Love is certainly in the air at Outspark’s Luvinia Online as they launch the beta for an elaborate wedding system and intend to promote it with the in-game marriage of two of their most beloved GMs, Refresh & Mokobonbon. The nuptials are expected to take place on March 1, 2012 and will be broadcast between 2-3pm PT on Massively TV.

GameOgre will be looking forward to covering the wedding of these two GMs in the Luvinia Online land of Savejela–and, if you’re reading this, you can be part of a giveaway as part of this event see the end of the article.

The in-game wedding system has already gone live in the game. As for players interested in attending the wedding of Refresh and Moko, you can RSVP on the Luvinia Online forums by leaving your character name in the thread dedicated to that purpose.

According to Outspark, the wedding system is elaborate, includes a cake and even confetti for the occasion. The wedding system is still in beta, but has a considerable amount of content connected to it. To start the wedding quest, the characters involved must be over level 61, have one male and one female character, obtain a wedding ring, wedding attire, and a wedding venue reservation.

Looking over the preparations and the elements of the wedding ceremony, it looks like Luvinia Online spent a lot of time making it very similar to the real-world ritual, including the venue and invitation letters—the letters themselves enable participants to teleport themselves to the venue. The venue itself can also be decorated by the bride and groom using a venue designer.

And, of course, no wedding system would be complete without a break-up system, which seems to encapsulate both amicable divorces—where bride and groom file together to get their marriage dissolved—and forced breakups—where only one party wants to file for divorce.

To thank the Ogre community and to enhance your own experience in the Luvinia Online wedding beta, Outspark has given GameOgre several giveaway codes, instructions on how to receive them are here.