Talisman Online is a free 3D fantasy MMORPG with a small client. Players can experience series of brilliant magic thrilling fights a wide variety of quests scenarios and many interactive systems.

Free MMORPG Rank by GameOgre: Not ranked.

Game Features:

  • 5 classes with unique advantages and skill features.

  • Unique Combination system to upgrade weapons and equipment.

  • Balanced quest system with a wide variety of quests.

  • Scenarios are always the ideal places to loot advanced valuable items.

  • Strong interactive systems such as Team Guild and Weekly Guild War.

  • Excellent ranking list of character equipment’s and guild to show status and glory.

  • PvP and PvE modes and respective battlegrounds with special rich rewards.

  • Different kinds of pets and mounts to improve players’ comprehensive ability.

  • Auto-path system to direct characters to their destinations automatically.

  • Attractive visual effects when equipped weapon or equipments of qualified plus rank.

  • Re-select character’s appearance is available.

  • Holiday celebrations with corresponding events quests and rewards.

Select Reviews on Talisman Online From GameOgre Review Members

Rating: 10
Author: ChaoticWolf
Comment: This game is great if you like World of Warcraft you will notice alot of the same things such as the interface the Auction House and some other things. Other things I find awesome about it is how easy it is to lvl and the way the skills work. If you’ve played God of War you’ll notice the Assassin attacks like Kratos with chained Scimitars. Great Game I give it a 10!

Rating: 9
Author: GamingGuru
Comment: Awesome Game. I have played this game for a while and really liked it. I have tried WoW before and I actually thought this one is better. No offence to WoW players but this kicks its butt! PS: Can everyone tell me if they think this is better than WoW?

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The official Talisman site. Use this site for information on each feature of Talisman.

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Mirrors to download this free MMORPG.

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The community for all of the Miracle Castle games.

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The official video intro for Talisman Online.

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