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This is the first match in the Semi-Finals of GameOgre.com’s Online Shooter Showdown 2011.  This a tournament of the top online shooters and FPS games as voted on by gamers.


This first Semi-Final match pits two very different games against each other. While Black Ops is one of the best selling games ever, AVA is a free-to-play shooter. In fact, AVA was recently added to Steam as a free-to-play game. Thus, it is hard to deny the underlying free verus pay implications that this match brings forth.


  1. Black Ops multiplayer is some of the best in the industry but I don’t think AVA’s experience is that far behind and it’s free so I’m gonna go with AVA.

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  2. Black ops isnt my favourite COD, and AVA beats it in many directions so i vote AVA!

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  3. Ava is nothing compared to black ops Tennistable is not thinking straight… black ops all the way! and the map packs make it even btr!

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  4. Speaking as a long-time CoD fan (I’ve still got all my disks for 1 through to Black Ops), I believe Black Ops was a step backwards in terms of the multiplayer. The fourth game using the exact same engine and game mechanics as the others, it felt…no, FEELS like recycled garbage. AVA on the other hand is a breath of fresh air into the shooter genre, and is free to play to boot. The game mechanics are all solid (Which can’t be said for the PC version of Black Ops, which thousands of people are still having performance/input issues with, which Activision has actively denied being their fault on the forums.), it has several different game modes, and most importantly: It’s fun. I think the last time I really had fun with a Call of Duty game was the first day of Modern Warfare 2, and even then I wasn’t too happy with it. My vote goes out to AVA.

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  5. As a long time CoD player and Ijji user its really hard to decide . I believe myself that a.v.a is better , its graphics are Amazing ( as long as you have a half decent computer ^_^) , the game is FREE to play , it as over 80 weapons and still counting with free new updates and new maps, it also has over 8 game modes and the gameplay is realistic . But CoD has gone downhill in prospective , i feel kinda cheated as tht Xbox just leaves good games behind and the multi-player network has sure gone downhill . a.v.a has a bright future ahead and and i still enjoy playing Black Ops (Nazi Zombies is the shit XD)

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    • Btw i believe tht most ppl vote for black ops for the bia’s towards there previous games.

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  6. Clearly AVA.

    Not even in all cases Black Ops uses Ragdoll effects.

    That CoD7 doesnt even support ragdoll is fking poor for the “””best””” game of 2010.

    And the Gameplay isnt not more realistic then AVA(except u make maybe realistic aim).

    And the graphic i can say isnt (much) better then AVA, specially when u remember AVA is Free2play.

    My favourite is cleary AVA.

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  7. i think i vote for ava because ava is free to play and i think ava is a lot more fun whit the new zombie mode but i have to play ava first before i can vote and black ops has a realistic aim and kill streak specials those 2 things are the only ones i like of black ops mp so i think i vote for ava

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  8. Both are good fps games,with interesting gameplay but for me AVA because it is free to play

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