overall good game
-Slow leveling
-When you die, you lose experience
-Almost impossible to get quests done
-Your a noob for seemingly forever
-Everything automatically attacks you
-You die A LOT
-Annoying to get good

Post Date: 19:29 14-04-2008
Rating: 6
Author: satyrion
Comment: This game is interesting in many ways but gets boring way to fast.

Post Date: 17:49 09-04-2008
Rating: 5
Author: Totarri
Comment: Cute. It has 4 classes (excluding beginner), but you can customise each with skill points given after levelling, as well as being able to choose between sub-classes at levels 30 and 70 (I think. Much like talent points that WOW players can relate to). However, small space to roam and an insane levle cap of 200 that NO ONE has reached all the years it’s been out. Levelling is made harder by losing 7 hours with of play but just dying once – enfuriating. Limited gear also. Cute, fun and nice players but limited and frustrating. Good for light gamers, but anyone who plays on a regular basis shouldn’t.

Post Date: 15:14 06-04-2008
Rating: 1
Author: bandin
Comment: I am not able to review this game cus WoW is much better.
Horrible free mmo that all u do is spend 500-1000 bucks a week on the glorified cash shop.

Post Date: 04:04 05-04-2008
Rating: 7
Author: pokerhappy
Comment: They butcher the English language so bad i can not explain how the word transformed into what they typed.

please – plawks???


Sorry, I just had to quote that: You are talking about the players you friggin moron. No where in gaming content do the say “Plawks” or anything of the sort. Try any other online game, you are bound to get morons that can’t even type correctly and say “plz mony plox i need i poor plzplzplzplzplzplz!!!11one” So please make some sense.


Elaborate please? Or are you so stupid you don’t even know what that means?

I now relise that MapleStory is for young kids aged from 8-12. Honestly. The game has horrible graphics, for heaven sakes, it’s 2D! There is no depth, and you walk aronud the place for hours and hours killing Monsters, just so you can level up and get to wear a new robe or equip a new piece of armor you’ve always wanted.

Are there any MMOs not like this? Name me three MMOs the have a specific plotline please, that aren’t just about leveling your character. I can name a bunch that ARE about that,you will recognise them I bet….


Need I say more? -_-‘

So many bunch of kids who no life come disturb noobs like me piss me off.

??? What the hell does this mean? It doesn’t make any sense!
Yes it is a big grind, but seriously, tell me when you find a couple of MMOs that are fun and DON’T involve grinding. Please.

A big problem though is no PvP….
OVERVIEW: Main part of this review; Most posters are morons who make no sense whatsoever and/or have no clue what they are talking about and/or do not support anything they say.
Post Date: 18:16 21-03-2008
Rating: 3
Author: lemoneko
Comment: First of all, I’d liked to say that I have a lv.8x dragon knight, lv.6x assassin, and lv.5x cleric. I have to admit that MapleStory is very addicting. After all, it had once turned me into a loser with no life. I used to sit in front of the computer for more than 7 hours just to level up my characters. So you’re asking me why I gave this game a 3 out of 10. MapleStory gets really boring after. I’ve been trying to go back to MapleStory, but for some reason, I can’t go back. I even tried to play MapleStory, but I can’t last for more than 30 minutes. I would rather stare out the window than to play MapleStory. To me, MapleStory used to be a great game, but now, it’s lame. Even now, I’m still trying to start playing again because I have friends in MapleStory who are waiting for me to return. Anyways, try this game, you will either love it or hate it.

Post Date: 00:59 14-03-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Aaddron
Comment: A vary good free mmo i didnt really find anything that great about this game other than its a fun thats free and it give you something to do when your bored i’m not saying this is a bad game its really well done so if your bored or can find a mmo to play try this one but if you are playing a mmo you really like then this game wont be one to replace it

Post Date: 05:32 11-03-2008
Rating: 0
Author: smooth12
Comment: The community is poor if you mix with the wrong players. So many bunch of kids who no life come disturb noobs like me piss me off.
On top of that…
Best grind fest ever!
I see no point playing =)

Post Date: 05:46 08-03-2008
Rating: 3
Author: Skylinez
Comment: im keeping my review short 🙂
things in Favor +
1# game is one of the few 2D games out there of its type

2# game can turn addictive and some even might like its style

3# its endless

– Major CONS
-1# Game is totally purposeless you start by grinding and end by grinding there nothing in between

-2# Quests most of time dont reward you and other 50% of the time you dont need them except for the few special ones make it less involving

-3# there is no pvp – no weird events – nothing excepts long grinding and i really mean long grinding this might go in the records as the longest time taken per level

my personal oppinion is this game has nothing to hold you once you reached high level after insane grinding-

COmmunity is a huge hit and miss i personally felt 50/50 wasnt great but then again nothing else then that beside grinding

its free and this game really is a hit or miss in itself …. if you hate grinding stay away from this like the plague

i give it a 3 because of the lack of options of play

Post Date: 00:07 04-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: koriio
Comment: This game is AWESOME and for those of you complaning about cash items, the clothes dont do anything whatsoever, it just looks cool. And those of you complaning about monsters and levels if you get killed in 3 hits they aren’t your level. And this game isnt only supposed to be played for a week or so and then u master it, the highest possible level is 200, and no one has reached it yet. The highest person is level 198 and this game has been out for 2 1/2 years. And you can explore tons of different worlds if you are high enough leveled (about 40 up). And don’t be complaning about hackers, KSers, looters etc., I pley in Broa and everyone is nice. I was kidding before on how i wanted money and some one gave me 50k! And also at certain levels u get job advancements and awesome new skills. If you do really bad damage go on and find a guide. When u level up you are not supposed to put into random stats, certain ones for certain jobs, refer to a guide and you should never put in to HP or MP stats. P.S. You dont have to be high leveled to have fun, i have a level 44 assasin and 33 spearman and i still have fun.

Post Date: 01:00 24-02-2008
Rating: 6
Author: Caash
Comment: this game is “OK” but like pandatwin said you have to spend a week or so to get a single level and it gets pretty boring after about a week.

Post Date: 17:02 19-02-2008
Rating: 2
Author: xxemovalentinexx
Comment: Would’ve been a good game if there weren’t little 10-year olds everywhere hacking your account and thinking that it’s “cool.”

Post Date: 04:26 09-02-2008
Rating: 8
Author: pandatwin
Comment: This game was really good, except leveling. All i can say is that i hope you are willing to spend a week to gain a single level. The monsters that are your level can kill you in 3 hits too. so you have to stay killing easy monsters for ages, just like XRoyalSinX said. Plus, don’t plan on even getting the cool clothes, they cost 20 dollars (real money) along with pets. Also, avoid doing the haircut quest, they give you a butt-ugly haircut that you can’t change once you’ve done it!!

Post Date: 01:32 04-02-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Bobsinlove
Comment: This game is really GOOD! You know the 2-D graphics! NO GAME has them anymore! MAPLESTORY however does and the people on the game arent the nicest but maybe you can help them out and make them nicer. The ANIMALS and LVLING is hard but that makes the game challanging i would like to see some people try making it easy and not take the time to level cause if you just level easy it wont be fun you have to work there to get it! THIS GAME IS 10/10 !!! IF you agree right saying I AGREE!

Post Date: 07:07 03-02-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Qewpo-
Comment: Nexon has managed to cut hackers down very well.

Quoted from Kaizer “However, after praising the game so much, you might wonder why I gave it a 8. The COMMUNITY is terrible, 60% of the people here just care about MONEY. Ksing is nothing special, and scamming happens 100 times daily. The report function also sucks. So, community: 2/10 points. ”

Are you kidding? The community is GREAT in this game. Get your facts right.

To all that are insulting the graphics, I would MUCH rather play this game then another 3-d game.
Its unique, Its fun, Its amazing.

Maplestory is a great game, and it will always be one of my favorites.
Post Date: 03:24 03-02-2008
Rating: 6
Author: xRoyalSinx

this is an ok game, but i got really depressed when my account got hacked.

here r some more problems. it is so hard to level up. the monsters that r supposedly “ur level” r usually much too hard for u to handle on ur own. the fact that u lose exp when u die but bigginers dont lose exp really ticks me off. and since i am a mage in the game i hav to announce that mages should be able to heal mp faster and hav a larger mp bar, becuz im constantly having to heal my mp or use the chair, which is really annoying. In other words, the training is making me LOSE money, but gain exp. maybe its becuz a lvl 36 fp mage shouldnt be fighting lego golems, but thats a whole other story (besides i kill them 1-3 hits so im fighting the right monster right?) another annoying part is that u cant tell how much hp the monster has, unless its dead. this is annoying becuz u dont know if ur just wasting ur time, or if this monster is gonna die and u should be ready to pick up the items. this is important for mages that use spells 24/7, cuz if the monster dies unexpectedly, u could waste a spell or two. besides i cant memorize all of the monsters hp. its really annoying when im fighting one of the few monsters that i dont know their hp for. i dont like math, although its considered to be on of my strengths O.0 (ya right!!!)

but, on the plus side, it’s addictive and its like a virtual world (where all you do is fight…)!

Post Date: 01:33 01-02-2008
Rating: 9
Author: lilmike224
Comment: I play this game and it is addicting but think about, It’s free so yeah your not going to get much but still couldn’t they include more stuff like for example they could have runescape (I understand that they have that in other maple virsions but i play maple global) The worlds, where you sign up for scania and you gotta pay 10 Bucks just to go to bera instead. Theres alot this could improve on. But what got it a 9 is this
Its free
Lots of playerse
Lots of Events
Free nx cash (online money for this game)
Cool gear
Sure it has some cons like you finally get to level 120 but your bored of your now Bishop.

So you make a new guy to be a bandit, back to Maple island (the tutorial island)

Bandit and Bishop are adv. classes

Also a side note, if you wanna play join Khani =D

43 cleric
Owner of ‘Mafias’

Post Date: 13:48 31-01-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Kaizer
Comment: This game deserves a good 10-point rating. Any of you who say that the music and graphics are cartoonish and childish, I urge them to use their currently inactive brain. This game was made for 10-15 year olds, so do you expect excellent graphics? The 2-D graphics make this game very special and offers a new interface.

However, after praising the game so much, you might wonder why I gave it a 8. The COMMUNITY is terrible, 60% of the people here just care about MONEY. Ksing is nothing special, and scamming happens 100 times daily. The report function also sucks. So, community: 2/10 points.

Other than that, look on the bright side. Those 10 year old kids are really cute and love making friends, there are the pq’s, which are rarely found in other games. Conclusion: Great game for patient people and kids!

Post Date: 14:21 27-01-2008
Rating: 9
Author: immortal143
Comment: this is very fun exept for the fact that until you are lvl 40 it is veeeeery boring when you are getting your lvl up like 30 min per lvl when you are lvl 18

Post Date: 04:05 24-01-2008
Rating: 4
Author: GuersomR123
Comment: Ok Ill be honest I used to have a Lv.104 or 103 Crusader and I stopped playing this game after I found out in the end theres nothing more. This game got boring and boring though the noob days are more fun than being higher level. And when you try to make a new character like for example a Sin you cant get than noob feeling if your high lved becuz you have litterly like 100mil to spare your poor inocent Sin and get him godly equips not to mention like 10 Sets of Illbi and like 14 atk Work Gloves. So yeah, basically its good for new people but once your higher levled it all goes downhill…

Post Date: 19:55 18-01-2008
Rating: 7
Author: imppy725
Comment: People just dont know how to rate this game…No, we don”t just fight snails, bouncing mushrooms, trees, stumps and stuff like that..if u are patient enough to get to a higher level then yeah, ull see some better and more fierce monsters…basically to a guy that said its only 0.06% for a monster…yeah you”re right…but u forgot to say that, u kill 7 monsters per 5 seconds, literally…thats 0.35% in 5 seconds which isp retty damn fast, thats like 1% in 20 seconds average. which is pretty damn fast if you ask me.

basically, if you are not over level 40, please dont rate this game, because i know that the beginning may be slow, but once u hit 40, there are many other things to do other than grind all day

saying fighting snails ann msurhooms ONLY…is a stereotype. Please dont assume if you havent got passed that time of game yet. please.

now to my rating:
graphics 8/10: dude, the graphics are meant to be like this, it”s a different mmorpg playing style, USE YOUR BRAIN, if you dont like these types of mmorpgs, then dont play it, easy as that. the graphics are SUPPOSE to be like that, stop complaining about the graphics, if you dont like it in the first place and saw screenshots of it…then dont even start playing…and if u started playing and didnt like it, dont complain, because u started

gameplay 7/10: ill admit that it is a pretty repeptiive game, but with friends playing with you, is a whole new story, its actually fun again to grind when ur chatting at the same time (whch is easy to do in maplestory

music 6/10: yeah maybe a bit childish, but DONT U GET THE POINT ALREADY? its SUPPOSE TO BEL LIKE THAT, if the game wasnt cartoony, then BETTER music would be better…if you expected music that every other 3D mmorpg has, then you are an idiot, sorry. you should have expected music like this on maplestoyr, the first tme u saw the graphics

community 5/10: poor but acceptable

Post Date: 12:56 18-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: hardcoregozer
Comment: people, i say this again, just stop complaining like always at graphics, people who play this game like the graphics,and the 1 who doesn”t the don”t like it, like at most games. and 2nd stop talking about the grinding part you noobs! lvl goes fast enouch idiots, i am a lvl 83 crusader and i lvl 0,5/1 lvl a day so…. thats stupid what u guys say. and u wanna complain about grinding, go play endless online, you maybe level to lvl 10 in 2-3 months and at maple you do like 1-2 hours! so plz stfu

any questions about this game, pm me at game at world windia.

Post Date: 03:13 17-01-2008
Rating: 0
Author: KentyMint
Comment: This game is pretty bad. It’s not the graphics, its the extremely repetitive grinding and the people in the game. They butcher the English language so bad i can not explain how the word transformed into what they typed.

please – plawks???


Post Date: 13:29 05-01-2008
Rating: 5
Author: Siraiz
Comment: just to quote Cosmic

::”This game is awful.”::

This game isnt that bad people can have there own appinions and like games and dislike but the 2D graphics are magical nexon has put effort and time into making them so.

“I also dont like how the game does nothing to help you. i cant count how many times i wandered into a high level area by accident and died.”

I agree tottaly that some areas have no warnings, but alot of them do (triangular signs with cross bones) and most of them are hidden portals so you can think about it first.

Another point i want to address is the Graphics,
You say they are awful? I see them as buetiful and as i said before alot of work goes into them, and further more, runescape is the worst 3D adventure game ever, you cannot compare maplestory and runescape, alot of the maple community would be outraged to read your comment, and alot of people like side scrollersi for one think its genious and castlevnia is a side scroller aswell and yet you play that?
i rest my outraged case..

Post Date: 22:43 01-01-2008
Rating: 1
Author: Cosmic Gecko
Comment: This game is awful. if everquest had a baby with super mario brothers 2, this is probably what it would look like. No freakin effort to make it that great of a game. If im going to wait x amount of hours to download this, i want at least some form of 3D graphics. Also, leveling is boring. Dont even tell me how its not, cause it is.
I also dont like how the game does nothing to help you. i cant count how many times i wandered into a high level area by accident and died. At least in RuneScape, the Doomsayer tells you when youre entering a dangerous area, and you can even turn off these warnings once you visited the area enough times.
Graphics: dumb! Who wants to play a side-scrolling MMO? If i want to side-scroll, i will play Castlevania. In fact, i will go do that now.

Post Date: 09:09 31-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Jasenpo
Comment: Good game with a full character control concept with 2-D graphics. This game is better then all the click and watch your character do the work. I dislike(don’t want my review deleted) those types of games because they don’t allow the player complete control over the character. The only game that is going to have a full character control with unlimited travel is Darkfall, but only god knows when that game is going to be released.
An my answer to the mass grind is that it is not a mass grind only the player makes it a mass grind. Nobody told you to play the game for a million hours. Yeah Nexon does get those types so they implemented a clock system that tells you when to slow down or log out leaving a comment like this.

You have been playing maplestory fo 36 hours get a freaking life you retard. (I don’t really know what they say at 36 hours but obviously this is a dramatization.)

Post Date: 08:00 29-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: deadwhale
Comment: Maple is a great game and so all mmos and they are mmo,s for a reason so plz stop fighting and get along. I’m sixteen yrs old to give ya a visual. Maple music is kind of boring but I turn it off and put techno and u put what ever u want to listen. 2D ? Nothing wrong with that. Cartoons are 2D m if its 3D it won’t be that cool . Maple storys anime type game and anime is 2D and *nd 2 percent 3D. I just want to heat what u have to say now so type bak. By archsage 9 that’s my user name in mardia

Post Date: 18:22 25-12-2007
Rating: 2
Author: cutman&paste
Comment: The Copy and paste review.

Today i will take stuff from other reviews and showcase their thoughts on this game.

“LOVE it great gaphic just since its 2D means it not badi ts good and iwth realise of 4th job and yea i”v been since beta so i know”-death2912

“would u rather play an outdated 2-D game or a 3-D game.there”s pletny of otehr MMo”s on the internet.”-namcoo

My opinion:Hmmmm graphics are a big thing. In deaths opinion,2-D is good. Yet on namcoos review, he showed amazing hatred for the graphics because they’re 2-D. I personally like the Snes feel, but I hate the chibi feel.
Final score:??/10(depends)

This one I will Copy&paste from wikipedia

“Nexon Corporation (Korean: ³Ø½¼) is a Korean Gaming corporation, and a developer of online games and MMORPGs. Its headquarters are located in Seoul, Korea.”-wikipedia.

I really don’t like the company at all. Greed is their creed and that just doesn’t fly with me. It is almost like you pay to be good (Saying the game is free is not a lie, but mearly a half-truth as it is free but you must pay to get all the good stuff). You can buy items ingame with real money(to other MMORPGs have commited this heinous crime:Adventurequest through Z-tokens and Ultima Online).

Final score:Company 0/10


“well i hav got to say maple story is my favorite im a lvl 56 bandit. freankin awsome. u should play, its got tonnes of hidden place,s a market where u can sell ur stuff at to other players…
PQ/party quests where u hav to gang up with ur friends to find kewl rewards and defeat boss guys…
quests,events, ( like chirstmas and halloween etc. ) “-ninjazway

“piece of garbage. Almost as bad as runescape. Game is grind based”-roflcopter

Do you like grindfests? I don’t. Next section.


” whoever thinx this game is bad get out of here k? this game never has been bad. if u hate it ur the 1 tht is lame. MAPLESTORY FTW. “-jokermannice

“Maple story is the funnest game i have every played…and now with their latest patch it has become funner…new quest easier to keep up with quests…and it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure the game out…everything you need to know is in the lil task bar thingy…its fun simple…and no pvp…for those who are just starting out on mmos…this is the game for you it may not be UO or conquer but it beats getting your butt kicked by other player higher then you…have fun with this one i give it a 10″-War-of-man”

“10 OBVIOUSLY.Oh yeah. The person below me is a complete Rune idiot who doesn’t have a care for life and laughs like a complete retard. God. Maplestory is at least 100 decillion times better than Runescape if I was talking nicely.And it isn’t complete grind. And the higher lever you are, the monsters are much more better than Runescapes in every way possible. Such an idiot. Oh yeah, After reading maplestorylover’s review, it is true that runescape only has 2,LOL, fansites. HaHaHa.”-maplestoryfan

Wow, I sure do love being locked up in a shack full of preschoolers(sarcasm). Seriously, if you like hyper 8-year olds and spoilt’ 12-year olds,this game is for you.

Overall-2/10(1 point added because of concept)

Post Date: 14:33 25-12-2007
Rating: 1
Author: razor1223
Comment: I used to play MapleStory. I thought it was a fun great game to meet people and level up and see how much damage I could do. I now relise that MapleStory is for young kids aged from 8-12. Honestly. The game has horrible graphics, for heaven sakes, it’s 2D! There is no depth, and you walk aronud the place for hours and hours killing Monsters, just so you can level up and get to wear a new robe or equip a new piece of armor you’ve always wanted.
Really. GM’s dont host events, and if you’ve noticed GMS is dropping by the hundreds in terms of population of the game. They’re losing thousands of dollars. If you take a look now, Scannia, Bera, Broa have lost population by about 3000 players.
I don’t know what MapleStory is trying to achieve. MapleStory is a game for you if you have a lot of patience and free time.

Post Date: 09:48 25-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: ninjazway
Comment: well i hav got to say maple story is my favorite im a lvl 56 bandit. freankin awsome. u should play, its got tonnes of hidden place,s a market where u can sell ur stuff at to other players…
PQ/party quests where u hav to gang up with ur friends to find kewl rewards and defeat boss guys…
quests,events, ( like chirstmas and halloween etc. )
and does not allow ne profanitey/swearing
and u can also hack…. but dont u ruin it
or else u will get ur ip address and account will be banned for life neway its and awsome games plz try it out it may look a lil wierd i thought so and (im not asian im NZ/new zealander) and if u get hacked use to it and if u ever get hacked u can use pin reset to fix it! so join us today ITS FREE!!!!!!!!

Post Date: 22:23 15-12-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Kiryugi
Comment: I gave this game an 8/10 not because of my own personal opinion but because of how the game is. The reason why I rated it like that because my personal opinion would be like a 3-4/10, but I will say an overall opinion then my own personal one, I know I review oddly.
This game is a pretty cutesy MMORPG. It is meant for the smaller of folks, but I have met people up to like 45 playing this game. Not that they were trying to hurt me o.O
On with the review:
Graphics- I will have to admit the graphics are good. They aren”t choppy and are clear to see things. I personally think though it”s too repetitive and they only change locations of things in related terrains instead of adding something new.
Sound- Very fitting, it ties well with the different places. Except some monsters sound exactly the same, the ones that look alike. But that”s not ahuge thing caus they are the same type of monster and such.
Gameplay- Pretty straight-forward, easy t get used to. I won”t complain about this one other than I think it might be a little too simple but that doesn”t detract from the game.
Community- This is where maple story is TERRIBLE! No one likes each other, and all they do is call you a Noob or a Nub. They won”t help you out and they would rather make fun of you and KS you than just go away and be mature.
Lvling- Another horrible thing about Maple story. After about Lvl 20 on average for every class, it becomes EXTREMELY difficult to lvl as every kill of amonster you get about .01-.03% oiut of the 100% that you need. You grind for so long that you lose attention to exploring and such. You can only truely explore this game when your about Lvl 40-45. You still can”t kill some of the higher lvl monsters but you can explore and such.
Considering this, you would think that every time you Lvled you got to do new and exciting things, well no. If you just got your equipment last lvl and your new weapon and such, well that”s too bad, you have to wait another 10 to get your new ones. I don”t think you”d need to work so hard just to go up a lvl and guess what? fight the same monsters, for an even longer amount of time, for little to no profit at the end.

Overall- 8/10. I guess because it attracts so many people, and if you don”t mind grinding and knwo your way around, you can have fun. It just isn”t as perfected as I think it should be. Just because it”s a free MMORPG it doesn”t mean the Lvling system should be aweful. There are plenty of free MMORPGs that you can level really fast well into the 40s without getting too bored or annoyed such as Flyff or Rapplez. However, Rapplez didn”t meet my standards too well, it isn”t bad it”s just… I don”t know I got bored, but that”s just me, it is a very good game though.
My rating- 3-4/10. It isn”t worth playing if your thinking of playing a good MMORPG don”t pick this one. You”ll get really hooked for about a month tops then you”ll get very bored for a couple of months and then come back. It”ll be on and on with the same beginning and ending. You”ll start by getting hooked and wanting to play and lvl up. Then it”ll become almost a regular thing. Then you realize your getting nowhere again, then you”ll get bored and uninterested.

Play it if you want, it is worth checking out if your dedicated to MMORPGs but it isn”t if you just wanna play for playing caus you won”t be able to do much…

P.S. Not that this is a huge point but I don”t really liek starting out taking like 4-10 on average for every class. You don”t take a huge amount until wellll into the 50s. And everyone wants to see high damage being taken every once in a while. But it certainly does not detract from this game. Bye thanks for reading my review

Post Date: 23:54 14-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: death2912
Comment: LOVE it great gaphic just since its 2D means it not badi ts good and iwth realise of 4th job and yea i”v been since beta so i know

Post Date: 01:31 08-12-2007
Rating: 8
Author: DreamWalker999
Comment: LOOK AT ALL THESE REVIEWS! I can see this game is very controversial, no? As for my point of view… I see a few people complaining about the graphics… Personally, this game looks more attractive with the 2d cartoonish look. This is one of the things that make MS stick out from the crowd. The gameplay, while could be improved, is not that awfull. The key here is patience. Ya sure, sometimes you just need to grind, and I used to hate the game because of it. All you really need are some friends, a guild perhaps, to help you out. You can talk about different things while you grind, and you level up before you know it. Once you are high lvl enough that people accept you into their party quests, this process speeds up still. With PQ you level up 10x than you would by merely grinding. Events are something to keep you busy during the holidays, and if you get bored on Victoria Island, you can move to Ossyria. (I recommend being at least lvl 30 before you go, though) I also saw the cash shop, and yes, it”s all very cheap, and that”s great, although I doubt I”m going to get ANY money soon, but it”s fine. Cash shop items rarely if at all give you any advantages over regular items, “cause they just basically cover them. (but you know how it is. It”s all about the looks. :D)

Post Date: 23:45 06-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: pookyrocks
Comment: This game could be considered the best free mmo ever made. it has a nice cash shop system (a little pricy, but less than a monthly subscription), and the graphics are decent for 2D, and can be laggy in crowded spots, but it is a great game.

Post Date: 09:02 05-12-2007
Rating: 9
Author: moomoocow
Comment: Not my thing, but a good game for all of the (positive) comments posted below.

The hack n’ slash element is the winner here.

Post Date: 17:23 29-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: loganst
Comment: Alright, first off, this game is very addicting.
The graphics are not great, but they are different and original. And afterall, thats my kind of game.
Its not a stupid Point-Click-Kill game. You dont click and watch, as you would in WoW. This is an amazing hack and slash game that is easy and fun.
It has 4million players in America, and 50 million worldwide. Its the number 1 jpn mmorpg. I can see why.
It used to have a lot of hackers, but not anymore. The game is almost 100% legit and hopefully it can stay like that.

There are many classes/jobs to choose from. Over 60 to be exact. With 1st job, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th and 2-4 choices for each job.
Plus you could be an islander(i wont get into that detail) or a perma beginner.

The community is very nice and people are willing to help.

The bad side is that most quests give little exp, if any. So this game is party and grind based.

If your looking for a FREE hack’n’slash mmorpg with tons of players and options. MAPLESTORY IS YOUR GAME.

Post Date: 17:25 23-11-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Dill1015
Comment: This game is surprisingly addicting, there is plenty of jobs, and the 2D anime-style graphics are pretty awesome. The tutorial stinks, however. It was so long that I almost ate my face off. Other than that the game is pretty good.

Post Date: 20:52 22-11-2007
Rating: 9
Author: xrultima
Comment: Tutorial is good if your patient enough to read through everything and actually take it in.. 10/10

Graphics are good, and everything is easy to see / determine what it is 8/10

Gameplay can get boring here and there but most times picks up in a party 7/10

Community is friendly, helpfull, and most people at later levels hold little scatter-games where they drop a bunch of items and you get to run around catching em so its fun 10/10

Summary: A 2D game which proves that some games that are 2D can easily tie up or surpass 3D games. The community is good, people are kind, and theres allways something to do!

There is 4 basic jobs:

Thief~ Fast, Cunning, and good at hit-and-run. A thief can usually take down a batch of enemies without much trouble.. but lack of hp means that if hes surrounded, its a bad day for him/her..

Mage~ adept at magic. ranged attack, but trouble keeping mana from hitting 0 for first few levels.. in later levels is a huge asset to any party that wants to survive in MapleStory.

Archer~ A ranged attacker, with small bits of magic tossed in. An archer has high range, and good damage. But if there isnt some range, the archers low defence and low hp will affect him/her greatly.

Warrior~ The big brute. He can take down enemies without too much difficulty, but is slightly bland. you might get bored with constantly holding in CTRL(attack key) killing monsters and not even having much risk.. Mana is low, and armor / weapons cost A LOT.

And also each class can at later levels, change into a better class.

Basic class has choice of turning into 2 or 3 different classes, but after that your on a direct path untill final, 4th class at level 120.

Later on in the game leveling can slow down, but then its just more fun because by that time you can access the dungeon without much problem!

In my opinion the games great, but of course its just my opinion. yours could by totally different.. Have fun in MapleStory! 9/10

Post Date: 21:10 21-11-2007
Rating: 5
Author: sofiaglade
Comment: bad graphics, bad tutorial, 2d picture which makes it boring, can only go from side to side like some non-mmorpg game, and also, why does everybody here hate runescape!? its just as good as any other game, just because it has alittle bad graphics it doesn’t make a difference atleast you can still see the picture in rs

Post Date: 04:40 21-11-2007
Rating: 0
Author: roflcopter
Comment: piece of garbage. Almost as bad as runescape. Game is grind based, and through that, the whole community is made out of addicts. Along with that, only way to be good is to pay money for it. Maple story stinks. Maple story lovers leave. kthx bye.

Post Date: 22:22 19-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: hardcoregozer
Comment: peepz who complaining about lvling? about graphics? about gameplay? please leave,

the lvling isn’t that bad, yes maybe it goes slow, but realy later it goes easy(if it goes to slow whit killing monsters, go to pq((partyquest)10+ henesys,21-31 kerning,35-51 ludi,50-70 ludi(maze) 50+ zpq, and there coming more)(the maplers know what i mean)and thats not even all, go play endless online,,, then start complaining here about the lvling.

yes the graphics maybe be 2d, but its not that bad, look to runescape, its realy worse

and then the gamplay, stop complaining about it to, at maplestory you don’t need the freaky mouse, you can attack when you want, and you can do whaterver you want, so its over with the freaky clicking on the mouse…

soz about my bad english, i suck at it…O.o

chars 7x dk,7x priest,5x sin,5x IL mage,3x FP mage and so on=D name: xxxhcvsjsxxx,xhcvsjsx, priestpowers, xintpoisenx pm 1 of those for help

Post Date: 00:33 17-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: mangler2
Comment: There is alot of grinding but if you put about an hour into it each day you can easily lvl up quickly.

Lvl 43, Server: Windia Name:theonlydemon
Be happy to help you.

Post Date: 04:16 16-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: jokermannice
Comment: whoever thinx this game is bad get out of here k? this game never has been bad. if u hate it ur the 1 tht is lame. MAPLESTORY FTW.


graphics-10/10-the screen is never blurry and the images are always clear. GO WIZET!!!
community-8/10-why i say this is because sum ppl are really noobs, but overall,most of the people are really nice.
music-10/10-perfect bgm.fits nicely w/ every city.very cheerful(btw for u runescape fans every doesnt have to be violence.the jagex losers play way to much old-fashoned music.wth is da point w/ runescape)
gameplay-9/10- the controls are quite confusing to start with at first,but pretty soon,ul b typin like i proper has the best party and guild system ever which runescape doesnt have and never will
chat sys.-10/10-best ever.jus press a key and u can talk to ur buddies,ur teammates(party mems),and guildmates.u can also whisper of all, u get to control if u wana hear what their sayin or not.
-there is alot more i can say about but im jus to lazy to say so and it might take up alot of space

-hakers-in every server(especialy in bera and windia)
-the game tends to lag
-ever since patch 0.45,the file size is around 600mb
-can also make the pc lag(temporarily happend to
my pc)
-slightly limited item storage
-ok im not gona continue this as it may give maple flamers and runescape fans an idea to offend maplestory k?

BTW DIS GAME AINT CHILDISH.ITS CALLED CREATIVITY.ppl who think tht runescape has beter graphics the litteraly blind or had bird poop dropped in their dragons,goblins,old fashion trash.wizet also has abit of it but has a godam wide range of mosnters .not everything has to be pure violence does it?having sumthin cute and cheerful is nice for a change. jagex people are cheapstakes. their member service is FREAGGIN” LOUSY. nexon staff are ok ppl. they put up new stuff evry week and they arent bad ppl.they even hire GMs to ban hakers (and occasionaly noobs). overall. MAPLESTORY FTW

Post Date: 23:51 13-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: nasoaa
Comment: Wonderful everything. This game has such good graphics, community, item variety, monster variety, and freeness. I hope Nexon continues to do a great job. GO MAPLE!

Post Date: 19:00 03-11-2007
Rating: 4
Author: xcriminal013
Comment: I loved this game at first. I played it nonstop, bt it suddenly got boring. I realized it was a grindfest, and apparently, Koreans love grindfests -_-‘. I cannot begin to tell you how hard it is to level once you reach level 20. (reaching level 10 itself is a pain). The quests are unrewarding, for the exp that u receive from it is very small. the worst thing about this game is this; u will spend more time trying to raise ur exp bar up by a good 10% than u will buying items at an NPC. There really isnt any customization in this game, everyone looks the same. Unless you buy items from the cash shop, but i sersiously dont want to spend my money on this game. Besides, the monsters are very childish too. Please dont take this the wrong way Maplers, but seriosuly, try something more like guild wars. Its not too hard to get the money for Guild Wars either, all you have to do is mow 5 yards with your lawn mower for 10$ each per lawn. But please, i dont like seeing people wasting their life away on a pointless game. I love all gamers, but my love isnt within Maple Story. Peace. = /

Post Date: 01:42 01-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Axeforhire66
Comment: Maple Story is a very fun game that is easy to get into. At first, it seems to be very slow with nothing much going for it, but as soon as you get into the game and begin to make friends to play with, it becomes addicting and worthwhile. The gameplay is the first thing i noticed about this game; it is very different than most other mmos out there, being two dimensional and all. The fighting occurs in real-time, which is always a plus, and the varied weapons and armor you can get is really quite great. The game runs very smoothly and there is almost no lag, as long as you are playing on a decent computer. And as far as the community goes, the players are almost all willing to accociate with other players, making the game all the more enjoyable. There is only one problem that i found with the game, and that is the incredibly small friends and items lists. You have a limited amount of space to carry items and have only about 30 slots in your friends list, but other than that, Maple Story is a truely remarkable game that is worth the download.

Post Date: 14:32 19-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: gallant30
Comment: A wonderful game. The person below me is a loser who says HUH HUH HUH all day. He does’nt even know how to spell you. Such an idiot.

Post Date: 06:50 18-10-2007
Rating: 3
Author: WHOO
Comment: @luckiness Lol…
GMS is the lamest game ever made. If you dont have the brains to know people are rating this game a 0 because they hate it (we try to warn people not to download it!). By reading ur post it shows u think only people who like this game should review this game… The game is like mindless training… no point
Runescape is bad too
JMS is good stuff, thats why i give this game 3/10, not 0/10 which Gms deserves…

Post Date: 23:36 16-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Perionorg
Comment: MapleStory is a wonderful game with a great community, a great company, and a great everything. Really, try and see for yourself. I love it sooooooooo much.

Post Date: 21:45 15-10-2007
Rating: 6
Author: mysticfoxbat
Comment: This used to be one of my favorite games. I’ve gotten to level 40 on my assassin. I really love the cute graphics and the friendly music, and starting out, the game play ended up being really fun for a while. You could meet friendly people out of random and have nice chats and they’d end up giving you some really nice items. Heck, I had so much fun with this game I probably bought over $50 worth of NX cash over the duration that I’ve spent playing it.
However, these days nexon has become very greedy for money to the point where they’re excluding many players from events that require a person to purchase nx cash. Even though many players have commented on the events page on the nexon site saying they really dislike this AND the rating for that event has over 1000 players saying its “not cool,” nexon has continued to ignore their complaints. Just shows that they really don’t care for the players’ opinions as long as they still rake in the cash. Also, after level 20, getting experience eventually ends up being monotonous so unless you have really come to like the game and have a lot of patience, you will probably give up on this game.
Don’t get me wrong, there are still many things in this game that I find fun and unique when I play it once in a while, but I’m starting to face the facts and I’m probably going to part with it soon unless something great comes up.
If you have just started to play this game, I hope you enjoy it, but just keep in mind to not spend all your time and money on it. Keep an open mind because there are better games out there.

Post Date: 21:05 15-10-2007
Rating: 5
Author: lomolord
Comment: Maple story has anime based chibis and the people who hate maple story are just big fat idiots who cant lvl up and live in basements.

Post Date: 23:51 14-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: luckiness
Comment: Urgh , Dear Intelligent Rater , I Have noticed that you REALLY HATE Maplestory . By the way , Its not THAT hard to fill up that exp bar . I got to lvl 20 in 2 days . If you hate maple story , WHY ARE U EVEN REVIEWING HERE!? Thats the question that EVERYONE is wondering . Just to flame it ? If you hate it that much , how would you feel if someone said that Runescape is rubbish and so is a Total Runescape fan . Wow . Speechless huh ? This game is really nice if you really want something to ease your boredom .

Post Date: 16:41 14-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Into3553
Comment: Doesn”t come close to RuneScape? You must be an 8 year older right? Although MapleStory doesn”t have 3d graphics, its graphics are much better than RuneScape”s. I hate Runescape so much God. And RSHATER is right. Nexon does make 12 million a month. There are 73 million players who play MapleStory. I love Maple.

Post Date: 13:36 14-10-2007
Rating: 0
Author: namcoo
Comment: where the frig did u hear nexon makes 12 million dollars a month?thats a lie.Maplestory doesnt even come as close to a pubic hair to have as much as players as runescape.would u rather play an outdated 2-D game or a 3-D game.there”s pletny of otehr MMo”s on the internet.that are better that take around the same size file of maplestory.maplestory FTL!

Post Date: 02:14 11-10-2007
Rating: 10
Comment: I love this game. Stop being impatient. Once you get to the high levels, thats when the fun begins.See for yourself. Cashshop items are very cheap. No wonder Nexon earns 12 million a month while Jagex earns 5 million dollars a month.Ha

Post Date: 01:38 10-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: maplestoryfan
Comment: 10 OBVIOUSLY.Oh yeah. The person below me is a complete Rune idiot who doesn’t have a care for life and laughs like a complete retard. God. Maplestory is at least 100 decillion times better than Runescape if I was talking nicely.And it isn’t complete grind. And the higher lever you are, the monsters are much more better than Runescapes in every way possible. Such an idiot. Oh yeah, After reading maplestorylover’s review, it is true that runescape only has 2,LOL, fansites. HaHaHa.

Post Date: 23:47 09-10-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Intelligent rater
Comment: Good graphics? Am I reading right? Are you people visually impaired? Not only is it 2D, but it”s just…ew.
People who gave this game a high rating should really shut up and wait “till their around level 20 or higher. See that bar next to the blue one? With barely any yellow? Meet the Experience bar, something that takes hours upon hours upon days to fill. Then it takes days upon weeks.
The monsters….this game was obviously targeted at 6 year olds who pretend their toy lightsabers have bazooka attachments. Mushrooms? Teddy Bears?
Telletubbies? I”d rather slay a King Black Dragon in Runescape than a stump with an axe in it.
The company that made this is even greedier than Jagex (Runescape”s creators that treat free-to-play players badly), with virtually everything costing money, even messaging. I”d rather pay an internet bill for 2,000$ for a good 50,000 messages anywhere than 1$ a message in this game. This game is a complete grind. After slaughtering 10,000 monsters you manage to gain a good 10 XP. Only 90,000 more to go, unless they”re weak like a snail. Seriously, if you like MS and are high level….you need to grow up and/or get a life. FAST. Eventually you”ll be a complete n00b that has no brain cells left, tlks in al chtspek, n mayb begggs. The community here is about a good 100,000 below Runescape on the Unwritten Rankings Chart of Communities.
In short, this is the stupidest game ever and completely sucks. Some people even had the gall to say this is better than RS. Well, let me tell you something. NO GAME IS WORSE THAN THIS ONE, NO GAME!!! It”s a waste of MB and time. You now have the following options:
1.Flame me even thoguh I”ll kick your butt in an argument
2.Change your mind about this game and thanks me
3.Not even downloading this and thank me for warning you ahead of time
Your choice.

Post Date: 01:57 08-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: maplestorylover
Comment: This game IS amazing.
Graphics- Wonderful scenery and details.
Music- Very enjoyable to listen to.
Chat System-This has the BEST chat system.
Quests-Many and can be easy or hard.
Monsters-There are more than 500 monsters. This is not an exxageration.
Community-Very nice and informational.
Lesson-HATE RUNESCAPE!. P.S. MapleStory has more than 100 fansites. RuneScape has 2.

Post Date: 22:44 07-10-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Nyeb
Comment: Y”know what? This game is pretty good. Repetitive, but good.

Sure you start off pretty bad, and enimies are tough when you get to the mainland, and all you”re doing is just repeatidly hitting cute, colorful animals that can kick your butt, and maybe the spells aren”t great until youve played this game for a few months, and maybe I am overusing the comma, But it”s still a good game.

I personally think the party and guild systems are pretty good. I made a few friends who, incidentally, were the reason I don”t play anymore. I mean, isn”t that why these are mmos and not just rpgs? My friends were cool, but they played all night every day, all day. That”s why I don”t play anymore.

Listen, people, don”t dedicate your life to this! Sure it”s free, sure it”s one of the better free games of this year, but its not that great. And besides, lets face it, you”ll all be playing the next great free game in a few months.

Post Date: 21:35 07-10-2007
Rating: 2
Author: xenocide
Comment: I don’t know, how old are you? Over 16 playing this? Read this please.

When you were 13, playing this game, you found it was nice and fun, because obviously flashy cartoons characters attract little kids like you. Puberty never happened, your 22 in your moms basement buy NX cash.

1. Jobs
-Thief= (mention you don’t steal stuff) you throw stars (more like ninja but nexon doesn’t have a dictionary) and cut people with knives.
-Bowman= this one makes a little more sense. Other then fact that you can’t shoot stuff that’s 1 metre away from you.
-Magician= Pretty lame, unless your level 50
-Warrior= Usually what the more ingorant people would choose, simple clubbing or cutting or slashing or poking. Or swiping.
-Forgot what the other class is, but screw hat one too.

Monsters= – forgot to mention it takes HOURSSS to level when your level 20 in maplestory, anyways don’t know what’s the point, oh yeah so oyu can fight tough hard monsters like mushrooms and snails and rocks. and tree stumps forgot, almost made the game look bad there! Bosses take a few years to beat. No biggie.

To tell the truth, I’m too frickin lazy to continue this. Just this is the truth shoved in your face you maple idiots

On the other hand if your under 16 playing I have no problem with you. Unless you think maplestory is best game ever. Stupid child.

Post Date: 03:26 06-10-2007
Rating: 5
Author: whit3_sox24
Comment: Its a decent game. But I think you move around too slow. Plus it gets kind of annoying constantly pushing Z to pick up items. I cant say much about it since I didnt play very long. From what Ive seen it was a half-decent game especially since its free. My advice is to try it out. Although the download is pretty large.

Post Date: 03:09 04-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: maplecutie
Comment: I learned about this game from friends. I personally love it, but it definitely is grinding, so I haven’t gotten to a very high level before without quitting. However, it is a beautifully constructed game; the graphics and music are soothing and fun, and not confusing like Runescape. This game is for simple, -can’t-read-maps-to-save-a-life- people, like me. This game also seems to be geared towards little kids, since everything is relatively pretty innocent. Yes, they do make quite a bit of money on the Cash Shop, and yes, there are SOOO many hackers, but if you want something innocent and relaxing, keep up with the Maplestory updates, and you won’t regret it. Let’s face it, it’s a pretty fun game. Great for kids, and for everyone else!!!!

Post Date: 23:38 01-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: gogre30
Comment: MapleStory.
I rate it a 600 decillion.
Here is why.
Graphics- 100 out of 100. Okay. The graphics are probably the best out of any MMORPG. It is bright and colorful.
Gameplay-100 out of 100. It has high replaying abillities. Although you cant really finish it.
Quests- Many. And I MEAN MANY.
Music- The music is very claming and soothing and well composed.

Post Date: 22:39 01-10-2007
Rating: 5
Author: bugmenot
Comment: Maple Story was garbage when it was in beta, and still is now. I can”t believe they are wasting the profits they made off of this on commercials… Anyone paying for this piece of trash I have this simple message for you…

Instead of paying money to a worthless game… How about paying for my College loan? It will be a wise investment I assure you =D!

Post Date: 22:23 25-09-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Xtopher
Comment: Stop comparing it to Runescape, that game is a piece of trash and you could say anything is better than it.
The game is pretty fun until you start to get to higher levels, then it takes FOREVER to level, and all you do is grind. PvP is dumb, all you really do is press the attack button. I thought a sidescrolling MMO would be really cool, but this game just gets really boring after a while.

Post Date: 22:52 23-09-2007
Rating: 10
Author: vertzero
Comment: this game rox very hard to lvl up but it worth everything i played 14 straight hours before

Post Date: 16:10 22-09-2007
Rating: 10
Author: gallant30
Comment: MapleStory changed my life. It is so fun! It adds new thing almost every 2 days and adds a big update every month. The combat system is so much better than runescape’s! The world is so giant and it keeps getting better. Thank you MAple!

Post Date: 00:47 21-09-2007
Rating: 6
Author: memyselfandi
Comment: this game is fun as hell but its also the most grindiest game on the internet. and once a ps comes out a quarter of the maplestory population is gonna leave for it (including myself >_>) oh and the guy bellow me shouldnt compare maplestory to runescape as they are almost nothing alike. ill just give it a 6 because its fun…..until around lvl 25-35 then its like .02% a kill and just becomes SOOOO freaking boring. Evil Tip: ks hackers using the vac hack only listen to this if think you wont get banned lol….

Post Date: 21:48 19-09-2007
Rating: 10
Author: gallant30
Comment: MapleStory is defenitely the best game ever.
Graphics- The graphics are obviously the best in any 2d MMORPG. Much better than Runescapes.
Monsters- There are hundreds of detailed monsters in MapleStory. NOT only mushrooms or teddybears!
Music-Music is very soothing to listen too
Gameplay- It isnt just grind! You can talk to your friends and do quests and a whole bunch of other stuff.
MapleStory-10 Runescape -100000000000000000000000

Post Date: 03:43 19-09-2007
Rating: 0
Author: xevious
Comment: The concept of a 2d sidescrolling mmo is cool, but god this game sucks. with all the gouging (1$ to send a message) it seems like this game was treated more like a financial venture than an actual mmo. the massive amounts of $$$$ you have to spend is better burned than wasted on this. the community is the worst i have ever seen, topping even RS. The gameplay is made primarily up of 3 things: Grind,Grind and Grind. Grinding is all you do i this game aside from an occasional minigame. PKing is pretty much a “Who is the fastest clicker?” contest, ‘Nuff said. the game feels like fisher price made it, as all the enemies you fight are pink teddy bears, lego golems and extras from disney movies (also, the most powerful enemy in the entire game is a swirling mass of energy, which is pretty uncreative). the only good note is the concept, which was flawed in its presentation. (P.S: I wish were kidding about the enemies, see for yourself.)

Post Date: 21:14 17-09-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Lucivar7
Comment: Wow, most of these reviews are from preteens who cant even spell right. Which is who mostly play the game.

This game is about as good as it gets for a 2d sidescrolling mmo. Its the first of its kind so you cant really judge it against other games. If you dont like it then dont play it.
The game is fun with the cash shop having a lot of things to offer.

The big downside to this game is all the extremely young people playing it. But its aimed towards them so i guess you cant realy complain…

Grinding is the other downside of the game but just about every single mmo out there consists largely of grinding minus COH and a few others. Even quests in most games require you to grind a large amount.

Anyways yeah.. thats it

Post Date: 20:55 09-09-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Apathyman17
Comment: Its free, its 2D, average gameplay, lots of people, but hacking is a HUGE problem. I mean a REALLY BIG PROBLEM!!! Has some interesting job choices, but takes a really long time to level up in this game. Its pretty average but maybe worth playing.

Post Date: 19:55 09-09-2007
Rating: 8
Author: IcyDrummer
Comment: i love this game, but then again it does get boring when you have to kill about 10,000 monsters for just one level, but other than that, it is large, and a lot of things to do, i love the fact that there are different classes and that skills are pretty fun to use some of them. I recommend this game, but you have to want to play a lot to be strong. The NX Cash (Money you pay for) is a good idea, and is an added twist on the game, i actually like this idea because it keeps the game F2P(Free to Play) instead of P2P(Pay to Play) and it gives you more looks or a pet to help out. 8/10

Post Date: 17:56 05-09-2007
Rating: 8
Author: xXAilemeaXx
Comment: I’ve played Maplestory during the hols, and honestly, I have to say it rocks. I mainly slack in the game though, because the point isn’t to grind all the time. I’ve played for a month, slacking, and still could reach lvl 42. I don’t get bored of Maple… because I’m always making friends in the game, chatting, laughing, enjoying. If you want to grind, grind, grind, well, ask a friend to grind with you! I myself have never grinded before; I always wander about the whole world and fight monsters while passing. For a month. So no, it doesn’t take 3 weeks to level to lvl 20. There are hackers? So what. They don’t bother you. And I barely see them at all. Just switch channels if you don’t want to stay in the same place as the hacker. Tell you what, the big problem is that, it’s MapleGlobal that has many hackers. Some other versions of Maple, like MapleSEA, in which I’m playing, there aren’t that many hackers at all. Although it doesn’t deserve a 10, yes, it gets boring sometimes, but if you have determination to continue, and for me, stick with my friends on Maple, the boringness will go away. You can always play, once a week, or something if you’re bored, because nobody’s forcing you to go online for 10 hours a day.
Graphics: 9/10
I have to admit, it’s cute, but only sometimes. I can’t really say the mushrooms are cute. Because they’re EVIL. The graphics are as good as any 2D free MMORPG could go.
Music: 8/10
I like the music. It’s soothing. If you don’t like it, well, I think you just listened to too much rock/pop music. I listen to those too, but this music is good too, even though it’s not rock/pop, whatever.
Community: 8/10
The community is friendly, and willing to help you. Yes, I know there are hackers. >_> Bear with them. Help the GMs ban them by reporting, and switch to the next channel. =.= Is that really VERY hard to do? As for the noob-calling… well, do you blame them for looking at others and remembering the time when they just started Maple? I’m not a pro, but when I look at beginners, it remembers me of when I was lvl 9. And I call myself noob too. So there.
Gameplay: 7/10
The attacks are all cool, and there are many skills to choose from. The graphics of the skills are also cool. *_* Well, some are cute. ^_^ Enjoy the sensation of jumping about, dodging monsters, and attacking them. Muahahaha, revenge… -ahem-
GMs: 8/10
For pete’s sake, stop saying they don’t do anything. I would like to see you being a GM, adding new additions in the game, testing it out, debating on problems, and at the same time trying to enjoy the game too. They’re doing this for YOU, not for themselves. Stop complaining already. So many hackers, unable to ban them? Well, let’s blame ourselves. Some idiotic people just go report people for NO REASON WHATSOEVER and they get banned then complain they got banned for no reason. =.= And the hackers? Well, do you really think they will let you spot them and get reported? Yes, some are spotted, but they still try to run away.
On the overall, I’ll say this is a great game, if you don’t keep grinding, grinding, grinding all the time. Relax and enjoy the game.

Post Date: 10:40 04-09-2007
Rating: 8
Author: PkingViper
Comment: It is a good game! I dabbled in it and got to level 39 I’m a cleric or almost a cleric I can’t remember but i’m not going to play it again. I stil like A good 8 with me!

Post Date: 17:06 03-09-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Armagopalypse
Comment: By the way, just want to point this out. All the people who made their posts when they were lvl 16 should really play longer before they say anything. Yeah, when you’re leveling about 2-3 times a day it’s all fine and good, but once you hit around level forty the game drops down hill at a ninety degree slope.

All you do is grind. Grind. Grind. And if you get tired of grinding…you grind some more. Sure, there are PQs, as long as you’re willing to wait up to hours in a “survival of the fastest clicker” situation. And if you slip up and die, at higher levels you can be undoing hours or even days of pathetically boring grinding. I managed to get my hunter to level 48 (and honestly I still can’t believe it). Now with the double xp, double items, etc. cards people willing to pour insane amounts of money into the game have an incredibly unfair advantage. The graphics, while 2D, aren’t really that bad, and trust me they’ll be the least of your complaints.

And I disagree with people saying the it’s not fair to judge a game on its community. A good community can make or break an MMO. And maple’s community definantly makes it. It’s filled with nothing but preteens who constantly spam general chat (which by the way you have to spend about a buck per message to use) with innuendo trying to sound like they aren’t the lifeless ten year old that they are. The market system is horrible. In order to set up any kind of shape you have to fork over more cash (and I mean REAL cash). So yeah, this game is KINDA fun up to level 30, by level 40 its slown down a lot, and once your into the 40s it’s just a chore.

Unless you enjoy ten year olds calling you a “nub” every 5 seconds, spending pathetically long to try to sell and buy items to other players, leveling just for the sake of leveling, and spending your evenings killing mobile mushrooms, save yourself some time and choose a better MMO.

Post Date: 07:32 03-09-2007
Rating: 6
Author: kissmyplasticarse
Comment: The game’s only fun when you are low level. I have a level 50 bandit that I quit months ago. The reason I quit was because it was too hard to level up. And there is virtually no partying so you’re always by yourself. Also, there are way to way hackers. Last time I was playing, there were freaking level 20’s botting at slime tree. AND I KNEW LEVEL 70’s THAT GOT THERE BY HACKING. Seriously. I didn’t know who worked for their levels or not. Bandit is one of the hardest classes to level and I got tired of cbing all the time using a bunch of expensive mana pots. The community is made up of little kids. OH I guess a good feature of this game are the PQ’s. But the leveling part is what made me leave. At least in FLYFF (what I’m playing now) there are parties.

Post Date: 17:35 02-09-2007
Rating: 0
Author: bigbitte
Comment: mapple story help me god x_x i opened this game and when i saw the graphic i was like omg wth is that then when i started 2 play i was like omg -.- and afta 10 mins! YEAH 10 MINS ! i couldnt last more than that. i fell asleep lmao! and and when i woke up! i deleted it xD YES xD PEACE OUT !
ps:mapple is yummy

Post Date: 01:37 29-08-2007
Rating: 9
Author: guNmyriaD
Comment: I really like this game, I pretty much just started and am at level 16. The enemies are easy to kill, but levels require unbelievable amounts of experience as time progresses (and I’m only level 16..!). But I’m not an impatient person like 90% of the world; I could care less how long it takes me to level, so long as I know I’ll get a reward like a better weapon.

Oh, and for people complaining about the game because it is too hard/childish/unfriendly, here’s my response:

1) The game isn’t that hard, it just takes a while. An easy game isn’t always a good game.

2) Childish? Why does everything have to be violent, dark and gory? Sometimes cute and colorful is good for a change, so don’t hold this against the game. Stop being an idiot and have an open mind on things.

3) I truthfully don’t think a game’s community should be used against the game itself, because the Devs don’t necessarily create the community. Young players might play it, but not all young players are bad, and not all of them are young players. Plus, not everybody says “noob” either – everyone I come across is nice and polite. You’re just running into some bad people; instead of getting up and leave, stay and see for what the game really is before you make a useless review.

Post Date: 19:03 27-08-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Adio01
Comment: games boring till 30 once again gets better at 2nd job adv i couldnt last in this game it was to childish most ppl i meet in game where 7- 10 yr’s old it also can be annoying getting new armor as a newbie because u have to travel threw strong monsters

Post Date: 21:47 23-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: geng9
Comment: This game is amazing. There are not only 4 places to go, there are tons of them. Plus they just added 2 of them. This game is always growing, so there is no reason to be bored of it.

Great gameplay
Friendly community
Wide variety of character classes
You can change the controls to your liking
Nice guild and party system
Each class has differant strengths and weaknesses
An interesting party quest system where you team up to overcome difficult quests and earn prizes

Graphics aren’t the best
Gets somewhat hard to level when you are at higher levels
It can be laggy sometimes due to the large number of people logged in.
BEGGERS it’s always people asking like: Mesos plox, free items plz i got hacked, who is nice enough to give me stuff pwease!
It can get somewhat repeative as you level up 5-10 times and get new armour and weapons and quests.

I enjoy this game very much and will contunue to play it. I recommend this game to everyone that like smooth gameplay and a large community.

Post Date: 17:41 23-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: TrueGamer
Comment: There not just 4 places to go to… theres about 10 now..they just added 2 towns! and community is nice quests are ok but weapons and speacil skills are cool and there are cash items witch dont exactly requir a credit card are any of that theres also nexxon game cash cards! nd again thunderfingers it does NOT take months to lvl.

Post Date: 12:02 22-08-2007
Rating: 1
Author: thunderfingers
Comment: It was fun to play on the newbie island for a while. This game had a great tutorial. However, once you actually start playing the game the horrible truth is revealed that there are but FOUR places to go. Until, that is, you reach some ungodly level that would waste months of your life.

The graphics are somewhat cartoony with a splash of shiny circles and junk thrown in. I hate that the random armor and weapon drops are not actual armor but t-shirts and surfboards. Who wants to be a warrior wearing a t-shirt and wielding a freaking surfboard? The saddest thing is that the surfboards do more damage than weapons bought in the shop.

The community of players is not surprisingly made up of what seems to be snobby 14-year-olds that made their parents buy them the gangsta-looking cash items in the game’s shop. Ugh…I’ve never had such a visually haunting experience as seeing about a hundred girly-looking cartoons hop up and down on my laptop screen and call me a n00b.

The screenshot above shows a bunch of stumps. That’s basically all you will fight in levels 12-20 over and over. You will also notice the two characters seen in the shot. Even though they are obviously different ethnicities, they still look EXACTLY THE FREAKING SAME. Everyone does, unless you give the site money.

Do not play this game. Ever.

Post Date: 12:15 20-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Vaughn
Comment: Great game, wonderfull style really, the community however CAN BE JERKS it depends… ive never had any probs with the people around there exept for beggars there are loads of those and its horrible xD… anyhow the gameplay is really smooth, there arent to many skills (pityfull) but still i love playing this game… especially when ur doing absolutly nothing with a party :p

Post Date: 02:46 20-08-2007
Rating: 2
Author: YourMom.
Comment: Dude,This game is awful.
Its Pretty Straightup from there.
Its all Good and stuff until you hit like lvl 30
Cause until then,Youre gonna get Scammed or Hacked.
Its true.
Happened to Meh lvl 50 Assassin.
I was mad.
So..Yeah The Community bad.Graphics Suprisingly Medium-good.It costs Money Just to use In-game Items for only 100 DAYS.Now that is wrong.

Post Date: 13:27 18-08-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Xepher
Comment: i would giv this a 3 outta ten cause it amkes my frends not hang with me any more and the community is bad.people running around calling u a noob.and levelling up is like the worst part.when u r like lvl 43 it takes about 2 days to level,ok…the 2d characters not that gr8 but the 3d backrounds r kinda good.

Post Date: 23:06 17-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Kero
Comment: Bad:

1. Takes too long to level up.
2. Evryones a jerk to you and calls you noob
3. You get banned for no reson
4. Too many asains play
5. Way to hard
6. Looks cool but sucks
7. constantly get kill shared
8. Evryone scams you
9. Wepons too expansive
10. Gets boring after level 10
11. Bad graphics
12. Boring skills for most
13. too many people are perverts
14. theres lots of queer people
15. many dont even speak english
16. Evryone who plays has no life
17. Its realy dumb plots and mini plots
18. theres summon things that kill you alot
19. You lose alot if you die, whitch is very esay to do
20. Its just plain Gay


1. Some people speak english
So basicly the game is horrible.

Post Date: 09:36 14-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: rainoflife
its original, creative and has two little black slits for eyes.
for all you people who rated 5> well, [puts on F5 emote] ok, done swearing in chinese.
if your complaining about lvling, play a private server geniuses.
sure the community is bad, but really the only real con is the developer nexon

Post Date: 23:17 13-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: TrueMOD
Comment: Quests: 0/10
someone said rewarding? WHERE? working 2-3 days on a quest and gaining 200 xp from it while you need 5.000.000 for a lvl up is far away from being rewarding. Also the items you gain from quests will most likely be NPCd. I also dont know if you call it fun to do quests like “Kill 2500 Zombie Monkeys in a little tree where 6 other players will KS the hell out of you and you will never ever finish”

Gamplay: 3/10
The “designers” kinda screwed things up big time. While designing really nice jump and run maps they didnt take into consideration that the game is online so you might find yourself jumping up a map for 30 minutes just to fall back to very beginning due to the fact your jump key didnt react since a huge wave of lag hit the servers (once again). Also at times you can almost get a castlevania gamefeeling from moving your char…at times!

Sound: 3/10
Really…turn off the sound and run your own custom trax. I fell asleep several times in front of the comp “cause the music is so soft and slow. I have to admit though that the music fits the game.

Graphics: 8/10
Sure thing. The 3D engine casts a nice 2D environment to your comp with nice graphics that are only 8 bit style though (yes 8 BIT)

Community: -10/10
Wow…one of the worst communities ever.
“Items pl0x” or “mesos plz” are just the normal ones…the community is one of the greediest ones ever in a mmorpg. Prices may raise to ten times or more of their original price in 1 hour because a rumor is spread about a new update…or just because ppl became more greedy. You can never know what items costs what because when you figured out it most problably costs already the double of that or more. Do me a favor and just watch the chat for 5 minutes. What you will read is more than pathetic. 10 years old pretend to be the toughest guys on this planet. The spelling in game is as worse as the community.
Seriously…while watching the chat you will get the impression 95% of the community are mentally disabled or at an age of 3 or below.

The company: 0/10
While the company runs the game in many parts of the world…there WAS one global version. The global version more and more turned into US only still wearing the name global like the USA would be world. For now it is even “impossible” (there are workarounds) for players outside the usa to sign up for GLOBAL maple story. Nice politics…
I dont know about you but I play online games to play with others from all over the world…not only with my neighbours. Their politics went so far that other games published and ran by them are ONLY available to americans stating there are localized versions for other countries BUT they dont exist.

Now you have the following options:
-If youre a fanboy start flaming me
-Youre still curious and download and find out that Im all right about that
-You search for another game and thank me for preventing you from downloading this horrible game
-If youre a fanboy and already stopped flaming me you can offer me on my 72 crusader with perfect attributes (60 dex cap, 4 int 4 luck) and perfect skilling and some nx cash items like lvl 15+ pet and changed hair and skin 😛

Post Date: 11:56 13-08-2007
Rating: 7
Author: pokerhappy
Comment: This is a pretty good game especially if you dont have the computor to support games like WoW, or guildwars, ect. D4nTheM4n, there are some cooler monsters than only mushrooms and snails. There are golems, dragons, and (this is kinda stupid i must admit….) PIGS! I have looked at the later reveiws, some saying there are no skills, yes there are skills, If you didnt know that, you must not have gotten very far in the game at all, which means you could not make a valid reveiw…. Once you get to lvl 15, it gets harder leveling up, but manageable, and once you get to level 25, people will want you to PQ with them, which is a lot easier to level up….

Post Date: 00:30 11-08-2007
Rating: 1
Author: D4nTheM4n
Comment: Wow, the players that you make are little kids, also what is up with all the monsters that are mushrooms and snails get something a little more cooler. If you download this game prepare for a whole lot of cookies, viruses, and popups on your computer. I agree with Angleofdeath every pro that plays that game will call you a noob for the hell of it.

Post Date: 10:18 10-08-2007
Rating: 4
Author: jegsar
Comment: At first it was really fun. Graphics were good but I agree a bit with AngelofDeath. Every pro calls you a noob and 75% of the community are out there to scam u. Leveling from 10 – 21 is annoying but from 21 – 30 it is pretty good coz u can do pq. Once i got to lvl 31 i stuffed my assasin skills then some chick hacked me and changed my Pin. The game was good until i got hacked.

Post Date: 06:20 10-08-2007
Rating: 1
Author: AngelofDeath1234
Comment: Wow, ok how should i start. Well it stinks. Really stinks. It was a horrible game to play. Me and my friend played for a while i got to lvl (23) she got to some obscenely large number and we both agreed it was terrible. This game is ok in moderation. It just stinks so much because its a pain in the butt to lvl. High lvl monsters screw u over in noob areas unless u really good at running. Every pro calls u a noob. They trick people (they tricked me to go to a high lvl place at 9) so u have to make a new char. Their rules are stupid, and usually get disobeyed. They trying too hard to make money. Its just not fun if they like pushing u to buy their stuff. HAlf the stores need real money. but fun for a litttle while. Kinda exciting to get to ur first/second job then gets boring.

Post Date: 00:54 10-08-2007
Rating: 9
Author: braveman2
Comment: This is a very fun game. You may think leveling is hard then just wait. This game is very addictive. If you have never played though. I once showed my friend this. She hated it but once she played this she couldn’t stop. She still is playing to this day. I’m not as easy to take though. I recommend this game. I’m still playing but I’m not as addicted as first.

Post Date: 01:29 09-08-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Sylexus
Comment: Those of u hu said this game totaly sux r half rite first of all… lego monkey if u think lvl 20 is hard than u r a ***** hu has the attention span of a peanut.
Muzicangel thats sad if it takes u a year to get to lvl 10. -.-‘
sl8yer go play runescape if u think lvl 20 is too hard in 3 weeks
and madcram needs to learn how to read so he doesnt stay in the tutorial for 21 lvls

yes the gms r lazy crap
and the community sux but still… it takes patience…

Post Date: 14:05 08-08-2007
Rating: 3
Author: lego_monkey2
Comment: Okay I have been playing MapleStory for a long time and the first 9 levs where great but right when you get to lev 20 it is super hard to lev up weeks later your almost will than you die and lose all of you exp thats why i quit this game. but im not saying dont play some people like it i for one HATE IT!!!!

Post Date: 22:41 07-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: mrpockets021
Comment: This game stinks”.”
its pretty addicting but get very very very etc. boring once u hit lvl 30 since nothing pretty much changes, u kill monsters, lvl up, kill more (note starter monsters are snails and giant cute mushrooms wtf) and then kill more vaigly cute monsters. small words, lacks unique gameplay stuff, all u do is kill, thats not fun in this game though……feels like pickin on lil” ppl

Post Date: 06:12 04-08-2007
Rating: 2
Author: MuzicAngel

Okay, so I”ve been playing MapleStory since last year, and I quit a few months ago. When I first joined, I was pretty addicted to this game. It was because everything seemed so cute and leveling is easy. Not to mention I made some friends. But then when I got to level 10+, I realised that I needed NX because my character just kept getting uglier. Maplestory has really ugly clothes, unless you buy the cash shop clothes. The cash shop clothes only last for 3 months and then you have to buy them again. I was annoyed but whatever. Then as I started becomming more and more high leveled, everything seemed like just getting exp. There are ALOT OF HACKERS IN THIS GAME, trust me. If you start to hit monsters in the same map as another person, they will usually yell at you to change channel. You can”t really talk much to people, because most of them are leveling freaks. There are alot of nasty people in this game who will defame you for no reason. Almost everyone who reaches lvl 70+ will soon quit. I”m serious. Because this game is really really boring! Leveling takes more than 10 hours, but now you can buy those 2x exp cards ONLY IF YOU PAY REAL MONEY. Which makes it really unfair for those who cannot get nx. Overall, I guess that most people are right that MAPLESTORY STINKS!!!!

Post Date: 21:35 01-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: jmaniscool
Comment: Words cannot describe the utter hatred i hold in my heart for this game. You start off on this little island 5 squares large, and i start on my little adventure, whoop de doo…

i hear people saying “WOAH!!!11! U GOT AW SURFBOARD WEAPON OMFG CNI HAVe!!111!!1” Who the hell would put a surfboard as a weapon for this game?

The visuals were pretty nice for 2 dimensions, i’ll admit that, but i quickly found myself being beaten to a pulp by a freakin mushroom.there arent even any skills.

it may just be that i had a bad experience with this game, but i just got bored in about 2 hours

P.S. a TUXEDO for WEDDINGS for 100,000 money? why?!?!

Post Date: 21:52 31-07-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Superdude178
I”ve played Maplestory for about a year now, and everytime I made a character I screwed him up. But now I know how to play well and It”s a lot better. if people say It”s boring It”s because they are either lvled up and have a harder time lvling, or they just are bad. There aren”t that many hackers (in my worlds), the community is pretty nice and although it”s in 2D, you”ll still get enhanced in the game. Great graphics for being 2D, and it”s overall just a good game.

-Nice Community
-Good Graphics
-Awsome Clothes and Equipment 😛

-Yes, there are hackers
-Hard to lvl once high lvled
-Quests aren”t always set up right

Thank you for reading my review.

Post Date: 23:29 30-07-2007
Rating: 9
Author: sportzbabe225
Comment: I’ve been playing Maple Story for a short while, but I must say, it is a great game! The grahphics are 2D and very cute! Its great for both solo players as well as those who like to interact with others. The Quests are quite fun and most of them are very rewarding. And, personally, I think it’s great that you get to choose different jobs which show a uniqueness in everyone!

Post Date: 06:48 28-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: auron1000000
Comment: most of the bad reviews are total B.S. there are barely any hackers anymore (on scania atleast) its not pointless, and its not hard either all you gotta do is stay focused and you can level very fast, and boring BS! last night i stayed up till 6am in the morning and i still was doing TONNES… if you think this game is boring did you…
a) reach atleast lvl.15
b) go on a party quest
c) update equipment often

i’d give this game a 10 for sound, a 10+ for effects a 10+ for pets, a 7 for community, and a 9 for fightin

Post Date: 10:54 27-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: rainbowwind
Comment: I am giving it a 10 now i would like EVERYONE to read this, and to listen to me.

You are not reviewing only of what you think. but of what other people are thinking.

Maple is as good as it gets for free MMO”s.
The people are great, even the hackers are nice (you didnt read that)
The best part is when you and a friend play together, grinding is fun when you have 2 people, and if you can tell me one MMO that doesnt make you grind at least once, you are lying. Yes that is the main way of leveling, BUT this is how i have met all my friends so far. The grafics are cartoony, but that doesnt effect gameplay at all, it enhances it. I took in to account how many more people”s computers had the specs to run maple, rather then WoW (42 priest), and then i realized how much better of a game this was for a casual gamer, it doesnt get better then this.

Community is great
The Tutorial Helps alot
fun grinding? you bet
giant mushrooms, come on…

hackers sigh…(not that many of them)
not for the easily bored or the Unfriendly types
Unique Slang, that takes some getting used too

Post Date: 19:24 25-07-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Toketsu
Comment: It’s overall a okay game BUT im lvl 40 and i have a character with near pefect stats and it is so hard to lvl it is even hard to lvl at 15! i mean it is still fun i get on to hang out with my pals and chat and the clothes are awsome and the graphics are cute for a 2D. my sis though has a lvl 81 and she cant take it anymore she quite and went to wow. But still good free online game probably one of the better ones out there so i would at least try it.

Post Date: 07:10 24-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: burnap
Comment: Very fun and different. So tired of stupid/RS/EQ clones that i could throw up! why people down an orginal game with personaility is beyond me.

Post Date: 01:47 23-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: sk8rhog
Comment: wow, how about you shut up chav, no one wants to hear you winning about how bad you think this game is because you prob couldn”t do it or was treated like garbage(I couldn”t possibly think why?)so how about YOU grow up, find something to DO with your pathetic life and post some DECENT reviews OR DON”T POST AT-ALL, my god!

Post Date: 20:38 19-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: knightnamcoo
Comment: You Guys Actually think this is a good game?you guys are Hilarious ITS 2D LOL do u wanna play a game from the 1990’s? Or a beautiful Graphics game like Rappelz? Horrible Combat System and its funny when I see people actaully play a game like this.THey tihkn its qcute oh the characters are so cute GROW UP.The mods never do anything and there is Hacks.BAD Community no one wants to help noobs.I help my head off even Runescape is better then this lol.And pkwiz0 the Community isn’t nice so SHHHHHH.Don’t be freakin flamin me either.

Post Date: 06:58 13-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: higyhigy
Comment: This game is lame!!!!. When you walk up to a monster and you said “hey there a monster let”s attack it!” but then it walk up to your feet and BAM!!, you get knock back a few feet from the monster. Then again you walk up to the monster because you want to kill it “OOPS!!!” you walk to far and then you get knock back again. Sure if was for the first few days, you hear the music sounds cool. But then a few days later you do the same things over and over again, killing the same old monster, and it takes FOR-EV-AH to level up… like a year… maybe a century(except when you start)! And when you did level up it just get harder and harder. And when you wanted to change job you needed a certain stats. It still beter than runescape but it still is bad!! And you only get a few jobs(runescape has none HA!), and each time you level up you get only 5 stat point and 3 skill point, HOW DUMB IS THAT!!. And if you find a good training place for you like that henesy training ground sometimes…no most of the time they have a high level like a level 40+ guy and steal your monster and then you can”t train there anymore. And the most stupid thing in maplestory: they have HACKS! People that know hacks and just vacumm all the item and monster to them so they could have thier private battle and each time they attack they hit every monster on the map! I hate when they do that, just like i hate this game.

Note: Do not play this game!!

Post Date: 13:42 03-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: XxNerdlyxX
Comment: Man this game is terrible!!!
The more u lvl the more the game becomes duller!!
IF u play this game u just waisted ur valueble time!!!!
2/5 on grahics
0/5 community

Post Date: 15:09 02-07-2007
Rating: 7
Author: zip0070
Comment: this game, like a few others ive rated, is fairly good. The map system works very good and the skill selection is good too. The time setting is a little off and it seems like everybody would be using guns instead of swords judging by the towns and clothes. Im not saying this is a bad game and im not saying this is a good game either.

Post Date: 21:13 28-06-2007
Rating: 9
Author: NightSinZ
Comment: This game is the best mmorpg game I have ever played, and i played a lot of em. For some reason, people are complaining about how hard it is to level in the game. Well first of all, if u think this game is hard to level, try playing guild wars or Wow. Second of all its very easy to level and it BEGINS to get hard at about level 30.
This game has many path ways to choose from in making ur character. Ofcorse every1 will look the same wen ur a noob, but at about lvl 25 people will start to look a lot different and u will barely see a twin, just like any other game. Lvling is easy and compared to other games its A LOT easy, people are just stupid so dont listen to them. Im currently 6# and i lvled 3 times in about 6hrs wen i was lvl 58–>61. In every game ther are the same type of quests and i dont knw why people complain about them. and stop saying the graphics are bad becuz its the best 2d mmorpg and has the best 2d graphics ull ever see. Sure ther are musrroms wen ur a noob. But when ur 25+ u shouldnt see the musrooms anymore and can kill stuff like dragons,golems,etc.

THIS GAME WILL HAVE A PVP ARENA;i dont knw when this game will get pvp tho.

Post Date: 00:15 22-06-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Pkwiz0
Comment: This is a very fun and interesting game.

I love how it is a lot like older games, but in the same sense is high tech and unique in it’s own ways.

There is so much to do in this community, and the community is great, very nice people.

Although this game is VERY strange. For example there are hovering pieces of ground that move and you can jump on, there are a lot of weird monster like tree stumps with axes in them, and bouncing green jelly things.

It’s as though the guy who created this game was on an acid trip at the time.


– Very good gameplay.
– Very nice community.
– A good varietion of weapons and armour.
– Great combat system.


– Very weird at times.
– Pointless quests.
– Bad graphics.
– Button masher.

Thank you.

Post Date: 07:50 21-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Hujan Kuat
Comment: Where to start…where to start…

I have played maple story for a while now and it”s boring. Leveling is hard and boring. To level you just kill the same monsters over and over. Quests are not very different either, being that they normally consist of someone having to have to kill certain monsters a certain ammount of times or get items.

Another time that “grinds my gears” as to quote Peter Griffin, is that there is no pvp combat system. This is annoying esspecially for the reason that, if a noob comes up to you and thinks he”s the best and can “pwn” you so to speak, there is no way to prove these jerks wrong. Also, while I”m speaking of combat I think I should mention how sub-par the combat system is. You run up to a monster, stand still, hit, hit ,hit use a spell, gain a tiny amount of exp and get damaged by walking into a monster.

Now onto the graphics and sounds. What the hell? Have we fallen back into the early 90″s where the super nintendo reigned supreme? The only way these graphic could be worse is if it was a red dot chasing a blue dot in a green square. And the sounds… I could produce better sounds by strangling a cat with bagpipes.

Post Date: 22:35 18-06-2007
Rating: 5
Author: destroyer111
Comment: Good Game for the most part. Quest may not match the levels your at and the leveling does take a bit.
Fun community and you get most of the good stuff, but for some cool sclothes and assesories you have to buy points. Other than that the game is good.

Post Date: 21:59 17-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: GaMeLoRd101
Comment: great game!!! but music gets boring but thats why human made cd’s and mp3’s and ipods’s and wat ever else

just play it!!!!!!

Post Date: 17:14 16-06-2007
Rating: 8
Author: walnute
Comment: mmk…. well i’ll say that this game is pretty good. honestly, though, the whole graphics thing depends on the person…. if someone likes the cutsey cartooney style then sure, play the game. The good things about this game is that it’s unique, the graphics are pretty good, the musics are okay, the whole battle system is good, the gms are pretty nice although some are a little more…, and their are a lot more pros but i can’t think right now sorry
the bad things are that it takes a while to level… But it usually depends on the characters… a magician usually levels faster in the beginning levels but it’s a pain to level in the ending levels. for archers, it’s almost impossible to level it up at the beginning but later on it gets way more easier. i’m not sure about the other characters sorry. Also, the real fun usually starts around level 35+ because there are usually events that you have to be a certain level or something. Another bad thing is that there… are…. too…. many… hackers… but that doesn’t really matter because they usually stay at only one map…
so overall… it’s a pretty good game but if you were to quit early at around level 1-30ish then you would say it was a horrible game… so maple story is good but could be better. oh well it’s a free mmorpg so try it out if you’d like

Post Date: 23:26 13-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: xskjjangx
Comment: Maplestory ftw!
There are hackers but they usually don’t bother you and it’s a very easy game in which you can make friends and do party quests that give you boatloads of exp.

Post Date: 19:41 13-06-2007
Rating: 9
Author: nonforgotten12
Comment: this game is actually pretty good. its so addictive and its alot easier on the eyes. even though as you get stronger, leveling up gets pretty hard, well that’s what MMORPGs do! its just simple common sense. the game is also very simple to understand. even though some features are very limited, its actually a good game. the graphics are so much better than RS. the community can either be nice, harsh, or just plain stupid. if you know your way around the community and not beg for anything, then you’re set. begging just ruins the game. I don’t really care if the graphics look so childish i think its great! If you think this game is very childish, then don’t even bother reviewing this game! so you played it and you think it’s horrible, well good for you, but is everyone else gonna share the same opinion? no. you can’t just take out your disappointment on this game and say its horrible. its an opinion that its horrible, not a fact! if you’re gonna leave bad reviews, then why don’t you stop and think before typing. its better to say that the game is bad, not the people who play it. don’t take it out on them, they never did anything to you. My OPINION for this game is that it’s very good and very addictive and not time-consuming at all.

Post Date: 18:01 13-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: titoBingyiSL
Comment: maple story i give u a zero. I had a freind who i was gonna see and sleep over at his house. But his freind was there and got pissed cause he couldnt play. I figured damn that most be some good game to leave a millionares house. So i chilled with my freind for the weekend then we left. I down loaded the game. I started opening the client then BAMMMMMM! my entire computer screen filled with mushrooms and ll of a sudden the screen flips upside down. sorry maple story but make a safer client or lose ur clients!

Post Date: 19:00 11-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: dutchers
Comment: The only thing I dont like was the cashop.
And every games getting bored so please be nice to this game. Rs stinks to, and wow to. And this are all look a likes of maple but then in 3d.
Down here there are some reviews that say:
i looked at the game! but it stinks!
When i looked at rs i said: it stinks!
But i played it for a year. So, dont say it stinks.

Post Date: 19:26 07-06-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Mr.Buffington
Comment: basically a pretty fun game. i got kinda addicted to it once. i still play on weekends. basically, i really like the gameplay and the 2-d side-scrolling keeps things simple, fun kinda hack n slash fighting . it can get dull around the mid 30’s, right now i’monly lvl 43, but i keep trudging on cause my overall goal is to get to lvl 72, in the third job. the gameplay is very simple, almost too simple. most of the game consists of “grinding”, or training on monsters. even quests are simply training on monsters to get a certain amount of items to give to someone. it is quite fun and the pet pandas are cute as hell. the skill s are pretty cool too, bandits rule!

Post Date: 17:28 04-06-2007
Rating: 6
Author: nickz89
Comment: i quit this game 1 year back..
Great and simple game 2 play

Great community
simple game play
good quest system
no lag
alot of events

can get very boring fast
lvling is hard at higher lvls
loads of hackers

overall i give it a 6 for its easy game play and nice community.

Post Date: 00:42 02-06-2007
Rating: 8
Author: SarangHae
Comment: This is a pretty nice game. The game can get most people hooked when you first start out and may start to bore you when you reach around the 30’s. The 2-d graphics are pretty nice. There are many updates and almost always at least 1 event going on.
many of the players are very um… rude and not willing to help noobs.

starting out the game might be hard because of the lack of money.

many many hackers. although the new gameguard is reducing the numbers with every update.

Post Date: 21:53 31-05-2007
Rating: 7
Author: azhagster
Comment: Pretty nice game. like the 2-d graphics but i give the game an overall 7/10 cuz it gets boring. All you do is fight and quests. nothing else. Other than that its a pretty good game i play it every once here and there. One good thing is it isnt auto-attack. you actually have to use keys to fight

Post Date: 00:50 30-05-2007
Rating: 9
Author: alushine
Comment: lol actrually it”s quite true about how hard it is to lvl up cause i”ve been playing for 2 years now during my free tiem and it”s like…i”m lvl 64..of course, you train and stuff and that”s why i never train and i leech off of other peopel XD

this game is fun mostly not because of all the train and the blah blah blahblahblah….it”s cause like..there”s stff on it ..o.o …hmm

one other thing is the friends you make, you can make friends from all over the world and. i mean srsly..-_-..sll over……anyways

the bad thing about this game is the gms and the hackers, but ever since it because nexon they”re working ish,…..kinda hard to stop hackers o.o

i think i”m writing a lot o.o XD who cares

btw those people who thinks runescape are”re are stupid

Post Date: 05:20 29-05-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Theleio
Comment: I’ll be honest; I do play Guild Wars and Runescape, and they both rock endlessly. I’ve also tried out World of Warcraft and even Eve Online.

But this game is awesome.

My opinion is that if you like a good MMORPG that’s got a great gameplay strategy, please, by all means download this game.

The game has its own bad moments, like the hackers (dully noted by previous reviews) and the constant grind fests. But seriously, that’s what the game is all about! The gameplay is innovative, and it takes SKILL to use. (Something that Guild Wars and Runescape lack)

I recommend that you start out as a Warrior in class, because it’ll get you used to the gameplay. It got me hooked when I first logged on!

Again, this is just my opinion. You may want to or may not want to download and play. The game is free to play, but you can purchase extra items and events from the Nexon Cash Shop.

I recommend this game to anybody.

Post Date: 09:48 27-05-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Sl8yer
Okay I”m going to give an honest review. Note that I have played this game for almost half a year. Starts out fun, really, seems pleasant and almost cute but don”t be FOOLED. Community basically stinks! 70% of ppl are hackers and GMs are jerks who dont care about u! After playing the game for a while it really starts get boring:
1) Hard to lv up n I do mean HARD to lv up. I mea n I”m not expecting to lv up to 100 in a week but 3 weeks to like lv 20!?
2) You just kill monsters repeatly over and over. The quest, well…kill X amount of monsters every time there is no VARIETY.
3) Graphics are lame! Okay, fine its 2D and colourful and wtever but don”t tell me how cute it is, check out runescape…no I”m joking.. check out games like silkroad, rappelz or eve online, thats graphics to you.
And finally for the monster database: Chirst I don”t know how these ppl at MS can make a Barlog look like a childhood farie tale figure, and snails! How can a Red shelled snail kill you! And don”t even go on about the pigs… Well, overall, this game stinks, PLEASE AVOID!

Post Date: 03:22 26-05-2007
Rating: 1
Author: AQMaster
Comment: Waaaay too many hackers in the game. The graphics just annoy me. Pretty poor graphics, in my opinion. The game starts out pretty fun, but it doesn’t stay that way for too long.

Post Date: 05:17 24-05-2007
Rating: 7
Author: bitemytentacles
Comment: Wow. After skimming over the other reviews, I just gotta say…
Know this: If you judge your manhood on something that is NOT REAL, something that is PRETEND, then size yourself up for that pink frilly dress and matching pinafore, because you have a long damn way to go.
Now, onto the review: I had some fun with this game, and still play it from time to time. Sure, leveling is rough, but I never liked MMOG”s(Massively Multiplayer Online Grindfests) to begin with, anyway. You must be patient with this game, and especially so with the stupid, arrogant community. The game is also pretty funny, and the graphics make it seems as if your playing in the pages of some manga or something. Download it and see for yourself, because I”m in no position to tell you if you would like it or not. That number up there? That”s an opinion. You may go for this kind of game. You”ll only know if you try it yourself, instead of taking some 13-year-old”s stupid advice.

Post Date: 00:04 23-05-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Riolysin
Comment: You ppl who say MS is for girls, shut up. This game is the best game since like… D&D online or DF or even RS tops the list as #5 or 6. graphics are OK,but gameplay scored a 10. hackers are 10 to 15% of the pop; but just ignore them.its also hard to lv. up. but who wants to be lv.50 in 2hrs.??!!!ITS SUPPOSED TO BE HARD!!!!and thats why it scores an 9.

Post Date: 01:03 21-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: death2912
Comment: good at start later VERY VERY annoyign and iv been since end of beta so id know neva got past llv 50 -.- basicly -3

Post Date: 04:14 18-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Mykai
Comment: It should be called Mushroomstory cause really, mushroom houses, smiling mushrooms, if you kill a mushroom its still smiling! and lvling up is so hard, in the place you arrive in it looks like sissy girl paradise, i was like “i got in another girly game like IMVU” and i cant find where to lvl so im stuck at 22 i go to the island after victoria, so high i dont get exp and i die so then i arrive at the port broke so i cant go anywhere so i have to sell my clothes and weapons and then, i didnt even have enough money!

Post Date: 22:18 17-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: madcram
Comment: i swear this game is the most stupid game ever!
i had a friend who showed me this and told me to stop playing rs. u no wat, this game has mushrooms and walking tree stumps as monsters, i mean com on. they even smile, its has childish graphics and its 2d(it dosent even have a pvp system). in all maple is for ppl from 5-10yrs and a fantasy for girls. id suggeat rs as a better game.

Post Date: 04:04 12-05-2007
Rating: 8
Author: pizanathan
Comment: great game, although it doesnt earn a 10, it is still a good game. the game gets too repetitive after awhile. you d othe same moves with the same armor and wepons. takes too long to lvl up. its an original 2D game that ownz runescrap!!!

Post Date: 21:06 07-05-2007
Rating: 7
Author: acmlm
Comment: Not a bad game. There are a few things bad about it, such as only being able to fight stuff explore, ect. Overall it’s fairly good.

Post Date: 20:37 06-05-2007
Rating: 5
Author: DarkSabor
Comment: i played this game before then i got bored at leveling so i stop at lv29 than i uninstall it then i started playing survival project than the servers shut down so i decided to paly back at get 2nd advance job than it takes like 3gigi bite than i got not enough room i tried taking away stuff i don’t need and still not enough room!!!:(

Post Date: 22:06 01-05-2007
Rating: 4
Author: medapodz
Comment: one tging to say very awesome game but then gets boruing nothing to do just excplore and kill bad part is HACKERS BRING VIRUSES TO UR COMPUTER!!!!!

Post Date: 07:20 01-05-2007
Rating: 5
Author: monkey44
Comment: i’ve played this game at my cousins house, i loved it! so i decided i should download this game, it takes too long to download and its stupid. Love the game but hate how u have to download it.

Post Date: 11:20 28-04-2007
Rating: 1
Author: orasis
Comment: Haha, why does anyone play this piece of trash? haha.. christ it’s like playing legend of Zelda on the NES.

But LOZ is better, a lot better.

Post Date: 02:57 28-04-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Pwner300
Comment: Don’t bother to try to convince me this one rocks. i’ll play my nintendo 64 instead. at least its better than runescape.

Post Date: 01:19 25-04-2007
Rating: 9
Author: gamerzrule
Comment: game roks ppl, graphics r ok…heads r tooo big thou, but if ur soo piky bout z friggn graphics then don even play this. lots of things to do, GREAT game…best free mmorpgs ther is, well to me. only bad things r the dum gms and hakers, and z noob callin from the high lv ppl. overall the game is great, have patience and don be so addicted and you’ll enjoy this game very much!

Post Date: 19:51 18-04-2007
Rating: 1
Author: isthmus
Comment: To all gamers: DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!! Maplestory is pathetic. Here are some reasons why:

1. 70% of the population are hackers.
You see a hacker every 10 minute or less in training areas, especially areas like ant tunnel or wild boar land II…places like that. And the thing is that GMs don”t do anything about it.

2. Gameplay stinks.
Maplestory is fun for a while, but after, it gets bad. It gets boring after a while because you are basically just killing hundreds and thousands of the same monsters over and over again to level. And please don”t say that Maplestory is fun when you”ve only played it for like less than a week. It gets boring, really.

3. Bad community.
Scammers and people running around calling other people n00bs. Moreover, people ks you and then laugh at you. Most people in Maplestory don”t help new players or so. What do you expect? Most people in the game are under the age of 13.

4. Cash shop is stupid.
The cash shop items are not permanent. Don”t yell at me and tell me not to buy it if I”m poor. I know I know, I don”t have to buy cash shop items. But really, cash shop items should last forever. It”s a waste to spend your money on cash shop items.

Graphics 7/10
Gameplay 1/10
Lasting Appeal 1/10
Community 1/10
GM team -100/10

In conclusion, this game is lame.

Post Date: 00:01 18-04-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Asamii
Comment: Ive played MapleStory in my spare time for a year and a half. They have original events and (the gms are back!) If you can put up with some annoying hackers, the rest is awesome. I got to say, Dont be discouraged to play this because of a few downsides. It really is (THE BEST) MMORPG Ive EVER played. (Ive played about every mmo – mmorpg there is out there ^^

Post Date: 01:29 17-04-2007
Rating: 2
Author: versicle
Comment: Never play this game. You’ll become a ZOMBIE playing like dumb. 80% of its players HACK whenever, wherever they want! GMs are slackers and do nothing about it. There are no GMs in Maple Story Global. Technical Support is also dumb. They never reply when you email them for help. All I’ve got from this is pain. DON’T EVER PLAY THIS GAME unless you want to go against HACKERS, BOTTERS or if you are a HACKER yourself…

GRAPHICS 9/10 [Nice cute graphics.]
BGM & SFX 8/10 [Catchy music ala Ragnarok Online]
GAMEPLAY 4/10 [On lvl 30+, you lvlup every 5 hours of zombiefying urself on your PC, wasting ur life.]
COMMUNITY 2/10 [Most players are 10~14 year olds. Brats! Hackers!]
GM TEAM 0/10 [GMs never exist in MapleStory. They’re out bowling or eating PIE, which they stated on their GM Blogs.]

Post Date: 18:22 16-04-2007
Rating: 8
Author: mistermage6
Comment: This game is great, the best mmo i ever played!! (I never played WOW though..) Anyway, the fact that you have a ton of choices in the game is great, like what jobs you get to have, what clothes you wear, whether or not you get stuff from the cash shop.. all that. The one thing that detracts from this game (like some others) is the huge amount of ks (kill-steal)ing , and the hackors and scammers and stuff. Other than that this game is incredible, cause guess what people, its not all graphics that count, its the game play that does! So the players detract from the game a bit but other than that its a great game.

Post Date: 21:33 13-04-2007
Rating: 1
Author: closed
Comment: This game is ridiculous Ksers and Hackers run wild and the Gm’s Don’t even atempt to do anything about them.. You can report them but that doesn’t do anything. The graphics are Ok (For a 2d game). And Grinding takes for ever, You can’t train your skills you have to level to raise them mean when your weak.. Your gonna be that way for awhile. I honestly can’t see anyone over the age of 13 playing this.. This game is pathetic

Post Date: 01:48 12-04-2007
Rating: 4
Author: gamekid15
Comment: Gets boring after a while. No skills to train and need STR to weild a bow… come on!

Post Date: 04:45 06-04-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Adio01
Comment: immature players lots of ksing hackers every where slow leveling cant use fame until lvl 15 to. if your gonna play this game try to find someone to plvl u in the early lvls or it get boring fast

Post Date: 03:29 04-04-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Sieges
Comment: Very colorful, anime-style, graphics. Also has good music. The keyboard controls are easily customized. Too bad there isn’t very much depth to the game and the community is pretty immature. It is essentially a grind-fest, so try to find a good guild to party with. I had a lot of fun getting my Cleric to level 40 but after that it got boring.

Post Date: 14:45 03-04-2007
Rating: 9
Author: NightSinz
Comment: This game is so awsome!!! people hated becuz they only play the 1st part…..which stinks…. ALOT. The real game doesnt start until ur lvl 25,and
Graphics are great for a 2d game,
graphics 10,
gameplay 10
Sound 6;music is lame but sd efcts are gr8 and som pq songs are gd
Life span:hhhmmmmm maybe FOREVER
4 classes, BUT after u pick one, wen ur lvl 30 u get a job advancement ;example if u pick warrior becom lvl 30 u can choose to either be a spearman,fighter,or page(r) and then next job ad is at lvl 70 and the final one is lvl 120.

Post Date: 20:10 31-03-2007
Rating: 5
Author: freshhh1994
Comment: Same thing over again. KIll monsters, blah blah blah. Also over 50% of the population are hackers. Do not play this game.

Post Date: 23:41 28-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: 7ringwraith7
Comment: graphics: -4/10 (2D!!!!)
gameplay: 2/10 (boring!)
grind: -1/10 (boring after lvl 15!)
combat stlye: 0/10 (the monster moves back and forth while you shoot it, it doesnt go after you!) (also they dont attack you, u only die wen you run into them)
hacks: -2/10 (everyone hacks and does that “god-mode where everything on the screen blows up)
(this is really hard wen ur trying to do that 100 monster quest)
over-all: -5/10 (if only you can go lower than 0)

Post Date: 21:54 27-03-2007
Rating: 8
Author: ScorpiaX
Comment: It’s cool even know it’s cartoony but if you like 3-D games you really should stay away from this, of coruse not many games are fun at the first ten to fifteen levels but it gets much funner after a while, the quests are variable and updates are always coming!, it’s challanging so if your one of those effortless people that just LOVE to get to a certain level without doing quests,party quests, guild quests, killing monsters, and partying than you should also stay away from this. Bosses are awesome and the concepts are not to be seen as whoever levels up easily to beat the game or repetitvely using the same skill but it is to make friends,explore and that, the game itself improves in it’s potential of skills,jobs,quests,maps, places to explore, bosses. So once again it’s worth the download if you don’t hate one of these :
2-D Games
Don’t care about what shape,size,animation of the monster
Have patience and not just focus on leveling all day

Post Date: 16:40 24-03-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Noobinator
Comment: Let”s see… basically, this game stinks… if you seriously want to play a game that looks like it was made in 1998, then that”s your choice, but as far as MMO”s go in 2007, you would be better off with pretty much anything else. As you start out you move slowly, the attacks are lame, not to mention boring, and there is next to nothing entertaining to do. I never experienced any pvp, and I”m not even sure there is any but I wouldnt waste any more time trying to find it. Even if you do lvl up, the only thing for you to do is to kill the same 2D monsters over and over. it”s like repeatedly hitting yourself in the head with a hammer! Rediculous! Bottom line: go check out Rapellz, Knight, or Silkroad Online. they all beat MS by a mile.

Post Date: 02:26 22-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: yangerlets
Comment: graphics are cartoony but who for people who say killing 100 of the same monster is boring THEN WHY DID YOU DO THE QUEST IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!i love this game! im lvl 31 so for people who say u could be a lvl for explain how i play 2 hours a day then go out side how could i get to this lvl in 2 weeks?its called skill

Post Date: 22:02 21-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: 7ringwraith7
Comment: This game stinks!!! Any 2D mmorpg is a descrase to all mmorpgs. I had a friend come up to me saying it has good graphics. I was just about ready to slit his rists. All fantasy games, not just runescape are better than this. The only games that maple story beats is text based games.

Post Date: 17:52 21-03-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Yanbo
Comment: Whats with people always comparing games to runescape?.. and what do u mean mr person below me this game has got unique features its the only 2D cartony mmorpg out their.
I guarantee youll love this quirky game the graphics are eyecatching gameplays addictive and the quests are challenging the one downfall is the amount of hackers i wouldnt complain about this if i had any of the hacks lol XD
also this games god for computers that cant hold big 3 gig games as this ones only 68mb!

Post Date: 01:01 19-03-2007
Rating: 6
Author: Aeons
Comment: Now im not the biggest fan of cartoon graphics or 2d side scrolling platformers but the game is a straight forward typical RPG with no real unique aspects to it. You have your classes and your advancments and the skills that go along with it. Maplestory’s gameplay is a little above average (Oh dont compare MS to RS there 2 completely different genres/styles of game.) I enjoyed this game for a good year but once you reach level 40 you start giving up due to the poor leveling system. The monsters are quirky but fair not to difficult and not too hard. Quests are way to repetetive if it isnt gathering items or searching for fossils. All in all I think you will enjoy this game if your 10-16 some people I know (not including myself) are in college and play this game. But the average game play and weak leveling system bring the game down. ( P.S Dont buy from the cash shop it dissapears after about 3 months)


Post Date: 06:10 17-03-2007
Rating: 5
Author: davidkook
Comment: ms-fan555
i feel u
i really like maple story. graphics on the runescape game are terrible! :(maple story i s kinda a bit hard on the other hand. he he he.

Post Date: 02:11 14-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: MS-FAN555
Comment: ok so maybe the graphics are cartoony, but have you ever compared them to runescape wow LARGE difference…what a soprise…well not really!i love the skills and wepons and basiclly every thing else.quests are optional so for people who think wow im killing 100 of the monster then why the hell bother doing them… so there u go…whatever just play the game i now u will enjoy it!!!!!!

Post Date: 12:41 13-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: davidkook
Comment: Ms(Maple Story) is cool! I know i’m still a beginner, but i could see more fun than other games. I play warcraft yes, but maple story is the only downloaded game that has you doing stuff your way. all those games: starcraft, warcraft, etc. you have to build, but maple story…. u make it your own world! gr8t job ms directors!

Post Date: 22:06 04-03-2007
Rating: 2
Author: bosmoq
Comment: Like grinding games,where you could be a level for weeks? Like quests that have you kill 100 of the same monster? This game is for you.

Post Date: 19:31 03-03-2007
Rating: 5
Author: lokikagnok
Comment: Maple Story had sort of a lvl grind once you got past lvl 12. It wasn’t that good. Lvl 19 and still a lvl 19 archer.

Post Date: 02:45 28-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Ruuchia
Comment: Maple Story(MS) is THE best! I mean, sure, it may get a little boring to level later on and the Forest of Patience might be a little boring, not to mention the Construction site quest, but it”s all part of the challenge! After I started playing MS, every other online game in the world seemed boring. Ghost online: confusing controls. BattleOn: too g@y. ConquerOnline: small screen. Fly for Fun/Flyff: booooooring……I could go on and on, but I won”t. Still, in the end, MS is THE BEST MMORPG you could ever play on. You can meet other people, get married, do quests, and unlike a lot of games, it”s 2D format let”s you play without getting a headache or something from the 3D graphics.(I think it just might be me, but 3D graphics mess up my brain) So for those of you looking for a coll MMORPG, Maple Story is for you!

Post Date: 01:44 27-02-2007
Rating: 7
Author: hookshot45
Comment: First off: If you like games with 3D graphics…stay away from Maple Story (MS). Seriously, you wouldn’t like MS at all.

Why? Well MS is a 2D side-scroller with chibi-style visuals and an emphasis on shopping.

Chances are you will play GMS (Global Maple Story), as there are quite a number of MS in a variety of different languages.

GMS is okay but the economy , grinding (GMS has it pretty bad) & hackers (not enough GMs at the moment to handle the issue well enough) is meh. The community is great and lively, but everything else about the game is just meh.

Pretty obvious statement: give this game a shot and only play when you have tons of time.

Post Date: 17:50 25-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Cadillac
Comment: This is BY FAR the most fun MMORPG EVER.
I’ve been playing for over a year now. Anyone who says this game is boring, obviously is an idiot and doesn’t have the patience to play through the first 10 levels. Are the first levels of ANY MMO fun? The fighting is amazing, training is soooo easy in this game. The controls are perfectly laid out as they come, and you can assign any command to any button basically. Also if you think the graphics are bad, you’re an idiot. Just because it isn’t 3D doesn’t mean that the graphics suck. They are bright and crisp. The screenshot that is up here doesn’t do it justice. The skills also look AMAZING. Check out this video of a level 8x Dragon Knight and another one of a Priest. If those attacks don’t look awesome, I don’t know what does. I HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone looking to get addicted on something fun.

-Great community
-Completely free except if you want to buy Cash Shop items which aren’t necessary.
-Good graphics
-Good skills
-Extensive selection of equips
-Too addicting.
-Too many idiots who think it sucks.

PLAY IT. You’ll love it.

Post Date: 20:23 21-02-2007
Rating: 0
Author: saurondude12
Comment: THIS GAME IS TERRIBLE. first of all, its 2d and cartoon, secondly, the fighting style stinks and there are no pvp places, and thirdly, u get bored of it after 1 hour. Its not worht it. dont play it.

Post Date: 01:09 19-02-2007
Rating: 2
Author: h0ly
Comment: its an ok game at 1st but then after that its extremely bad and i mean com”on side scrolling 2d for an online game,no pvp, jumping mushrooms,ur weapons on ur left hand and when u turn its on ur other hand, it will waste ur time and well cash shop ant dat bad because its optinal and dosnt affect ur gameplay negitively but over all its bad.

Post Date: 23:21 16-02-2007
Rating: 6
Author: Animekirk
Comment: When i first picked Maple story it was awesome! i was having so much fun it scared me and the graphics were GREAT!(i’m a sucker for korean anime style art)

but that wore off fairly soon…. to me more specific, it happened right about lvl 12. I had been leveling for 3 hours and barely made it to 50% exp. worst part is that I wasn’t even 1,000,000th of the way through the game yet. if it already took that long at such a low level just thinking about how long it might take to reach lvl 75 made my brain explode.

I’m not one to be bashing slow leveling MMOs tho cause hell, i played FFXI and loved it. but this game has NO variety in combat. if i spent that long to level up i’d better have something in the middle to break the monotony. but not in maple story. You’ll spend weeks killing the exact same monsters in exacly the same way over and over till you scream. you’d better like that sword swinging animation or that 1 single spell you get as a mage(i’m not kidding you will use 1 spell over and over for like 20 levels.) cause you will be seeing a lot of it.

I gave it a 6 because in spite of all that I don’t like about it, I still LOVE the art, and it still manages to be one of the best “Free” MMORPGs out there(even tho that’s not saying much)

Post Date: 08:06 14-02-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Xadin
Comment: Mmkay, peoples. Let me tell you that Maple is a great game. See, the problem is that many don”t seem to understand some of the principles and common sense behind some of the game.

1. Alright, let”s just realize that bouncing mushrooms are NOT the only monsters available. In fact, they”re among the easiest to beat, especially compared to the Aztec-Mayan reminiscent giant called Zakum, and the massive, skull-helmed imps called Crimson Balrogs.

2. Whose idea was it to make leveling EASY? I think it”s much more rewarding to spend a month getting from level 99 to 100 than to get from 1 to 75 in a few hours. There”s just no fun in that, because the game ends WAY to abruptly.

3. The graphics are not bad. People, don”t even compare Maplestory to Runescape, because blocky, featureless manicans don”t really compare to the maplestory characters; they”re just in a different style.

4. Since when has anyone paid attention to some foolish age limit? Anyone who picks up a book with an age reccomendation, and puts it down because they”re don”t fit it are FOOLS. 40 year olds play neopets; I think 15 year olds can play Maplestory.

5. The game is actually quite nice compared to runescape; every class has equal oppurtunity, for example. Mages don”t have to mine endlessly for rune essence, then go bind it, etcetera, etcetera. (Not to mention you have to be a member to bind nearly all 30+ runes.) And on top of that, the only thing you lose upon death is experience points, and that can be avoided by entering the cash shop when you”re away, or by just carrying plenty of potions that can heal you appropriately.

In conclusion, Maplestory ain”t half bad. Give it a shot, and don”t judge it just by it”s graphics, etc. Have fun, too- talk to people, and finish some fun quests, instead of training 24/7. Happy Mapling! ~Xadin

Post Date: 19:20 12-02-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Zebracat
Comment: So what if this game looks like a gameboy title on the big screen. Gameboy games are fun! That’s why they keep selling them. Besides it plays on virtually any computer made in the last decade with a modem. That means anyone can get in on it. Maybe that’s why it can claim 40 million players throughout the world? I came to this game trying to hate it after seeing and ad for it in a magazine. I figured that a free game would be pretty lame until I kicked in some real cash to spruce up my character. Then I would just drop it and trash it when ever anybody mentioned it to me. I was wrong. I played for a month a couple of times a week and my character advanced pretty far. I never needed to spend any of my cash to get stuff that actually made my character stronger. Someone did give me gift card for nexon cash, which I wasted on a pet and gashapod tickets. Nice to gamble and always win something! I found the players great with far less then the standard percentage of losers name calling and using hacks to make up for their lack of social and gaming skills in most online games. So overall I give it a 9 out of 10 only because some of the quests are badly matched to character levels and simply can’t be completed until much later in the game when you have leveled up 10 to 20 times. That, and my pet needs to eat every 15 bloody minutes! Anyway if you see “Zebracat” and his pig “Bacon” give them a shout out.

Post Date: 00:36 11-02-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Jeros01
Comment: This game is very addicting then when you get about lvl 32 its really boring there’s nothin to do but train get more skills to train faster.(same with equipment) but it was fun while it lasted good game wizet. worth the dl.

Post Date: 19:37 10-02-2007
Rating: 6
Author: Josh Pwns
Comment: This game is one that should not be played unless you like the screenshot. I downloaded this game and it was fun but after a while you are like can i do anything but train? The quests are not good. All you do is get supplies wich you get threw TRAINING. I know people that love this game and i did for awile its just addicting and one day you wake up and are like this is boring.. but there are good things about this game. The job choices are really fun and it has a great community. I think this is a wierd game. I cant play this game around anyone else or i feel like im 5.

Post Date: 23:19 09-02-2007
Rating: 3
Author: chrismilk
Comment: if ur looking with a game with challenge then play maple friend got to lvl 40 in 3 months….ONLY PLAY THIS GAME IF U GOT ALOT OF FREE TIME!!i dont recommend the 2d too

Post Date: 21:56 09-02-2007
Rating: 0
Author: soad553
Comment: please dont play this game.the graphics are terrible, and there are so many cheats u basically need them to play

Post Date: 05:19 04-02-2007
Rating: 9
Author: eatwhileplaying
Comment: I know I’ve already left a review for this game, but MapleStory has been doing so much to try to make itself more replayable, more comforting and more enjoyable that I had to bump its score up. The people aren’t as rude anymore and the GMs are taking care of several of the hackers that ruin the game. Plus, they’re throwing in several updates to keep the wheels rolling and making the game last longer. The game just keeps growing so that there’s more to love, so it’s worth all the free time you’re willing to put into this game.

Post Date: 02:36 03-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: OMEGAfatal
Comment: The grphics are cartoony but who cares its the BEST mmorpg iv played!and the community is nice atleast unlike rs i keep getting swore at…

Post Date: 00:55 02-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: darkninja148
Comment: May look cartoony but if u want a great mmorpg please go to and sign up to maple story come on if you compare ms to rs ms would win no hands down if you really think about it runescpae does have any hands to put up if it wanted to beat maple storyok the monsters are a bit corny but that doesnt stop it from being a great mmo the first 10 lvls might be bad but the rest is cool the people who say maple story is pathetic are afreid of cartoons and roguerunespace is the worst mmo no wait the worst game ever

Post Date: 02:15 30-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: TriBlood
Comment: Ive played this game since it came out in beta!!!! soo what if theres snails or if its not 3d! it still kicks butt
MUCH better than that KnightsOnline game!!!!
anyone else readin this who joins if ya need help my
characters name is Klaish

Post Date: 02:28 29-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Verocx
Comment: I have been playing this game for 2 1/2 years now. It is, THE BEST, game I”ve ever played for a 2D game. Its hard to lvl up but at the higher levels it is worth it. Go watch some movies on YouTube if you think this game”s boring.

Post Date: 09:09 28-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Rogue§ora
Comment: 1890 is over upgrade runescape is better then this game comeon these graphics blow so hard

Post Date: 23:59 26-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: sith524
Comment: really good game i have no problems just the fact my computer makes thr game bad for me cause my computer is from the year 2000 and has win me and 700 mhz…. 10/10

Post Date: 13:44 26-01-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Sl8yer
Comment: Y r all u MS supporters comparing MS to games like rs which is also bad (no offense)or ever quest and complaning that u hv to pay more!? Seriously, think about it, lets try comparing MS to something free with decent graphics and game play: Knights online or Silk road online. These games r Free, hv a bigger map, more classes, 3D and has a better attack system that doesn’t require u to clcik control a billion times to kill monsters. Sure, u might say that ms got community, nice job advancements, face changing crap, great monsters (*cough**bullsh*T* *SNAILS!? MUSHROOMS!?* *cough*)but wt other mmorpg doesn’t already have this? Earth to MS fans, its time to grow up n actually get on with yur sad lifes…

Post Date: 23:13 24-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: X2lenne
Comment: ok you know what? I AM TIRED of people saying that this game is awful well of course MapleStory does take a lot of your free time, but you shouldn”t just judge it by the looks… First of all MapleStory is FREE ok? and its the most easiest game to control and you learn how to play really fast!! NO OFFENSE but the games like runescape, flyff, WoW and what not.. is just not that good because they have a lot of violence such as CS which is a shooting game!! What I”m trying to say is this game IS REASONABLE! Look RuneScape you lose all your equips items and mostly everything when you die!! THAT IS NOT FUN!!! And I saw some people say that this game is for 0-6 years old!! OMG like im just going WTF…YOU GUYS GROW UP TOO FAST and that is a bad thing! You know why? Everyone should be what they want to be, have the will to be immature for the longest time possible. When you get to the point that you start working and earning cash for your family..

Post Date: 09:11 24-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: bebehape
Comment: this game is fun and addicting! sure, u use about 2 buttons to attack, but u can assign more keys to do more skills such as healing urself, putting ur guard up, and more. you get new skills for every job advancement. you can trade items or mesos with anybody in the game. at lvl 20 it does get boring, but at lvl 30 u get another job advancement which means more skills and abilities. there is no end to this game. the monsters are not the same…as u lvl up higher, u can travel to more difficult places where there are more difficult monsters…and it is really challenging. you can make friends too thats the best part. create parties and gain exp altogether. or create a guild. u can go into cash shop to buy aesthetic necessities such as changing ur hair, skin color, face, clothes, weapons (just to name a few). u can also get a pet that u take care of. the downside is that u pay real money for that in the cash shop (every gaming company needs to make money somehow, right?) if not, u can just use stock items that u can buy with the in-game currency called mesos from stores from different towns. again, as u level up, u get access to stronger, more complex, and more cooler-looking gear. the possibilities are pretty much endless because nexon provides patches every once in a while that make the game more interesting; christmas events, easter egg hunts, etc. overall, this game is for people of all ages who are looking for a never-ending classic gaming experience filled with fun, excitement, and adventure. and to all u haters out there, just get off of maple island and u’ll see what im talking about.

Post Date: 00:58 24-01-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Dragonoo
Comment: OMG this game is as fun as hell man! the graphics arent that great but who cares?? i think its the funneset when ur in a guild and every loves u man!rock on GM!

Post Date: 02:47 20-01-2007
Rating: 3
Author: ilovegunzxP
Comment: this game is awful.
Community:Well this is were its good.
Monsters:Start with snails. never bothers to play past killing pigs.
Jobs:Basic Game play Jobs nothing too special.
leveling: Insaly difficult later on.

Post Date: 09:04 16-01-2007
Rating: 7
Author: gimmeapenny
Comment: Its alright for a little while.. others love it, I thought the lack of exp was insane, TOO insane. Still a fun game to play for a little while, I like the graphics classes were entertaining and the community is 50/50 good/bad.

Post Date: 05:37 11-01-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Porthos
Comment: It is 2D but it does turn out having no click to attack something then just sit there and the 4 different class skills can be fun i really like this game.

Post Date: 23:13 10-01-2007
Rating: 8
Author: YamiVegeta
Comment: This game isn’t for 5 year olds as most people say. I’ve played it for a few months, but yeah .. after some time you get bored of lvling ..which takes a very loong time. Not to mention the hackers on every channel that spoil your fun by killing all your mobs. But overall it’s a pretty nice game, but it tends to get booring pretty fast. 8 from me.

Post Date: 00:42 10-01-2007
Rating: 7
Author: emojoe
Comment: this game is not bad,can get boring and repetitive after a while.gameplay features 4 classes warrior,theif,mage,bowman, wich are all different and have diffrent ismostly full of alot of hackers and beggers|noobs.Sweet oldSCHOOL rpg feel and controls.Cash shop is so stupid the items dont do sh!t ownly for look or style.the world is so small compared to other games but ok.not alot of items,its like get the next set of items then save up for upgrades and the next set u can pick the coulour.if you want a game to play for a month this might be it.

Post Date: 22:17 09-01-2007
Rating: 2
Comment: Stupid in every way. whenever i play this game i feel like a 5-year old. i applaud the idea of a 2d mmorpg but this is not what i thought it would be. im not impatient in fact i have a lv.48 RS account. the cash shop is a waste of money cause in rpgs your real life social status shouldn”t matter your success. like the gaurdian thing in AQ, or the membership in RS, payment should be optinol. if you must pay to get accesories instead of in game cash then thats just wrong! the community is full of beggars, rude people, and hackers(au contrare bellacat) that wish to harm you! while im not saying RS has a graet community either, this game has more n00bs and hackers. on the positive side this game may be suitible for kids under 6 and people who like chibi stuff and cute clothes, i just stick with games like rs or wow.

Post Date: 05:12 07-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Jarrito
Comment: Ok when i first started this game I thought i was playing a freaking gameboy game. I was embarrassed to have this game on my computer but if you are under 5 years old then you might not be. The graphics are worse then runescape!! and i cant believe people waste there time playing this.

Post Date: 02:14 07-01-2007
Rating: 9
Author: blazer33
Comment: MS is a good game with cool graphics, but is not for the impatient and short-tempered. Eventually, you get 2 a point when leveling up is extremely long and tedious. but it is still a cool game

Post Date: 22:41 06-01-2007
Rating: 7
Author: eatwhileplaying
Comment: MapleStory isn’t for everybody. It might not be for those who are extremely impatient. It might not be for those whose souls are as dead as radioactive waste. It might not be for those who foolishly think a game is only about graphics and not the concept or control. But it is for the rest of us.
This game is actually more fun than some people give it credit for. The Cash Shop, hackers, rude people and the difficulty in leveling makes the game get frustrating at points. And if you don’t have any friends to talk to, you might as well quit after the first few weeks. But if you put all of that inside, you have yourself a pretty fun game. There are several fun maps, including hidden maps to explore and PQs are some of the most fun cooperative concepts I’ve played, even if they do get pretty repetitive. Several branching jobs offer incentive to make more characters and the large variety of monsters does offer some challenge. It’s worth giving a try since it’s free so feel free to give it a try.

P.S. And seriously people. Stop whining about the music. Ever heard of the ‘mute’ function on your computer? How about popping a CD into the disc drive and listening to that instead? That’s one of the last things that you can complain about since you can do things about it. -_-

Post Date: 02:03 06-01-2007
Rating: 4
Author: oneyx
Comment: Its not that bad of a game… But if you play it for more than like a mounth… WoW! You have no life! Everything about this game is cheesy! I recomend this game for people ages 0-6 and anyone older than that, that playes need to start playing a different game!

Post Date: 16:25 04-01-2007
Rating: 6
Author: Inaru
Comment: Well, this game is great overall AND its free.

so why do you ppl complain well oke there is no PVP and the music is ^^^^^ but who cares turn of the music turn your own music on and your done

And you guys are complaining bout leveling i have a level 70 and it took me 3 months….

all though i dont think this game is worth more then a 6 just becus there are hackers every where. and its boring like hell its fun for sometime but afther that.. go play a real game like WoW or something

Post Date: 08:19 03-01-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Sl8yer
Comment: I hv to day this game is ok, but it gets too boring to lv up plus the music is down right annoying(ARGHHHHHHHHHH) n seriously who has seen bouncing happy-faced mushrooms (!?) killing ppl?

Post Date: 22:41 02-01-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Bellakat
Comment: This isn’t a game made for fancy three dimensional graphics or easy level ups. People who want a quick and simple way to the top should look elsewhere.
Maple Story is a good MMPRPG for those who are patient and willing to follow many steps and procedures to achieve a goal.
Overall, I would say that the game is well made and positively directed. It is fun and open to many people for no cost at all.
To those who are engorged in “fun outfits” and “nice looking clothes”:
If all you are interested in is looking “nice”, then maybe you should stop trying to hide yourself behind a animated chibi and get out and talk to people and, oh I don’t know, talk to a stylist.
I believe that the point of this game is to try to do as well as possible, but to help others and feel like it is a secure enough environment to ask players to help you. If you’d only ask people politely, you might see some results.
There are party, buddy, and guild features. Use them.
To those who have lost an account or character due to pin failure or lost password, I share your pain. You can prevent this by keeping and email or word document that says such information. Remember, it is a GAME. Unless you have invested real money through the Cash Shop (or other means)(Which I do not advise)there is nothing lost. Nothing but time. If you were truly spending that much time on advancing a character, you likely have more to spend.
Be careful, MMPRPGs can be habit forming, do not let them prevent you from getting around to your actual work. Don’t put off an essay or test or job to make up for a lost account.
It’s okay. Again, it is a game.

I rate Maple Story with an eight because I think that it is a healthy environment with a good purpose. Whether people choose to respect the goals of the game is another issue. It is not the Administrators’ faults if people hack or KS. It is up to you to respect the guidelines and to attempt to enforce this behavior.

Please consider what I have said before you try to trash the game and community.

Post Date: 01:17 31-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: oddone65
Comment: it was fun until they made the new stupid security code thing, i had a lvl 20 guy with lotsa cash, and now i cant even play because i forgot my code

Post Date: 00:59 31-12-2006
Rating: 4
Author: Miakko
Comment: This game is… okay. Depends on your interests.
-Great Graphics
-Lots to do
-Fun outfits
-awesome places to explore
-Its free!!!
-People are rude and ignore you
-Its SERIOUSLY hard to level up
-You can”t get nice looking clothes for a long time
-You need to use real money to change to certain hair, or get nice clothes
-lots, and I mean LOTS of hackers
-the music is AWEFUL. Big time.
-The attacks are terrible, its jsut the same thing over and over…

Overall, its great at first, but after a while it gets boring and tiresome. It more bad than good.

Post Date: 00:50 30-12-2006
Rating: 3
Author: Shmingle
Comment: This game is truely the worst game i have ever played in my life. Its really annoying to lvl and everyone hates spending a long time to lvl if they are like me. This game has no pvp which is the worst part. Who wants to play a game where you cant beat the living heck out of someone? The quests are boring and the rewards stink too. This game is pathetic. If you like bad graphics and childish looking monsters this is the game for you.

Post Date: 18:15 28-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: slayer555
Comment: of corse its hard to lvl up! thats the point! if it was as easy to lvl up at lvl 30 as it was at lvl 1, it would be completly boring! and having it hard to lvl up makes getting to lvl 70 very special cause so few ppl who have ADD like u cant stand a little chalange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post Date: 03:19 26-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: pwnage gamer
Comment: Even though its a 2d game with childish graphics u will really get into this game once ur lvl 30 or so. Its also fun when you play with friends.

Post Date: 02:10 24-12-2006
Rating: 8
Author: Chunkylova53
Comment: overall score 8. its the best completely FREE MMORPG game i hav ever played.

The good:
-lots of quests
-verrrry updated
-after lvl 30, basicly every1 look cool
-almost never quiet.(trust me its a good thing to actually talk to people)
-lost of items
-dieing is not the end of the world (not like runescape.
-graphics a pretty easy on the eyes (unless u play FF 10,11,12 all day)
-skills are very flashy

the bad:
-NO PVP *gasp*
-gives you quests when u cant do them without a really strong person
-hard to lvl after a while
-music drives u crazy after hearing it 4 2hrs
-losts of hackers
-could use more amrours annd weapons
-not a super friendly emovirment

Post Date: 14:21 23-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: conkerfreak
Comment: Ehh im bored of this game now. It gets pretty boring after the first week. And it gets so hard to level up.

Post Date: 13:26 22-12-2006
Rating: 2
Author: kupochan
Comment: i tried to get into it,and i quit very soon.they dont have a no ks system like flyff where once you attack that monster,no 1 else can attack it. if you dont like this, give flyff a try 😀

Post Date: 05:10 22-12-2006
Rating: 6
Author: Gizkaguy-BFB Game Ambassador
Comment: It’s O.K., but there are tons more games out there. Choose one of them instead.

Post Date: 05:08 22-12-2006
Rating: 8
Author: Linttle
Comment: I’m not sure about the Maplestory by Nexon. But I used to play the Maple Global previously. It was fun and had a nice community, big spawns and get to know people around the world. Until it split, things started to get worse.

I can say that Maplestory IS fun. I play the MapleSEA one, and guys…I recommend you all NOT to play in that server. The community there is so much worse, and apparently SEA stands for South-East-Asia…The people there are just rather…annoying. Though I’m a South-East-Asian myself, I just don’t like it.

I told myself never to touch Maplestory again. But over-all, this game has potential and a unique gameplay. I don’t look at graphics, cause my computer can’t take games with good graphics.

I rate this an 8. ^^

Post Date: 06:30 16-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: runescapesuks
Comment: this game rules. If you think this game is bad then u must be so im patient. I know u lose nx eventually which is bad but comeon u look good while u have it.This is so fun u fight u can have friends u can team up.I know sure u cant kill other players only if u r a higher lv buts its fun when u higher lv u can kill noobs with summons and laugh and laugh at them and watch them squirm.If u think this game is bad then u must be mad beacause u got no friends

Post Date: 08:51 13-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Cyan
Comment: Overall its an awesome game. It has a great community, gra[hics are awesome for a 2-D game, in fact, the 2-D games I find are always 16bit. If you’re one who doesnt fel like constantly pshing the Ctrl button, just hold it down, lol. Good battle system, has a knockback feature to it, but the game is a lil “edgy” at times for it, doesn’t take too long to level at first and has a nice selection of classes, each with a sub class. Armor/clothes are detailed and you rarely run into a person wearing the exact same things with the exact design. It has a cash shop where you can check out how things look on your dude even if you can’t buy it, only thing is that thats all they’re there for: looks. Theres KSers but thats easy to get around, you can usually just change the channel.
Only real cons I’ve seen is that they have the servers down a good bit so you can’t log in every other day a certain times, gam has a thing about lagging when theres another person in the area even on some of the faster computers, you dont heal or anything while youre in the cash shop, some of the quests they have are not really leveled that well, the Ect. spot in inventory is easily filled, and they tend to get annoying with the “MapleTips”. Thats really all the cons I can think of.
People who complain about leveling just want to get to the highest level without much effort, leveling is not suppose to be easy, because one level up can make it possible for you to kill monsters that normally would kill you in a few hits, its not suppose to be easy to get stronger than the majority of the monsters on Maple,but people seem to put their limits on the majority of players who were patient enough to get the exp needed. (Rock on Tiger!)

Post Date: 01:30 11-12-2006
Rating: 9
Author: n4ch0s
Comment: Takes too long to download, but is awesomeness, like Runescape. And Mmoman, he doesn’t know the true meaning of fun, or pouring your heart into something.(o”o)

Post Date: 00:43 10-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Mmoman
Comment: This game made me fell like i was playing that bad superman game for the N64 all over again. I was bored in the first few seconds. U must have like totally nothing to do if u choose this game.And to the guy below me im sure half these ppl arent lazy fat ppl that dont lke to waste time lvling up. They just dont like to sit around and b bored and waste there time with this annoying game. I must say runescape is a better game. lol

Post Date: 21:47 07-12-2006
Rating: 9
Author: The owner
Comment: Maple story is an (okay) game, it takes patience and gaming skills to be very good at this game. For all of you that dis it just because you are a lazy fat guy who doesn’t want to waste his precious time and energy on leveling up this is what you get (backhands in face).

Post Date: 19:08 05-12-2006
Rating: 1
Author: tigruma
Comment: i don’t even know what bad words i must say atm couse this game is for 4 years childrens

Post Date: 19:59 02-12-2006
Rating: 1
Author: IndoAss
Comment: This is the stupidest piece of garbage i’ve ever seen my friend play,j/k i dont have any friends but this is still the stupidest game i’ve ever played. the are the things i hate about this game;

1) The Game has terrible graphics and the music freaking bothers me.

2)Every time u lvl up the monesters give u 0.2 less percent of exp which makes it extremely hard to lvl up.

3) The game is just plain stupid.

4) I keep doing the exact same stab over and over again.

5) Who’s heard oh bounding pieces of Geleton? and bouncing muchrooms that when you touch, u get like freaking killed when ur like at low life.

6) What’s with paying for fashion in this stupid game, and since when are rabbits smart enough to pick up everything they see?

Post Date: 06:23 02-12-2006
Rating: 6
Author: Rawr123
Comment: I like maplestory a lot, but why did I rate it a 6? well, once in maplestory I was a low-leveled archer, if you go to a place where there are lots of high-leveled people, they’ll think your a noob because they think they are sooo great they go wandering off thinking its like they are the best, but they arent. remove that and this game is a 10!

Post Date: 00:27 02-12-2006
Rating: 9
Author: murfyy
Comment: This is a GREAT game, all you need to do is put a bit of time into it and you will find that its not that hard to level, its just some people are so impatient

Post Date: 15:15 29-11-2006
Rating: 8
Author: NeroGenesis
Comment: The only reason many of you dont like Maple Story is because you have to take time to level you cant become a god in a day or a week, you cant donate and become a god, and you just dont feel like putting time into a game…

Post Date: 22:09 26-11-2006
Rating: 2
Author: manny1016
Comment: I dont get this game you attack slow and the classes r pretty much the same it takes forever to lvl bad community and when I was figthing a monster I saw the sword go straight into it but It said I missed……whats up with that?!?!??!

Post Date: 17:26 26-11-2006
Rating: 0
Author: ilovegunzxP
Comment: It takesd about a year to lvl and it get boring fast. Terrible quest comminty is not close. If your not range your screwed.Graphic wise it is bad too. the controls on some parts are screwing. You end up training all week for a lvl. if youwant a pointless game with terrible graphics to piss you off download this game…..Its soo bad i rather go play runescape right now D:

Post Date: 22:38 24-11-2006
Rating: 10
Author: wazeran
Comment: For me, the best online game ever!!

Post Date: 20:26 24-11-2006
Rating: 2
Author: Avey
Comment: Maple Story is a very addicting game to begin with, even as a beginner, you can’t help but feel addicted right after the first monster you defeat, you just want to beat down more and more and feel the thrill of leveling more and more. The graphics are beautiful and the monsters are both adorable and frightening at the same time, with good quality, you could just stare at the background for hours upon hours.

There are a ton of downsides to the game that I have seen, one of the biggest downsides is the massive decreace in experience gained by the monsters you defeat. The experience turns from one hour, to one day, to three days, to weeks. One entire day, lunch during gameplay and during healing time and dinner at the same time, shutting off all messengers and basically focusing only on defeating as many monsters as possible, I can get up to 30 pct. exp which many people tend to struggle to get. This adds to great stress and people tend to gain ‘territories’ and will hold domain over their territory as much as possible. I remember even being requested to go to town and buy somebody potions so they won’t loose their awsome spawn spot.

To add to the stress, dying will cost 5% of your total exp for each death you are penulized at, which I have determined as a level 40 Cleric training at zombie lupins, this will count up to 30 minutes of training lost and not being recieved.

The quest system helps with the unbelievable training times, but the worst thing I have seen overall about the quest system is that most of them that give the most exp focus on obtaining items hard to get, causing normal ext. items to skyrocket in price and people take complete advantage of this as well.

Short range fighters have the worst luck over anybody else. Mages, archers, and claw assassins have it a lot easier sence they can strike at a distance to protect territories. This game is basically a game for long range warriers, even then the training is so intence that they will have to focus on one account overall (any secondary accounts I see barilly pass level 30)

The game as well is not party friendly except for clerics from what I have knowticed. All over classes will loose 1/3 of their max exp gained, and sence their accuracy highly determines the amount of monsters they can fight, it will mean that the party members have to work twice as hard to accominate for their losses. Younger users won’t even be able to benefit from the older user’s experience on account of monster levels and their own, not to mension many newer users have a bad habit of bothering veterins for free experience.

There is a horrible banking system in the game, there is an infinate amount of money able to be stored and only 4 types of items maxed able to be stored withen an account. Most items are being held by the player which causes a lack of space to happen quite a lot of time.

Anything interesting and cool withen the game is also only available by paying through paypal, such as buying hairstyles, cool clothing or hiding ugly looking items you are wearing or even buying a cute pet that can assist you with collecting items needed. There is also something to help fix broken stats, but it becomes so expencive that you’ll be ranking up a couple hundred before you know it.

I think I got my point across…

Post Date: 23:07 16-11-2006
Rating: 10
Author: FallenAngel
Comment: lol i noe ^^. i cant wait until lvl70. but i cant really play that much now cuz too much skool work T-T…. =P

Post Date: 06:54 16-11-2006
Rating: 9
Author: ghoulkidc
Comment: Well,too all that say bad graphics,look at the game,its a certain taste that only a certain person could like,me on the other hand,i love anythin thats lets me lvl up ta 50+,so i think it was good,monsters where too cute,weapons where kinda cool and where nice for the graphics that the game has.Few classes,but still good,play it,make a guild,have fun(cept the picky ppl,stop reviewin games i u r gonna nit-pick)

Post Date: 01:22 15-11-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Heeya13
Comment: hey fallen angel, wait until u get to lvl 70. thats when it’s really the shiznit! (by shiznit i mean cool)

Post Date: 13:50 14-11-2006
Rating: 0
Author: koalaboy6
Comment: No offence i have nothing against this game but the graphics! i mean hello?!? theyre not that good i have to say : )

Post Date: 23:54 13-11-2006
Rating: 10
Author: FallenAngel
Comment: Hey all, meh, may be u guyz didnt play it to the end (like lvl50+). for me, i am a lvl 67 cleric. it is fun to play with ur friends online and do pq and stuff together. i have been played ms for like a yr now.( i noe i suck x.X) i have like over 40 ppl on my bl. talking to friendz and do something fun is fun. dont u think? in the begining of the game, i wuz kinda bored, but then i guess friendz made meh keep on playing it. AND~ one special mention to all meh friendz in ms. i love you all ^^

Post Date: 17:56 11-11-2006
Rating: 2
Author: shadowmyre
Comment: gah!this game is horrible,I’ve played it for about a month a little while back and had a lvl 6 beginner and a lvl 15 rouge,it started to bore the crap outta me,I realised I was just some cartoon that threw stars and stabbed giant ushrooms,treestumps,and some blob things,and other stupid stuff,all you do is walk around,buy stuff,and kill tings and the lvl’ing system takes forever and there are high lvl kill stealers everywhere I go,now I admit it,this game has some good things for it,but those things weren’t helping me enjoy it,it doesn’t meet my standards,not my type of game,not even close…

Post Date: 23:34 09-11-2006
Rating: 6
Author: Club
Comment: Me and my friend share a WoW account. SO while hes having fun on world of war craft I play this game. So basically its my back up game. I guess it keeps me busy. I like the little mini characters design. My guy is like a little warrior, and he looks like a Kendo Fighter from Japan. I think thats kinda cool. But im definitly not gonna say this game has no faults however. I foyu hate people that KS youll definitly hate this game. Since leveling up takes really long, if your in a place with alot of mages it takes 5 times as long. Mages have a good advantage in this game over any character, cause they can pretty much kill everything on the screen in the blink of an eye. I find that very annoying. The Cash Shop is also a complete waste of time aswell, because it will make you look somehwta like a cool player, its very expensive, and all your items dissapear in 30 days or so. I thinkt hats pathertic of wizet. If theyre gonna let people pay money for items why cant they keep it? Minigame events happen only like once a year. A boon for this game however is they make holdiday festive events better then any other game. Thats a good thing. I keep this game on my comp my backup weapon, as WoW is my Greatsword, Maplestory is my Dagger

Post Date: 22:44 09-11-2006
Rating: 3
Author: packard20
Comment: k, one thing… if ANYONE says that its better than ANY 3d game, there WRONG… this ame is horrible… its confussing, the levels are slloooww and the quest’s are bad. it has’t got ONE reward to my knowlage. i like the tdea, its origanal. they did’t steal it. but it looks to cartoony for me. perople who like cartoons i suggest this. (japanese anime)

Post Date: 22:34 24-10-2006
Rating: 7
Author: Coryatogre
Comment: Rito People. Let me introduce myself. Im Cory From a wide gaming clan named:The Hai Wrath Gamers. And Im here to review the game Maple story. So lets get down to buissness. I review games, right down to sighning up and logging in,Playing to sighning off. Heres a go now. Step Sighning in
I always thought sighning up for asian games is really tough if you live in america. well is is with this game to. Its pretty normal, my only objection to sighning up is that you have to go to the official site to do so. I tried sighning up on the asian page, and they ranted me for now having an asia soft account. So if you are an english player make sure you sign up on the global page. After you have an account, you vertify it and stuff you log in and sign in. Once your in you have to get a pin number. Asian game are really hard on hackers. So not only do you have to register your password, but also a 4 digit pin as well. After that you done.

2.nd step gameplay

when you first log into maplestory you find your chracter in a tutorial world. I forget the name but yeh. You see your character at the bottom of the screen. The graphics of this game are called:Chibi styled anime. You will have to go through a series of tasks ect. Tutorial island is a very good place to spend some time on to develop your character so hes not completely lost in the real world. There is a small set of quests on the tutorial island, so you can buy a weapon upgrade and some basic armour: A head band. When you get to the main stream world unlike other games it will not overwhelm first time players. From there you can have some quality hunting time, pick up monster refines ect. Also when you reach lvl 8-15 you get a job advancement so you can achieve new skills.

3.rd step pros n cons.

-Good graphics for skills
-A wide variety of choices in classes
-cool clothing

-button masher
-long level up times,takes along period of patience
-Babiesh lollypop music

Post Date: 09:02 24-10-2006
Rating: 0
Author: blabblah
Comment: this game is bad to the will waste your as it is bloodily addictive.they can possess you or something like that when you not even start people.

Post Date: 06:45 23-10-2006
Rating: 3
Author: xwhitesoulx
Comment: you play about S$10 to get a prepaid and you buy stupid stuff like clothes that don’t up your stats,a marriage system which main purpose is for you to buy the prepaids.same moves,stupid skills,cartoon background and the sound is like playing a game for babies.monsters are pigs and even the high level mobs are…FISHES!!!

Post Date: 00:21 19-10-2006
Rating: 5
Author: Mr. Unknown
Comment: Please read this review. 🙂

Maplestory is fun but I would prefer a different game, the only thing you do is wear cool cloths, walk around, and kill things. They need to get more specific with things, but still maplestory is a ok game. The first thing I thought to my though (like ILoveGunzxp said) “looks like im a cartoon character whaping a pig with the same moves”…..”what a minute I am!!”

Post Date: 20:36 16-10-2006
Rating: 8
Author: gamerman2007
Comment: takes to long to level up
seams boring after a while
otherwise good

Post Date: 02:42 16-10-2006
Rating: 4
Author: ILoveGunzxP
Comment: wow i look like cheap manga and do the same stab moves….Yep thats wut i thought playin this game….and then i relized omg! i am cheap anime knock off that does the same stab moves!!!! =D

Post Date: 23:03 13-10-2006
Rating: 6
Author: bluezone
Comment: A fun and interesting game concept… simple but well executed. The platforming elements are a welcome change. Combat is not just the old point, click, wait, loot, repeat. There are items which can be bought for real world cash, but they have no impact on gameplay (purely aesthetic). The MAJOR flaw is in the community. Nice people are sometimes encountered, but acting like a jerk is overwhelmingly common practice. Kill stealing is rampant. The maturity level is in the gutter. Players will feel a burning desire to murder and loot these people, but there is no outlet for such frustration.

Post Date: 04:39 10-10-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Beap
Comment: Slow leveling, but good “in game” develope such as places and kewl skills too. I am looking for Mapleglobal to create “Korean Folk Town” for me to explore!

Post Date: 04:13 09-10-2006
Rating: 7
Author: mikeaqueste
Comment: This game has a great lvling system although its tempting to play 24/7. and y does everyone say it gets boring at lvl 20?! also. there rnt just kids playing. u hear TOO MUCH cussing in this game, which is a big problem. This game cannot be compared to Runescape. Maplestory has a better lvling system, graphic, music (weird though) and a lot of other stuff. All the characters r ballanced too, giving a variety to the game. The main problem with this game is that everyone is so selfish. Everyone cusses and scams even the kids do. THIS GAME SHOULD BE RATED: R (Restricted)

Post Date: 05:24 08-10-2006
Rating: 9
Author: RPGgamer
Comment: this is really fun but gets boring around lvl 20

Post Date: 15:34 06-10-2006
Rating: 7
Author: colby33
Comment: its a 2d Mmorpg lots of people but sort of more for kids 7 – 13 got to lvl 20 then got to hard so we quit… u can have fun for a wile

Post Date: 22:07 28-09-2006
Rating: 10
Author: valianshaw
Comment: i dont know what peoples problems are with this game. sure its childish, the graphics are bad, and yeah, fighting gets boring, but its the only game ive played in a long time where you can actually help someone fight something. i love this game, and id still be playing it if my stupid comp didnt mess with the file and make it so it doesnt work.

Post Date: 18:40 24-09-2006
Rating: 3
Author: Golden Soul
Comment: I think the background has better graphics and the background isnt too shabby.
No pvp
Pay real cash for style?Come on!
Leveling up is insane.Ive been playing for about 3 weeks and now im bored,im only lvl16,and in runescape id be around lvl32-35.

Post Date: 23:14 14-09-2006
Rating: 10
Author: lilzedel
Comment: i do injoy this game when others begin to cpamp my hand :). it may be a little slow but its still very enjoyable. at lease give it a try till lvl 20ish

Post Date: 22:59 14-09-2006
Rating: 8
Author: hellomoto
Comment: ill be fair with this game it to me is a great game but the leveling up is aweful! This game is great untill you get into you 20s thats when it all goes down south if they fix this problem in the next patch i think it would be a great game hands down reguardless how kidish it may seem i actually love the kiddish look but more importantly i love how you can customize your char

Post Date: 03:54 14-09-2006
Rating: 1
Author: Heeya13
Comment: this game has no battle system, bad graphics, bad equip system, bad leveling, stupid jobs, and you have to pay money for stuff!

Post Date: 22:54 12-09-2006
Rating: 4
Author: Jag_Smissai
Comment: side scrolling?…ugghh Runescape is better and you dont have to download rs…

Post Date: 05:01 31-08-2006
Rating: 0
Author: christwarrior
Comment: ugh i HATE this game!!! first off a side-scolling mmorpg?! second off all u do is press control and alt. the quests r bad and your enemies r snails, mushrooms, treestumps, just stupid stuff if u want a better game then try something else just stay away from this game!!!!!

Post Date: 04:53 29-08-2006
Rating: 8
Author: LoneWolf686
Comment: Its cool, but it gets boring around lvl 25-40
just be glad that its better than runescape

Post Date: 04:50 27-08-2006
Rating: 5
Author: Tallica
Comment: so boring at the start, yet so fun if you are over lv 80. Which makes a lot of reason why to hack this game

Post Date: 23:37 24-08-2006
Rating: 10
Author: demonprince
Comment: Dont listen to them… really =/ i really rate this game an 8 but i want more ppl to play it so i put a 10 down. Sure there is level grinding but its fun. And even though you only press like 3 buttons for attacks at least you dont click all the time inother mmorpg. Except for flyff Its the best long running game ever ^_^ in that u get to use keys for walking and use f1-f12 for attack.

But anyways maple story is original its the best 2-d game around ( except for trickster and nostale which is both ) trust me it is REALLY fun and they say it gets boring at level 50 but of course its suppose to get challenging at a high level. And third job has sooooo cool graphics for 2-d anyways. And i say 1 fourth job skill in a video on youtube and thats even cooler but there is only 1 attack for each job on japan testing so far so its not comng out for a long time. So PLAY MAPLESTORY >=)

Post Date: 10:59 18-08-2006
Rating: 10
Author: blazegrenade
Comment: you guys dont now what ur talking about how long did you play this game for. The game is great and yes is boring at first but once you get the second job its great. some people dont like this game because its to childish but name a game that an adult would play. O and firegamer12 is wrong because there is real money involved its called NXcash which is used to make youre character look cool. if u do play this game add me myu character is a fire/poison wizard called blazegrenade

Post Date: 01:42 18-08-2006
Rating: 1
Author: firegamer12
Comment: bad graphics bad communuty need real life money
its boring!

Post Date: 16:58 11-08-2006
Rating: 0
Author: 1337soldier
im serious. DONT waste ur time dling this.
lemme tell u a few bad things about maple story:

1) horrible graphics
2) worst music ive heard in my life
3) attacking monsters is unbelievably boring
(all u do is press ctrl or shift)
4) quests are very boring and unoriginal
(all u do is either kill monsters or collect
5) cash shop is full of useless pieces of crap
that wizet expects people to pay for
6) SO CHILDISH! even my 8 year old little
brother hates maple story

Post Date: 21:09 10-08-2006
Rating: 3
Author: crcore
Comment: this is another one of those games u get into the first 4-8 days then it just gets boring once uve done what u wanted to do (like lvling to lvl 20 or getting that nice sword u always wanted ), kinda like runescape, meh i giv this game a 3/10 really bad 🙁

Post Date: 18:52 07-08-2006
Rating: 1
Author: Kashi-Zoa
Comment: Hmm alot of mixed feelings out there… My sister plays and says its pretty good, But I kinda thought different. Ok. Lets just see here. Let me tell you the few basic good things about this game: Cute character design, Good variety of skills, Diddo for classes.
ok that was all there is thats good about this game. Let me tell you the bad things about it:
1)You hold shift to attack and kill monsters.
2) Massiveowner isnt lieing to you guys. The music is freaking terrible.
3) Your enemys are: snails, Bouncing mushrooms, tree stumps, Mushrooms,Mushroooms,Mushrooms…Umm a green mushroom..ughh
4) the quest system is really bad
5) The Cash Shop is really gay. You have to pay good money for and item that lasts 30 days… Does that make any sence?

I think the people who made this game loaded up on alot of ecstacy and desighend maplestory. I dont even know why game ogre made it in the hall of fame. Best for Ten year olds and under.

Post Date: 14:53 03-08-2006
Rating: 0
Author: massiveowner21
Comment: Not impressed!

Graphics are horrible the background is copyied from windows and the characters are all babyish.

sound: all lolly pop songs i giggled a bit thinking it was a glitch but when it didnt change i ripped out my head phones.

community: after reading this:—-AWESOMEEE………. I love it…. so far its my fave. Sure, it gets real boring after a while, but as you get stronger, (such as lvl 30 for second job) its more fun… i dont know why lvling up is such a prob for ppl like lvl 50. Its a challenge ,duh. I reccomend it. So cute. A+++++ ^_^.
^ well after that i was sure that the people were possesed into thinking it was good i mean come ON look at the screenshot!

story line: you picked up a doughnut and found a letter in it. ROFL.
over all : 0/10

Post Date: 23:00 29-07-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Eurudice
Comment: AWESOMEEE………. I love it…. so far its my fave. Sure, it gets real boring after a while, but as you get stronger, (such as lvl 30 for second job) its more fun… i dont know why lvling up is such a prob for ppl like lvl 50. Its a challenge ,duh. I reccomend it. So cute. A+++++ ^_^

Post Date: 00:53 22-07-2006
Rating: 8
Author: sardimon
Comment: UMMMMMM………….well . i have a 31 hunter and this is wat i can tell you

kool specail moves
happy game play.
cool emotes.
4 diffrent classes

WAYYYYY to much monster grinding(even though its fun to do)
only fun till lvl 31.
highly addicting
no pvp

Post Date: 16:42 19-07-2006
Rating: 4
Author: xintricate
Comment: agreed with freshhh1994 haha.
it seriously is the King of all lvl grinding games.
im lvl 50…bera…retired lol.
the first erm 20 lvls were fun i guess, cuz it didnt take too long. 30-50 was a drag though; insane lvl grinding.
besides the exponential growth of xp needed to lvl, this game is pretty good. well, if you dont have a thing against 2d graphics, its nice. i;d prefer 3d, but the ms graphics arent that bad; its the best 2d around. the characters are supposed to be chibi, and if not cute then at least theyre funny looking. the clothes are aesthetically pleasing…i like the fact that you get to choose your clothing instead of wearing the same thing as everyone else (referring to ragnarok online) and the skills are cool too…maps take a good amount of time to explore fully…but…even though it was entertaining at first, the insane amount of time it takes to lvl got to me in the end, lol. so i give this a 4?
however if your one of those people who can handle the lvl grind; try to get to 3rd or 4th job, the skills are supposed to be awesome.

Post Date: 13:43 18-07-2006
Rating: 3
Author: leon121
Comment: Cartoon-anime graphics. Its got lots of fetures,
character emotions. Its fun, but the way the game is i got board of it.

Post Date: 06:43 12-07-2006
Rating: 10
Author: maplemario
Comment: this is a good game its so cool u kill monsters and play mini minigames like omok and cards it is just awesome its way better that runescape i got a lvl 37 assassin it has cash shop and other cool stuff u can also go on a train and a boat but it takes a while to lvl

Post Date: 16:03 10-07-2006
Rating: 0
Author: freshhh1994
Comment: I used to really like this game. But now I hate it. All you do is kill monsters to kill more monsters. Also it takes forever to level, and is insanely addicting. I felt like I was a slave.

Post Date: 03:42 10-07-2006
Rating: 7
Author: The Ferret
Comment: Maple Story is fun. You can almost mix rpg skills with platformer-esque style. There just dont seem to be enough skills though. The game was obviously designed for children, which i dont mind, but some hardcore orc slayers might. The weapons sometimes are just stupid (a janitor mop, fork on a stick, purse?) Its fun if you have some spare time to get smacked down by monkeys.

Post Date: 21:27 09-07-2006
Rating: 6
Author: Izar
Comment: This game is pretty good, however, the downside to this is the leveling (it takes forever). Also, idiots out there use the the term “Noob” to mean lower-leveled characters, when it actually means someone who’s ignorant. Also, the GMs (Game Moderators) are hardly ever there. I have been hacked 5 times (3 of the times was the same user), but only got one of them banned in all. The only reason I kept playing was because a friend gave me alot of free stuff. But it’s really good to spend spare time on.

Post Date: 18:27 07-07-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Sutaki
Comment: It gets boring after a while, but when its not boring, its still boring. i DO NOT recommend this game. Id rather play adventure quest than this load of Sh!t. If you ever see this game again, hide your face and walk towards MXO…

Post Date: 07:41 06-07-2006
Rating: 0
Author: High5
Comment: okay i played this game for about 6 months and i had a lvl.54 assassin , lvl.15 bowman , and a lvl.33 cleric and then it hit me….Why am I wasting my life? Serious, this game gets boring really fast….
Pros : 1.great varieties of skills
2.good selections of different classes sysytem is okay.
4.lots of different items.
5.lots of places to visit( when your a high level enough to get there )
6.lots of different kinds of monsters.
Cons: 1.Waste of your life.
2. takes hours to just level up once.
4.extremely boring combat system. is a 2d pvp……….very disappontant
7.most monsters just touch u to hurt u…. shop uses real money and the items u buy there doesnt even last a long time.
9.lots of ksers.
10.lots and i mean lots of losers who think they are pro-ish and thinks a “noob” is a lower level character.thats not what “noob” means.
11.quests are wrothless to do.
12.lots of hackers…….
13.were they thinking a chibi 2d game would be a great hit???well its not!!!
14.should i go on??? cause theres dozens more cons …..but im tired of writing so…..

basically this game wastes your life.runescape is better than this even.becuz it has PVP.pvp is like the basic thing u need in a mmorpg.for a game that calls itself “maplestory” i dont see much of the maple , and where is the story???!???!!?!!?!??!?!?! if anyone whos looking for a decent mmorpg that is better than maplestory but fits on your low computer than play runescape than this garbage.

Post Date: 16:23 04-07-2006
Rating: 9
Author: retro gravy
Comment: well I in my opinion like this game, its an o.k. pretty good game but its soooooo addicting, sure it has its downfalls but it also has a lot of good qualities 2, being a mage for example, its bad being a mage wen u first start because u cant use magic but wen u can use magic its fun ^^

Post Date: 22:08 03-07-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Blloodstain-Boi
Comment: Umm lest just ay it kept me busy for awhile. to properly rate this game ill break up some pros and cons: Pros)Cool skills, Good Service, pretty friendly community, Nice party system
Cons) really stupid graphics…are you chracters supposed to be chibi or something?, no pvp, Hours to level up, monsters hurt you by just touching you, height damage, VERY repititve, thats probably the thing that made me quit…. heres a basic combat description: Wack wack wack wack wack >< damage wack wack dead repeat. (lol that was fun) ne ways its cool if you like the whole azn chibi style graphics, and you got alot of time on your hands. If your moms like: ONLY 20 MINUTES OF GAMING EACH DAY MCGEORGE!!! youd probably just not want to play….

Post Date: 21:40 27-06-2006
Rating: 0
Author: stormgx
Comment: For a free game which has the cheek to have a cash shop that offers items that hardly las forever (last 30 days or so) poor anime if thats what your into, im not but i draw it. You can only fight and do quests and minigames so no variation. You get hurt by touching things but you dont hurt them for doing the same? a handbag hurts more than a sword?!? you kill snails and mushrooms and they are not easy! quests ask for 200 of something and its a rare drop o.0!

Recommended Ages 3-10 (as they TEND to have alot of time)
Recommended game instead:- Runescape
why? its free, you can pay membership to access other areas items quests places monsters minigames so its worth it £3.20 a month or $5 with credit card.
you dont just have to fight, you can make your own armor, make food, craft, herblore, fletch etc etc
dont have to be one class, can train every stat including range, attack, defence, magic and strength. i could go on but i have little time.

Post Date: 23:00 22-06-2006
Rating: 9
Author: ryandude
Comment: Great and fun. Too many hackers tho o.O

Post Date: 01:09 22-06-2006
Rating: 2
Author: AQmaster
Comment: Really boring in my opinion. The fact that it looks like a video game and not like an online RPG makes me want to go play a real video game, not something stuck between a MMORPG and a video game.

Post Date: 19:42 21-06-2006
Rating: 10
Author: karl110
Comment: Personaly i think this game is great! i would be playing and playing and forget i had to do anything! I could play this all day, Ps great game for any age

Post Date: 14:28 20-06-2006
Rating: 8
Author: Exorcism
Comment: Maplestory is made for players who really enjoy MMORPG’s.

I give it an 8 for a number of reasons, It’s totally FREE, there is a cash shop (for real money) but not paying doesn’t effect the game at all. Nice community, ofcourse there are some annoying people and hackers (but every game has that.

I could really recommend this game to all ages, it might seem like a weird game (trust me it is :D), but odds are you will love it 😀

Post Date: 20:16 15-06-2006
Rating: 7
Author: serenefantasy
Comment: I’ve been playing this game for a year. The only reason I haven’t quit is because I’ve made friends on it. For you serious gamers out there, this game gets boring REALLY really fast. Once you get to lvl 30, training takes forever. Also, at low lvls, skills are limited. You don’t even get major damage until past lvl 50. It takes you 10 lvls to max a skill. And yes you’ll get hurt if monsters touch you. One thing I really don’t like about this game, is there are a lot of rude people (ksers, spammers, annoying noobs) and also people tend to worship the game masters that don’t even do their job. Hackers run free.

Post Date: 14:58 12-06-2006
Rating: 10
Author: 1lovemyari
Comment: This is a fun game, with lots of quests that give a variety of things from potions to weapons, and they usually come with experience. There is also an awesome chat system, you have a buddy list, there’s guilds now, and you can party (meaning you make a party and you all kill monsters and get equal exp for the most part). There a ton of people and most are willing to help out. Some aren’t nice, but you can just ignore them. There are four or five seperate servers with 20 channels on each, so you can always get on. I recommend this game to anyone with a lot of time on there hands though. It does take a little while to level up after level 21. I’m level 33 right now, and it takes about 4-5 hours for me to level up. But with 4 clases, which each class can be upgraded at level 30 with even more special abilities, I’d say this game has totally been worth my time. This game is Awesome, the best game I’ve played by far. But again, as I said earlier, this game isn’t for those that don’t have a lot of patients, because this game does take a while to advance in.

Post Date: 12:58 12-06-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Anti-maplestory
Comment: please mmorpg gammer listen to me … i played this game until level 28 … i played it 4 weeks to be level 28 and i use just ONE yes i say just ONE skill since the first job (at level 10) … the quests are stupid and dont give a lot exp (1000 max at level 20, next level = 30000exp or more), at level 28 i gain 0,6% exp per monster , dont have blue , craft or unique items. PLAYS SILKROAD ONLINE (free mmorpg, 3D! unique items! good quest! )

Post Date: 12:33 12-06-2006
Rating: 7
Author: pyro maniac
Comment: Im not 100% sure on what to give this game, because, I played it and got bored, even though not much has changed I have the strangest urge to play it again even though they have heads bigger than thier bodies. Something about it is so unique. I think I may have gave up on it because I didnt want to spend money on items, and becuase of that people looked at me weirdly because I had no special items, I was just a “noob” who sucked according to a few level 40’s. But either way I will start again.

Post Date: 06:54 12-06-2006
Rating: 8
Author: connor12
Comment: all i get day in and day out are people who think ks is cool(killsteal) all you have to do is find a nice free monster and then some high level person comes in and kills it so you get is 1 exp but if you look aside that maple story is a good game with a bit to do(if i say a lot to do ill have to beat myself for lying) but the skills are cool good graphics and mainly a nice comunity.Give it a try

Post Date: 10:46 09-06-2006
Rating: 10
Author: gbwong
Comment: Simply the best!

Post Date: 00:42 02-06-2006
Rating: 10
Author: battlebuddy1
Comment: This is my second review! ShadowWing05 is right. I’m already lvl 25. But it took a long time, but hey it was worth it. I would rate this infinity and beyond. 🙂

Post Date: 04:41 01-06-2006
Rating: 8
Author: SlySniper
Comment: You can look at all the other reviews and decide whether to play this game or not, but, you only need to read this one.

1) Great graphics for a free game,
2) Challenging,
3) Easy to make friends if you are willing to make friends,
4) People will always help you if you are polite,
5) Lots of things to keep you occupied, from Quests, to Party Quests, to Mini-Games,
6) Cool looking spells and lots of diversity.

1) The music and sound effects could be better,
2) Takes time and lots of determination to level later on,
3) Even though you can report scammer, hackers, or whoever, they usually don’t get banned immediately.

So, overall, this is a very good free game. If you want better graphics or better game play, go BUY a game.

Oh, and by the way, if you are a begginer, and you don’t know how to whisper to people, like me, just type in “/whisper SlysMage” without the “” and then type your message. Happy Mapling

Post Date: 02:47 24-05-2006
Rating: 5
Author: NekoFoo
Comment: The rating i give this game varies. The game is utterly boring when no one to play with; you need lots of friends to enjoy it because the gameplay alone isn’t enough. When i first played i would give it a 10 beacause i thought the game was fun, but it does get very boring very fast. But if you wait a little while (for me it took a year, sadly enough) you may have an urge to play it again. So sometimes i hate it, sometimes i like it. I’ll give it a 5.

Post Date: 09:48 21-05-2006
Rating: 10
Author: ixHAKUxi
Comment: man i’ve been playing this game for agggesssss, got at leas 10 char most above 40, i recommend this to people how play t heaps, as u get stronger, itz gets funner, lots of quest, lots of items, lots of classes, lots of people, i realy reommend this!!! i luv this gave “”‘s2′””

Post Date: 13:50 18-05-2006
Rating: 10
Author: MageMiller
Comment: I am joining this site just so i could rate this game wow i love this game. it the kinda game where u start playing AT 8AM and end up looking at the clock a say wow it 11:00pm already i have work i need to go to sleep. Next thing you know it 4:00am the next day and there you are still playing maple story

Post Date: 00:24 08-05-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Rasengan
Comment: i tried it, not so good -_-… it was worse game i ever played… dude u kill frwakin smiling monsters.. it is a disgrace.. smiling!!!! It is like a fantasy game for girls!

Post Date: 06:23 07-05-2006
Rating: 10
Author: connor12
Comment: i havent downloaded this game but i played it with my cousin and all u saying its hard to lv up its just a game and wat fun would it b if u were on lv 10 on day 1? yes there are som sickos talking about porn and ksing u but they cant hurt u ok maybe the whole able to steal items glithc known by all is some thind needed to b fixed but hey do it to them they might have a good item on there way and bam u stole it!!!!! theres no pvp thank god if your a noob…..thank himmmmm! now bing called a noob can hurt but what can you do just walk past them and if they follow thell get bored cause they must bot b a noob so the monsters will b boring for them now this isint really a review more like an encourager to play it its unique fun and exciting so i give it a clear 10

Post Date: 22:58 06-05-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Krazykhmerboi
Comment: this game is cool but y do we need to pay REAL MONEY to wear clothes in the cash shop?Also the gameplay is incredible and the graphics are cartoony,thats y i like this game cuz u could choose to b a theif ,magician,archer,and warrior.But one prob;em for me someone changed my pin number.

Post Date: 22:05 02-05-2006
Rating: 9
Author: guy40
Comment: great graphics for 2d game. better music and graphics then runescape. very easy to make money

Post Date: 23:56 01-05-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Bloodshot469
Comment: This is the best game in the world. The graphics are good for a 2D game.

Post Date: 23:05 01-05-2006
Rating: 7
Author: khmerboi562
Comment: this game is superb.its just dat they’re hackers that steal monsters wit vacum hack and some dude changed my pin code so i can’t play but later i’ll do sometin.thats the problem some ppl could get ur mines.i’m lvl 29 thief so close almost lvl 30. It takes like bout less than 2 days to get to lvl 20.well thats for beginners.

Post Date: 22:10 30-04-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Ryno147
Comment: This is a fun game at first it looks weird (unless you love side scrollers) but easy to get used to. This is fun addictive and has sooooooo much to offer if now your playing runescape drop that game and download maple story. Runescape restricts like half the world and asks for money to play the other half, but maple story gives every bit of map FREE!!! Trust me you’ll love this game it is the best free MMORPG!!! I LOVE MAPLE STORY !!!!!!!!!!!!

Post Date: 04:39 30-04-2006
Rating: 10
Author: kevinyoo22
Comment: you guys should make a hack server for maplestory like ragnarok because it is so hard to lvl up~!! u have play like non-stop just to lvl up…..

Post Date: 02:36 23-04-2006
Rating: 10
Author: battlebuddy1
Comment: Read this review!!!I have been playing this game. And it is TOTALLY FUN. I really enjoy this game a whole lot. I love killing stuff and getting stronger and stronger. Soon it gets boring killing the same thing over and over, but usually u get to pick up something rare. If u want to know me then in mapleglobal i am skeetur in bera. This game is the best. YOU”ll never find another game like this. Once in a life time opertunity. But not allowed to curse. Seriously i don’t get that rule. People will be totally thrilled about this game. Thank you and have a wonderful day. Warning: might be addicting.

Post Date: 03:19 22-04-2006
Rating: 9
Author: turtlefuzz
Comment: First Off Maple Story Surpirzed me alot. This game has so to offer, a HUGE community hidden places, and every part of the world is free.

Like Most free MMORPGs there is a pay-to-play chunk of the world, like runescape, for example. If you play runescape then you should download this and give it a try. The game offers four classes: Warrior, Bowman(archer), Magician,and Theif. This Game has no set time period, it seems to be all mid evil at the start but well…its not along with the midevil items there are modern day citys and taxis. This games graphics are, well….ok. But the games graphics is something that sets it apart from other MMORPGs, the platforming element, there are hovering chunks of ground in the air you jump on and move around on, odd yes…but it works great.

+Great combat system
+Intressting and unique gameplay
+Every major element(world,quests,etc.)included, free
+Cash Shop where you can buy cool things.
+Great Controls

-Graphics suck
-Button Masher

Maple Story will last you a long time, the controls are smooth and the gameplay is almost flawless. But it is a button masher and the graphics arent great….


Try this game out, any age group can enjoy it.

Post Date: 23:23 19-04-2006
Rating: 5
Author: Gamegangsta
Comment: Id give this a 5, ive played many games, almost every free mmorpg on Gameogre, and this was one of my favorites for a while… like a month or two. Heres the posistives and negatives. Pros- 1. pretty decent graphics actually. 2. Lots of people playing. 3. fairly easy to get help. 4. Fun character classes, you upgrade your classes. 5. PQ!!!! party quests, very very addictive and fun! Cons- 1. if your over like 13, dont play, too many little annoyn kids, who talk about porno and stuff non stop, and like to pretend to hump other players. 2. you get tired of side scrolling and stuff. 3. button masher- ctrl, ctrl, ctrl, shift, ctrl. 4. usally just sit their killing monsters, just grinding away at xp. 5. Takes 4EVER to get into a PQ game cuz theirs only one- yes one!- per server, so theirs hundreads of ppl trying to play, but only a couple get to go in.

Post Date: 16:09 14-04-2006
Rating: 0
Author: gbwong
Comment: Stupid graphics and unporportionate heads.

Post Date: 11:21 14-04-2006
Rating: 5
Author: GameReviewer
Comment: childs game really, if ur over the age of 14 and play this MAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU REALLY NEED TO FIND SUMTHING ELSE. other than that its cool for young adults/children because u can make lots of friends and u can beat up snails and mushrooms

Post Date: 19:40 13-04-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Anubyss
Comment: Brilliant, brilliant game.

I cheered when I noticed that this game s graphics were much better than RuneScape s. Don t get me started on RuneScape. RuneScape = worst.. game.. ever. The pros and cons of MapleStory:

1. 4 Different Jobs
2. Completely Free
3. 15 Characters (Max.)
5. Loads of places to train
6. Millions of items
7. GM system
8. Rare drops — much easier to get a good item than in RuneScape.

1. Cash Shop — items look good but are actually useless… well, to be honest, I d like a pet… =P
2. Hackers
3: KSERS (Big Minus)
4. Noobs
5. Immature people and perverts
6. Levelling up takes a while, but, if you re up for it, it s enjoyable.

Morale of my Review: DO NOT PLAY RUNESCAPE!!

Post Date: 07:42 05-04-2006
Rating: 9
Author: GEGamer_infinityX
Comment: I have Been Playing This game fer2 years now. I give everything fer a 10 but since the asia soft is put up,i give it a 9.A nd u will get bored around LVL 30-40.I play maplesea client not global.

Post Date: 22:35 28-03-2006
Rating: 10
Author: ShadowWing05
Comment: This game rocks! For all of u guys that say it s too hard too level after a certain number are right. but it makes sense. if it was too easy, then everyone would be lvl 200 in a couple of days. this game is a 10

Post Date: 07:40 27-03-2006
Rating: 9
Author: shutthehellup
Comment: First off, I had to list the pros and cons.

1. Good graphics for 2D game
2. Cute, anime-looking characters
3. Various different equipment, cool classes
4. Not a hard interface; easy to learn
5. A lot of people
6. Free

1. People are idiots and little kids try to scam everyone
2. People are really immature
3. People KS all the time if you re a warrior
4. Hard to log onto Scania server
5. Items are expensive
6. Really hard to lvl after 35 (200,000 exp)

So basically things even out. I like the game. It s so addicting once you get past lvl 15-20. People always complain when they didn t even get their job yet and get off Maple Island. Of course your character is going to look ugly and newbish. =____= I like the game.

Post Date: 05:55 18-03-2006
Rating: 9
Author: hyoni
Comment: Great game. Graphic is quite good. Can easily get addicted. However, it will really get bored around lvl 30. Its really slow to level if your level is getting higher and higher. For me, im really lazy to level up.. it s just like i have to beat 50 star pixie(monster) to get 1% =.= I just stop at level 43. Good community. Only that people often kill steal.

Post Date: 01:50 18-03-2006
Rating: 3
Author: 132591
Comment: I can understand why people like this game, but I happen to find it rather dull and repetative. I quit when I was level 2.

Post Date: 11:09 16-03-2006
Rating: 5
Author: haniwahead
Comment: i used to love this game but got INCREDIBLY bored after a month.Why?

1.The gameplay is extremely repetitive.Bad enough you level up so darn slowly,monsters just need to touch you to damage you!The jumping is not very smooth either,unlike franchises such as NES Super Mario Bros.

2.The music.SO DARN BORING.

3.The soundeffects for monsters:Thump,oink,knock,slice.Wow!Boring!

4.What s with no PvP?

Post Date: 04:23 14-03-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Firefang101490
Comment: This game is the best game in the world!!!!Ohhh man i love it so much!!! 2D-awesome, monsters-cute!! Leveling is long but you know it is cool because even though it takes awile its better than being at lvl 30 in a day and then you get bored. Maple story is like a lot longer than that and that makes it fun because the whole time you play you want to gain a level which might take 2 hours to do so , because the levels in this are more importaint!!! This is the best game in the world!!! and there are new clothes or weapons every 5 levels or in between those(10,13,15,18,20,23,25,ect.)or(10,12,15,17,20,22,25,ect) and then the monsters are awesome and there are beautiful backrounds and nice music!!!! This is the best game in the world!!! A 3 year old could play, easyly a 10 out of 10!

Post Date: 00:25 01-03-2006
Rating: 7
Author: untimefury
Comment: Good game, but I got bored of it very easily. Too cartoony for me. All my friends have played it for a long time and still do. Friendly community as well.

Post Date: 11:06 28-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Gamer_StrikeX
Comment: This Game Rocks! But the down side is that u lvl slow and u will get bored at lvl 30+( at least i did)

Tell u wut,u will be tempted to buy cash items as they look cool,adorable.etc.

Their motive is not pay to play,but it is u want the cash items pay up.

Post Date: 19:39 25-02-2006
Rating: 5
Author: arblast
Comment: Great game, very addicting, but once you get to lvl 30+ , unless you re a mage, it gets really hard to train. Beginners are usually very poor, cant ever afford lvl 10 clothes.

Post Date: 20:58 23-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: r0bz0mbi
Comment: Innovative moves, as you progress in the game your character looks spand to a wider variety, which meaning you will want to play this game for a while to have fun with it. It s taken over peoples lives (my neighbor…haha), but don t let that happen. All the people who complain about slow leveling are impatient, the span from level 1-30 only takes about 2weeks, playing about 2 hours a day…people exagerate A LOT saying it takes hours to get 600exp…

you DON T have to pay to play, so many people saying that to make this game look bad, only to get bonuses

if anyone plays on world bera-im on channel 18, same ign as this

Post Date: 13:00 22-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Happyhappy85
Comment: Maple rules!!!!!!! play on it good graphics i dont care what you 3d nerds say better that runescape omfg worst game ever graphics suck people are like 2 years old and always asking for a girl freind (little perverts). plus runescape is like the smallest place ever!! unless you pay cos thats a waste money

and the prick that wrote the quote about levelling taking ages you should be fighting somthing better than bloody snails u stupid n00b try exploring and finding sommit better to kill, idiots. also!!!!!!! ksing is not that bad in fact its impossible to get ks d unless you like a warrior or a bandit as everyone else has range!! the characters look uber cool aswell you can change your cloths due to your level and they are all different. Cash shop rules you can get cloths from there that look pwnage. just play on it rocksss. loads of things you can do party quests are amazing you get cool prizes for winning and while your in a party you get the exp from the other players and they get yours so you level really fast. People that say you level slow are gai and dont work for thier level s and it dosnt matter anyway as levels are worth so much in maple. IT ROCKS PLAY IT!!!!

Post Date: 01:37 20-02-2006
Rating: 8
Author: Edthemaster
Comment: this game is ok. The graphics are good for a 2d environment

Post Date: 13:17 19-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: shaderun
Comment: great game.
pleaing its a month or so.
start is verry boring till the jobs.
get is 21 even better with pq and with 35 you can go to ossyria YAY.
best game ever its free the game raises money by cash. you can buy special clothes to let you look good it doesnt give any advantages again the free player.

Post Date: 01:52 13-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: freshhh04
Comment: Good graphics, good battle system, good use of mushrooms, some baggers, some hackers, some lag, some ksing (monster snatching lol) huge amount of items, lots of inventory space, easy to learn key system, a little repeatativeness, quite fun, nice exp system, lots of great quests, hundreds of monsters, lots of potions and food, a bit of swearing, big updates every month or so, Its gud.

Post Date: 17:33 11-02-2006
Rating: 4
Author: caleb
Comment: i played this game a couple of days, its very repeative, and you keep doing the same things over and over. Graphics are good for a 2D game.

Post Date: 08:58 09-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: LegendaryRPG
Comment: This game is simply awesome. The gameplay is easy enough where young kids can play. I know this personally because I play with my cousin who is 9 years young. There are many things to keep your interest including but not limited to: GM events, quests an exploring new or high level places. (best done with a few friends) The only problem I can see that makes this game annoying is that you will meet real jerks almost everyday. Since everything that involves human contact has this, it s not a real problem. Just ignore them and continue on with your life. As for the leveling system, it does take a while in later levels but the levels in Maple Story are more valuable than most games. Going from needing 15 EXP to level up from 1 to 2, almost 2 million EXP to level up from 69 to 70, about 27 million EXP to level up from 119 to 120 and close to 2 billion EXP to level up from 199 to 200 can seem impossible an insane. It s really not that much. Once you reach the high levels (70+) you train in groups to make it much easier. A level 40 can earn 1 million EXP in 10-12 hours while someone at level 70 could earn 2 million EXP in even less time. It balances it out pretty well. I know this because I ve played Maple Story for 3 months now. I have a level 89 Dragon Knight an I only play for 4-5 hours a day. My cousin has played for 3 weeks now and he has a level 46 Assassin. The ones who complain about the leveling system are those who want to put no effort into something. They want to be a very high level person instantly without any work. These are the main jerks in Maple Story, just ignore them. The best way to develop an opinion about something is to do it yourself. So stop reading this and go play it. Have fun ^^

Post Date: 03:36 09-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Fox
Comment: I love Maple Story more than any other online game I ve ever played. The MS crew decided o make quality 2-D graphics and make it interesting instead of the Generic crappy RS stuff.(3-D) In Maple Story people say it s bad because you don t level enough. It s simply a different system. In Maple, levels are more valuable. Otherwise you d be a level 50 guy doing 40 damage. Doesn t sound good to me. Being level 20 doesn t sound strong, but it is decent. So don t complain about the levels. Love the grapics. Enjoy the community.

Post Date: 01:39 08-02-2006
Rating: 5
Author: Wallice
Comment: i never played never will account making annoys me alot

Post Date: 19:27 07-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: freshhh04
Comment: This is a very good game. New players shall be informed that the server scania is too full so we advise you to make your charecter in Bera or Broa.

Post Date: 05:12 06-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: FireFang101490
Comment: This game is so much fun…even though it takes a while to lvl but it is worth it It is so much FUN! I LOVE IT!!

Post Date: 08:21 04-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: flash
Comment: this…game…is…GREAT!!!
it may be 2D but better graphics than alot 3D
4 different jobs
easy friends(once i made a friend cause my name was sasuke5 lol)
easy game play(seriously a 3 year old could do it!)
10 out of 10 easy

Post Date: 22:08 02-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: NineBlades
Comment: It has a freindly and warm communites, and ppl have drops FOR REAL . it has a Scam Protection and very little scams.

Post Date: 02:57 02-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Tabbing
Comment: Most of the best games EVER were made in 2D. 3D graphics are just for people who crave high end computers. My computer is still high end but I play this anyways. 2nd, Someone said that there were hidden charges or something. Once again not true. There is a cash shop which is absolutly not nessicary. Cash shop is only to make you look awesome. Nothing more. You can get to 3rd job and over without paying a single penny. 3rd, For the people who were like “Leveling takes soooo long!” Thats probably because you built your charactor wrong. I can get to level 40 on a warrior in about 2 weeks. And I don t play all the time. I play about 4 hours a day. 4th, For the people complaining about the n00bs. That s because your still a n00b too!! When your low level no matter what game, your going to get people like that. Once you get to level 20+ it gets ALOT better. 5th, and last, for the people who say “it gets boring”. You are probably used to other MMO s. This is different, it s a side-scrolling MMORPG. Every once in a while you should change scenery so that you arn t in henesys, kerning, ect… for a really long time. No matter what level you are there are always different places for you to train. Well that sums up all the complaints….*sigh*

Post Date: 07:31 27-01-2006
Rating: 10
Author: War-of-man
Comment: Maple story is the funnest game i have every played…and now with their latest patch it has become funner…new quest easier to keep up with quests…and it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure the game out…everything you need to know is in the lil task bar thingy…its fun simple…and no pvp…for those who are just starting out on mmos…this is the game for you it may not be UO or conquer but it beats getting your butt kicked by other player higher then you…have fun with this one i give it a 10

Post Date: 20:23 26-01-2006
Rating: 10
Author: YourSaviour
Comment: Right, so RuneScape doesn t cost money? I mean, you need to pay just to refrain from seeing the same places all the time. You complete all the quests, and after that you have absolutely nothing to do. Nowadays, someone who doesn t sport at least a Dragon Long, is considered obsolete.

Post Date: 01:15 04-01-2006
Rating: 5
Author: Nanahara
Comment: Just because a game doesn t have 3d graphics doesn t make it a bad game. For example: Final Fantasy VI/III is the BEST game EVER! And well heh, so many 3D games out there stink!

There s not much to this game. It s only fun until you get to like level 40 or so. And you DO NOT have to buy your money in this game with real money, just if you want certain items to look cool It s stupid part of the game and it was just recently added. This game is really easy, and full of idiots so beware.

Post Date: 21:01 02-01-2006
Rating: 0
Author: holeymoley
Comment: i should agree on runescaperocks review. Horrible graphics, takes forever to level, and how can monsters hurt you by just touching you? Too many ppl kill steal, steal my loot, u need to pay real money for cash and pets. Worst of all is that when u want to talk to other players u have to stop and click the chat box and then u cant attack or move and then monsters come and touch u (again how can they hurt u by touching u?) and they may do massive damage and kill u. i got killed 2 times because of this game! I don t EVER EVER (i could go on saying ever and ever and ever over and over again but ill skip ahead to a few trillion years from now) EVER recommend this game!

Post Date: 22:06 01-01-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Fatpigulus
Comment: LOL! This is probably the best free MMORPG out there. Way better than runescape. Good job Wizet.

Post Date: 09:56 31-12-2005
Rating: 1
Author: MMORPG Expert
Comment: omg..complete noob something with graphics plz

Post Date: 02:38 28-12-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Reon_Girl1
Comment: Awesome… I ve got the pic of the new weapon, the mighty Red Katana. It could be fun if its okay for children. (Hint=I m one of those children)


1.Can make 12 different characters
2.Can pick many jobs.
3.Can advance up to 4 job advancements.
4.Can report someone if they are doing something wrong.
5.Making friends is SO easy.
6. A THOUSAND LOT of places to go, inculdes secret areas.
7.Cash shop opened, boo yeah!
8.Freaken good stat system.
9.Alarm for hp rocks!
10. Different skills and make skill points.

Real Cons

1.You have to pay real money to get cash -_-.
2.A lot of people ks.
3.People may hack.
4.People ks (3 chances until report!)
5.Maybe takes a while to level.
6.Only can make 20 friends unless you talk to buddy plus guy. (Hint=In Lith Harbor)

Post Date: 06:37 25-12-2005
Rating: 6
Author: tartyho
Comment: i like to play maple story…i so long never see my old maple story friend because my maple come out wizet patcher

Post Date: 00:58 22-12-2005
Rating: 9
Author: Cliff
Comment: This is a great free MMORPG. Graphics are 2D but a lot nicer than others (runescapes graphics make me sick). Nice system to. Unlike some, Maple Story has different classes, many quests, simple yet fun gameplay, and lots of people.

Here are some other more detailed thoughts I have:


1. You can currently make up to 12 different characters.
2. Nice armor system that makes everyone look different how they choose.
3. Lots of quests (although some do take a while to be able to complete).
4. Lots of different skills and skill points.
5. Good stat system.
6. Tons of places to go. Including many secret areas.
7. Making friends is easy.
8. Great support.


1. Cash Shop. This is annoying because some great things you can get you have to pay for with real money.
2. Gets tedious.
3. Takes a while to level up (this can also be a good thing).
4. Lots of people KS.

As you can see there s lots more pros than there are cons. So if anyone is considering to get this game but not sure. You should at least try it.

Post Date: 05:59 15-12-2005
Rating: 9
Author: shingtzewooz
Comment: This game would be better if the leveling is easier….
but overall this game is excellent for a free MMORPG

Post Date: 00:32 05-12-2005
Rating: 9
Author: silent_hunter4321
Comment: this game is really good but for you to have fun you have to get to lvl 30 because all the cool clothing are avalible, but it gets old after the first 7months so happy mapling

Post Date: 00:02 01-12-2005
Rating: 10
Author: hojinchang
Comment: This game is awsome!!
Ive played this for 5 months and im a lvl35 Rouge. The Korean version is more updated.(since they re more advanced than us americans..)

Post Date: 00:08 28-11-2005
Rating: 5
Author: Fox
Comment: Me and my friend played Maple Story for a few weeks. He has no major hobbies besides gaming and stays up until midnight leveling up. This game got old for me. He levels up faster than me because he has more time. So having him treating me like a n00b was not fun. Everyone in Maple Story steal kills, meso, items, and/or dignity. I hate this game and don t think you should try it.

Post Date: 22:22 06-11-2005
Rating: 3
Author: Haraku
Comment: It s Was An Ok Game, But Got Boring After A While.

Post Date: 01:47 23-10-2005
Rating: 10
Author: JCM
Comment: This game is great! Cyndus is right about other players sometimes being really rude, but it isn t hard to get around the curse filter, and whining about some n00bish players stealing kill drop items is really lame. I ve seen level 100 players do it. Life ain t fair, and not everyone is mean. If made loads of friends, and the game is just fun to play! Unlike some games, the clothes show up very well, and your class and level changes what you can wear. You can have like 15 files on one account. Plus the game world is HUGE. I hope someone reads this… -_-;

Post Date: 01:35 01-10-2005
Rating: 10
Author: oblivian_mage
Comment: very good game, i got my friend from nexus to join

Post Date: 04:25 21-08-2005
Rating: 10
Author: weirdymike
Comment: This game absoulutly rules, except to get a pet you have to pay real money. o well.. besides that, this game is great

Post Date: 18:28 15-08-2005
Rating: 4
Author: Cyndus
Comment: I would have called it an okay game, but I just got sick of it really quickly. Everyone in the game is a complete ass. They steal your kills and your drops all the time. What makes it worse is that the game has a curse filter so you can t say rude things to them.

The monsters can hurt you just by touching you, and they knock you back a few feet. This is particularly annoying since you re constantly fighting on high ledges and they keep knocking you off, making you climb aaaaaall the way back up just to get knocked back down.

Also, leveling up takes forever. You need like 600 exp and all the monsters give 4-15 exp. I was killing slugs for hours upon hours.

Post Date: 01:55 14-07-2005
Rating: 6
Author: kaitori
Comment: this game is okay but i dont like the part with the maple cash that stinks

Post Date: 01:35 29-06-2005
Rating: 8
Author: Tinge
Comment: This game is great.

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  1. Probably the best Korean-based MMORPG. The 2D side-scrolling added so much uniqueness to the game, and that itself stood out a lot more than 3D MMOs and even 2.5D (isometric) MMOs, since there weren’t many side-scrolling MMORPGs at the time. And the gameplay feels so much different than most MMOs because of the 2D side-scrolling. Game has tons of classes, especially at the start of the game, which is really nice. The anime chibi characters add so much charm to the game. Only unfortunate thing is that the game started declining after the Big Bang patch, and the sequel MapleStory 2 just doesn’t have much charm as the original MapleStory. Overall, I’d rate this game a 4.9/5.

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