Perfect World is the first MMORPG that presents a create-a-world theme to its players. Create your in-game look-alike with the full customization character creation system! Fly, trek, and swim to battle in your powerful summons and mountable beasts! And more world-class features!

Review Archive
Post Date: 03:23 17-12-2014
Rating: 7
Author: thundemp2007
Comment: Perfect World is a traditional Chinese set up fantasy 3D game wherein you can pick different character role depending on the race you want. This game is just like ordinary level up game, by acquiring quest and defeating monster. Once you level up you can develop skill and you can also upgrade your physical weapon and magical weapon.
This game is good because the design of the character and monster is much appreciated.
Post Date: 02:59 31-03-2014
Rating: 8
Author: Jonyka
Comment: Great game.very interesting and fun to play
Post Date: 17:35 24-03-2014
Rating: 8
Author: cemex
Comment: its awesome free MMORPG with high graphic and nice gameplay, but still games with so many bugs
Post Date: 04:54 25-02-2014
Rating: 0
Author: OverView
Comment: I decide to make a full review on this game. I can tell you it has changed.. ALOT. I played this game for four years when it first launched its official open beta. The prices are drastic high, and just for one gold you need about 1.5mill. Just one! Now I don’t know about now, but I’ll just tell you my experience when i played it at the time and what I know now. I hope you get the time to read this. I remember people used to run FB or whatever it called used to free, people would love to make runs over and over again. Sometimes even solo , now level 39 and up you need wines, and need to pay half the share of each individual. What kind of non sense is this? I remember when there was only 3 classes out, the human, elves, … i cant remember the other one on the top of my head because now when i visit the damn forums i have to download this new platform called ARC. Its annoying as hell and for what,just to see whats new out there or how their things are running? The old GMs (correctly if i wrong) used to be active they would actually join us the servers and participate in the events! Sometimes they would abuse powers to spawn mobs but just for fun! When I found out that new classes were released, it was the tideborns first. I thought ok ill play it, it was assassins and psychic. I played as a psychic, now i dont know how long they released it for because when i found out some people are already over powered and actually willing to spend real money on the game. Ok, I understand that, but spending so much just to get to level 100 have some over powered gear to solo some mobs or even so some FFC or whatever is called, its pathetic. The staff have became lazy, it takes awhile before they can answer the ticket, maybe some of you are impatient, I can tell you that this game has changed alot. The point for me this game out. Im done with this game. Everything is expensive, the games arent playing fair no more. And if you wanna make a lot of friend here in the server, good luck, because when you first start. The shitty server is empty at the start of a character creation.. I’m not even gonna give it a 1 point this game is useless.
Post Date: 15:20 31-08-2013
Rating: 5
Author: User Name
Comment: Amazing! Camera views can zoom in/out and are true 360. Story line is well developed. 10 different classes within 5 races to choose from. Character customization is the best out there. Go rogue and play as an individual or join a faction for the social interaction and help the players there will give.
Class skills well thought out and make for epic battles. Game is completely free. Dedicated players can achieve the same epic end game results with no cash involved if they are willing to invest the time and effort. Those who wish to pay can get there faster with less time and effort involved. PVP and PVE servers make game play suited to any player. They regularly introduce new content. This has become my favorite MMO by far! Addicting!
Post Date: 01:13 21-12-2012
Rating: 10
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: This is one of the best games out there for sure i really liked this game i mean i really did the graphics are epic and great and the amount of players is huge I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I HAVN NOT MADE THIS MY MAIN GAME just thought of it lol well anyway this game is better the world of warcraft if you are looking for a game thats better and free then world of warcraft then check dis 0ut
Post Date: 03:30 04-12-2012
Rating: 5
Author: Natdanai
Comment: Graphics is really good , i havent try this game yet so i dont know much just watch little trailer/gameplay but seems fun i gonna try it when i have time
Post Date: 20:57 21-07-2012
Rating: 8
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: Title that fight with WoW for first place of best MMORPG online games. Good game, but playability iis worse then WoW. For me 8/10.
Post Date: 18:58 20-07-2012
Rating: 10
Author: dj messi
Comment: Its addictive and amazing graphics no wonder it is amazing!
Post Date: 10:32 06-07-2012
Rating: 9
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: This game is a great MMORPG. Can be a little addictive though. Right now Perfect World got 10 classes. I haven’t tried all of them though. The graphics is really good as you have seen if you have played it. Perfect world have one of the best character customization that I’ve seen. They are wonderfully done and shaped. Hard to find a game that’s better.
Post Date: 09:56 07-03-2012
Rating: 9
Author: User Name
Comment: Graphics: 10
(Bonus for the choice of customisation on the characters)

Teamwork: 9
(Lots of things require squad to work together, it sucks when your squad sucks, but great when you have a good squad)

Bugs/Glitchs: 7
(Lots of things don’t really get fixed. But there aren’t that many bugs/glitches anyway)

PK: 1
(If you are not planning to spend money in game, then you should stay on PVE. Without spending money, it can still be fun but you will never be able to beat the cash shoppers)
(If you are planning to spend a lot of money on the game and get the best gears)

Races/Skills: 9

Economy: 1
(Honestly, you are gonna feel crap if you don’t spend a penny on the game, but still, it’s possible to achieve great things even without spending any money)

Overall I’m just rating it on the basis that it is a free-to-play game.
So many people complain about how unbalanced the game is, which, I agree to some extent, but it’s understandable that they still need to make money. I’m certain this is true for almost all free-to-play games.
The tideborn/earthguard expansions aren’t too bad. Even though they are a bit too overpowered, but I believe it will be balanced out at some point.

Post Date: 19:54 13-11-2011
Rating: 7
Author: djgirl
Comment: I remember this used to be a good game, very good. But now as of 2011..Everything changed. I have to say, I”m just going to go full out on this, I have played this for 4 years, and from my experience it was very fun when the tideborns came out, after that everything just dropped. The graphic is fantastic for me. And I think the only reason why I stayed in the game was because of the customization and the double jump. I also notice that the movement was like wasd form. No backing up like in WoW or LoL.

I still remembered how I got addicted to the game, as I have mention before its really different..Now..of the movement. I just feel like PW has started all classes like Assassin and Venomancer and then the rest has just copyed. (No offense I think i probably got the info wrong)

Perfect World has really changed. I really miss the old music theme. Fly with me. I hate the new earth guards music thme, I really do. We lost quite a few players, I played this for 4 years, an ex memeber of pw.. it was fun back then, now everything just vanished. People quit. Prices are expensive, and everyone dropped. Quite sad. But ill never forget this game, one of my first time players that i have ever seen being advertisted.

I just wish that the people would realize what they are doing to the game now. There”s so many bugs and glitches, now they even messing it more up by adding PK in a LVL 29 and thats really sad. I know this is a long comment and stuff, but to me its never a forgetful memory. I just wish i still had my old pictures from PW. It got wiped out of my comp when i accidently unstalled it and clicked on files.

RIP 2011 – djgirl – Sanctuary Lvl 85 Cleric
FemaleAssain – Sanctuary Lvl 75 Assassin

Post Date: 02:35 18-10-2011
Rating: 9
Author: uwannaknow
Comment: Ratings

Graphics: 10

Character Customizing: 10

Bugs/Glitches: 0 (they never fix anything)

Maintenance: 2 (they never get anything right)

Support: 3

Free Movement: 10

Flying: 10 (you can go afk and not get killed while getting to your destination +1)

Teamwork/Fighting System: 8 (this rating only counts for squads with people that know what the heck they are doing)

PK: 0 (lets face it, the only people that do that are the major cash shoppers)

Economy: 0

I honestly don’t know why people never went here for advice on money making……

Over all a great game. But it seriously needs a good cleaning up of bugs and a balanced economy.

It doesn’t help that the original developers were fired, therefore the new ones don’t know the game code, hence the reason they can’t get any fixing done.

Post Date: 08:24 10-10-2011
Rating: 8
Author: tachyon
Comment: One of the best free mmorpgs out there. Much like WOW, though definitely more buggy. You’ll also spend more money on this game than on WOW. Not a fan of the market system.. which forces you to change into a popsicle stand to sell your stuff, which wastes valuable gaming time in my opinion. Still.. it’s a very good game with better character customization than WOW.
Post Date: 19:51 06-09-2011
Rating: 3
Author: badavis
Comment: This is a game I’m still currently playing because I am too broke for something like Rift. Anyway it is laden with glitches that they do not fix just make bannable and if its something like PKin in a place you are supposed to pk you almost never get banned, rarely ever warned. And there is an instance for around lvl 29 people where in it you can PK people not in PK mode on PvE servers that they just recently made it completely fine to do it. So now there are lvl 80+s killing people around lvl 30 in a server where you supposedly do not have to PK if you don’t want to. until 90 if you have friends on here you can play without spending cash. But to get endgame gear you need way too much money for once piece of gear (50 million+) and the only way to make decent money (500k to 1 million per run) to get this gear is an instance called Nirvana, but wait you can’t do this solo and can’t get a squad unless you have APS (attacks per second usually 3+) and to get APS you have to spend millions to get that gear. But if you want you can drop $100 on these boutique items that give you a chance to get something worth some coin. And people who spends hundreds on this game monthly will have everything cause they can sell the items from boutique or the gold and they sell it for WAY OVERPRICED. so even if you are 100 expect to be owned by cash shoppers. It was a good Game till APS came out and they started selling reputation so people could buy the best gear in the game with real life money. ONLY REASON I AM STILL PLAYING IS TO TALK TO FRIENDS AND MESS AROUND WITH THEM ON A PVE SERVER.
Post Date: 13:27 17-06-2011
Rating: 7
Author: limunVinski
Comment: After i tried over 30 f2p mmo’s im always back on PWI. Its not coz PWI is great. More coz of that others are much worst. The biggest problem in PWI is that CS has big, big, big advantage over non CS players. Yes u can buy gold from other players and u make them more stronger with that, coz ure grind money go to them. U can buy boutique items from other player eather. Give them ure money for their better gear. If someone say to u that u can get everything from grind and ingame mats its not true. Try lvl peace of gear to +12 with things that r not cacshe shoped(eg. dragon orbs, tisha and other stones). Where they drop. Or where u can buy them ingame(not other players).
Game is buged from begining and not one bug is repaired. Instances r bugged. Some skills dont work in some instances. They say its on purpose but i doubt that. In some instances mobs runaway from u, climb on walls and reset.
Now with few good things. I really love graphics in game. Character movement like walking and runing are really beautifull. Combat moves are little repetitive but moves r smooth and nice done. Character creation is amazing u should try that. So many options i couldnt find even in Oblivion.
All in all u should try game with few classes till lvl80 then quit. Till that time ull have great fun in PvP. Dont invest real life money coz if u dont invest $2-$3k u just wasted money(or make veno and buy herc for $200-$300 and solo instances to make more money).
Rate only 7 coz in game u can be only PRO CS.
Post Date: 12:53 13-06-2011
Rating: 1
Author: Ninaeve
Comment: I was posting complete review about this game because i was playing it from it begining till few months ago,but i guess moderators didn’t like my post.
As i said for graphics and customizations are nice,many things there are very very nice,but there is no point in it and you really have to spend lot of real life money if u wanna be cool or u try to get all by not paying anything if u have patient and time.
Post Date: 22:56 07-06-2011
Rating: 3
Author: John Waffer
Comment: Very fast at resuming

Graphics: Very nice

Character costumazation: One of the best with many fashion and stuff

Game play: nice untill 30 with many things to find out; enjoyable untill 60; very boring with repetitive quests until 100; 100+ only pvp or spend time chatting.

Economy: its just ridiculous the amount of real money u need to pay to get decent gear and enjoy the game. even ingame the price ppl use are too damn expensive..

Music: nice at the first u listen then it gets annoying.

Bugs: some bugs that aren’t fixed

GM support: there is none ”ingame” only if u send a message to support system

Quests: too much and they are pretty the same (kill x/x mobs, grab x item, kill x boss). although there are option quests like marriage quest Bounty Hunter Crazy stone (all daily))

Time spended: too much time to ”be something” in the game without paying real money.

Instances: nice instances, there’s a ”good teamwork need”

My opinion: different from WoW and has a ”chat system” very good although can be very annoying (spam). very depending on someone to: make many questshave nice items

Ty for reading, have fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Post Date: 16:10 28-03-2011
Rating: 9
Author: NateMorey
Comment: There are a ton of things I love about this game, Amazing customization lets you love your character and Fashion clothes are great! I do wish there was more to do other then fighting but it is still a great game.
Post Date: 04:44 14-02-2011
Rating: 9
Author: Adrian
Comment: This game has probably the best character customizations out there. Combine that with amazing graphics and music, you got a winner.
Post Date: 03:38 14-02-2011
Rating: 8
Author: sasuke24
Comment: This is an awesome fantasy MMORPG. The 3D effect is awesome. Sound quality and graphics are nice too.
Post Date: 20:07 04-02-2011
Rating: 9
Author: KChildheart
Comment: Perfect World Review.

Okay, so, I signed up. The whole thing takes a while to download, I have a reasonably fast connection that means all games can run at full speed on my system potentially without limit, yet even still it took approximately half an hour to an hour to download and install the game. I’d call this very lengthy but I had yet to see the game at that point.

Once you’ve registered and set up an account you get to start the game in a similar way to other mmorpgs. Click the start button and away you go. This is actually remarkably quick and I’m quickly setting up a character. Now I must warn you that the races appear to have set classes and it doesn’t appear that you can change them. You can customize the gender of your character and minor other things, but there’s nothing really that you can customize on the appearance. (5/10). That being said, the graphics are remarkably well done.

For this I selected an elf and logged into the game. Now I generally have m display resolution at around 1200 x 900 ish. This makes for a vastly uncluttered game space…usually. Instead…. well… it’s really hard to explain. There is your character essentials in the top left. Health, Mana, Experience, Level and something else which I don’t fully understand.

To the top right is your location and a sort of compass littered with information that might not exactly be relevant to new players, but instead to older players. The symbols are bigger the closer you are to them thus I assume they are fairly important and standard.

Mid right is a shortcut bar, I assume, I am aware there are two shortcut bars, one using the number keys and aonother using the Function keys for extra ease of use. Now, this mid right bar doesn’t seem to indicate if it is either or both or where the hell the other one is. As it is vertical instead of horizontal I’m left confused as to which keys each one represents as the individual spaces are not labelled.

To the bottom right (yeah there’s LOTS more I need to talk you through) is a rather complex menu system. Hovering over each one tells you what they are but by no means are they standard images that mmo players will recognize easily. At least not from the get go. Clicking and de-clicking these brings up another page or removes it.

Unfortunately however, some have sub menu’s, which are even less clear but they might be useful later on.

I must stress that finding the help information, is buried! So good luck and I hope you figure it out faster than me.

To the immediate left of this appears to be some mouse shortcuts. (Which I have just figured are controlled by the F1 and F2 etc, so the other one must be controlled by 1, 2, etc.) They enable actions, spells and actions or rather easy access to them.

On your bottom left (didn’t I tell you there was more?) there’s a large chat pane. Above it a system response pane. Now back to the chat system. Aggain it has multiple labels which aren’t immediately recognizeable, various functions which I have yet to explore and emoticons (which to me are rather annoying and unappealing).

Now if you have played for a few minutes (oh yeah!) there’s even more. Such as a ? that appears to aid you, or at least, attempt to aid you in what you do. Personally, I don’t think they beta’d this with enough newbies. There’s also a directional arrow that appears in the middle of the screen that rotates around to show you the direction to some destination or other, I assume quests.

I guess that is it for the interface. Personally I believe it is far too cluttered considering and they’ve simple put as much into the game as possible without considering the negative impact that cluttering has on the readability. While I like the features, I could do without them being so visible as there’s simply no need for half of them especially for a new player. So what do I rate this? 7/10 a good reshuffle would make it easier to navigate.

Now graphics, this is a fairly wide area and from what I’ve seen (not very much) the graphics are amazing, the monsters are very well done, the tree’s and shrubbery also, but the terrain…. If that’s the best this game has to offer (in terms of the texture) they need to sack the guy and get a new one, but that’s not really an issue to be honest. The over all graphics are quite promising.

So onto the spells and skills. From what I have seen, these are staggering, the melee as expected and not very imaginative, but someone certainly went overboard on the spells. Especially since you can apparently fly (I have yet to test this). So Graphics? 9.9999999/10 …someone fix the landscape, please!

Features and functions, I’m aware of clans and parties so team play is an option. Flying, resting, and I believe a lot of other functions are available. The standard trading and many other things as well. 10/10 thus far.

Controls. After playing other MMORPG’s, runescape, rappelz, regnum…. this is a complete shock to the system. I found myself having to round around in circles just to get used to the interface. The mouse is sort of inverted, especially the zoom…you pull your character towards you, or push it away is the best way I can describe it. The camera left and right is also inverted (or at least it was for me, by default). I much prefer the keyboard to be able to turn the character as well as the mouse, but given t flying feature, I see why they might have had to make it mouse only. Over all, intuitive, hard to get used to but I think it is better for this game in particular.

So far, this is a very promising game if not overwhelming at first with quite a steep learning curve. I would love to give this game (early on) a 9/10 as there are still some elements that hold it back.

Post Date: 03:56 17-01-2011
Rating: 7
Author: mr.turtle16
Comment: it is one of the most well polished free to play mmorpg’s but compared to SOME newer f2p games it doesnt have much to offer…never the less GREAT GRAPHICS AND VERY VERY SMOOTH GAMEPLAY nice interface HUGE PLAYERBASE AND GREAT CHARACTER CUSTUMIZATION!!!!!!!the only bad thing is its grind based and a few other small things….

id recomend trying it out!!!!

Post Date: 12:36 15-01-2011
Rating: 8
Author: alexles3
Comment: fun game in the begin but to become great you need to pay (my opinion)but to have some fun play it.
Post Date: 15:18 07-01-2011
Rating: 5
Author: FlightGurl
Comment: There are free games and then there are “free games”. PerfectWorld (PW) is one of those games that really isn’t free. To be sure, you can play without sinking a dime of personal money into PW; however, your character’s progress will be slowed and you will get frustrated and bored. Overall, this is not a game to play unless you are willing to spend some real money in their cash shop. The items in the cash shop can be anywhere from cheap to expensive. Cheap items are usually priced at that level because it’s an expendable item that you will purchase repeatedly, i.e., hyperstones. I met many people who literally have spent $2-$10,000 USD on this game. IMHO, that’s just stupid. I’ve met people who haven’t spent a dime and reached the same levels, but they ended up playing the game daily, all day long, for 2 years just to reach end stage levels with the gear. Most of them also got lucky and received some free gear from friends. The economy is the game is terrible and will never be normal. Cash shoppers sell items at auction or in catshops for enormous sums of game coin.
To be fair, the graphics are still some of the best for a free online game. Lush, detailed, and customizable. PW has the BEST character customization of any game out there! No two characters look alike and it hosts the most beautiful faces and bodies of any other game.
Game play is smooth, there is occasional lag when you are in the main city or when the server is reaching maxed capacity. There are few glitches and submitting a ticket will usually solve the problem within a day or two.
The map is expansive and as of this date promises to expand even more with two new classes being introduced very soon. You can literally lose yourself in the game due to size but it’s easy to get around using the autopath feature.
Quests are numerous until you reach level 60. At that point, very few quests are given as the game expects you to participate in daily squad quests. If you aren’t into forming parties, prefer to solo, this game isn’t for you once you hit level 60. In fact, out of all games I’ve played, PW tends to be the most squad intensive game out there to the point of it getting tiresome. You spend a lot of time finding squads, no matter how many friends you make since everyone is there to PVP, socialize, and then do quests.
Speaking of PVP, you can drop any item in your inventory if you get killed unless you put on safety lock. Problem is, you need to remember to reactivate it after awhile and some people do not. Do not expect all players to return your drops, either. If you spend $40 USD on a mount and drop it, you’re out of luck.
If you want to join a good faction (guild), you will need to reach at least level 90 AND have the best gear in game. If you’re willing to pay for the gear that’s great but you WILL grind in FCC/BH/Gamma to reach those levels. Once you start doing those runs, people will expect you to KNOW YOUR CLASS! In other words, don’t cash shop til you drop to get great gear, it’s not enough. You need to know your skills.
You will spend money to level up all skills and it’s costly. You don’t spend real money, but trying to obtain game coin to increase skills to high levels can cost 700-1,000,000 coin per skill. I’ve spent 2 mil coin to get the highest end skills maxed out. Of course, spending coin isn’t all that’s required, you need to make books which require specialty items which need to be purchased -or- you can grind for them on high level runs.
Overall, this game is not for people who don’t want to spend real money unless you have lots of patience and time. I played religiously on my toon from August through December and reached high level 80s. Played every day for up to 14 hours a day. Expect to do that if you aren’t paying.
It’s true too that you won’t get a lot of in game coin until you can play Nirvana. But that’s level 100, so what’s the point? By then you’re only playing to PVP or participate in faction wars. Yes, you may be working on your final stage gear.
Graphics: Fantastic
Game Play: Easy to learn, fluid
Economy: Worst I’ve ever seen in F2P or P2P
Social: Normal
Music: Repetitive
Grinding: Don’t bother until at least lvl 90
Post Date: 02:03 04-12-2010
Rating: 1
Author: Yamiino
Comment: Sigh just leaving this game, I will put here my story:
First, I downloaded the game, character creation is awesome, you can really customize your avatar.
Went ingame (made a Cleric also called in other games “Healer” or “Support Class”) and found out an awesome world and monsters.
Now, leveling:

1-20: Very entertaining, had fun leveling and learning skills, found out that flying is not limited like in other games.
21-30: Some what entertaining, quests where very repetitive, kill this, get x number of x item and come back, then fly there, and come back later.
31-40: Fun, spent some real money on getting my gear since I was new to the game and did not know what was “good” or “decent” gear.
41-50: Some what fun, grinding is hard at this point, as a cleric you die fast.
51-60: Boring, found out that you need to put in some bucks in to be able to succeed, yet continued playing.
61-70: Boring, very repetitive quests, nothing interesting… keep putting money in to “try” to get decent gear and be able to join squads.
71-80: Very boring, hard to level up these levels, took me more than expected.
81-85: Found out what hypers where, started doing Frost , Covered City (in other words pay $5 to get 1 hr of x12 EXP), in this instance you can keep leveling until 100…
85-100: Kept doing Frost… spend more money doing this, very boring and tiring, gear is expensive at this point.

When finally reached 100 (most people stop at that level since cap is 105, yet it takes freaking long to keep leveling and there’s no real point on keeping leveling up since there’s nothing else to do pass this point but PVP) finally went into an instance named “Nirvana” where you can get some drops that used to sell for high. A good way to make money.

However, found out that it will take a very long time to be able to get enough coin to afford 1 piece of gear, pushing people to put in more money.

Just recently (yesterday actually), they put on sale one of the best gears in the cash shop, like seriously, now the “Nirvana” gear that yesterday was a PRO gear, now is crap comparing it to the “Rank 9” gear. Just to mention that you need to put in $12,000 USD (just a little bit more around $800 more or so), to be able to get this gear. And people are dumb enough to sell their cars and houses to get this gear.

Free to play?… Yeah, right. You’re free to play until level 60 at most, if you don’t put in money… well… I just wish you good luck.

Graphics: I love them.
Music: Repetitive, yet its nice.
Game play: Impossible / Extremly Expensive.
Bugs: A lot… they havent fixed them since beta.
Economy: F’d up. 1 gold ($1) = over 1m coins ingame (free to play *cough*)
Grinding for money: Don’t even bother until 100 (for nirvana)

Over all rate: 1/10

Post Date: 21:48 17-11-2010
Rating: 4
Author: Julein
Comment: Graphics great, Gameplay boring, art not amazing = not a very good game. Sure you can make your avatar anything you want but then when you use him its extremely boring. To advance fast you need to pay real money. Guild wars is dominated by just a few guilds.
Post Date: 23:07 21-10-2010
Rating: 7
Author: ImjustAfreeplayer
Comment: I have a few things to say here

1. You are right you dont -Have- to spend RL money in this game but if you dont dont get mad when you get 1 hit by those that do as they have the advantage by far.

2. the economy of this game is crap end game items cost millions and millions making it extremely hard to aquire and guild/ppl helping you in instances? forget it unless you just so happen to have a RL friend in one of the top guilds. and a side note these top guilds are nothing more than a sespool of CS assholes that wanna call you a QQer anytime you speak to them with the exception of a few errrr nvm nvr have i met an end gamer that was decent and wanted to help you advance to become a better player.

This game is full of ppl that are only out for themselves and their guild. Btw GL getting into one of these guilds as they rarely accept you unless your end gamer that has uber gear and the only way to get that is by playing since the beginning(thats how long it would take to save the coin or farm the stuff yourself) or CS period end.

and when ppl reach lvl 100 (wich is not max lvl) they get bored and go around killing any one who is white while they try to do quests and laugh at you. Lots of them duel box with a cleric running with them offer you a res only to laugh as they kill you again all because they are bored and you have no way of even fighting back.

very unbalanced

and you can recieve end game stuff with the packs they sell if you dont think you can you havent played in a long time

ppl always getting lunar stuff and champion scrolls (wich are 20 mil + and 5 mil respectivly)

making money in game is a joke and a very slow process sure you can go on instance runs such as TT but the scarcity of tanks is absolutly rediculous and healers as well (as everyone and their dog wants to be a Sin)

when you finally do get into a TT party you are forced to drop your drops so that the tank can have first pick the healer 2nd and DDs go highest lvvl to lowest. this makes it very hard to get anything when you need it and are forced to buy it. (Guild runs *if you can get 1* are a little better as they will give the one that needs it the mats)

i have several toons on a cpl servers and seem to cap out around lv 80 because a lack of FC runs and grinding/questing even with stones is a drag long and boring the pots and repairs cost you more than the drops pay out when using this method unless you get Oracles which is a cash shop item and are far our of cost range for any one who is new to game or does not pay RL money

I think the game is decent enough as far as graphics are concerned and in the beginning was fun untill you get to lvl 30 when PvP starts and lvl 80+ come kill you just to make them feel better about life itself. And when you ask them y they kill you the only responce you ever get is “Stop QQing noob” wich i gotta say is the most intellegent responce you can get and most seem to respond so fast (Not auto respond either) that it seems they have been waiting an entire month to type it.

very childesh when it comes to PvP as rules only seem to matter when you yourself are the one breaking them.

example? sure not a problem as most high lvl ndgamers have alts…..try PKing 1 sometime mind you same lvl range and watch how fast they get their lvl 100+ and come back to 1 hit you and lol saying thats for killing my alt…..And the funniest part….their main is rednamed meaning they themselves go PK WHITE NAME PPL THAT MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS. very hipocritical ppl

this game im sure was at one time a very fun game to play however now its more annoying then anything as double standards are rampant and anything you want is overpriced and take way to long to aquire without spending Real money.

Post Date: 15:46 09-10-2010
Rating: 3
Author: CodenameD
Comment: This game was once pretty good and one of the earliest MMORPGs i enjoyed but right now its a total Money Hog.

If you dont Pay you dont get to make your dream character. Simple as that. Not worth it. I would rather pay and play World of Warcraft!

Post Date: 16:54 26-09-2010
Rating: 4
Author: Wildfire
Comment: This game is very so-so. The graphics are nice, and the world is a decent size with additional instanced areas your squad can enter. The classes are reasonably balanced, with a few strong exceptions in PvP, and there are a wide variety of skills to learn for each one.

Unfortunately, the game’s linchpin is PvP. The PvE servers feel stagnant after reaching higher levels, leaving you bored and losing interest. The PvP servers, while providing that much more action, unfortunately hit a wall in the form of greifing tactics which neither the GMs nor the game system do anything to combat.

You see, while free to play the entirety of the high-end game revolves around the cash-shop called the Boutique. While its possible to play without spending a dime, if you are involved in any form of PvP you will have a significantly harder time winning unless you invest a significant amount of real world money into the game.

Weapons cannot be given additional slots without the use of ‘Socket Stones’ which cost $1 for every 15, and you require up to 4000 of these stones for high-end equipment slots, forcing players to cough up $120 for a single item of gear! And that’s before you even include the gemstones to slot in the newly created space! Weapons and armor can be upgraded all the way to ‘+12’ but doing so without the use of Boutique-only items is extremely hazardous and failing even once reverts the item to its vanilla state, reducing even a +11 item back down to zero.

The default aerogears players need in order to take flight are slow, sad excuses for flight and you’re only marginally better off than you would be walking. They are completely impossible to upgrade as well, unlike the paid items which cost anywhere from $5 for a slow one or $50 for the higher end ones.

The upshot of this is that endgame players inevitably spend more money on this game than an entire years subscription to any pay-monthly MMO, for a money-grabbing leech of a game.

This review brought to you by a disgruntled level 90+ cleric.

Post Date: 03:14 24-08-2010
Rating: 3
Author: papermog
Comment: Could not agree more with FanshiiKingyo. Game was good a year ago – but has declined to total crap due in large part to hyper-inflation and the fact that when you do work really hard to get a rare drop or craft a rare item, wait a month and it’ll be in the cash shop for $2.99
Post Date: 09:52 06-08-2010
Rating: 4
Author: cambria
Comment: fantastic game!! but so many scammer hacker livin here..
but GM’s dont have take any action..
also have many blackmarket and duplicator..
i only wasting my money for this game when other make duplicates item..

knight:level 103 immortal

Post Date: 09:01 06-08-2010
Rating: 8
Author: YuLing
Comment: I am a player of PW-Ph.. I really love the graphics, game play, emoticons, the story line, characters, but i gave 8 because of.. money matters, black markets (jumping to the band wagon ehh), not so friendly GMs.

Anyway my characters are:

Priest: level 100 dark
Archer: level 102 enlighten
Necromancer: level 101 dark
Beast: level 101 dark
Mage: level 100 dark
Knight: level 100 enlighten
Pyschic: level 7x (since we started only last July 21, 2010 – Tideborne)

Post Date: 03:03 25-07-2010
Rating: 10
Author: bethgw
Comment: well..this is my opinion. This is the Best mmoRPG to play. this is a complete game to play, for it game play n management system. also in my country, Indonesia, GM always seems online to watch the security of this game.
Next, U can create almost everything with all materials in the game without buy it (of course u must work harder ๐Ÿ™‚ ), include your weapon, armor, etc. U can have marriage with your Partner in this game. But, instead of it greats features, I know that I always feel so “stuck at more moments” when I find that all my quest have been end up, but my experience still in 45% (oughh….Suck) :-). but that’s not a problem at all. I can hunt for any monster to get some items from them, then sell it to get some gold ^^. Soooo..this is a great game to play. Let’s Play this game together n create a new partner in your whole country within this game. U’ll never bore to play. Wassalam…
Post Date: 00:21 16-07-2010
Rating: 9
Author: ytser2308
Comment: it will become pay to play starting lvl 70?? are you dumb or lazy gamer? pw is totally free and loading real life cash is just an option. all materials are in game. meaning u cannot get it in the item mall… except for private servers. but still u can have good equipments if, 1: u have a real life cash. 2: if you work hard to hunt those maretials needed to craft good items… but just like any other games, this PW game also have flaws, few in-game, and a bunch in management side. in-game: pvp disadvantages and map bugs. management: GM support, implementation of the rules, and (this one hit me) risky systems like the redemption system of the rewards. my level 90 char turned lvl 1,,, hmmmm. but, but the bottom line is, this game is far more superior than any other MMORPG’s out there and new MMORPG are, in my opinion, copied the features of PW.. PW entertainment, plz find better game moderators, and be more costumer – centered since many are putting their hard erned money and precious time on this game. PLEASE! i’ll give this game a 9…. “Almost Perfect World” ๐Ÿ™‚
Post Date: 22:19 14-07-2010
Rating: 1
Author: MMORPGFreaky
Comment: Two Words: Sucks BALLS!
Post Date: 22:34 17-06-2010
Rating: 2
Author: punkass
Comment: Those who voted 8 and above are crazy. I watched my friend play this stupid game in complete Chinese, which is his race and the country we”re in BTW. So he”s playing, and I”m like, wow, look at his Neo character, this Superfly dude sure can fly and shit, but he puts me right to sleep. I can”t imagine WoW being this boring. (I”ve never played it either, so I shouldn”t hate on it yet.) There are literally bajillion of same-likeness monsters to kill, and he kills them ad infinitum, with the same exact moves, until him and his company go gangbanging and attack somebody”s turf, that”s when he goes sayonara for a few hours, which is when I went to see him, and he and his team ends up getting major pwnage! I don”t know, you”d say this guy isn”t any good, but he”s reached level over 100! And he”s riding on some panda to war! Who would wanna do that! Just do that in any other game, and people will whoop you stupid and call you an idiot. 2 is too kind for this crap.
Post Date: 11:13 16-06-2010
Rating: 5
Author: animecrazyguy
Comment: ok listen perfect world is far from perfect but it is still a very good game. the people who are complaining about it being a money cow are wrong. you can buy gold (the pointed needed to get item mall stuff) OR you can bypass the gold altogether and just buy the items from players. money isn”t a big an issue as people make it out to be. back when my old guild was active, we regualary did runs in places like twilight temple which had drops that sold for good money. the spoils were split or if requested everything can go to one player if he/she was on hard times. something people tend to foreget is that MMOs are just that, massively MULTIPLAYER, not single player. mmos are made with player interaction in mind, at least that”s what i believe. i”ve been in pw for over a year now and now i have a level 70 archer and a level 68 veno (with a hurc) in that time, i”ve only used about 100 RL money to make good on deals tthat were out. money MIGHT be an issue of the past with upcoming content. a dungeon where you can win lots of prizes may be on it”s way.

leveling is nowhere near as hard as people make it out to be. there are several daily quests that incluade:
crazy stone: a quest where you take a few gems to another area of town and wait 10 mins to get a decent exp reward (that”s right that”s all you need to do)

Bounty hunts: where you go off and hunt bosses for as much as 100+k exp (you can do this like 3 times a day)

world quest: the most boring quest in the game, you just move from town to town delivering books and you end up with 100k exp. personally i avoid this quest because it”s not enuf exp for the amount of time it takes to complete it.

public quests: the newest public quest in the game, the public qest is a great way to get exp. again this requires team work as the monster you fight are basically mini bosses. i have personally soloed one of them once on my archer and got like 4000 exp if one used hyper stones they can e looking at 30k exp. the only problem with this is the ncp that you go to begin the quest sometimes vanishes but really never for too long. you can do this quest as many times as you want. (note this is for level 60-80 then form level 90-100 i think)

so with above mentioned methods how people can say it”s hard to level up is beyond me. if one were really dedicated, one can level up once a day even at level 70. the ones saying after level 100 there is nothing to do are rather selfish and narrowminded if you ask me. if you get ti that level, the n start a new character. use the level 100 to help your friends and make money. chances are now a days people who are level 100+ are those who blazed though levels using oracles (more on that in a bit) so in the space of a month they hit level 100 and cry cos there is nothing to do. if people don”t hyper level, then they won”t have to worry about hitting level 100 and having nothing to do since PWE adds new content at least once a year.

NOW on to the bad part.

perfect world isn”t without it”s flaws. at the moment, the first flaw is the cash shop, or rather the devs constantly having these pack out that give you diffrent items. by having these packs out, the price of gold increses and with the increse in gold comes an increse in items. beofre the packs came around gold as ofr 150k now it”s at 450-500k. this bumped the price of items like hp charms which used to be arounf 900k but now are like 1.5 mil. diffent types of packs have been put out since septemer of last year. when these pack leave however, the prices should (hopefully) stablize.

the next problem is PWE”s total lack of consern for bugs. not saying the game is riddled with them or anything but comeon, having the same old bug form last year? the time they take to make new content to put in the item mall, they could be fixing bugs.

the last main problem happened indirectly because of the cash shop. as mentioned above, the packs give items (tokens being the most common) these tokens can be traded in for oracles, oracles are quests that send you after a monster and upon killing it you get some exp. now you may think that”s a good thing but it isn”t. these items have spawns many “oracle noobs” players were are like level 90 but have the knowledge of a noob. this results in problems when you form parties. take the barbarian class for example, this class is geared toward soaking up damage and keeping aggro. i have personally seen barbs that just attack and never use any skills to keep aggro, thinking their just being there would keep the mobs form attacking the rest of the party. this offen result in the death of said party. another example is my class, the archer. we are damage dealers but have little in the way of defance aside from out high evasion and a skill that gives us uber defense for 10 seconds. due to your high attack, we can steal arrgo even from a barb that”s doing it”s job well, and that”s without using any skills. if the archer pulls arrgo on a boss chances are, it will die, and when it dies, the boss will randomly attack the other members of the party unless the barb can quickly retake aggro, more offen that not tho, the boss will kill the cleric (healer) and with out the cleric, the barb can”t stay alive. when the barb dies everyone dies with it if they don”t run away BEFORE the barb dies.


Perfect world is a good game one of the best f2p mmorpgs i played the key to success is forming parties and making pals to help you and to make sure NOT to speed level to level 100 in a month. the market should, in theory stabilize when ever the packs leave the item mall so the main problems in this games aren”t even permanent ones.

Post Date: 12:45 14-05-2010
Rating: 3
Author: FanshiiKingyo
Comment: Honestly, I’ve played Perfect World from it’s absolute first Beta Stages and likely more than most people who have written reviews here. I am a 100+ Venomancer with a Phoenix pet. I’ve been there for every step of the way and I’ve watched it unfold. It started off with so much potential and is currently, in a very asymptote-like fashion, declining infinitely toward crap every single day.

It’s a great game in and of itself, but I cannot stress this enough: Find a private server. Find a private server. Find a private server.

Favorable aspects:
– High character customization.
– Very gorgeous graphics.
– Presence of a Z axis and capability for flight.
– The official game is essentially (operative word here) free.

Unfavorable aspects:
– ALL QUESTS FROM LEVEL 1 – 100 EXCEPT FOR INSTANCE/FB QUESTS ARE IDENTICAL. Do not be fooled that the monsters have been recolored and placed in a different location.
– People who pour money into the game have an extreme advantage over those who don’t (being one of those people stupid enough to pay $200 for a phoenix, I can attest to this).
– Ridiculous class imbalance. Psychics, Venomancers and Archers have a huge PvP advantage. Wizards are woefully underpowered.
– Economy of the game is a pile of shit thanks to inflation and amazing fuck-ups on behalf of Perfect World Entertainment.
– There is nothing to do once the level cap has been hit and you’ve obtained the best gear. Absolutely nothing.
– Staff/GMs do not give a fuck about you (I hacked a “friends” account and cleaned her out entirely, even taking her items that were paid with real money — PW staff figured out it was me but did not reimburse her, ban me or even warn me)
– Fucking ridiculous features such as the ability to create a shop the size of a small town.
– Pay money to level up faster (Hyper EXP stones, anyone?)

Post Date: 03:43 07-05-2010
Rating: 1
Author: fluffybum
Comment: Great to look at, reach lvl 100 and u will be bored as hell.
Cash shop players have a HUGE advantage as they can purchase packs that can give instance prizes of end game weapons and ornaments. You can play for free but if u wanna suceed at there game u will need to spend real money. This will be the games downfall as they have made the gap too wide between cash shoppers and non cash shoppers which will evenually leave quite a barren land to play in. All in all play to have fun and u can, play to win and u WILL have to spend real money, Guildwars is by far a less costly choice with the same relative gameplay
Post Date: 06:58 02-05-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Tasumi
Comment: As I was reading through all of these reviews, one thing stood out the most. All of these people have failed to mention that you DO NOT HAVE TO SINK REAL LIFE MONEY INTO THIS GAME, simply because, you are able to buy Gold (which is the cash shop money) from other players (yes, you read that right, FROM OTHER PLAYERS). Also, there are no equips in the CS that make you extremely powerful (nothing at all in there, don’t believe me, go look at the CS yourself). I find it rather appropriate on how these people failed to mention these things just so they could continue to trash the game and make it look like it’s completely horrible. Now yes, in PvP/PK, the better equipped person wins (it’s like that in any game, and it makes perfect sense), but in no way is it related to the CS. I find the game to be fun, and not a cash cow like some people have claimed. I personally say, instead of reading a bunch of reviews from people who you most likely can not trust/believe, go play the game for yourself and find out on your own. It’s not like it’ll hurt you none, as its subscription free, and doesn’t command you to spend real life money in the CS. So with that being said, I give my fair well, and hope that those whiners above realize that their words are filled with unproven lines, and exaggerated bull.
PS: Perfect World International
Post Date: 18:05 26-04-2010
Rating: 0
Author: Xkerblui
Comment: Very beautiful game. If you ask me whether you should play it, DON’T. It leeches money, and it’s full of bastards with no life. There are some extremely awesome guilds, like the one I was in =D But other then that, the game is crap. At first it’s very cool and refreshing, but as soon as you reach lvl 60, it falls flat on it’s face. If you don’t pay real money, forget even trying to play it, it’s extremely hard, and the ‘free’ part makes no sense whatsoever. If anyone is still playing it, you are idiots. Instead of wasting cash on this game, get an awesome pay-to-play, and it’ll be much cheaper. Or if you really hate paying to play games, do what I did, get DDO or guildwars. They’re nice games, but only pay-to-plays have that awesomeness that you’d keep wanting to play it more.
Post Date: 08:23 28-02-2010
Rating: 3
Author: many702
Comment: K now i have a new review am higher levle now and ive experienced some more of this game well first is first this game is GRIND game in higher levles it really is also its a MONEY COW MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO for money after level 60 or higher u can not advanced without using real money in this game i mean u can but u r forced into using real money why cuz u need alot of HP ND MP CHARMS which cost real money nd most partys will not party u if u dnt have any of those charms also ull be usless in TW and in PVP nd peeps who do use real money ther armor is lyk 50% stronger then urs nd sometimes there lyk 10 levels lower than u r nd they kick ur ass in PVP if u dnt use real money then u will have to grind alot ALOT lyk ull have to stop thinking about levleing nd start griding lyk almost 1 month straight to have enough money to get alot of charms for TW nd PVP nd otehr stuff yep basically real money= power nd easy grinding and basically fun game
no money= have to exclude pvp ND TW of not alot of griding and no fun wat so ever and struggle alot to play PW so basically u will have to use real money in this game thanks again all of u guys
Post Date: 09:07 16-02-2010
Rating: 8
Author: clericspwn
Comment: I give this game 8/10 overall..not as good as WOW or Aion…but i would give it 10/10 on a free to play mmorpg..first of all players have alot of bad reviews for having to spend money or grinding forever…basically it is setup this way for a reason…u gonna have to earn the right to be godly..if u wanna be godly it’s gonna cost you cash or your gonna have to grind. You can’t just become godly with not earning it. And if you could everyone would be godly. So with that said if you like free to play then you should join PWI. And don’t complain about grinding without grinding what else would you do in the game?
Post Date: 22:48 14-02-2010
Rating: 10
Author: futurekiller
Comment: Author: futurekiller
Comment: game is unbelieveble it is way better then WoW and trust me i was a level 80 druid and had most of the forms this game has more mounts the best thing Wow had was an elephent and u had to be level 56 to ride it but this game u dont have to wait so long to ride a mount they are also more creative and bigger u could ride dragons to giants u can also ride seals,sting rays,horses,those big chinese dragons,birds, and lots of other stuff u also cna turn into cool forms, such as a fox or even a fish! Plus you have mroe freedom instead of waiting tile u get to level 50 to fly u can fly on level 1 and on this game u cna jump way higher, the main part i like abou the game is not just the freedom but the lush beutiful artistic envirment. This game got 2nd best for it. and there are so much custimazitions for character also unlike WoW you can catch ur own pets with any class and it is a whole lot more fun this is a great chineise game and it is FREE
Post Date: 22:33 12-02-2010
Rating: 10
Author: futurekiller
Comment: game is unbelieveble it is way better then WoW and trust me i was a level 80 druid and had most of the forms this game has more mounts the best thing Wow had was an elephent and u had to be level 56 to ride it but this game u dont have to wait so long to ride a mount they are also more creative and bigger u could ride dragons to giants u can also ride seals,sting rays,horses,those big chinese dragons,birds, and lots of other stuff u also cna turn into cool forms, such as a fox or even a fish! Plus you have mroe freedom instead of waiting tile u get to level 50 to fly u can fly on level 1 and on this game u cna jump way higher, the main part i like abou the game is not just the freedom but the lush beutiful artistic envirment. This game got 2nd best for it. and there are so much custimazitions for character
Post Date: 10:43 29-12-2009
Rating: 8
Author: blackdragonfang0
Comment: very nice game.
Post Date: 19:19 12-11-2009
Rating: 2
Author: Osama885
Comment: My characters: killermage – Dreamweaver server (PVE) lvl 55
Xx_Osama_xX – Harshlands server (PVP) lvl 66, with other chars. lvl. 25, 53. 13

Free? HAHAHA!! forget about it, free to play if you want everyone with money to kick ur ass up and down all over the map (and yes thats like every PVP player).
In this game Money = Power, an example of this, some one with money to buy great armor will kill someone with normal times with barley a scratch, also their charms will make it like they have two times more health, due to hp regeneration o max, every 10 seconds in battle.

gets boring as hell at lvl 50, also if ur on a PVE server you will quit the game at level 70, or play the shittest and most boring game ever.

again, need lots of money for this, and the PVP actually HAS NO REWARDS!!, because people either wear no armor, or all bound equipment that cant be dropped, or they use real money and buy guardian angles, which makes them drop nothing at death, so if u kill one of these players (that’s if u can with all their uber cash shop equipment), you will get nothing at all, and unless ur one of these guys, when that cash shop player kills you you will drop nearly half the things you have, and also you can drop flying mounts in this game, which are worth like $30-60 in-game.

play it if u like PVP with no rewards, and if u got lots of money to spend on a game, and i mean like $50 weekely. By the way, dont even bother starting on a PVE server unless you like to sit on ur ass and do nothing at lvl 70+ other than kill the same monster repidetly. by the time you are lvl 70 + you also have like 1 quest, which gives you around 5% out of 100% to lvl, so ull be grinding for 2 days till the next lvl, and that’s if u grind 24/7. so GL, and remember that Perfect World is only for people with Perfect wallets, and no sense in PVP = Rewards. (everything in this game is lost to the system, so enjoy giving them all your money for nothing at all)

Been playing this game for 5 months, and really, it just straight up sucks, the flying part is cool, and game is fun at first, but later on sucks so badly its not even funny, no wonder most people that play this game quit after lvl 70.

Post Date: 06:08 04-11-2009
Rating: 0
Author: thegodofwar
Comment: Update from my previous post:

Many playing PWI have left or are leaving. The game’s economy pretty much forces players to spend real-life money to stand half-a-chance in the game. Those players who are staying spend hundreds to thousands of dollars each on a weekly basis on the game to have the best gear and other miscellaneous items. The game is still free to play, but without putting in real money, you will be at a huge disadvantage and no one will want to play along side you. If you’re rich, then this game should be no problem for you. The rich kids on the forums feel that there is nothing wrong with dumping huge amounts of money into it on a weekly basis. If you feel the same way, go for it.

Post Date: 04:03 19-10-2009
Rating: 3
Author: TheGodOfWar
Comment: Very fun at first. However the e-peen in the game is outrageous, especially on the Sanctuary server. People like Wizzeled, TamTamTam, and Technotic are some of the many who have no lives in real life, and therefore log onto PWI and make other players gaming experience a living hell. To top it off, the GM’s do nothing about this issue, and therefore the game becomes a bunch of flame wars between players.
The game may also be free, but you will find yourself spending real life money in it real quick. If you don’t, you will be greatly undermatched in PvP and PvE. In order to at least have a fighting chance, you’d have to spend at least $100 a month on this game. People actually spend their entire paychecks on this game. They may still live with their parents and still need to borrow the family van, but at least they have a good character.
Kill-stealing is also a major issue. Good luck trying to complete your quests or trying to level. Players like the ones I listed above actually go out of their way to make others mad, and one way they do this is by stealing other peoples kills. There’s really nothing you can do about it, and the GM’s, once again, do nothing about it either.
In conclusion, any game is only as good as the people playing it. The people in this game are selfish, narcassistic, greedy, and are only concerned about themselves. If you get any help, it’s because it benefits the others helping you in some way. It’s very expensive to play and very frustrating dealing with the adolescent community. If you like drama and dealing with little kids, then this game is for you.
Post Date: 22:33 14-10-2009
Rating: 6
Author: hilarybomins
Comment: I’m a level 101 on the most popular PvP server on Perfect World International. Been playing for almost a year, literally every day. It’s addicting, it’s fun, and its over all a great free game. But, there are many downsides to this game, that everyone needs to understand before devoting their free time into such an endeavor.

The “e-peen” on the server, โ€˜players egosโ€™, are pretty much ridiculous. The game is full of narcissists who love to inflict pain on others for their own benefit and pleasure. Because of the “Cash Shop” players can instantly become well-geared over night, by simply charging a few $100. At first the game was fun, the competition was challenging and intense between players and “PK”.

But over time this game has changed, drastically. It has turned into more of a “pay to play” more than a free to play. Of course you can just slide on by with out paying a cent, but in reality you’ll need the following to get by in this game: a) spend Real Life cash to have anything decent (i’m talking about a few hundred dollars on a monthly basis) b) have multiple accounts (which is illegal) to farm with, and isn’t realistic. c) no-life grind, and you’ll just end up getting frustrated with the disconnects, lag, and bugs this game has plenty of.

The economy lately is ABSURD, and is NOT going to change anytime soon. The in-game coin per gold ratio is ridiculous, and makes it more of a cash shopping game. If you want to play a game that doesn’t take very much skill, and you can pay large amounts of real life cash to be good, then this is your game.

I have finally quit my addiction to PW, thank god. Absolutely no drive to get on anymore, itโ€™s just an addiction. Youโ€™ll find yourself having to spend more and more real life cash as you play; Itโ€™s just not worth it. Go buy a pay to play game.

Post Date: 01:15 06-10-2009
Rating: 4
Author: chicagosoccer10
Comment: I was hooked on this game for a while. Although eventually everything got insanely boring. By the time I was level 35 or so, i was bored out of my mind. The “large” quantity of quests to reduce grind was ever so repetetive. It was always kill this amount of things or somewhat relative to that. Although i did love this game for a while it ended with boredom.
Post Date: 23:11 04-10-2009
Rating: 8
Author: many702
Comment: sup guys well ive been playing for 3 weeks now and am a level 23 blademaster all i can say about this game is that it is amazing no lie it runs well really good baerly any lags on old PC’s so if u have like 512 RAM dnt wrry this game is good on your computer also the cuztamization is amazing and the best part its free and yes there is an item mall but u cna buy those coins u need for the item mall online all though its alot of in game money but still and alot of the communtity is great expecially if your in a guild youll have more fun youll have high level players helping you making it easier for you play this game check it out also the download is kinda long well it took me around 1 hr to download nd around another hour for the patches and to install it to my computer to be complete but yes check this game out cheers :)……
Post Date: 09:08 30-09-2009
Rating: 3
Author: Nanashi
Comment: I really do like this game but I have to say the customer service sucks. Every single change that has been made since I started the game has been geared toward hooking noobs and making money. the lagg anf glitches get worse every month and the ‘chance’ items in the cash shop are a scam. if you spend money on the game you’ll have to spend hundreds if not thousands. But there is hope for anyone who refuses to spend money, you can buy the ‘gold’ in the aucction house, eccept reasently on my server atleast the gold is up to 600k a peice thats 600k/1 gold. and if your a gold fiend merchant or no life farmer thats thats still pretty hard to swing the gold you’d need for anything worth it and then the item is worth less then the gold was, LMAO. the quests are unoriginal and boring after a while and the grinding is just insane. most aspects are too easy however other aspects are too hard, in the end your bored out of your mind trying to get to an impossible goal.

The ingame econamy was bad enough before the designers decided to make these bad ass packs that only cost 1 gold there by raising the price of gold from 200k in game to 500k at the time. and its only getting worse. if your not a rich/burn money type or a no-life farmer gear-fiend this game is not for you anymore, and it is unlikely the econamy troubles in game are going to change for the better.

Honestly I really do love this game but I’m dissapointed with the way things are turning out. I want to make games one day and if i was the designer of PWI atm I would want my name removed from the title all together. If I’d made this game I would want it to be something I could be proud of, and right now I’m not even proud to be a player! in the beginning there was so much potential and to see it turned into a cash cow is sad. I don’t have a problem with a good game making money but don’t let the game suffer for the money making.

Post Date: 08:25 26-09-2009
Rating: 8
Author: hitcero
Comment: Perfect World International(PWI)

Graphics: Very Good for a F2P mmo…probably the water that got me the most.

Character customization: Very advanced character customization with a large variety of hairstyles and stuff like that. The cash shop has some very nice outfits like chain pants(very cool). The ground mounts are the fastest in game and can travel long distances. They are definitely good. I bought these with in game money which is also a very good aspect of game as cash shop items can be traded. Classes wise they are all good and useful but should have male and female for every type so there is less confusion between genders and to those males that use girl chars “shame on you”…”you horny bastards” lol. sorry about the abuse but I strongly agree with showing your right gender.

Sound: Most mmo music arn”t good so i usually mute and play my own music.

Community: Its relatively good u can party people pretty easily. too bad no party bonuses though like % exp increase or something.

Gameplay: Quests are very abundant until level 30 to 35. After that, your quests don”t level you much and you need to grind a lot for the rest of it. A daily quest called the crazy stone quest after level 30 is very helpful as the quest just costs a bit of money, which is definitely worth the experience you get out of it. I just did this quest to lvl everyday,takes about 10mins. I would grind only to get drops and money other than that lvling is too slow.

There are dungeons almost every 10 lvls starting at 19. The dungeons are disappointing as u need some high lvls around lvl 35-40+ to help u finish it, So almost 20 lvls higher. You will experience a total party wipeout even if u get a full party of lvl 19s…I thought a full party of 19s would do the job but no…Whats the point of a dungeon when some else is doing it for you? only way is to lvl up a lot higher than the dungeon and get a party to finish it, which by then since u are so high leveled the drop rates would”ve went down heaps. Bosses in dungeons are massive though which is good. Some bosses u need to kill for a quest are also too hard even for a party of people around your lvl…practically same as dungeons.

This is not a pvp mmo, at the moment at least…if u put pvp mode on,u can get killed by any lvl no restrictions and no seperate map. Also once u put on pvp mode u cant take it off for a while which by then you”re probably going to get owned while u grind or whatever. unless u hide in a town.

Movement is smooth with wasd controls. Flying mounts and double jump is cool as well.

Skills are smooth now…u dont really notice any lag delays. Skills look cool fancy stuff in almost all moves.AOE lvling doesn”t come in until much later which by then u”ll most likely be bored as hell from grinding to that stage, unlike shaiya where its a key role to fast lvling. I mean killing 10-15 mobs at a time is much more entertaining than killing a couple or more at a time.

Auto pathing is very useful u just click the highlight name and u”ll start walking to the quest person. Best used when flying so u don”t keep walking into a wall in the way.

Stats: lots of different styles u can go with for example I have an attack cleric. Stats put in mostly magic dmg means easy killing and good healing skills make up for your low hp and defense. You cant die very easily if u spam “heal over time” skills which stacks lol.

Summarized Its one of the best mmo”s compared to a whole bunch of others but still not that good to keep me interested for a sustained amount of time.Practically the best mmo”s standards arnt that high…yet. I like team effort in games and making new friends so just party grinding a couple each or partying with high levels where u don”t make an impact on the team isn”t much fun at all. This game just needs a few changes and it will be unbelievably awesome.

So I hope u were entertained by my review, cause I know I get interested reading other peoples reviews and their opinions. I hardly play mmos anymore…went back to FPS”s COD 4 ftw XD lol.

Post Date: 07:38 23-09-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Xroalia
Comment: I really do like this game, mostly because of the diversity in classes, builds, and customisation.
There are A LOT of quests in this game which really keep you occupied and keeps mindless grinding to a minimum. The customisation really couldn’t get any better, except for everyones armour looking the same but that’s standard MMO sameness, although you will probably want to end up sticking with your armour instead of buying clothes from the cash shop as the CS clothes have next to no texture and are quite hideous compared to the standard armour.
The genie system is quite neat, it’s like a pet system in other MMOs. You can give them your own Exp or SP or let them level along with you (at a much slower pace) buy killing mobs, choose elemental affinities, and learn skills. They can deal damage, buff you, heal you, and debuff mobs.
The graphics are nice if you have the settings maxed out, and the map is huge. The downside to the largness of the map is it either takes forever to get from A to B or you have to spend a lot of coin on teleportation.
The community is good, if you need help with a boss quests it’s easy enough to find someone to help without being called a noob.

All in all I give this game an 8 because despite its name, it’s not perfect.

Post Date: 22:27 21-08-2009
Rating: 10
Author: h3r012345
Comment: I just wanted to talk about Perfect World International. the custimazation is amazing the land is beautiful. theres more than 5 maps in eprfect world beating every single game out these in huge ness. theres ur regular map and then theres hell heaven and other maps. theres more than 10+ instances(dungeons). u can fly (theres more than 50 mounts in total flying and ground).you can stay in the air 4 ever if u want . theres no time limit or anything. theres 3 races (winged elves untamed and humans) and ea race has its own special abilities. guys quit WoW Conan Warhammer Aion this game is beautiful . the water is so real life. and the sky is so beautiful. theres night and day and the sun and moon look so real. its not really addictive so u hav a life. sometiems i jsut get on 2 finsi ha daily quest and get off. this game wont ruin ur life. but i’d recommend 2 all games 2 exercise after getting on. every 1-2 hours jsut stop playing and exercise 4 10-30 minutes . its not that hard. but pwi is the best join now
Post Date: 18:44 19-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Devbinks
Comment: Okay, I have played FFXI, Guild Wars, Rappelz, Anarchy Online, and a bit of Everquest. Perfect World is the BEST of all of them!

You get to choose from three races: Human, Elf, and Untamed. Then you choose your class which are fairly basic like blademaster, cleric, etc.. The interesting thing here is that the untamed can actually transform into things like tigers and foxes!

Now, I am a sucker for customization. In fact, I have instantly uninstalled MMORPGs right from the start because I didn’t feel that their create-a-player was good enough. I mean lets face it, why would I want to be playing in a world where everyone has to use 1 of 4 or 5 faces and hair styles? BORING!

Perfect World, however… this game has amazing customization! Not only the best of any MMORPG I’ve played, but it pretty much rivals any other game, period, in this area! You can totally customize each facial feature and area of the body individually, plus there has to be a few DOZEN hair styles and you can customize the color of your skin, eyes, hair, eyebrows, lips and eyeshadow! Not only that but you can make your own colors to use so you aren’t limited to a preset color pallet.

Onto the gameplay! I’ll start off with the negatives…

The biggest drawback of this game is it’s (initially) limited inventory/bank slots. You start off with only 32 & 16 respectively. Now, you can fix this issue by doing either quests (that take a LONG time to complete) or by purchasing more room with real money. This can be done at the in-game store and raises your slots to a MAX of 64 (inventory) and 80 (bank).

Also, there are tedious quests like kill 30 or so of a particular monster but that’s nothing you won’t have to deal with in any other game in this genre.

The only other thing I can think of that’s not so good is that some of the monsters are not plentiful enough to take into account the amount of plays that have to kill them for quests so in a few areas you’ll come across some definite KS trouble.

As for the positives, they far out-weigh the negatives, IMO.

For starters, the graphics are great and it really helps serve how fun it is to just simply explore the vast environment. There is quite a bit of variety in the land, from, large forests to maze=like caves. There are also weather effects like snow and such!

To make exploration even better, you can get air and ground pets to ride around on. Also, you are able to jump quite high so you can climb up on top of buildings and fortress wall and mountains and get excellent views of the landscape.

There is PVP. This works in two ways. There are standard PvP servers which I have yet to play on and then there are PvE servers. On these, you can still do some PK’ing BUT both fighters must accept a duel invitation. This eliminates unwanted PK’ing.

In the end, this is one of the best games I’ve ever played, free or otherwise! At it’s WORST, it’s still on par with any other good MMORPG and is still a blast to play!

Post Date: 23:54 11-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: gamerXnerd
Comment: very good game just luv it and
p.s enough with the really long coments gameogre just asking for u to rate the game know 1 asked to have a history lesson on the whole game…
Post Date: 18:55 04-08-2009
Rating: 2
Author: mkwiigunit
Comment: ugh, terrible, waay to hard to learn. The second most confusing game I’ve ever played, I think a game should be critically judged by how easy it is to learn.
Post Date: 03:47 29-07-2009
Rating: 6
Author: carugen
Comment: My barbarian
Post Date: 18:13 27-07-2009
Rating: 5
Author: GodsAreMine
Comment: Everyone hwo dont like grindig, dont DOWNLOAD it!!!! It have huge amount of quest what will never end lol, and almost every quest is same kill X amount monsters to get some things…. it just is boring to kill and kill and kill… I have to say that graphigs are nice and community is friendly too. But leveling is …… so i dont suggest this too download EXCEPT if you’re nerd hwo likes to nolife this.. 1 thing wat i dont like too is that u cant change servers.. that means when u do character in PvE world you cant never go PvP!!!!I didnt know that in beginning.
Post Date: 00:41 20-07-2009
Rating: 7
Author: boody2010
Comment: hi perfect world is a gr8 game and got to admit tht the character customization is the best except for the barbarian male well its kwl and when u reach 30 u can fly which is gr8 of coarse but the worst thing is tht mounts requires real money or u can pay 1m to buy or more not sure which is alot …. in this game so tht sux hard also the barbs class r gr8 and all but its so unfair tht it consumes mp and hp alot so u hve to spend most of ur money on it well its still a gr8 game with not very borign quests well mostly requires grind but hve another stuff too
Post Date: 01:22 07-07-2009
Rating: 7
Author: fycfyc
Comment: this game is pretty good for a free MMORPG. the community is great, whole lota ppl play this game and honestly, i find PW has one of the most helping/friendly communities(way better than WoW, where ppl tend to juz ignore u). The graphics is a big seller of the game, even tho iv not been able to play on max settings, the environment graphics awes me 10/10(character movement is not very smooth like WoW, 7/10 on that). character customization is another seller of the game, and it shud b. the customization is so in-depth, my winged-elf cleric juz look gorgeous :P, even tho i think more could b done rather to make charater movement more fluent and smooth. skills r pretty good but some of the game sound r kinda wierd. lvling in PW is not the easierst in the world but still managable(required som time and dont expect to b maxed within 1-2 months). som improvement i wana c: again,more fluent character movement and mayb more classes /races to choose from
so overall, a very playable game if u want to play a free Official MMORPG(not som private server of paid games)
Post Date: 18:17 18-06-2009
Rating: 10
Author: shimorigagoua
Comment: ok im gonna give this a real review this time, but before that, if people have characters on the Lost City server and need help, my name on the game is LadyKikyo, im currently a lvl 61 venomancer. From the previous review I have given, I have gained more experience and hopefully I know enough to help anyone that needs it. Now for the review:

Installation: 8/10 It does take a while to download but I downloaded it while i was asleep so I wasnt bored waiting for it to download, installation is really fast and really easy and there is really nothing that can go wrong (theoretically speaking)

Graphic: 10/10 I”m giving the graphics a 10, cause i am really not one to care about graphics, but if i did, this would be some of the best graphics in an online game ive ever seen.

Character Customization: 9/10 The customizing aspect of this game is godly, other than the fact that you cant have male venomancer, and you cant change a lot with the untamed, you can change virtually anything you want with the other races.

Community: 10/10 The people on this game are incredibly friendly and are really great people, give or take a few, a lot of people like me will go out of their way to help anyone, plus the guild system is great and easy to use and communicate with people. I can tell you that i have made so many friends in my guild (Spanked) people in this game are just so easy to get a long with.

Leveling: 8/10 The leveling up in this game is really good. You get enough quests to minimize grinding. It takes like 5 minutes worth of grinding for every 5 levels. Though some of the quests dont give you exp at first, once you complete them, they give a HUGE amount, not to mention valuable items on top of gaining you a level or two.

Fighting System: 10/10 Much more interactive for me anyway, i like the system more than other games that ive played, it is a easy one to get used to, and is a lot of fun to use in general.

Speed of the game: 8/10 I think the speed of the game is relatively fast, but not too fast to where you get bored cause its too easy, it provides enough quests to make it interesting and it makes level up quick enough to not be frustrating.

Classes 10/10 A perfect score for this one all the way, the classes in this game are great, there arent too many and arent too few, they are just right and are great to play as. The races, first of all, that are in the game currently are Untamed, Winged Elf, and Human. Each race has two classes that you can choose from. The Untamed has a standard tank class, which would be a Barbarian, though you cant make a female barbarian, they are still a great class to use. The Venomancer: Pet tamer/ Mage/ Debuffer, the Venomancer is by far my favorite class, just because you use a pet to fight with and you dont have to take any damage at all unless you”re being careless and get attacked by an agro monster, they are probably the best solo class in the game. The Winged Elf: the Winged Elf are a good class for people who like ranged characters, also they are the best class for flight, while other classes wait for level 30, the Winged Elf flies from the start. The Archer: this is obviously the warrior-ish person for the elven race, they have good defense and cool looking attacks but when you are fighting up close, you do significantly less damage. The Cleric: this is a basic healer/ mage while having powerful healing moves, they also have devastating magic attacks that look cool and do lots of damage, while having low physical defense, you can give yourself buffs to up that stat a bit and make yourself very powerful. The Humans: the Humans are basically a damage-dealing race, the two classes have a lot of high-hitting attacks that kill enemies quickly. The Blademaster: the human warrior, basic damage-dealing sword user, has a lot of really cool and really powerful attacks that leave their enemies stunned in awe with the sheer power of the Blademaster. The Wizard: my second favorite class; this class is a basic damage-dealing magic user, all of the attacks mostly deal out devastating damage and kill insanely fast, not to mention they have insanely cool looking attacks as well. with low Physical defense they function best in squads with casting from afar with a decent tank in the front lines.

The World Itself: 15/10 The map for this game is HUGE and this is gonna sound lame, but the scenery in this game is amazing, there is so much to see and explore and so many places to visit, there is nothing that in my opinion can top it.

Overall rating: 11/10 but since i cant give that rating its a 10. this game is worth the wait for the download and has so many perks the few flaws that it has become invisible, it has so many interesting aspects and provides years of entertainment. my advice: DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!!!!

Post Date: 21:48 02-06-2009
Rating: 5
Author: Zakariiii
I am running an eMACHINES 2650e Processor (1.61 GHz) with 896MB of RAM and it only took a little over an hour and a half to download. Don’t listen to this “6 hours to download” crap, try it for yourself.
Post Date: 20:03 01-06-2009
Rating: 2
Author: weweloo
Comment: lvl 81 on Lost city here

Graphic : 5/10 just ok, nothing amazing there.

sound : 1/10 You’re gonna like the 10 billions crickets singing at the same time in the swawp!

pvp : 1/10 basically you get your ass rapped by no-life with mom’s credit card. Broken by cash shop items. This game is cleary not designed for pvper.

dungeons : 0/10 Boring. 1 mob at the time lol.

grinding : 5/10 If you like to kill the same mobs 100000000 times, this game is for you!

quests : 1/10 2 words : world quest. Worst quest in rpg history!

cash shop : 1/10 Cloths textures are crap. Won’t even talk about the “random” dying system.

Post Date: 00:31 30-05-2009
Rating: 3
Author: silveryhat
Comment: Review of Cubizone company that hosting Perfect World MY-EN
Is this a worthy company for you to spend your time and money to play with ?

Yes and No. But yes only if you are rich, and careless. Let”s have a look.

Cubizone or Cubinet Interactive Sdn. Bhd. so far, is the most incomplete and irresponsible online gaming company ever runs MMORPG in terms of either customer service or reliability. While other companies are trying to serve a fulfill promise of creating friendly gameplay as well as fun and enjoyable environment , Cubinet by the lacks of human resource in all departments, chooses to go the other way. Cubizone is currently known for serving Perfect World MY-EN, which is a great game blooms on a crappy company.

Games they provide, sometimes have not been through any testings, that they result in buggy and broken conditions. Followed by cruel and lazy support teams who treat players like young kids, or something less than that.

Since the open beta, lag, along with slow connection have happened ever since until now. The lag is known to be permanent.

Recently, they send out patches with promises to upgrade the game contents, but players soon realize the lies. There are only new cash shops items with lucky draw boxes that, by all means, just to milk the money from players. These boxes are a another cover of a type of gamble where poor players who can”t afford to buy good equipment will more likely open some, with hope to get something out of it. It”s absolutely normal until there are 2, 3, 4, 5 and more patches that come with only new boxes and no thing else! In comparison to other Perfect World servers where patches bring new look and feel to the game greatly, Perfect World MY-EN is a the biggest rip off to player.

When a problem arrives, the Contact G.M button will work well only after player has spent a few trumpets they buy from cash shop to shout on world chat in order to get Admin attention. Often, when a bug is clearly shown but these Admins who doesn”t have a clue of how it works, will quickly denies the gamers opinion and disregards any concerns. If it is a serious bug or a missing function, such as an incident happened last year during Xmas event. Players were to be able to exchange for a rare type book but suddenly the NPC disappeared, leaving hundred of players with the required items to exchange but without a clue of what to do. They first, couldn”t handle the waves of people who complains so they made up a story. Cubizone pretend they are getting help from Beijing, the mother company that designs PW game, by count of every day trying. For the last 6 months and still going, nothing has been done. G.M completely avoid any responds to players on their official forum. Moderators are active but all they should do is remove any negative comments from users. Fact, these negative comments considered as negative because they say the true …

On the scale of 1 to 10, to be fair Cubizone will receive a 10 for lacking off, downward service, terrible customer support experience and bugs are reported daily on their main forum, with everyone”s care but the Administrator”s. Currently, more than 40% players have quit the game. Leaving 20% inactive gamers who log on sometimes for a few minutes to check out the perfect world that they always wish it was to be perfect in another hand of other better company. The 40% left are people who spent thousand of dollars in game and they are stuck with the guilty feeling of leaving the game after losing too much money. Nevertheless, they are and will still spend more money because this game is design in a way that gamers can barely enjoy without giving up their pocket.

A prediction is the game will shortly come to an end because GMs almost abandon everything (take a look at their Technical Support). Players are banned after maintenance for lame reason. The support team, after a week of waiting, just drops a line saying they are unable to help. True or not, it seems as though they are trying hard to drive the rest of gamers away by one way or another, since the game getting old and too many bugs as well as complaints have finally caught up to their nerves. But either way, it”s a win-lose situation. Cubizone has earn millions of (us) dollar and now they are ready to shut the door. Maybe of Perfect World MY-EN. But look, they are planning on other great games too. If any needs for a MMORPG game to be ruined, broken and showing bad impression it is the best to let Cubizone or Cubinet Interactive Sdn. Bhd. runs it.

Please note — There are tons of complaints about Cubizone but mostly are posted on the official forum. And this is where Cubizone gets smart. Only registered users can read these topics so they are completely hidden in the eye of search engines. Therefore, very less amount of these reviews about the service can spread on the Internet. If everyone else has a chance to read it before it got deleted and original poster is banned. It has been known that alot of players who feel too upset with the way the Cubizone cheats on them, they are signing a pertition. However, if it will do any good since this company is in Asia, Malaysia to be exact and known to the rest of the world for their lacks of serious attitude about customer care.

Post Date: 17:13 23-05-2009
Rating: 7
Author: unpfhorgiven
Comment: ok, you people who keep comparing this to the WoW giant, you’re on crack. there is NOTHING similar between the 2 games other than you use asdw to move, you click buttons to attack and it’s a fantasy setting. gameplay styles are on 2 ends of the spectrum, especially in combat. i think it’s a great game as a free MMO, the best i’ve played by far, aside from Guild Wars. contrary to what has been written, tho, this game is NOT noob-friendly and is extremely vague. there is no direction as to where to go or what to do, it’s pretty much figure it out as you go. it’s got a decent “Find Quest” feature which can come in handy if you’re scratching your head.

i was also appalled to see that there is no decent (decent being the operative word here) mana regen skills or pots to speak of until level 30. 30?! come on, seriously. so… wizards beware. you get plenty of HP regen, but if you’re a mana-guzzler, be prepared to be popping a low level pot every 5 to 10 seconds.

also as mentioned, the character customization is pretty solid and it was kind of a sweet surprise to see my female elf toon just as sexy as they are in promo art ๐Ÿ˜€

Post Date: 08:37 24-04-2009
Rating: 5
Author: jash27
Comment: overall good idea, not to fun though. Its interesting enough to keep my attention for a couple hours, then the annoying things start to overpile. The grind is boring (even though there are many other things to do) and the game just seems ummm childish.
Post Date: 00:37 16-04-2009
Rating: 10
Author: LastShot262
Comment: Look. ive played perfect world for awhile now, and it is the best free game i have ever played. ive played Silkroad, Runescape, Maplestory, and others. and NOTHING compared to this game. Amazingly easy to understand and incredibly fun. AMAZING GRAPHICS for a free game. it really blew me away. and the whole ability to jump and fly makes the game so much more…fantasy-ish. better than Atlantica, Shaiya, Mabinogi, and others where u can only run very slowly. and LISTEN NOW. IF YOU ARE NOT ASAIN THERE ANOTHER VERSION CALLED PERFECT WORLD INTERNATIONAL THATS IN ENGLISH. almost exactly the same, maybe even better, than the original. just read all these reviews, because im not very good at describing. It is just as amazing as they say. GO PERFECT WORLD BABY!
Post Date: 18:25 03-04-2009
Rating: 10
Author: shimorigagoua
Comment: gustavo, obviously, you just suck at the game, also, you couldnt have played it for two years, cause its only been out since last august-december, from then to now, ive played it as well, and i love it, i have also got a lvl 60 character, and i have no trouble lvling up, also, you probably got 1 shotted by someone who said they were ur lvl, but were actually higher. idk wat ur talking about with the items tho, i have no trouble with item drops. also, for gentlemen, the review right below mine, flashy attacks are wat make that game great, and who really cares of u cant see ur character while ur fighting, u should be concentrating on ur mp and hp amounts and wat attacks ur gonna use next. u both hav very idiotic reasoning for hating the game, if u wanna give it a bad rating, then give a full review, like i have done in the past.
Post Date: 23:16 27-03-2009
Rating: 2
Comment: Perfect world somehow wasnt perfect. And waaaay to flashy attacks.. you hardly see your character in all that rainbow-colored sparkling lol. Envirements were beutiful tho.
Post Date: 01:15 08-03-2009
Rating: 4
Author: Gustavo M
Comment: I’ve plyed Perfect World for 2 years, and I’ll tell you all something.

If you awnt to lose your entire life, play this game.

It takes like 2 years to reach the max level (at higher level, you will have to gain like 1 MILLION xp to gain levels, and 1 BILLION xp at the last one), and the 1337 items are just… insanely hard to be made.

The items drops at 0.000001%, and you will need like 10 or even 20 of EACH.

So, in the end you will take like 20 years to get to the leet state. Maybe 5 if you got a entire gang to wrap your arse off.

The pvp is just…….. retarded. I got my ass 1 hitt’d by a venomancer (same lv) and I had a uber leet equipment, all +9 with protection against venon/wood property.

So in the end, It makes you waste your money to survive, or else you will just fail and cry in a corner.

Post Date: 22:44 07-03-2009
Rating: 8
Author: nerdboyxxx
Comment: Perfect world is one of those asian mmorpg’s that you only see once in a very long time. It’s nice visuals, balanced gameplay, and features all bring this game alive, although there are a few perks which I will cover.

When you start this game, you will be welcomed by the login screen, then character creation. I was blown away, literally! You can customise everything from the facial features to the size of your character. Legs, arms, body, face, facial hair, shape of the nose, eyes; name it, you can do it. This allows hundreds of possible looks, which is a very good thing! You won’t see too many look-a-likes in this game, which some mmorpg’s suffer from. It really gives a sense of individuality which most mmorpg’s cannot deliver.

Once you create your character (I made an untamed barbarian) you will be introduced into the game world, and the graphics which this game supports. I can say that the graphics are rather good. Not the flashiest I have seen, but very nice for a free mmo.

One thing I liked about this game was its noob-friendliness, a lot of the higher levelled players are willing to help you out in the starting area and give you some free stuff, and the controls can be quickly learned through about an hour of playing.

The only negatives I could find were the scammers and the bots. The moment I logged in I was bombarded by a text box full of bots trying to sell gold. Now I am not sure whether this happens a lot or not, so I have to make a hard decision and lower my rating from a 9 to an 8.

For a free mmorpg, this game is a major contender, but doesnt have the power (yet) to stand up to major mmorpg’s like WAR LotrOnline and WoW. But we will see what the future holds ๐Ÿ™‚

Post Date: 04:13 06-03-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Seroken
Comment: Okay, I’m an actual Perfect World player so I’ll have to be the one to set things straight.

-Graphics: 10/10 AMAZING!!! When you first start off there is good graphics. Maybe the best I’ve seen in an MMO. The graphics are equal to early PS2 graphics. BUT, if you go to the system configuration there are many other graphics upgrades that you can put on that the game automatically has off. You can set it to 1280×1024, set the object resolution, set details(ex:shadows and sun/moon shining), and my favorite, the water resolution(which looks AMAZING!!! The best and most realistic water I’ve ever seen in a game. After setting the resolution up I was wowed for 40 minutes straight. The graphics rivaled Halo 3 in 480 resolution(I have the game and am dead serious it looked so good). Simply, the graphics are possibly the best out there. The only thing I had a problem was was with the trees, which look good, but not as good as the rest of the in-game objects.

-Customization: 10/10 THE BEST CHARACTER CREATION EVER!!! This is the best MMO for customizing hands down. I know that there is no game with this good of customization to date. It is about equal to the customization in a WWE game. If you have ever played one than trust me on this, it’s awesome. The only thing I was annoyed about was that the beast(untamed) male characters have almost no customization whatsoever. I was also disappointed with the character proportions such as everything from the waist down. You can customize ever part of them but the the abdomen and limbs can’t be made longer and each respective class and gender is the same height. You can edit the abdomen and limb size(width) though which is good enough for someone that was looking for a heavy customization game.

-Game Requirements: 10/10 The game takes FOREVER to download. It is a wopping 7.55 gb. It took me 4-5 hours to download. The requirements for this game aren’t too high though because it can be run in low detail. I have 1gb of ram on my computer and a core duo processor so it runs perfectly with almost every graphic upgrade on the game on(if I run water refraction on it starts to lag a little bit but not that bad. The water refraction is the highest graphical thing in the game but it doesn’t affect the water quality because the refraction and the water quality are two totally different things. The refraction just makes the water deep blue and non see through able but it does make it look good). It takes a while to download but it is worth it. The game patches run extremely fast. It only takes a couple of minutes for each patch.

Fighting- 10/10 The fighting that you will have up to level 20 is pretty easy but after that you might need some help from other people. The PvP is amazing! It is pretty fun to fight others because of the balance of each class. The fighting is pretty easy to do and it doesn’t require much to know how to do. There isn’t much grinding unless you choose to because the quest give you a TON of experience.

Quests- 10/10 The quests are easy to do and require you to collect something, fight a certain amount of monsters, or other tasks. The missions aren’t usually to hard and you get a lot of experience for doing each of them. Doing missions can be fun to because you can do them with friends. If you need to kill a certain amount of monsters then if a person in a squad with you kills a monster that is required then you will count as a monster that you killed.

-Classes: The classes are all balanced to the dot. There is no class that sucks or that is weaker than the other in any way. You can pick from three different races that each have two different classes. They are human-blademaster and wizard, untamed-barbarian if you are a male and venomancer if you are a female, winged elves-archer and cleric. The winged elves can fly from level one without a special item or mount and the untamed can turn into either a fox or a white tiger depending on a your class. The humans have a higher walking rate. Each class is incredibly balanced. In PvP they are all equal because of their distinct strengths and weaknesses. The blademasters have a choice of what weapon they want to master but whichever one you choose you will end up with the same balance because of the skills and unique stats that each weapon has. Axes for instance might do the highest damage or the lowest damage depending on chance. The swords don’t do as much damage but you can attack a lot faster and do the closest to the same damage each hit.

World- 10/10 It’s FREAKING HUGE!!! The world is incredibly big and takes forever to get from one side to the other. Thankfully though there is a lot of content in between plus there is a teleport system so you don’t have to retravel everywhere. The music that is played for each place is kind of repetitive though and it seems that there is only about 20 or less songs but they fit really well even though they do sound Chinese(I think this game was made in China though). The NPCs all have Chinese like names which is kind of wierd after seeing 10 or so Changs. The sound affects are OK and all I haven’t really noticed any bad sounding ones. The actual physics are realistic in the sense that your character runs smoothly and reacts well with all of your surroundings but unrealistic in the sense that you can double jump 50 feet in the air and on top of roof tops and that you can climb up mountains by jumping and jump onto NPCs heads by jumping.

All together I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Everything runs smoothly, the graphics are amazing, the quests are fun and you can do each one with a friend, all of the classes are extremely well balanced, and the world is vast and full of adventure. I hope that this post helped you and that you didn’t fall asleep half way through it. I also hope that I can see you on Perfect World soon.

Thanks again!

Post Date: 23:42 28-02-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Review Meister
Comment: Perfect World is pretty good if you like graphics and customizing your character to the nth degree, but I don’t think that it should have won Free MMORPG of the Year here on Why didn’t Guild Wars or RuneScape win instead? Both are better games and have been so for years.
Post Date: 23:07 16-02-2009
Rating: 10
Author: heroes756
Comment: Ok just to start, I play GW and have played WoW, so don’t think I don’t know what a good game is like. GW and WoW are both amazing games. Perfect World is too. It even is in the league of WoW and such games. There is only one difference: it is free!

I will give a whole bunch of info about PW, as well as a review, so if your curious about PW or want to know what I thought, keep reading.

There are three races in PW. They are human, winged elf, and untamed. The humans are the basic kind of race and can be blademasters (damage dealers/support) or wizards (magic user/controller/damge dealer). The winged elves can be archers (basic ranged) or clerics (healers, but can still be significantly OK at solo). The untamed are unique. Their classes are gender specific. If you choose to be a male, you can be a barbarian (tank) or if you choose to be a girl a venomancer (summoner).

The classes of this game are all perfectly balanced, each with their own individual set of skills. Also attribute points play a large role, and if you don’t assign them right, you can very easily be screwed. Anyways, let’s describe the classes, then we’ll get into the review.

Blademasters use swords, axes, etc… They deal damage and can take a fair few hits but still have to back out every once in a while. They don’t last anywhere near as long as barbarians do. They are humans.

Wizards use magic weapons. They deal amazing damage with magical spells, but don’t have very much health or defense, so if you are a mage and don’t take stuff out quickly, you are in trouble.

Barbarians are my favorite class. They use poleaxes, polehammers, axes, hammers, etc… They have amzing defense and hitpoints. It’s tough for them to kill stuff because of high probablity of missing, but nothing can kill them.

Venomancers are summoners. They can have pets and use magic. Or, they can be physical and turn into their “true form” – a fox.

Archers use bows and arrows. They shoot stuff and are good backup characters, but sometimes soloing is tough for them, as well as being poor becuase arrows cost money!!!! Archers, being winged elves, can fly at level one, but it takes up mana.

Clerics use magical implements. They are the best healers and buffers, and can actually solo surprisingly well. They too are winged elves, meaning they can fly at level one, and for some odd reason, when a cleric flys, it doesn’t burn up mana.


Installing: 8/10 LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 and a half hours!!!! But honest;y, when you look at all the amazing game content you’ll get, its worth it. Seriously. MY SUGGESTION: Sleep while it downloads.

Graphics: 9/10 AMAZING! Everything is beautifully modelled and textured. The only reason I gave this a nine was because of the tree graphics. They look like 2D or something.

Gameplay: 12/10 Sweet. Completely intuitive. A lot like WoW. WASD controls, and mouse cameras, with a skill bar. It’s even cooler though because you can interact with your enviornmet and land in trees and stuff. ITS SO AWESOME. Also, you can craft things like armor and potions when you get bored of killing mobs or questing. HINT: Don’t even try to grind; it is impossible. DO QUESTS! They reward you A LOT better.

Sound: 9/10 Music is perfect. Very chinese, but still perfect. However, some of the sound effects are a little cheesy.

Character Creation: 2000000/10 WHOA! This is sooo amzing. You can adjust everything down to your nostril width. It is also actually possible to look ugly in this game. The only thing that was missing was height control, but I don’t really care. It’s soooo amazing. You have to experience it for youreself.

Physics: 10/10 No real problems. Just weird things, like being able to jump about 40 feet in the air and land on top of houses and buildings.

Map: 11/10 HUGE! What else can I say?

Overall: 10/10 Perfect World International is easily one of the best MMORPGs out there. Defenitely the best F2P. It is even a contender to WoW. PW is defenitely worth downloading.

Post Date: 18:52 15-02-2009
Rating: 4
Author: whoLes
Comment: This game isnt all its hyped up to be. In my 5 hours of playing this game, I found that the screen lag is imbearable at points, and its basically just like WOW, but with flying swords. I have played a countless amount of MMORPGS, and this is definatley not the best, but its not the worst either.
Post Date: 00:30 14-02-2009
Rating: 10
Author: kebralt
Comment: This is one of the best mmorpgs in the world.
Theres different races each with there own strengths and weaknesses.
im al lvl 54 barbarian and i love playing perfect world. theres numerous things you can do in perfect world. Quest,Grind,PK or just explore the world. And if the weapons and magic and the mounts wernt good enough for you, theres also territory wars. Join a guild or create your own and wage war on someone elses trritory. If you capture it you can teleport there for free and you get lots of money.


Post Date: 21:24 10-02-2009
Rating: 1
Author: Braxtil
Comment: I tried this on the basis of the fairly high rating here; I wish I hadn’t.

If you enjoy PvP maybe it’s better. I’d rather say ‘hi’ when I meet a player than stab them in the back, so I don’t get into PvP.

Basically, it’s just insanely easy and therefore mind-numbingly boring.

I never died once in three days of playing PvE. I never even felt threatened. You can’t drown, you can’t die from falling, you can outrun anything easily, in seconds (not that you’ll need to).

As a cleric, I could get by fine clicking just two buttons, whirlwind and plume shot.

There’s really no strategy at all to it, all the mobs are the same, just click two buttons til it dies, then target the next.

I quit spending anything on vitality after level 5, quit watching my health bar about the same time.

Since it’s free, I might recommend it if you have trouble sleeping, it will bore you to a stupor fast.

Post Date: 06:14 10-02-2009
Rating: 10
Author: shimorigagoua
Comment: this is still an amazing game, im a lvl 57 venomancer on the Lost City server (pvp)and this game still is the best mmo ive ever played which really is saying something. and in response the the review right below this and the one below, u ppl have waaaay to high of standards, personally, i dont care if u cant change up the controls, JUST GET USED TO IT. i did, and i love the game more than any other game ive played, also, the quest system is great, because it minimizes mind numbing grinding, it makes lvling and advancing so much easier, plus the community is great, if u get into the right crowd that is, (not RageQuit). over all, this is a great game, if u like easy advancement, then play this game, also, i will help with just about anything anyone needs, my characters name is LadyKikyo, message me if u want help, cause i will be there, probably.
Post Date: 07:06 22-01-2009
Rating: 1
Author: gadreel23
Comment: I honestly couldn’t care less about innovation or the fact that the game is free. It doesn’t allow you to remap your keyboard and control keys. That’s a game killer right there for me, folks! And apparently the company that runs this game DOESN’T CARE that people seem to want this “improvement” (I can’t think of many modern games that DON’T allow you to remap your controls!) and seem to be totally mum on this issue!
Post Date: 07:47 20-01-2009
Rating: 2
Author: seasnake
Comment: Incredibly boring game that starts off with more quests than you ever care to have. Everyone prints out the quests from and follows them. You run across the map from one quest to another, and really wish for grinding at the early levels. The attack interface is that of highlighting something rather than simple point and click, which in my opionion takes away from great play. What I have most against the game is the lack of feal of any real advrenture, eventhough you may not be grinding monsters at first grinding quests can be an even worse to suffer. The game may be fun if a new server opens allowing everyone to start again at the same time, but starting behind everyone and hoping to reach their levels after four solid months of playing/grinding only to have them still be that far ahead of you is kind of defeatish to me. I’ve just never fallen in love with this game like I have with others I’ve played. The quests, eventhough they are abundant, aren’t really that fun. I really miss the older games that had doors to open, chests, shrines to click that could improve or worsen you, puzzles to solve, that sort of stuff. I did however enjoy making characters as you can customize your appearance fairly well, expecially if you are art orientated. For all the options though, everyone turns out to be the same height. I don’t see how this game will be able to change anything to make it mentally challenging or fun. I believe adults who don’t like to think much, and children who just wish to bide their time might find the game much more entertaining than I do.
Post Date: 20:47 12-01-2009
Rating: 10
Author: shimorigagoua
Comment: best game ever, if anyone needs help with stuff on the Lost City server (pvp) im a lvl 54 venomancer guild leader, also download from some ppl are trying to download from the asian client, so this is the client u want to download from
Post Date: 11:27 10-01-2009
Rating: 8
Author: mavrick2482
Comment: This is a great looking game and I really liked it. But after some time it does get a bit boring as you do lots of quests killing or collecting but not much else. I did have some invites to teams but it was all a bit pointless as they mainly were players looking for a chat rather than playing. But on the whole it still is a good game for begginers and cause it is free even better.
Post Date: 21:01 05-01-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Xivoth
Comment: Here is my review of Perfect World International.

Graphics: I have mixed feelings on the graphics.
At first they seemed bad, I didnt see the great graphics that everyone else was talking about, but then I relised I had them set to low and so i put them on maximum. The character models are really good.
The water is very good as well. The terrain is alright but ther are a few problems. The rocks are pretty from a distance but some moutains upclose have blurry textures but again its not really bad.
The spell anmations are okay but nothing spectacular.
The bad graphics are the leaves on the trees. they look like therre from a Nintendo 64. Almost 2D models. No detail at all.
Also i saw some chains holding a rock and they had the same problem as well. Furthermore , I dont kow if this would be grapics but,items such as helmets and capes dont show up on one”s character. Graphics 8/10

Music: okay heres were we run into problems. the music lacks variety.
they need to add more. All I hear is about one genaric asian theme.
They should still do asian theme music but add more tracks.
Maybe even make them depenedt on the situation or area.
For example when you battle a monster the music should switch to a darker, gritter tone. the game dose have somthing called perfect world radio but its just a site to play music in the background. It needs more ingame music.
Music : 2/10

Gameplay: as everyone knows , gameplay is the absolute most important part of a game. And in this depatment Perfect world does pretty well. Though it is kinda generic point,click,fight. the thing that sets it apart is that it has less grind than most mmos. LESS! not completely grind free. ther is still plent of grind but its not as much as others. The amout of quests decrease the grind but there is still grind. grind just comes with mmos. deal with it.
As for Pvp, well ill have to get back on that because i havent gotten into pvp yet since im a lv 11. But the territorry control sound cool. Also, Lag is almost non existant
gameplay 9/10

Character Creation: This is where the game really shines. The char creation is very extensive. The only downside is the Beast races. the only thing you can really customize with the beasts are the body size. itb be nice if you could costomize the fur color. but other than that he Customzation is top notch. you will spend an hour or more creating your character. 9 1/2 /10

Physics: the gravity defying double jumping is cool and adds a Crouchin tiger hidden dragon feel. there are some areas were you can get stuck and have to teleport or call a GM but ive only found one so far.
No rael problems.

Uiniqeness: The setting is a nice change from the generic Psudo-Medieval Europe. we ned more games like this.
PWI is amazing . Its a must play. Dowloading and inastalling is hell but is worth it.
oh and btw Pw is free. you can but items in an item mall however
So if you cannot afford Wow or are just lookin for somthin differnt.
screw that , If you like mmorpgs

Post Date: 20:33 01-01-2009
Rating: 7
Author: Paulio
Comment: omg grind-fest, good graphics, seems about 90% of mmos out there spend all their time getting good pixels and shiny demonstartions, if u like to kill stuff and only kill stuff go ahead
Post Date: 19:05 21-12-2008
Rating: 10
Author: anigous
Comment: This game wins, overall just enjoy.
Post Date: 05:02 20-12-2008
Rating: 9
Author: xxxlunarii
Comment: Graphics:nice, nice character customization so, 10/10
Leveling:there’s lots of quests for lvls 1-50 or so, but you have to grind most of 60+ 9/10
Community:the people are nice, except for the pking, mostly from rival guilds 9/10
It’s pretty nice overall, different (in a good way) from most of the other f2p games, i’d recommend you at least try it out
Post Date: 08:01 10-12-2008
Rating: 7
Author: Danthe
Comment: graphics: good
gameplay: bad
cash shop: the most balanced game with item mall i ever saw (it doesent unbalance pvp)
the worst thing in game is … after ure lvl 80+ not so much to do …
Post Date: 23:29 30-11-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Afterlife
Comment: I have now reached level 30 in this game and feel that I now have enough experience to write a proper review on it.

Graphics: First of all, the graphics are incredible. Not so much the quality as much as the detail. Everything is incredibly detailed and you can definitly tell that alot of time was put into making the game. 10/10

Music: Some of the music is okay but its definitly not great. Its all very chinese sounding (I know its a chinese game) but its all very steriotypical asian music and tends to get on my nerves. 3/10

Gameplay: Well, there is alot of quests to decrease grind time but in the end its still a grind fest…Just not as much as the other mmos out there.
Other than questing and grinding though you can fly around and collect materials for manufacturing equipment and potions which is kinda nice. The flight system is nice. most classes can’t fly til level 30 but its worth it. At first the camera angle is tough to get used to but it didnt take me long to get the hang of. You can marry, cuddle and kiss on other players. Combat is pretty good but most of the monsters in the beginning are pretty gay looking. Not as bad as Flyff though. Character customization is very nice except the hair styles are all very asian. 8/10 for gameplay

This game is definitly worth playing. Some people get bored by it but I enjoyed it quite a bit and still do. I’m not addicted to it like i’ve been other games but its still a great game. Not as perfect as the name suggests but pretty close ๐Ÿ˜‰ and its Free.
I rated it 9/10

Post Date: 20:28 30-11-2008
Rating: 9
Author: guy12446
Comment: Uhlik you should stick with a game a little longer. Perfect World has hundreds of quests to do. So what if they aren”t that many for a newb? I got to level 20 in like a week it was pretty easy due tot he amount of quests. Besides the gameplay is incredible, I love territory wars personally. (Although I think the graphics could be betterxD )
Post Date: 17:14 26-11-2008
Rating: 4
Author: Uhlik
Comment: BLEH…. I dont understand why people love this game so much! Ooooh oooh its a level 10 panda ooohhh hes glowing because of the great graphics! HELL NO… That glowing lvl 10 panda is about as far as your going to get in this complete grindfest. Gamers… ask yourself… graphics… or gameplay. I would take gameplay over graphics anyday, this thing is pathetic. Just because it has good graphics does NOT MEAN THAT ITS A GREAT GAME… This thing could barely hold me for 2 days. Once you look past the graphics you’ll see how poor of a game this is. People say things like, “The quests will keep you leveling for a long time!” Its true, the quests do give alot of experience, but there is not always a quest to do. You can do a quest that gets you 30% of you level. Then grind for the rest of the day trying to get enough XP to do the next quest only to do it all over again so you can get the glowing claw of buddha or something. And as always, the few quests that they have, are the same old Fetch me X amount of X items from X monster. I feel compelled to give it a 4/10 only because the developers worked so hard to make it. As for actually gameplay… there really isnt anything here, except for jumping and swimming which everyone seems to bow down for.

I should kill myself for playing this for an entire week D:

Post Date: 19:12 22-11-2008
Rating: 10
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: at the person under me, Perfect World International version, has been out for some time now, and that has been translated properly, its a really good game that now has no flaws that I can see, much better than WoW imo…
Post Date: 10:54 13-11-2008
Rating: 6
Author: Chibi-Kibou
Comment: Perfect World has… a Lot of potential – even more if it lives up to some of the stuff the developers say they want to do.

On the other hand, the translation at the moment is abominable. Hopeful it will eventually grow popular enough for the company to bother localising it correctly. The game’s music, graphics, and world design are amazing.. but unfortunately the setting itself suffers from ‘everything suddenly became violent’ syndrome, making it very difficult to justify hunting monsters or many of the other stuff you can do – besides human greed.

Still, as I said before, potential – there have even been promises of a system whereby territory ownership will eventually allow players to landscape and construct cities of their own design. Whether this will ever see the light of day or not, however…

And then we have the character generation…

Now, while chargen leaves most other MMORPGs in the dirt, it’s far from perfect. While it does indeed trounce WoW and co’, Perfect World still has serious trouble handling secondary body types. Faces are near infinitely customisable, but although proportions can be changed, the actual body shape remains roughly the same – and a little uncanny valley-ish. And of course, like so many other MMOs, everyone is the same height. God knows why, but they didn’t bother making height customisable.

If you’re playing for complexity of character generation, go and play Phantasy Star Universe, which despite everything else leaves not just WoW, but Perfect World far behind. PSU’s face control is a little more limited, but it makes up for it in the fact that it’s not just the face, but the character’s entire body that is /fully/ customisable – including what seems to be the Holy Grail of character generation: unrestricted height manipulation!

But Perfect World Does offer a beautiful world to play in, respectable character generation, and the potential to be something truly awesome – if all promises are met, Perfect World will be about as close to Second Life’s openness as an MMORPG could ever get without sacrificing its ‘game’ element or its graphics.

Post Date: 05:28 25-10-2008
Rating: 10
Author: shimorigagoua
Comment: ok, LilFennec, im gonna correct u on somethin, u said that the venomancer’s spells do low damage, well… ur wrong, i hav a venomancer and i do a very large amount of damage, comparing with my wizard i do more damage and im similar levels with them, i do nearly 1k damage with my venomous scarab attack and with my wizard i do around 800. also, u dont hav to be high level to join a faction (guild) u can be any level u want. just thought i would correct ur info so others wont b miss-informed (no offense to u personally or to ur review) but u are right about how awesome the game is and that the map is HUGE
Post Date: 14:08 21-10-2008
Rating: 9
Author: LilFennec
Comment: Perfect World International is a great game, let me start. I left WoW to play it.

There are three classes…

The Winged Elves get the ability to fly right at level 1. They can be either Cleric or Archer. Cleric heals and has high-damage spells plus buffs. Archer have low defense, but long range and powerful attacks which freeze enemies in place.

The Humans can be Blademaster or Wizard. Blademaster have very powerful, flashy attacks. They deal damage very rapidly and can take a few hits, but cannot usually stand long battles. Wizards have very low defense, but incredibly powerful magic spells that can kill enemies in a few hits from medium distance.

Untamed are unique. They can be Venomancer or Barbarian. Barbarian look like either a wolfman, panda, tiger or lion. They are very strong with high defense and attack skills. Or they can turn into a burning white lion with super high defense which are the heavy tank class. They don”t kill fast but nothing can kill them. Barbarians can only be male. Venomancer are the “hunter” class. They can tame pets which fight for them and cast ranged magic spells that do low damage, but poison and burn the enemy over time to kill them faster. They can only be female and have ears and tails, some of them have horns also.

Character customization is very good. You can change every little feature of how your character looks so that many are incredibly distinct. From the size, width, rotation of the eyes to the length of the jaw, arm width, height and hair color, style and even texture. You can make your character look any way you want! Each character class also has 2-3 different ways to “build” them. For example, the Blademaster can specialize in four different types of weapons from a long, sweeping poleaxe to razor-sharp and lightning fast claws. A barbarian can either focus on high-damage or area-of-effect attacks, or shift into true form as a huge white tiger and become nearly impervious to damage while dealing (typically) much less damage.

In game, you can buy mounts to ride and fly on. At level 30, all classes get a flying mount which lets them soar over the mountains! So no more waiting until the end of the game to be able to get anywhere. ๐Ÿ™‚ This makes things much more fun for everyone. You can buy clothes to further accessorize your character, but they are paid items, so generally expensive.

Almost all items in game can always be resold unless you pay to bind them to yourself. Expensive armor can be removed and sold, so when you make money, it stays with you. Armor does have to be repaired over time, but it does not wear down. As long as you repair it before it breaks, it will last forever. One of the unique parts is the item crafting system. Any character can be any craft, or all of the crafts in the game, though it is very very expensive to be all at once. Items will have a fixed, minimum result when you make them (no more unexpected bad rolls!) but sometimes you will get an extra-powerful item. They are ranked with stars. A one-star items is regular, a two-star is powerful and a three-star is amazing! Any item, very simple to make, can end up being a powerful piece of equipment. You can then go even further and add gems to the equipment to strengthen it, and then upgrade it also to increase its power exponentially.

Unlike some games, in Perfect World, if you put time and money into getting good armor and weapons, you will REALLY stand out! The difference between a character with good equipment at any level is astounding. You will tear through enemies in a breeze with strong equipment, or find yourself calling for help and barely surviving with the cheapest or free equipment. With a good setup, you will be as strong as someone 5-10 levels higher than yourself who has average equipment.

The progression of the game is through a series of quests. Every level has many quests to get you to the next, so you never get stuck “grinding” the same enemies over and over to level up. There are dungeons every 10 levels which you can complete to get great rewards, and the system rewards higher level players who assist you by earning “reputation” which can be used to buy special, powerful equipment. This way, there are always many players friendly and wanting to help you with tough quests, free of charge! Even if you run out of quests, there is a new feature I haven”t seen before, called Dragon Quests. You can buy items or hunt for them by killing enemies, then run around the world to research dragons and receive huge experience. They are very long and costly quests, but you don”t actually have to fight to complete them and the rewards are very high. So when you get tired of fighting, you can take a break and dive into the lore of the world while still leveling your character!

Another very interesting feature is character interaction. You can carry another character by picking them up or, if Barbarian in true form, letting them ride you. You can also pull someone up onto your mount. So they can ride along with you while you run someplace. This is something I”ve not seen in other MMORPGs and it”s very handy!

That said, it”s not exactly perfect, ironically. There are a few little glitches. Commands don”t always happen the instant you send them even when there is no lag. Sometimes if an enemy runs away and your character automatically follows it, it might stop attacking if you play a melee class. You can”t hit an enemy while running or riding a mount.

Once you get to higher levels and join an active faction (guild), you can team up to take control of territories in the game so that your team gets extra benefits for this. There is also an extensive PvP system and the GMs are very active, hosting events every week such as large-scale invasions of wraiths, races and trivia.

There is also an auction system, and you can set up a shop to sell things with no fee (this requires you to remain logged in.) The game does not log you out though. You can stay in the game, signed in, idle for days.

That aside though, Perfect World is a lot of fun. If you make it to level 20 (takes 4-5 hours), you are probably enjoying the game and will want to keep playing. There will be far more and more to do as you level up! I really suggest paying $20 one time to have gold to buy a couple items with, like a mount to run around 10x faster. It will save many hours of running back and forth as the game world is quite big.

Post Date: 22:48 17-10-2008
Rating: 10
Author: ashkeboussi
Comment: Great game.

People reviewing this game keep saying that it sucks because it’s so slow and patching is bad and ppl dont speak english and stuff. Well, thats because people were playing on Malaysian servers with crappy english patches. The new INTERNATIONAL version came out; all english; all english speakers.

Its a great game, and is alot like WoW, but free.

Post Date: 06:06 15-10-2008
Rating: 10
Author: shimorigagoua
Comment: ok im gonna give this a real review this time, but before that, if people have characters on the lost city server and need help, my name on the game is LadyKikyo, im currently a lvl 30 venomancer and tho im not very high lvl im very experienced in the game.

Now for the review:

Installation: 8/10 It does take a while to download but I downloaded it while i was asleep so I wasnt bored waiting for it to download, installation is really fast and really easy and there is really nothing that can go wrong (theoretically speaking)

Graphic: 10/10 I”m giving the graphics a 10, cause i am really not one to care about graphics, but if i did, this would be some of the best graphics in an online game ive ever seen.

Customization: 9/10 The customizing aspect of this game is godly, other than the fact that you cant have male venomancer, and you cant change a lot with the untamed, you can change virtually anything you want with the other races.

Community: 10/10 The people on this game are incredibly friendly and are really great people, give or take a few, a lot of people like me will go out of their way to help anyone, plus the guild system is great and easy to use and communicate with people. I can tell you that i have made so many friends in my guild (DarkFall) people in this game are just so easy to get a long with.

Leveling: 8/10 The leveling up in this game is really good. You get enough quests to minimize grinding. It takes like 5 minutes worth of grinding for every 5 levels. Though some of the quests dont give you exp at first, once you complete them, they give a HUGE amount, not to mention valuable items on top of gaining you a level or two.

Fighting System: 10/10 Much more interactive for me anyway, i like the system more than other games that ive played, it is a easy one to get used to, and is a lot of fun to use in general.

Speed of the game: 8/10 I think the speed of the game is relatively fast, but not too fast to where you get bored cause its too easy, it provides enough quests to make it interesting and it makes level up quick enough to not be frustrating.

Classes 10/10 A perfect score for this one all the way, the classes in this game are great, there arent too many and arent too few, they are just right and are great to play as. The races, first of all, that are in the game currently are Untamed, Winged Elf, and Human. Each race has two classes that you can choose from. The Untamed has a standard tank class, which would be a Barbarian, though you cant make a female barbarian, they are still a great class to use. The Venomancer: Pet tamer/ Mage/ Debuffer, the Venomancer is by far my favorite class, just because you use a pet to fight with and you dont have to take any damage at all unless you”re being careless and get attacked by an agro monster, they are probably the best solo class in the game.

The Winged Elf: the Winged Elf are a good class for people who like ranged characters, also they are the best class for flight, while other classes wait for level 30, the Winged Elf flies from the start. The Archer: this is obviously the warrior-ish person for the elven race, they have good defense and cool looking attacks but when you are fighting up close, you do significantly less damage. The Cleric: this is a basic healer/ mage while having powerful healing moves, they also have devastating magic attacks that look cool and do lots of damage, while having low physical defense, you can give yourself buffs to up that stat a bit and make yourself very powerful.

The Humans: the Humans are basically a damage-dealing race, the two classes have a lot of high-hitting attacks that kill enemies quickly.
The Blademaster: the human warrior, basic damage-dealing sword user, has a lot of really cool and really powerful attacks that leave their enemies stunned in awe with the sheer power of the Blademaster.
The Wizard: my second favorite class; this class is a basic damage-dealing magic user, all of the attacks mostly deal out devastating damage and kill insanely fast, not to mention they have insanely cool looking attacks as well. with low Physical defense they function best in squads with casting from afar with a decent tank in the front lines.

The World Itself: 15/10 The map for this game is HUGE and this is gonna sound lame, but the scenery in this game is amazing, there is so much to see and explore and so many places to visit, there is nothing that in my opinion can top it.

Overall rating: 11/10 but since i cant give that rating its a 10. this game is worth the wait for the download and has so many perks the few flaws that it has become invisible, it has so many interesting aspects and provides years of entertainment. my advice DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!!!!

Post Date: 22:00 11-10-2008
Rating: 9
Author: iron zeppelin
Comment: Heres a nice long review for ya

Ages ago, when i first reviewed the game, PW was only available for english speakers in a bad translation for malaysians . Now its gone global, quite literally.

Installation: 1/10 its big, its long (two weeks and twenty different servers for me) and if ur european dont bother.

Graphics: 6/10 I used to play guild wars and still play Crysis, so im hard to please. Theyre not terrible but its a bit inconsistent, trees per example are made with little to no effort while the armors and characters are by enlarge decent.

Customisation: 10/10 From the moment you begin you realise just how much of your characters looks you control. Theres like a thousand different options for clothing, facial features and body shape and loads of weapons and armor sets to play with. And the best thing, you make it all yourself with the innovative crafting system the likes of which only runescape can compete with. A lot of the cooler stuff is cash shop but its relatively cheap and simple to buy it.

“Stuff”: 10/10 Theres a lot of “stuff” to play with here such as cool mounts, flying, swimming and general exploring.

Community: 10/10 Some of the features such as Territorial wars and FB”s lend this game to having one the most helpful and dynamic communties. Players get benefits from helping lower level players such as cool molders and stuff they could not get otherwise. The big guilds kinda rule the roost when it comes to PvP but otherwise theres a huge amount of smallers guilds helping out the little guy.

Fighting: 9/10 A little boring perhaps but the skill animations are cool and fighting in the air or underwater adds a whole new dimension.


Will it Drain your life?: Sadly, yes. It takes a while to get anywhere with the game and this could be a real turn off. The quest involve killing say, 30 monsters, which WILL suck the life out of you. Cool stuff like Houses and marriage are only available endgame so the wait is made even worse. ARRRRRGGGGHH is the general feeling.

Will You enjoy it: If you played games for enjoyment youd play Counter Strike or Crysis. If you want a really deep, involving, but not neccessarily exciting game, play PW.

And that kinda sums it up
A massive world that will make you want more and more even though your bored out of your mind and havent moved in 3 days.

Post Date: 11:30 07-10-2008
Rating: 9
Author: satyrion
Comment: This game is actually quite good and comparing it to Rohan Online which it said to be the best free MMORPG right now i say this game beats it by far.

Its a perfect game for an average player, not to complex and not too easy

Post Date: 02:09 28-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Sylexus
Comment: Ok, Im going to give a full review this time:

Overview: Perfect World is one of those MMORPG”s that if it would”ve come to the US just a few months before guild wars it would be THE TOP free MMORPG. Of course thats nearly impossible with the technology it took to make this. So as far as the game goes it has a Silkroad/9 Dragons look and feel to it. It has some elements from guild wars, dream of mirror, and windslayer (yes windslayer). But instead of mixing together to make an icky brown liquid, you get the most amazing, golden, pure soup broth in the world.

Installation – 8/10: Meh, the download can be horrible, my only suggestion is to get it while its small before they mass update it. Installation doesn”t take to long after the download, and once your in, You”ll forget about all the bad things along the way.

Graphics – 10/10: with features like the “best performance rate” I can run every single graphic on the highest it can be and still freely enjoy the gameplay. And believe me, these High graphics throw Rappelz and 2 Moons in the dirt. Even on the lowest settings it”s still amazing.

Character – 10/10: The character customization is better than SW Galaxies, it”s better than WoW”s, heck, it”s even better than Second Life”s. You can make your Human have PURPLE SKIN for pity”s sake! How many MMO”s do you know that let you do that? Plus there are about 30 different hairstyles, so anything can appeal to anyone. Also they encourage you to make your character look like you in real life (which is easily possible unless you”re untamed.) Mine looks like me (except for the purple skin)

Server – 11/10: Only 2 servers, but they are HUGE. Probably 300k players playing right now on International, and if that means 150k each: then theres enough spawn to go around for all of WoW”s population. (PvP server is more reccomended)

Community – 10/10: No matter what MMO you go on (except for Runescape & Maple Story) there are gonna be losers running around (In the case of the above two, everyone is a loser). Compared to other games the community is THE best (except for Fiesta”s in which case people will literally drop free stuff at your feet). The people are kind, and will gladly help you out. Look for anyone who looks like a highish level and ask them for help. Usually they”ll gladly give you it. (If you play on Lost City i”ll gladly assist you.)

Interface – 9/10: I think someone else mentioned that at first it”s a bit confusing, but then it becomes easy, the only thing I don”t like is that you cannot directly see other people”s levels or other people at all (literally) if you have best performance on.

Classes – 9/10: The classes are great, they have 1 class for each role to make a perfect party. Of course don”t think that means that you can”t customize yourself that much. Not true at all. No matter what class you are there are 3 types of armor choices that you can equip, and you can mix and match the 3 for fun or better results. Lots of weapon opportunities. Though im an Archer I can wield swords freely if I want to (and if I have the proper stats.) The cons of the classes are that there are 2 classes per race (and the untamed are gender dependent as well):
Humans – Blademaster & Wizard
Untamed – Barbarian (Male) & Venomancer (Female)
Winged Elf – Archer & Cleric

Gameplay – 11/10: A lot like Silkroad and Wow”s. In my opinion that makes it extremely enjoyable even if the battle pace is a tad bit slow. The community is quite mature and seems o enjoy the game intensely. Also you may allocate your stat points you get every level freely. The quests in the game also aren”t extremely repetitive and som are quite fun, especially in a squad (what the game”s groups/parties are called).

Leveling: Slower than WoW but faster than Silkroad”s (those 2 games are by far the easiest to compare to this). The game has a steady questing system once you hit 10. Prior to that there”s more grinding then questing involved. Thus I highly encourage players to get to 10 before they give up and call the game crap. This leveling system may be the reason why the younger less mature crowd is a minority (due to the patience it takes to level). Getting to 15 only takes a week at the most, and thats when all the guilds will want you and be recruiting. It takes about half a month to get to 30, but thats when all the fun begins, since you can fly and participate in factions and Pk and Wars (im not going to go into this now).

PvP – 11/10: Let me sum it up this way:

Duels: think WoW
Guild Wars: think Flyff
Pk: think runescape with teamups and more mature people
Faction Wars: Think Warhammer
Territorial wars: read above except that guild”s replace factions.

Conclusion: 10/10 Amazing game, after the download is over, you”ll be imersed in gaming heaven. It only came out internationally a month ago, and there”s already more stuff to do than in flyff. I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND THIS GAME!!!!!!

Post Date: 01:52 23-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: shimorigagoua
Comment: this is a great game, navigation is a little frustrating at first, but then about an hour of strenuous playing, the navigation is really good and easy to use, this game is perfect for people of all kinds, since it has pet taming, magic, healer, archer, mage, tank, and swordsmaster, the only frustrating thing about this game is that you cant make a wizard for the elf race, u hav to be race specific for your classes, but still im giving it a 10/10
Post Date: 10:08 19-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: zeckaria
I still love it
Post Date: 12:47 16-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Zeckaria
Comment: I loved every single inch of the game. Yah it lagged at times but i guess that would my computers fault anyway. This game is still kinda unkown or new but i am definately spreading the word of it. Soon this game will be the top free to play online game.
Post Date: 19:18 13-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Sylexus
Comment: Only 1 freakin con: The download time. The grinding is really easy to get over, just bring 1-2 friends along. The game system is great, and the Character customization beats out SWG and SL.
Post Date: 21:38 11-09-2008
Rating: 9
Author: blucomet
Comment: this game is gr8, it’s easy to grasp the gameplay, the fighting is faster attacking than WoW, it’s free which is always a plus, if ur looking for a free kick ass fantasy experience download this
Post Date: 19:56 06-09-2008
Rating: 7
Author: zezix
Comment: Perfect World International
Game Title: Perfect World
Genre: Fantasy/Role Playing
Status: Closed Beta
Developer: Perfect World Co., Ltd.
Publisher: Games Masters

Official Website:
Client Size: 1.1 Megabytes [1,061,857 bytes]

System Requirements
Minimum Requirement
Cpu: 800Mhz
Ram: 256MB
Video Card: 32 Megabyte 3D Graphics Card
Hard Disc Space: 2.5 Gigabytes
Suggested Requirement
Cpu: Intel Penitium 4 1.5GHz
Ram: 512MB+
Video Card: 256 Megabyte 3D Graphics Card
Hard Disc Space: 3.0 Gigabytes
Comparison [8.3]
I have played alot of Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games in my many years of gaming and I would defenity have to say that Perfect World International is one of the best ones out there. There are so many unique features about this game that would totally blow your mind, but I will get to those later. The Moderating and Admin system is fantastic, all of the Adimins and Moderators are very helpful and understanding to everyone.
Graphics [7.0]
The graphics in this game are of very high quality for a free to play game. All graphics are done in 3d and the spell graphics are some of the best I have seen throughout any game I have ever played. The developers took their time in making all of the graphics special, you will not find any of the graphics repeated or reused over and over again. I personally think they lacked on the trees and hand textures. I am sorry to say, but the hand textures look like an old Playstation 1 game. The trees however, are lacking of quality too, not so bad as a Playstaion 1 game, but they aren”t to shine like the rest of the Perfect World.

Sound [8.0]
The sound is unique in its own way. Everything in Perfect World has its own sound in a very spectacular way. The sound in this game is broken down into two main sections. Sound Effects and the Game Music.
The sound effects consist of monster sounds, spell sounds, and even your character has their own sounds! There are things called emotes that you can use in the game that will make your character react with a sound with every different emote! Pretty cool, huh?
The rain, the water, and even the waterfalls have their own sounds which are all very realistic and really bring the game to life. You will feel like you are actually walking past that wataerfall and even walking in the rain feels more real then any other game. You can even hear your characters footsteps!
The game music in Pefect World is one of a kind. It mostly consists of chinese type music which is always cool in any game you play, right? The game music will consist of awesome battle music for those tough fun battles, all the way up to the ambient sounds for the quiet soothing times you have to listen to natures sounds while walking around the world of Perfect World.
Gameplay [8.5]
The gameplay of Perfect World is one of a kind. You have 3 races and 6 classes you can play. You have the Winged Elves, Humans and the Untamed. The Winged Elves race consists of Archers and Clerics, which can both be either male or female. The Humans race consists of Wizards and Blademasters, which can alo be male or female. The Untamed race consists of Venomancers and Barbarians, however this race is very sex specific. As to where the Venomancers can only be female and the Barbarians can only be male.
Perfect World gives you the option of two different game control types. You can explore the world is WASD (W= forward. A= left. S = backwards. D= Right.)
Or you can simply click around with the touch of your mouse.
There are six major cities in the world of Perfect World, three of which are your beginning cities. For the Winged Elves, you start in Plume City. For the Humans, you start in EtherBlade City. For the Untamed you start in Lost City. The other three cities are the cities you will explore when you play the game, so do it!
PvE [Player-vs-Environment]
The PvE system of Perfect World is quite simple and like most other Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games to tell you the truth. The battle system is alot like WoW I think. There are plently of monsters to keep you busy for over 100 levels throughout the game, so you hardly get bored.
PvP [Player-vs-Player]
The PvP system in Pefect World is amazing and unlike anything I have seen before. You have the option to fight in a duel, like in most games a duel is an agreement of a fight where nobody “dies” just loses the duel. You have the ability to fight in the air aswell using your flying mounts, which I find very facinating and different then any other game out there.
You also have an area you can go to called the Arena. This is where many people gather together and have what we call a “Dueling Tournament” Usually guild vs guild battles happen here, more or less then 1v1.
There is also a function called Territory War. This is where a guild can bid on a certain territory to have as their own. If you are the first to bid on a territory your guild will fight against 201 monsters and a main boss, there is a 3 hour time limit to complete this. If your guild is bidding on a terriroty another guild already has, you then fight that guild and the winner gets to keep the territory, pretty cool, right?
Community [8.0]
The community of Perfect World is an awesome one. There are alo of active people and espically the GM”s. This is the only game I have ever played where the GM”s are as active as they are. They are so helpful and understand, you can ask them basically anything and they will be sure to have an answer for you. The Moderators are also very active. Some of the Moderators are players that the GM”s have picked to help the community out even more. I guarentee you will make many friends and enemies in Perfect World. But hey, who doesn”t like to make a few enemies here and there?
Value [7.5]
I would put the value of this game at a pretty high standard. I have never found myself away from Perfect World for longer then a month without having to go back time after time again. I guarentee you that you won”t be able to leave this game for very long before returining, thats if you leave the game at all.

Unique Features [9.5]
Perfect World has many unique features. Your characters can have flying mounts as well and riding mounts. Your riding mounts can be leveled up just by riding them around the lands of Perfect World. The flying mount can be aquired at level 1 by the Winged Elves who use Elven Wings. The flying mount for the Untamed race can be aquired at level 30 which is an Animal, and the flying mount for the Human race can be aquired at level 30 which is a sword. The crafting system is one of the most unique systems in any game. At higher levels, in order to get the best gear, you have to craft it. While crafting is fun, it is a headache and helps pass time. Perfect World also has “circulation” quests. At any level, your guards in the areas you are questing or grinding in will give you quests to help build your Rep. At level 30, an npc in Archosaur gives you a quest you can do once a day for exp, skill points and gold. At level 60, you can buy quests from an npc to help you level along the way. You can do one of these quests every hour.
Perfect World also has teleporters in every main city and all small cities, with a little gold you can go pretty much anywhere as long as you have explored the city and talked to the Teleport Master there first.
Perfect World also has dungeons also called FB”s (First Boss) that you get quests for starting at level 19 and that you get for every 10 levels. ie: 19, 29, 39, 49, etc etc. You dont have to do these only when you have the quests but you can also farm these dungeons whenever you want for armor or molders.
Molders are in fact molds that produce powerful equipment if you are able to craft it and have the right materials. There are also items that drop in dungeons that you can turn in for reputation.
Personal Rating [7.5]
The overall rating I would give for Perfect World International would be a 7.5 due to lack of texture quality and ability to choose both sexes for all races. I would reccomend Pefect World International to anyone who loves to play a challenging game with a good grind.

Post Date: 17:39 06-09-2008
Rating: 6
Author: fearcoka
Comment: Ive played this game for 5 monhts, made alot of characters, it is good, not worth it though, to hard to level, and the items are just weird. Everyone has the same items cuz they all do the same quests. No unique items or good items can be found. Overall is a 6
Post Date: 09:42 06-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Alarikulf
Comment: Perfect World is one of those games that would get just about any MMO fan hooked from the start. Beginning with the character creation, there is a broad selection of options for humans and elves so that your character can truly represent your role play persona. However, the males of the untamed (beastial) race are more limited to these options.

On the scale of graphics and gameplay, it is truly spectacular. Everything runs very neatly, and the only common glitch appears when the character gets caught between two close objects (ie; building and hill foot). Movement, camera zoom and rotation, weather shifts, and jumping are all developed smoothly. The transition from day to night is also topped with a nice sunset in between.

The graphics are truly beautiful in both high and low definition, and you can conveniently adjust them to work with your GPU. The audio is great throughout the game, and the music is a perfect composition of traditional Chinese montages.

As for the questing, it is fun from the start, and you won’t get bored any time soon with such a wide array of unique monsters and missions.

You will also find that the armor from beginning to elite levels is very original and intricately designed, as the same can be said for the choice in weaponry.

Generally, this is a great game for anyone who enjoys MMOs, and aside from the optional features, it is free to play; a great deal for anyone.

Post Date: 16:48 23-08-2008
Rating: 2
Author: davidrizzo
Comment: Pretty Lame Game – Clunky and weak graphics is all I can say. If you played wow before – this game will be a bigger disappointment to you than my review
Post Date: 18:53 17-08-2008
Rating: 8
Author: vincent83
Comment: Moonstomper, when i read your review of the game i just had to make a account on this website. im sorry but you call the game horrible… give it a zero… when you havent even played the game… wow thats sad. i understand that your mad because you couldnt play the game but thats your problem. Im not a some huge fanboy the loves this game and is trying to defend it. but you cant review a game before you played it. sounds quite dumb if you ask me.Anyways i found he game quite fun.
Post Date: 00:11 13-08-2008
Rating: 7
Author: ubermensch
Comment: This character customization is like Sims 2 or Conan. It is amazing for a F2P mmorpg.

However, most of the quest are wrote in “Engrish” instead of English so it’s kinda hard to find out where stuff is past the introductory area.

I wish I could speak Cantonese/Mandarin so I could just download that version and understand what to do.

Anyway, game is still pretty fun.

Post Date: 09:35 06-08-2008
Rating: 10
Author: l33th4xor
Comment: This game is the BEST! No really, the graphics are absolutely amazing, the character cutomizations is unmatched by any other game out there. And it is FREE? What is not to like.
So get this game today and go see all the crazy cool dungeons and bosses and beat em up!
Post Date: 03:56 27-07-2008
Rating: 9
Author: penosaurus
Comment: if anyone is out there please note that this one of the best games that ive tried.
The Graphics are awsome and the gameplay is one of the best ive seen.
if your downloading it try the ausgamers 1 it works if you dont pause the download.
Post Date: 07:24 25-07-2008
Rating: 8
Author: aensland
Comment: Been playing MMOs for years, and let me tell you, it”s nice for once to play an Asian-created game (Chinese I believe) that ISN”T yet another mindless grindfest like the Koreans keep churning out. Although I too take issue with their bad translation, it”s not THAT bad that you don”t understand what”s going on.

(1) Charactor creation customisation — FREAKING ROCKS. True, you”re zoomed out a lot which reduces that lovely face of yours to small area mere pixels across onscreen, but if you zoom in you still see everything in all it”s glory. Plus it”s proof to other lazy devs that you CAN give people plenty of options AND still attract them to buy your freaking Cash Shop stuff (cough, are you listening Aeonsoft@Flyff, cough). Flyff”s got like 6 hair choices and the ingame customisations are pure fail (makeup for female chars all have the same wide eye template, negating your initial choice). Perfect World”s, on the other hand, is like creating a character in Oblivion. It”s THAT detailed.

(2) Questing — an Asian mmorpg that doesn”t spit out a fistful of fetchquests and calls it a day. Perfect World has quests by the truckload, and lets you toggle on-screen “to-do” reminders FOR EACH QUEST. Not to mention the arrows helpfully pointing out which direction the target NPC is at, let alone the mini-map, which you can even mark interesting locations on. BEAT THAT.

(3) Gameplay — classes look pretty balanced so far, each has their own pros/cons, I see no uber dominating builds. It”s all good. Sure, I haven”t reached lv100+ yet but I”ve got a bunch of high 80s. PK/PvP isn”t too bad, although if you”re seriously into it you”d probably want to join a big guild. And big guild = drama (haha). Still, overall it”s pretty nice, plenty of space, lots of things to do, although it”s still fairly simple that most jobs have recommended builds (better than most games which straightjacket each class to 1 or 2 builds only though), although I admit this is more of a player thing. People have gotten used to certain styles of playing/pvping, so of course games get designed to cater to that. I”d LOVE games which have separate RP/PvE/PvP servers which design specifically for the differences, that would absolutely rock. Still, Perfect World delivers a fairly enjoyable experience.

(4) Community — not too bad. Whoever said communication was a problem was mistaken. The locals of where the server resides speak passable English. Had no problems talking to anyone at all. In fact I ran into the usual idiots from BR and PL who for some reason always like to band together in online games like they”re setting up their own ghettos or something. I don”t HATE them, but many of them go out of the way to group together and ignore everyone else… if they do this then what do they expect?? Of course people will resent them when they keep antagonizing everyone else and just stick together. It”s a global server (for now), speak something everyone can understand FFS. The locals on the other hand are mostly very friendly, although I admit they do have quite a high percentage of needy newbies — you know the type, “I just started lololol help plz??”. Google is your friend, people.

(5) Presentation (graphics, sound, music) — fairly good, I liked how the game world looks, it”s very large. Music was okay, not too much variety although maybe it”s just because the loops feel a little short at times, and maybe I just don”t like the vocal pieces. Nothing horrible though, still pretty decent, just not to my tastes. Sound effects were pretty okay, a few great ones, but for the most part standard MMO fare. If you like exploring, you”re gonna love the game world, it”s freaking HUGE.

Overall, a pretty great game. With some additional balances and proper translations, it”ll be awesome. Definitely recommended.

@moonstomper: giving games 0 scores because you couldn”t get them to run = hallmark of an idiot. Who”s fault is that, you couldn”t get it to run? It”s a technical problem, not the game”s problem. Now if you were complaining because the game CTDs you a lot that”s another thing (and that too is often a system issue). It”s like a cripple complaining he can”t drive a car (but he has only 1 leg…).

Post Date: 23:13 20-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Sylexus
Comment: NEVER I REPEAT: NEVER! have I seen a game like this, i dont have time right now to go into a complete review, but put it this way:

Its silkroad’s graphics + WoW’s battle system + Flyff’s flight + Maple story’s quests + REALLY GOOD COMMUNITY!

Only con i see is the grind when you dont have friends helping

Post Date: 02:21 18-07-2008
Rating: 8
Author: windfinder36
Comment: To Lekkon,
You have to log onto your accout on cubizone account (I am assuming you can log in, but are having trouble playing the game) and go to the Game Activation Tab, and from there activate the Perfect World Option… Hope I helped you!

Graphics: Beautiful (Good even if it were Pay-To-Play, which it isn’t)… but Can lag on lower-end systems. It still looks good at the lowest settings ๐Ÿ™‚

Music: Nothing really spectacular here. I have heard much worse, and I have heard better.

Quests: (I don’t normally make a quest tab on any reviews but an exception with this game) I really like the quests in this game. To me, they don’t seem like the same old ‘Bring me XX number of wolf pelts(and typically wolf pelts just HAPPEN to be a rare drop ;)’ they are really interesting to me.

Gameplay: The gameplay is fun, and the monster’s artificial intelligence (AI) actually seems to have some degree of intelligence to it ๐Ÿ˜€ Also, the game’s world is fairly large. If you can get past the initial lag (everybody has it that speaks english that I know of), it is fun. Still… walking in a pretty forest, then lagging, and then staring at your dead body isn’t too fun… ๐Ÿ™

Community: Here is the tough one. Most of the people who play this game do NOT speak english. (your log in at cubizone asks whether you are from Thailand or Malayasia… so what can you expect?) Although, I have found that if you can find someone who does speak english, they are typically helpful and friendly. (It’s still an MMO, there are jerks that play the game)

Overall: probably a 7.5, but I will just put an 8.
Other thoughts: Give it a try! What can you possibly lose?

Post Date: 04:50 09-07-2008
Rating: 8
Author: tsunetsuki
Comment: This game is definitely one of the best out there.

It’s biggest selling point has to be it’s highly detailed customization system. You can even detail how far apart your character’s eyebrows are.

The gameplay is pretty fun and the monster AIs are interesting. You never know which monster will chase after you and which will just walk around as if you’re not there.

Quests are interesting, as well.

The graphics at AMAZING when you toggle everything on and to the highest. Unfortunately, it can cause a lot of lag so I usually play at its minimal levels but even at minimal graphics the game looks great.

Also, the world of PW is HUMONGOUS. If you’re a sucker for exploration, get yourself an elf mage/archer, or get to level 40 and purchase a mount because you’re going to have great fun roaming around the world and seeing the different monsters and scenery.


There is a permanent lag. If you’re not too bothered by it, then it’s easy to get used to but sometimes you can hit something, freeze, and then find yourself dead while you were mashing your potion/heal button the entire time.

A lot of people don’t speak English. This game is based in Malaysia so a lot of people don’t know English or know very little of it.

And speaking of little English…many of the game text is in broken English. Whoever translated this game needs to take another ESL course because some quests can become confusing due to crap translations.

The lag and crap translations keeps me from giving Perfect World a 10 but it’s definitely earned a high rating in my book.

Post Date: 22:30 15-06-2008
Rating: 7
Author: Butso
Comment: Great community and fun. I lvlled to lvl 98 before quitting the game. Like all F2P asian mmos,the grind is quite staggering at high levels. However, this game is one of the most bot-FREE mmo I have ever seen, due to inexpensive cash shop items and good GM support. End game content seems to be a bit lacking though, as not all features are currently implemented. Territorial wars are also limited to the strongest guilds.
Post Date: 16:55 07-06-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Perfectworled
Comment: the game is ownage!!!!!
I can say so many great things about this game and here are the greatest.
1.FLYING!!!!!- flying around is the funnest thing ever!! It is also helpful in many ways
2.FULL CHARACTER CUSTOMISATION- definitely my fave feature, I just love being able to put giant knockers on stick thin ladies.
3.THE WORLD IS YOURS!- Travel is easy and with a huge world to explore the game stays interesting
4.LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL- From what ive heard endgame is sweet bliss with housing and many other features available

The downside-
Grind- most quests are grind based and any that arent are usually just talking to people with added grindy combat.
The people who run the english version are sly cheaters who force u 2 pay silly and confusing amounts for in-game items
A lot of the features the game advertises on its website such as marriage are only available well in to the game

the community is the most solid of any game ive ever played. Why? A dungeon quest which is available early in the game requires help from high lvl players who benefit from the quest with certain rewards. This has created a great helpfulness within the community which is ultimately the reason is persist with the limitless grinding

Post Date: 22:48 02-06-2008
Rating: 0
Author: moonstomper
Comment: HORRIBLE!
the game sounded fun and i was optimistic and open minded, but I, along with others, were unable to play. which is pretty suprising as i managed to get supreme destiny to work on my computer (yes, i tried out that joke). so i downloaded the client which took about an hour and 15 minutes. I then tried to launch the game, but there was no server connection to it. Thus, i couldn’t update it to patch it or play it. So, i decided to download all 13 patches off the internet, but they only had patches 2-13 and not patch 1! i then read on a bumfuck website that they only let the Phillipines have access to the ENGLISH version, which wasn’t stated ANYWHERE on the website or the secondary, low-grade website you need to get an account off of it. you need to get the actual download client off of a CD which can only be given to you at PW’s office, which has one convenient location in Malaysia.

I feel generous in giving this game a zero, and if I could, trust me, I would rate it far less.

Post Date: 21:12 01-06-2008
Rating: 6
Author: MMORPG
Comment: Reply: “cheetoh90” (2nd post below), well there is a agme thats free and it PAWNS Perfect World Online by far, i.e Guild Wars, yes it may cost initially, but then its free forever, Sword of the new world pawns this game too….Although I’d still give a 6 to this game since its pretty good too.
Post Date: 02:14 30-05-2008
Rating: 8
Author: cheetoh90
Comment: From Shaiya to Silk Road or Rappelz to Cabal, no free MMORPG can even touch the quality of this game. Perfect World is by far one of the best MMORPGโ€™s out there and it most definitely gives pay to play games like World of Warcraft a run for their money.

Gameplay: (9/10) The gameplay includes WASD and point and click controls, there is also a very unique flying system along with the ability to perform double jumps.

Quests: (9/10) Most free MMORPGโ€™s provide boring quests where the player has to kill a certain number of monsters over and over again. Perfect World does provide quests like these along with tons of unique quests, like finding certain hidden items located on city rooftops or plundering dungeons to slay large beasts.

Character Creation: (10/10) The character creation in Perfect World is by far the best of any other MMORPG, including pay to plays, that I have ever seen. The player is literally able to construct his own character from the ground up. This includes eye color, hair color, skin color, lip structure, eyebrow structure, nose structure, hair style, bodily structure, and the characters height. However, if you want to skip all of this there are pre-generated characters as well.

Monsters: (7/10) The monsters in Perfect World are just as good as any other game. Unfortunately, there was nothing too original is this area, with a few exceptions of course.

Weapon System: (8/10) The weapons in Perfect World are very well designed along with some really cool effects.

Map: (8/10) The main map in Perfect World is very unique, including one of the biggest cities I have ever seen in any online game plus various types of landscapes, ranging from large mountains to forest like terrains.

Overall Rating: (8/10) Perfect World is most definitely worth downloading. Their website is ( enjoy =P!

Post Date: 22:48 28-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: kaage1
Comment: before i try, (looks frickin awesome), can anyone tell me which mirror works, please?
Post Date: 08:07 24-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: jelambar
Comment: I suggest people try to reach level 60+ first, before posting review here. This is one of the best MMORPGs, imo.
Post Date: 15:12 10-05-2008
Rating: 9
Author: goatheadman1
Comment: Easily the best free mmo out there the only problem is all (most) of the client downloads are broken or deleted, and it takes like 4 minites just to get on the freking website.
Post Date: 01:09 05-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: xcriminal013
Comment: I”m speechless… (well, not exactly, i”m giving a review xD) This game is the absolute BEST FREE MMORPG out there. I dunno what repulse is talking about when he says grind, but this game has the best you can get from it.
-Excellent crafting system
-Awesome combat system
-friendly economy/environment/community
-PvP/guild wars are very fun
-PvP is balanced
-Adding marriage system to PW later on
-3 races/6 classes/ tons of really cool skills
-Minimum lag (I have a windows 2000, works fine)
-Pking at level 30 (yet i have never seen it happen)
-Somewhat hard to gather money
-Quests become a little repetetive, but always fun
-Leveling becomes harder at 20+, but not that big of a deal.
Overall, no other free (and some pay to plays) MMORPGs can stand up to a masterpiece such as Perfect World. This game totally beats paying $15 a month to play WoW. Perfect World is the free WoW and is, well, perfect!
Post Date: 17:30 21-04-2008
Rating: 8
Author: repulse
Comment: Perfect World is most definitely a contender to WoW. Most reviews have been stated here so i”ll make a few comments to clear a few doubts off some of you.

Understand this, Perfect World is created by Taiwanese and is originally a chinese oriented game. Meaning to say, there were no plans for the english version at all. BUT, the english version came out simply because the game got bigger and more people tend to join this game and some even took so much time and effort to make their own english translation patch for the game. That being said, MY-EN was the first Perfect World English server ever created. Quite simply, everything has to be translated from Chinese to English and there”s no doubt about the broken english everywhere. Another problem PW is facing is, fitting in so many characters (ABC) as compared to chinese characters (EXP: Perfect World has 12 characters but in chinese, there”s probably only 2 characters thus the word Wan Mei). However, i strongly believe the developer is trying their best to fix all that and improvements have been shown in version 12 as compared to version 6 with horrible english. Afterall, the game is still in Open Beta and is not a complete version yet. So i hope the Engrish issue here is answered. However, the english is not as horrible as you”d think. In terms of English, you CANNOT compare english oriented games such as WoW/GW.

Lag issues; for those non-malaysians who”re having lag issues, dont fret. Even the malaysians are having lag issues. This i believe is due to the local internet hosting company (TMnet). But connection upgrades have been done and i strongly believe even some americans/europeans have better connections as compared to the malaysians/singaporeans. It”s just a matter of time until they fix this matter. They are aware of it and as long as the game is alive, improvements will carry on.

Directed at Cenovis: If flying, swimming, petrides is boring, then why dont u just quit playing mmorpg”s, go outside and ride your bike? You have absolutely no idea how beneficial all these features are except swimming. There”s nothing special about swimming, but flying and petrides are key features in this game. Flying is slow at low level. But as you level up, ur flying speed increases and u can always buy new aviations off the item mall for better looking and higher speeds. Flying will always be faster than running. As for petrides, pets will start at level 1 with its basic speed. As u ride on ur pet a lil longer, it level up to 11 and unleashes its full running speed. u run 9x faster on a petride as compared to running.

I am a level 87 archer, 81 priest and 75 warrior in the game. I dont bother reading the quests, but just do whatever is given to get as many exp as possible. The game is beautiful as it is, quite chinese oriented (duh) and has beautiful effects. i was amazed when the day turn into night and then the sun comes up again after a few hours. The game is as customizable as it is. For example, just because u”re a priest, doesnt mean u have be a pure healer wearing magic robes. my priest wears light armors and i concentrate on criticals. priest”s galactic storm with crit can deal up to 31k damage at level 84. to cut it short, the game IS JUST THAT CUSTOMIZABLE. It gets better as u level up, there”s not much fun being a low level to be honest. The real fun begins at level 60 where there”s territory wars, zhen, aoe levelling, etc etc. We”ll need more americans/europeans to play the game. Im a malaysian myself and i somewhat dislike the fact that most malaysians are cocky in-game. However, we have the strongest american in oracle, Inflamez, a level 94 werebeast is almost untouchable.

Anyways, play the game with full graphic settings, it should keep u happy for quite sometime. The gameplay will improve as the game updates. End game should be like; level cap increased to 130, a bit of Sims 2 where u get to buy lands, build homes, positin ur trees gardens, interior decor so on and so forth, and a bit of lineage 2 i might say. google out some screenies of high level players in the game. they”re tempting enough.

For newbie non-malaysians, i”d say forget about reading the quests, just get the job done and u”ll level up fast. get used to all the keys and shortcuts, learn to use the coordination. level up to 60 as quick as possible through quests and grinding. til then there”s plenty of ways to level up. and again, fun starts at lvl60+, better yet when u”re 80+. PW is a pvp/pk oriented game. dont be a carebear, at higher level equipments are one of the key to being the strongest. there”s no such thing as free mmorpg, if u wanna be the best, u just gotta spend some dollars.

Perfect World MY-EN:

Have a look, i”d suggest playing with ur friends. register a forum account in, and join the guild pw_101 for “school training” lol. some dude actually bothered to form this guild just simply to train up newbies. get involved in both the forum and in the game, and u”re good to go.

by the way, if u cant stand getting pk, seriously, dont even bother playing. game may look all nice but it gets rough at higher level. but hey, if there isnt pk, game”s gonna get boring. lots of drama in-game, gotta enjoy it. feel free to add me up in msn and ask me any questions. [email protected]

– chat system isnt as user friendly
– friendlist can be improved

the rest of the bad stuffs are just a matter of time until they improve their services.

Post Date: 00:54 02-04-2008
Rating: 8
Author: snowknight26
Comment: not sure how it is but from the ratings i gave 8 but it wont let me download this from anywhere and when i try to download it it just stops at a certain place and wont go any further and ive tried all mirrors any help would be nice
Post Date: 15:18 29-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: iron zeppelin
Comment: Pros: Great community- a lotta stuff in the game benefits players of low and high experiences which is a good incentive to helping
Graphics-looks great enough said
Customisation: I wanna f*ck my char
Mounts- U get 2 ride panthers and stuff
Flying- enough said
Swimming- enough said
Cons: Poor english- Hard 2 get 2 grips with
Grind- Before this i played guild wars which has no grind so im finding it hard 2 get used 2
Chinese- The developers gives all the cool stuff to the chinese players of the game and we get the leftovers

All in all this is the most fun ive ever had on an mmorpg so i highly recommend it

Post Date: 02:02 28-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: mad gamer dude123
Comment: this game is awesome,there are like a billion stuff to do.
Post Date: 08:17 25-03-2008
Rating: 5
Author: iron zeppelin
Comment: k lets get some thing straight about this game. The community is not terrible. I found a nice helpful english guild while playing the game and have spoken to loads of other players. Secondly no1 looks the same in any way. Thirdly there is an international server for European and American players in development so the lag will soon be wiped out. Yes the english on the quests is hard to understand but any PF fansite can easily help you with any quest. The mounts in the game are a really cool feature and the marriage and fashion systems also. Best mmo ive ever played and its FREE almost 100%
Post Date: 03:39 21-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: fearcoka
Comment: To be Honest, this game is by far the best also the lag is a pain sometimes, but in overall i give it a 10. Ive played for 3 days and its fun and it looks even better later on in the game. Graphics are good, map is huge and a alot of stuff to do.
Post Date: 05:50 18-03-2008
Rating: 9
Author: ldavis3
Comment: I love this game!

community: i dont know what other people are saying everyone talks back and ihave barly run into someone that is not english…

graphics: some places make you stare in awe at how amazing it looks and otherplaces will make you sat WTF!?

characters: you can change litterally everything,i thing theres 20 or more slide bars just to customize your face, talk about deep.

lvl: an insane amount of quests so you dont have to grind many skills, it takes longer to lvl up but you get skills at lvl 10 you would get at 20 in other games. you can make armor weps potians, ect.

overall: Amazing

name: Gaku

Server: orical

Post Date: 18:47 08-03-2008
Rating: 9
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: it is a perfect game if not for two simple things:
1. lag, any non-malaysian player will HATE the lag this game gives because there isnt actually an american server or an english server…
2. community, this game has a bad community, try and talk to anyone and they wont talk back! ๐Ÿ™

overall it is a great game, and it would be perfect if the community was a lot better and they hav either an american or english server or they improve their connections a LOT!

Post Date: 05:54 04-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Xroalia
Comment: Graphics are quite good, not amazing but good. Customization… well, you won’t find better character customization anywhere. You can even make your character look like yourself if you tried hard enough. The map is HUGE and will take a while to explore. The BGM is also very nice.

There are three races, wing elf, beastkind and human and six classes, elf priest, elf archer, warrior, magician, werefox (pet tamer) and werebeast (tanker). All have HEAPS of skills and you can choose from a wide range of weapons and armour instead of just having weapons and armour stuck to your class you can choose freely. Wing elf can fly from level 1 but other classes have to wait until level 30.

At level 30 you will enter global PK but not to worry for if you have a white name you aren’t like to get PK’d. The community is good and helpful though there are a lot of bots running around if you report them they will be dealt with quite quickly… they’re also fun to PK.

There is an item crafting feature where you can make your own potions, jewellery, armour and weapons which usually end up with special effects and stats. You will collect the materials from mobs and you can find plants, wood and various mines to get materials from also.

Quests. There is an amazing amount of quests. I didn’t have to grind once until level 34 there are so many quests. Along with regular ‘kill x amount of mobs’, ‘bring me x amount of items’ or ‘speak to x NPC’ there are challenging boss quests and quest scrolls that drop from mobs that give you free exp when used. I wouldn’t bother reading any of the NPC dialogue though as it’s all in terrible engrish.

Server lag can be quite bad but recent announcement state they’re working on making international connections better.

All in all the good outweighs the bad in this game, Perfect World scores a 10 from me.

On a side note, to the person that said everyone looks the same you probably didn’t check the ‘player individualization’ option in system settings. Lol.

Post Date: 00:12 11-02-2008
Rating: 9
Author: philedophea
Comment: I play this game and i might be a noob but i love it
Post Date: 22:03 09-01-2008
Rating: 8
Author: falconx123
Comment: awsome graphics a ton of unique character choices
you can swim jump do cartwheels may get boring after a little while but thats what brakes are called
Post Date: 22:48 04-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: pokefan92
Comment: Just got my wings after playing nothing but this game, and I couldn’t be happier! Played WoW, but it just doesn’t make the cut like this one does!! PLAY THIS GAME IF YOU HAVEN”T ALREADY!!!
Post Date: 22:53 31-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: pokefan92
Comment: Oh my gosh! This game is amazing! I can’t believe that I’ve been missing this!
Post Date: 06:24 23-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: LioN
Comment: The most perfect mmorpg i have ever played, ever.The graphics are just amazing, background sounds perfect for the place youre in.You can fully customize youre char so that he can look whatever you want him to look like, it has a free flying feature, you can fight in the air or under water.And the best part is that its free and only has a cash shop which is not very esential.So if you want to play a great mmo my advice is play Perfect World. 10/10
Post Date: 02:04 18-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: skippy1010
Comment: PLEASE READ!! I play Perfect World, this game is huge! The graphics are great (Just go buy a good 512 mb card for about 100 dollars, which is a great gaming card). The people in the game are as friendly as it gets, but they don’t bug you. When you create a character, you can make just about anyone! It took me 2 hours (AT LEAST!) to create my Perfect guy. I have played this game for over 500 total hours! (Most was during the summer) But only because the game just NEVER gets old! I have played WoW and CoH, but they just didn’t make the cut such as this one (Even though they are still really good games). This game fits any style of any gamer, the calm, the casual, the intense, the good, the evil. Even people who don’t play MMORPGs that often will still enjoy this one! Just give it a try, it makes it in the top 5 largest games I know (It’s 2.5 Gbs!!) WoW, Lineage 2, and LOTRO are the only larger that I know, GW comes close. So if there was any game to ever play, IT IS THIS GAME! Trust the expert, I’ve played over 20 MMORPGS, including WoW, Guild Wars, LOTRO, Coh, CoV, and…. runescape…. My bad on playing the last one…SO PLAY PERFECT WORLD, THEY HAVE THEIR OWN THEME SONG!!!!! WoW? no… any others, no… Go to youtube, my names “skippy10101010”, I’ll send you my videos and you can see how great it is!
Post Date: 11:37 19-11-2007
Rating: 6
Author: yeas123
Comment: The most beautiful graphic game , only if you set the best graphic card and make the setting highest
Post Date: 13:31 30-09-2007
Rating: 2
Author: cenovis
Comment: Everyone on Rappelz raved about this game so I decided to give it a try. I spent about 4 hours running around in game, doing various things before I realized I how INCREDIBLY BORING this game is.

Pros: Great graphics, on par with games like Rappelz and Lineage2, but slightly more awkward character models. Lots of character customization, you can adjust everything from your eye color to your breast size. Yes, it is that customizable (think Sims 2.) You can fly, which is fun for about 10 minutes. You can also swim, which is fun for even less.

Cons: Gameplay reminds me of Last Chaos, which is slow and clumsy. Character reaction time, and fighting speed is exactly the same as Last Chaos. Even some of the armor resembles armor in Last Chaos. It is not particularly fun, unless you like standing around holding down the F-attack button while you ever so slowly wear down the monster…

Other cons include, the horrible ENGRISH that plagues all MMOs these days. There is no true English client yet, instead you get to share with the Malaysians, who get a poorly translated English version to play. Players speak English almost as poorly as the NPCs, or speak another language altogether. For some reason, in every mixed language MMO I’ve ever played, chat is always completely silent. No one talks to anyone else. Don’t ask me why.

Because of the incomprehensible Engrish, and lack of community help, you’re left to figure out most things for yourself. I had problems completing quests because I was not able to find the right monsters to kill, and the minimap in-game is atrocious. You can’t find a thing with it. They include a feature where if you enter the name of an NPC, a giant arrow appears on your screen which points the way to him/her, which is good because otherwise you’d never find anyone. The map is HUGE.

I should mention the flying and the swimming. Combat while flying means you miss a lot, it’s also not fun. Combat while swimming is like combat while on dry land, also not fun. The only thing I used my flying for was to navigate around trees and buildings. It is very slow. Running is slightly quicker, but just as boring.

Finally, and this is not really a problem with the game, but more with the players, everybody looks the same! What’s the point of having this huge customizable character selection if everyone is going to end up looking like Elf Stripper Barbie and Ken? All the females have have white hair; pink lipstick on their thin, white faces; blue/green eyes, and large breasts on their tiny stick figure bodies. The guys are the same, sans-makeup and breasts.

Overall, I would not recommend this game because of the slow and boring combat, unhelpful community, and incomprehensible game translations. Play something better.

Post Date: 23:19 05-08-2007
Rating: 7
Author: neobloodline
Comment: There are a few “hacks” for this game which will enable you to play this in english, although in my experience it’s a verry lonely venture.
Overall this game is pretty cool and the missions are complex enough to be mildly entertaining for a while, but it’s lacking in community and let’s face it, even a ferrari would get old if you didn’t have anyone to brag too about it.(ok maybe not but you get the point)
The characters you can create look largely the same for a long while till you are diversified in later levels. I’d say this game would be great if theyd let you have enough room in your inventory. The bag is so small you are faced with dumping things out alot of the time to collect what youd need for various situations. Still with its flaws I think it’ll whip the lama’s butt when it comes out in english and if the hype can get people to play and alow it to grow.

graphics= superb
animations= so- so you’ll see alot of the sos
sound= eh not so much
community= pfft
gameplay= great loads of different monsters to fight, a decidedly good thing to escape the chickens and turtles of the “other” popular mmorpg.
tilt factor= on the good side and maybe in the near future can become an incredible good game if every goes off nice.. but that’s alot of if’s.

Post Date: 07:35 25-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Spoony
Comment: The graphics look neverwinter night-ish . I’d love to try this out since its out:)
Post Date: 20:54 20-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: sexynoob
Comment: I like it. ๐Ÿ™‚
Some other dude originally posted a topic on this, all credits pretty much go to him. Forgive me on making a new one to attract attention. Let’s get perfect world noticed!
1. Tell all your fellow mmositers. Example: If you have not told 3 people about the game perfect world and sent them this message 1 hour after you read this, some crazy guy will come into your house while you are sleeping, bite your genitals off, and leave bite marks all over your arms that form the words: “kataluckacrapa” or whatever the hell it is. P.S. website for the game is or
2. Hype the game 10. Get your friends to hype it 10. Get everyone you know to hype it 10. Berate and flame at anyone who hypes it less then 10. If it gets just a bit more hype, perfect world can get onto the front page.
3. Use banners, sigs, etc. Make them interesting, like “The best game in the world.” even if you are lying. Try emailing chainmails about it or something.
4. Laugh at any friends who play dumb games, and loudly say: “Perfect World is much better.” This ALWAYS works, because your friends will check out the game in an attempt to find out that it’s bad, turn the tables and make you look dumb.
5. Spread the word by mouth. Get people that don’t play games hooked on perfect world. Convince others that are already playing games that Perfect World is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better.
1. Perfect world won’t get publicity.
2. Perfect world won’t get many players. (Just look at this tiny community)
3. Perfect world’s won’t have players buying many cash shop items because of lack of players.
4. Perfect world’s creators will not be getting enough money.
5. Perfect world will be broke.
6. Perfect world will be shut down.
7. Perfect world will never be played again!
So help us in our cause to make Perfect World the most popular game!
Help make perfect world known and we can rule the world together!
Post Date: 01:34 08-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: thebigorange
Comment: This mmorpg is going to be amazing. As of now, it has not come out yet in english, but looking at reviews, screenshots, and videos,this game could be the next big thing, owning WoW and EQ. This game has come out for 1 year in China, and has won a gazillion awards. This game is one of the few that has REAL FLYING. Not the type where you click and watch, you can control flight. Like aion, it is 3d, and unlike Aion, which probably won’t be free, it has a cash shop. And unlike most cash shop games, the cash shop will not be essential.
Post Date: 19:37 06-05-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Rogueยงora
Comment: From what i played this game has good graphics great game concept and overall good gaming value.Now like most games you can mount creatures…But nothing like these.

Getting to a spot to train is different cause u have more mods of transportation…Fly id say has to be the best way to get there.

You get your own special gear,summons,and mounts(animals you can get on and ride).

Huge map you have no waiting to go from pot to spot and takes forever to get from place to place walking….so you need a mount.
The weather changes often which is cool,Goes from day to night which will effect you badly when it comes down to it.

If you don’t wannabe in for the long haul or don’t wanna play for hours on a game then this is not for you…But if you love to play and train hard to be the best then give the game a try.
Game deserves a awesome rating and for that im giving it a solid 10.

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  1. A very decent free to play mmorpg video game,customize your character and play with friends.Very enjoyable gameplay and graphic is solid,I suggest this game everybody

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  2. I played this for about a week there’s really nothing special other than the flying I guess I don’t usually see it in games I play but I hate it the fly system defeats the purpose of you playing the game as you adventure and do quests, I know, I know you can just not fly if that’s what you want but seriously I’ll just normally think why bother walking if there’sโ€‹ a fly system that’s there on purpose. :/

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  3. A free to play mmorpg game with character customizations and can be played with friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. A free to play mmorpg game that has a character customization. I myself dont like it that much, but it isnt that bad, I guess you guys need to try it cause we might have different tastes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Perfect World is the very first MMORPG i ever played.

    It was first introduced to me by my brother. Back then, Although i play videogames, i wasn’t too interested too much.
    So i tried entering the game. Of course i didnt know what i was doing, my brother taught me everything i need to do. The basics, the skills, the stats.
    I was the best noob ever :3
    I never played without my brother.
    So as i play and play day by day, i started appreciating the sceneries. The views of the mountains, the refreshing feel of the rivers, the sweet ambience of the ocean. Those kinds of things. They were all inside that game. It was sweet. That’s how i got into playing video games.

    So first of all. As a newbie, you will find it hard to get to familiarize with thingies. You’ll be having a hard time soloing quests if you dont have a helper wiv you. The world is vast, swimming is allowed, you can get lost if you werent careful enough.

    After you finish the basic quests, youll be hamging around rhe main city from time to time.

    Introducing FASHION!
    as i wandered throught the main city, i saw people with their own markets, selling stuff. I happened to stumble upon some items which they call fashion. I was like.. Wooooahh.
    Sweet. It’s very cool.

    Now about the skills.
    There were plenty of skills id really remember. It was cool and by far, smooth. The fighting styles are sufficient.
    There are RACES instead of CLASSES.
    which i find somewhat annoying yet okay.
    Each race have designated 2 classes which you can choose from.

    As I was leveling, i noticed that GOLDthere is scarce.. He said i should collect eevery gold drops. Every gold counts. Travelling costed gold so people used flight items, or mounts. Mounts that can increase ypur speed.
    Flights are actually better to use for travelling cos they are faster compared to travelling at foot. My brother wqs the one who bought me a pink horse and wings. Sweet~ he said it was a gift.

    Now, wandering around can be a little bit hard. But hey. We got portals. Cosmetics and other cool items can be bought through gold. They even sell lions for millions :O

    DUNGEONS! There are dungeons that you can go and have party with plenty of players. Dungeons are a bit hard and tricky. There are puzzles. And the bosses are really really hard to beat. There are levels of dungeons. I vant remember but same dungeons have different levels depending on what map you have. Dungeons are the places where you can get the best gears for ypur character. I remember, my brother and his friends took me to this high lvl dungeon. All i did is leech. XD

    MARRIAGE SYSTEM! now.. This is a shock to me. You can actually marry! XO
    That is sweet! Marrying is not just about sweet blah blah etc. Ypu get to have bonuses, gifts and other perks from npcs.

    This game is amazing. Guilds too are present and they go to guild wars with other clans to claim a territory. Claiming a territory gives ypu many bonuses too.
    So yes.. This game is the best for me. Ill go rate it 9.9/10!
    I am approving! Recommended!

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  6. This game simply a fantastic mmorpg for 2017. Its graphics are up to date, a friendly community, with largely textured map. It is also one of the only games I’ve known to have flying incorporated with the characters. Therefore, since of its creativity, I’ll give it a big thumbs up.

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  7. Perfect World is a pretty cool MMO; game came out in the mid to late 2000s, but looks a lot modern in 2021, possibly because its had updates over the years. Character customization is bountiful, even going into more detailed customizations like eye shadow and eyelash. Gameplay is pretty fun for the most part, and PvP seems to be the biggest strength of this game. Overall, I’d rate this game a 4.5/5.

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