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This is the second match in the first round of GameOgre.com’s MMORPG Showdown 6.  This is a tournament to determine the best MMORPG out of 16 games.

Rusty Hearts



This is a battle between two of the best free action MMOs today. Rusty Hearts has already defeated another Nexon game (Dragon Nest) in a previous online game battle, but this will mark the first official MMORPG Showdown match for both games.


  1. Reasons: Vindictus is just more complex game, with a lot more features then RH, even if both are great games and I enjoy playing them my heart still weighted for Vindictus.
    When you play it in such great graphics and throw a spear in slow motion there isn’t a better feeling you can expeirience in a game 🙂

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    • Thats just how i think about both games, vindictus is just a lil bit more awesome imho. I really love the slomos and the graphics are best atm

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  2. i voted for vindictus,, all my friends paly that game and they say that it’s very fun,, but i’ve never even heard of a game called Rusty Hearts lol

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  3. Rusty Hearts looks like a very good game to play. its like a really nice MMO like Wow. Thats why I voted for Rusty Hearts even though its not good of a name.

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  4. I’m voting for Rusty Hearts. Vindictus is a great game and deserves kudos — plus, I’m Irish and anything so well pickled in Celtic mythology tickles my fancy — but it’s just not as casual a game as I’d like. Rusty Hearts I’ve been able to keep in, and although it’s newer and lacks a great deal of substance, looks like it’ll grow into its own.

    Now, if we can add some Celtic folklore to the vampires in RH…

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  5. Rusty Hearts all day. Perfect World is a much better company produces very high quality games. Rusty Hearts is funny and addictive.

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  6. Rusty Hearts is an all new action MMO, with a gameplay just like Vindictus. It’s clearly a rip off, like many chinese MMO.

    Just graphics are not the same, but Vindictus is way more realistic with the Source Engine and physics, and way more beautiful, with a gameplay more developped and a real background.

    RH just try to steal the sucess of Vindictus, but a clone can’t just reach the original.

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  7. I voted for Vindictus, it has a lot of diversity, I just play Rusty Hearts because of PvP cuz it’s really entertaining. But Vindictus really deserves a better place than Rusty Hearts.

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  8. well, VINDICTUS off course. been playing rusty hearts but I kinda got board due to the LOTS of bugs…. anyways, even if i didn’t try em both the graphic that vindictus has is A LOT more appealing than rusty farts.

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  9. Rusty Hearts, because its alot more colorful while vindictus is dull, the PvP is better and so are the combos and graphics and the Rusty heart char’s has voice overs which are good as well.

    My vote, Rusty hearts.

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  10. My vote is Rusty hearts, because what patrick said its colorful, has alot more quests and keep you into the story-line which vindictus fails at, not only that it has better graphics, attack system and fluid speed and the feel that your at the arcades, such a fast paced game and much more depth than vindictus.

    Vote Rusty Hearts.

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  11. My vote is Rusty Hearts, i’ve played vindictus and i tell you..its really boring, has alot of lag in the game and the graphics not all that appleaing to me whats so ever, the depth of vindictus is way to shallow not even quests to do and its VERY repeative, now with Rusty Hearts its a fast pace game feels like you’re playing a arcade action packed game in the old days which not many has that these days.

    the attack system & skill trees are awesome so are the skills themselfs, has alot more quests to do, has better dungeon mades and its NOT so very reaptiive at all, theres hardly any lag in this game and the classes are very well balanced out, the game is very colorful with that anime stylish they have :D. did i say it has awesome combos?also it has the gothic feel with vamps and warewolfs that these char’s has not many mmo’s has that:P

    My vote is clear, Rusty Hearts by a MILE!

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