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This is the fourth match of GameOgre.com’s MMORPG Showdown 7.  This annual tournament determines the best MMORPG out of 16 games. The winner will be named MMORPG of the Year. GameOgre.com also has a Prediction Contest for forum members each year for a $10 Ultimate Game Card (UGC).



Crystal Saga

This match features two leading free browser MMOs. While RuneScape has been somewhat dominant in recent MMORPG Showdowns, Crystal Saga is a newbie to the annual tournament. However, do not count out Crystal Saga since it is a well-made Browser MMO with better- than- average graphics for a browser game.


  1. I prefer Crystal Saga. Even though Runescape is one of the first MMO’s I tried and I really liked it before, it became a lot worse. Definitely Crystal Saga, since I don’t really like Runescape anymore.

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