This is a simple game between two players. The goal is to chase and tag each other in 6 different maps. When the 200 seconds timer ends, the tagger loses. Make an advantage of the orange jelly that gives extra speed and pink jelly that you can jump through!Thanks for playing!– Big Mobile Update! –+ Mobile Enabled! (better to play on a tablet, though)+ Improved event system!+ New graphics!+ Better camera movement (now only tracks the tagger)+ Helping arrow (tracks the runner) + YOU CAN GO THROUGH THE GAP IN LEVEL A!


  1. Tag is a fun arcade game, but the downside of this game is that it is only for two-players. I wish this game had an option of one-player vs. CPU, but it’s still a fun game. I like that there are 6 different levels, and certain platforms with different effects like the pink platform that lets you go through it and the orange platform that increases speed. I think the fact that the non-tagged player can go off-screen adds a bit of difficulty for both players since the non-tagged player does not know where he/she is going, but the tagged player does not know exactly where to look, which sort of makes this game feel more like hide ‘n seek. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.5/5.

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