Free MMORPG with 2D graphics that looks like a console platform game. There are four classes in the game: Warrior Magician Bowman and Thief. Each class has it’s own special themed city. Despite its cartoon-like graphics Maple Story is on of the most popular free MMORPGs today.

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Author: turtlefuzz
Rating: 9
Comment: First off Maple Story surprised me a lot. This game has so much to offer like a HUGE community hidden places and every part of the world is free unlike game such as RuneScape. The game offers four classes: Warrior Bowman (archer) Magician and Thief. This game has no set time period although it seems to be medieval at first. This game’s graphics are ok but platforming element sets it apart from other MMORPGs There are hovering chunks of ground in the air you jump on and move around on. It is odd but it works great.


  • Great combat system
  • Interesting and unique gameplay
  • Every major element (world and quests) included for free
  • Cash Shop where you can buy cool things.
  • Great Controls


  • Bad graphics
  • Button Masher


Maple Story will last you a long time. The controls are smooth and the gameplay is almost flawless. Try this game out. Any age group can enjoy it.

Author: LegendaryRPG
Rating: 10
Comment: This game is simply awesome. The gameplay is easy enough where young kids can play. I know this personally because I play with my cousin who is 9 years young. There are many things to keep your interest including but not limited to: GM events quests and exploring new or high level places (best done with a few friends).

The only problem I can see that makes this game annoying is that you will meet real jerks almost everyday. Since everything that involves human contact has this it is not a real problem. Just ignore them and continue on with your life.

As for the leveling system it does take a while in later levels but the levels in Maple Story are more valuable than most games. Going from needing 15 EXP to level up from 1 to 2 almost 2 million EXP to level up from 69 to 70 about 27 million EXP to level up from 119 to 120 and close to 2 billion EXP to level up from 199 to 200 can seem impossible and insane. It is really not that much. Once you reach the high levels (70+) you train in groups to make it much easier. A level 40 can earn 1 million EXP in 10-12 hours while someone at level 70 could earn 2 million EXP in even less time. It balances it out pretty well. I know this because I have played Maple Story for 3 months now. I have a level 89 Dragon Knight and I only play for 4-5 hours a day. My cousin has played for 3 weeks now and he has a level 46 Assassin.

The ones who complain about the leveling system are those who want to put no effort into something. They want to be a very high level person instantly without any work. These are the main jerks in Maple Story just ignore them. The best way to develop an opinion about something is to do it yourself.

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