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This is the third match in the second round of GameOgre.com’s MMORPG Showdown 6.  This is a tournament to determine the best MMORPG out of 16 games. You can also view this MMORPG Video for more information about this important tournament.



Dragon Nest

This is clearly a battle of two free MMORPGs from different eras. RuneScape represents the old guard while Dragon Nest represents the current generation of Free MMORPGs. Which will prevail?


  1. Of course this is Dragon Nest all the way.
    Sure, Runescape has existed for years, but it’s mechanics and gameplay dont even come close to DN!

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  2. Dragon Nest is 1000 light years in front of Runescape, not only graphics, much much much better game.

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  3. I voted for Runescape. Graphic’s not the greatest even with the HD format now, and combat is not the most entertaining while leveling. RuneScape is very immersive and filled with depth.The quests in Runescape are far more immersive and entertaining than any other MMORPG on the market.RS quests can be quite challenging. Some are easy, of course, but I enjoy the harder ones because of both their difficulty and the fact that they’re mostly tied into a story line. The Plague City/Elf chain, the Myreque in Morytania, the Lost City chain, and now epic, world lore quests like While Guthix Sleeps. Every time I do an RS quest, I feel like I’m going on a real adventure, I need to be skilled beforehand or I can’t complete the quest, I need to prepare items, I need to use my brain, etc. And I think that’s how quests are supposed to feel. To say that Runescape is extremely grindy would be inncorrect as there are many mini-game alternatives to leveling up all sorts of skills. Combat may be bland but fighting in the Wilderness or Dueling Arena offers a thrill you cannot recieve from any other MMO title. This Java Sandbox is extremely entertaining, for hours on end. I’ve played RuneScape on and off for five years and have seen it come a very long way. My best MMO memories have been with RuneScape, and I’ve played multiple MMO’s. If you haven’t tried it out I definitely reccomend it, it will be worth your time.

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  4. RuneScape has defeated Dragon Nest in somewhat of an upset considering how well Dragon Nest has done recently.

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  5. Runescape. I guess I just didn’t get into DN. Runescape got me hooked and coming back for more, which is what matters right?

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  6. I quit runescape because of the EOC, its cool they wanted to try and make it better but the hot keys just didn’t feel right to me in that game. I don’t mind change but I just lost interest in it , I play Dragon Nest now, and I can say I have never had such an experience like this game, I can see why a few vote for RS, RS doesn’t have a low level Cap. But right now the level cap for DN is 60 and 70 is going to be coming next year. My vote goes to DN, I played RS for 6 years and it was fun and great at first but it has changed so much and I just lost interest, I played DN for 3 weeks now and I am hooked on it, sadly I play about 6-9 hours a day > _ < I have no life haha but DN gets my vote!

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  7. Omg… Dn is soo good.. dont compare it with runescape.. u do nothing dere.. ” train , train , train ” wtf… well u can do more things in Runescape but u get boored more easly dan Dn. so Dn is a way better

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