Grab rabbits and drop them again to create 3 or more in a row (horizontally or vertically). Remove as many Rabbits as indicated.

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  1. Match 3 Rabbits is a fun game. It feels like playing a crane game and moving the rabbits around. The concept for this match 3 game is phenomenal, but there are certain things I did not like. The one thing I do not like is that the player has to hold a left-click the rabbit, move it, and then let go instead of clicking on the rabbit once to hold the rabbit and then clicking anywhere to release the rabbit. I also feel like this game is somewhat broken since the player can click on rabbits below a vertical stack, which does make the game very easy, but I do like how the caged rabbit balances out the game as they cannot be moved. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.5/5.

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