Utilize brutal weapons in this one-button driven pinata smashing game! The nine Pinata Warriors are here to measure their strengths and weaknesses in a 2 players game pinata destroying game. Who will be victorious and celebrate the candy loot among them? Pick your favorite pinata warrior, grab a brutal weapon to use, and smash the pinata animal faster than your opponent. Are you ready for this frantic smashing game? Grab a club, spear or sharp sword before you start slashing thru pinata elephants, pinata horses and even pinata turtles!


  1. I dont like this game, all what u need to do is spam “A” button and win points, faster u are pressing more points will you get, also last hit earn extra 100 points.
    Further u go, enemy is faster so u need to spam faster to win

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  2. Pinata Warriors is a fairly decent reflex game, but it does become tiresome spamming on the ‘A’ key. As a reflex game, Pinata Warriors does lack some variety, but it does have various characters to choose from. The gameplay could have been a little more diverse in my opinion, but it’s not too terrible of a game. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.5/5.

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