MyDream Software Inc. has just launched a new Kickstarter campaign to fund their upcoming game that’s an interesting take on sandbox MMORPGs. By combining RPG elements, world building, puzzle solving, and treasure hunting, MyDream hopes to change the face of online multiplayer worlds in the same way that Minecraft and Trove approach the world of gaming.

MyDream is an expansive world of community-built adventure, abundance, and creativity. Its completely modifiable environment is powered by our advanced voxel terrain engine. Part geocaching, part MMORPG, and part user generated builder game, players will experience a new game with every login.

As with most Kickstarter campaigns, funding the project will bring backers incentives and goodies. At the basic level of $1 or more gets an in-game badge; at $5 and up opens up access to the beta; $10 and up adds 60 days of VIP access once the MMO goes live; $25 opens up a 1-year VIP subscription; $75 grabs 2-year VIP and a bunch of starting materials. After that things start to get interesting where at $500 there’s an opportunity to visit the Palo Alto, CA offices; a book of concept art comes along with $750. Of course, for people willing to spend really big at $10,000 you could have a 3D statue of yourself planted in MyDream forever.

The game promises to be an interesting project in exploration and community building:

MyDream does not follow the playbook of traditional open-world RPG’s. There is no main quest or evil power to defeat. You gain experience based on what you achieve and what you add back to the gaming environment. Your reputation is built on completing quests, setting quests and the help you give others.

Unlike so many other games, where hoarding, looting and gaining power are your means to victory, MyDream’s is an open, crafting world where users are rewarded on their adventure, creativity and cooperation skills.

As games such as Minecraft have taken the public consciousness by storm, their indie style stands in strong juxtaposition to player-vs-player FPS games such as Call of Duty and extremely popular MMORPGs such as World of WarcraftTrove and EverQuest Landmark are both upcoming games that take advantage of this rise in using player creativity to build virtual worlds. Other virtual worlds such as Second Life and showed that it was possible to make a world without including gaming elements to provide a strong community–but RPGs still prevail in the market for making money and forging bonds.

It’s highly likely that a virtual world game similar to what MyDream is doing will provide the other side of the fighting-game vs. community and creativity divide.

The Kickstarter began yesterday and MyDream Software Inc. is seeking $100,000 by Saturday, April 12, 2014. The project is already 13% funded by 51 backers so it’s off to a strong start.

If you’re interested in more information visit the MyDream website, check out this article on SiliconANGLE by Kyt Dotson, and, of course, visit the Kickstarter page.