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Maple Story is a free 2D MMORPG with cartoony graphics that looks more like a console platform game than a MMORPG. There are four classes/paths to choose from: Warrior Magician Bowman and Thief. Each class has it’s own special themed city since there are no different races.

The download is quite large at over 200 MB so gamers with 56k modems will have a long wait ahead of them if they want to download Maple Story. You can either download the game in one .exe file or download it multiple parts as an .rar file.

As of this writing Maple Story is ranked #5 in GameOgre’s Review Directory out of all Online Games. However it should be noted that a few reviewers do not like the game’s Cash Shop where you pay real cash cash to get certain items.

Select User Reviews (Edited for Presentation)

Author: JCM
Rating: 10
Comment: This game is great! Cyndus is right about other players sometimes being really rude but it isn’t hard to get around the curse filter and whining about some noobish players stealing kill drop items is really lame. I’ve seen level 100 players do it. Life isn’t fair and not everyone is mean. I’ve made loads of friends and the game is just fun to play! Unlike some games the clothes show up very well and your class and level changes what you can wear. You can have like 15 files on one account. Plus the game world is HUGE.

Author: weirdymike
Rating: 10
Comment: This game absolutely rules except to get a pet you have to pay real money. o well.. besides that this game is great.

Author: kaitori
Rating: 6
Comment: This game is okay but I don’t like the part with the maple cash. That stinks.

Author: Cyndus
Rating: 4
Comment: I would have called it an ‘okay’ game but I just got sick of it really quickly. Everyone in the game is a complete (jerk). They steal your kills and your drops all the time. What makes it worse is that the game has a curse filter so you can’t say rude things to them.

The monsters can hurt you just by touching you and they knock you back a few feet. This is particularly annoying since you’re constantly fighting on high ledges and they keep knocking you off making you climb aaaaaall the way back up just to get knocked back down.

Also leveling up takes forever. You need like 600 exp and all the monsters give 4-15 exp. I was killing slugs for hours upon hours.

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Pricing Model

Maple Story is free to play and download but it employs the growing trend of charging real money for certain items. For example you can buy such in-game items as pets sunglasses cowboy hats and shirts. You can also buy coupons for services like the hair salon and plastic surgery. Maple Story’s currency is called NX Cash and it can be purchased using PayPal.

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  1. Maple story is 2d mmorpg with cartoony graphic.Solid game but sadly cashshop is big part of this game.

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