NWN Module: Steading of the Hill Giants

by Phil Trevorrow

•  based on one of the greatest D&D module series ever, Against the Giants

•  no story
•  ridiculously hard
•  mindless swarms of giants come out of nowhere

The Bottom Line - One of the best examples of how NOT to do a conversion of a Dungeons and Dragons' classic.

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Finding a module like Steading of the Hill Giants is definitely a bitter sweet experience. At first you are excited to find one of your all-time favorite D&D campaigns make into a Neverwinter Nights module. However, you are then thoroughly disappointed when the module turns out to be only a mindless attempt at replicating greatness. Throwing relentless waves of giants at the player without even a single conversation or a hint at anything close to a story is not my idea of an accurate conversion of Against the Giants. In fact, it is not my idea of a module period. 

The only possible good thing that can come of out this module is that it can humble extremely powerful higher level characters rather quickly. That said, probably only a few elite characters could kill all the giants solo without dieing. Other than that, Steading of the Hill Giants is a complete waste of time.

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