War Thunder ‘Battle March’ 1.57 Update Brings The High and Mighty to War Thunder’s Vehicle Line up

Massive Sunderland Flying Boat, Deadly P61 Black Widow, Plus Formidable Ground Armour and New Snow Environment Maps are Incoming!

Gaijin Entertainment today announced that its award-winning MMO WWII online game, War Thunder, will be introducing some impressively sized fire power, new maps and unique vehicles in its forthcoming ‘Battle March’ 1.57 update for War Thunder’s ten million players to enjoy.

War Thunders ‘Battle March’ 1.57 update will introduce more than 20 new aircraft and ground vehicles. Among them – a giant of the skies, the S.25 Sunderland flying boat, one of the largest sea planes to see active duty during WW2. Also joining the War Thunder ranks is the deadly American P61 night fighter, ‘Black Widow’ (otherwise known as the “flying tank”). Further demonstrating its ability to bring a diverse range of vehicles to its combat sim Gaijin Entertainment are also introducing the FW 189 A-1 ‘Uhu’. This unique looking aircraft was known as the ‘flying eye’ due to its reconnaissance role and unique all glass cockpit design. Another exotic plane, the Do 335 heavy fighter, Germany’s fastest piston powered aircraft with two propellers in alignment also makes it into the latest update.

Other additions on offer include the Falcon AA gun which has been created in co-operation with the British tank museum in Bovington due to the rare nature of the vehicle. In total, the British contingent will get three top-tier vehicles of which the Conway tank destroyer and Chieftain Mk.3 main battle tank add armoured muscle to. Germany will have new tracked firepower in the form of the deadly Nashorn and other open-top SPGs. USSR will get armour in the form of the T-44-100 and KV-1S and the USA rolls in with the Super Pershing tank.

Update 1.57 introduces two new map locations, Frozen Pass, a new Alpine snow map available for both aerial and ground battles, and the second map Volokolamsk, based on the real location of the same name in Russia which saw heavy fighting against German forces in the defence of Moscow during winter of 1941.

Finally, lighting effects such as muzzle flashes, launch effects of rockets and explosions of bombs has been vastly updated, which means even more spectacular and realistic battles, especially during nighttime.

To see the full list of new improvements vehicles and features, visit the War Thunder developer’s blog sections at the following link:https://warthunder.com/en/devblog/

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About War Thunder

War Thunder is a free-to-play, cross-platform, massively multiplayer military masterpiece for PC, PS4, Mac and Linux with more than ten million players worldwide, that allows players to fight their way across air and ground with access to almost 600 of historically accurate planes and armored vehicles from WWII and Korean War. Fans can expect hundreds more added as Gaijin Entertainment commits to ongoing development via regular updates. For more information, please visit http://www.warthunder.com


  1. Love KV-1, remember one battle just sitting behind a slight slope bouncing all kinds of shots from range, not sure how many hits I took but it had to be something like 20+, it was nuts. KV-1S (added in this update) is pretty similar to KV-1 but with a little less armor and improved mobility. In World of Tanks it’s know for it’s “derp gun”, I’m not sure if it all works the same in War Thunder however. Regardless you can look forward to a tank with solid armor and good mobility for a heavy.

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  2. New update 1.57 looks nice,especially because they added 20 new airplanes and ground vehicles

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