The Escapists is a strategy role-playing game.



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The Escapists is a light-hearted take on prison life and what it takes to escape from different prisons. The game has been popular ever since it launched in 2015 and now has a lot of added DLC and free content. Furthermore, the game has a Steam Workshop chock full of user created content. As the video below demonstrates, it is very easy to have fun with this rather unique game.

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  1. The Escapists is game where you need to escape different jails,you can buy it on Steam,it s launched in 2015 and made in retro style,and graphic is retro too,anyway I suggest it everybody to try

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  2. The Escapists is interesting game where you need to escape from different kind of jails.Graphic is retro and this game is released in 2015.I would recommend this game to everyone who likes strategy/brain games.Game is worth a try.

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  3. The Escapists is a strategy role-playing game, which is really interesting and it’s worth spending your time on.
    It’s not free, you can buy it on steam for a not that big price.
    I recommend it to all, if you have bonus money from christmas..

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  4. Its a Lazy port onto console. Half of the items being illegal or not changed so that made it into a completely different experience for me. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same way that I do, because it’s a brilliant game on PC especially with the steam workshop allowing for extra User-Made levels!

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  5. In The Escapists, your task as an inmate is to plot an escape route, all while under the watchful eyes of ever-suspicious prison guards. You enter a life ruled by routine. From the moment the early morning sun touches the prison walls, until it leaves the sky, you are shuffled into your daily stations: roll call, breakfast, work, exercise block, shower, evening meal–all of which, save for roll calls and meals, vary between the game’s six prisons. Deviating from your rigid schedule, getting into fights, or getting caught snooping around another inmate’s cell quickly earns the ire of the guards. “Get to it, Cam!” they shouted at me the moment I was caught meandering through the halls. “Stations, Cam!” The more you push their buttons, the higher the on-screen heat meter rises. If it reaches 90 percent or more, guards rush you at first sight, batons swinging, rewarding your tangential behavior with some bruises and a swift visit to the infirmary. But investigate you must, as every historic breakout needs to start with a plan and a keen understanding of your new home.

    Escaping requires cunning, strategy, and proper equipment, and staying at least five steps ahead of your pursuers is essential to securing your freedom. The beauty of The Escapists, however, is that there is no wrong way to go about it. You could swipe plastic spoons and forks from the canteen and use them to dig a tunnel out of your cell. Or perhaps, as you walk the grounds during your work station as a gardener, you notice that if you take the job of the tailor (another inmate), you will gain access to a room that shares a wall with an enclosed, empty space. Disrupting him on his way to work gets him fired, allowing you to take the job, bust down the wall, and replace it with a poster. And just like that, you have an area to store tools and other materials, or even to start a tunnel, safe and secure from prying eyes. Completing favors for inmates earns you some extra dough to line your pockets with, and–along with handing out gifts or cash—also raises their opinion of you. If they like you enough, you can recruit them and create your very own chain gang to terrorize both prisoners and guards alike. Gain enough followers, and it’s possible to take over a prison. I haven’t done it yet myself, but it can be accomplished, as the developer notes, with “a lot of rope.” And there are so many other possibilities. You can knock out guards and use a putty mold to copy a key, shimmy down walls with a grappling hook, or even impersonate a guard. Whatever steps you choose to take feel personal and never scripted. It’s a surprisingly deep and complex system that I didn’t expect but quickly fell in love with. It’s highly malleable and widely varied, allowing you to make every trip to the Big House a different experience, while staving off dull repetition.

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  6. The Escapists is an excellent 2D strategy role-playing game, especially as it is like a lot of pixel games, but even better. This game has some nice strategies involved, especially with crafting, fighting, and finding a way to escape prison. What makes this game different from a lot of 2D role-playing games is the variety of gameplay that the player is capable of doing, especially with items like a grappling hook, a sheet rope, and so much more just to try and escape. Overall, I would rate this game a 4.5/5.

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  7. I like Escapist it’s a 2D game where you need to escape on jails I played the game before and it was really good, you need to talk n the other prisoners to get some info and there are also usable items which comes in handy. It was worth of my time graphics doesn’t really matter as long as the gameplay is fun.

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  8. The Escapists is a prison type game where you need to escape from jails, there’s a lot of custom player maps to dive into so even if you finish the main story there’s still other stuff to do.

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  9. Fairly average retro styled game. For me I’m not a huge fan of the game. It’s fun for some but rather boring and just a bit hard to play for me. The whole escaping aspect of the game is quite good but It’s just not the type of game that I would really enjoy and suggest to anyone. I rate it 3/5.

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  10. The Escapists is a strategy RPG game that takes place in a prison. It really just is a prison simulator game where can do many things you could do in a prison but with a more lighthearted approach and as the name implies you get to escape from it too. This game is 2D with pixel graphics. Solid 4 stars from me!

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