Battleborn is an online FPS game with a focus on multiplayer.



Game Description:

An online first person shooter (FPS) that uses Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) elements. However, the game does have a story based mission mode as well. The game launched with 25 various and sometimes wacky characters. Like Borderlands, the characters are a major part of the game.

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  1. Decent online fps video game,it has interesting gameplay and great graphic I suggest it everybody

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  2. Battleborn is first-person shooter game.Game is pretty interesting in which you can play with other players (multiplayer).Not so bad graphic and pretty solid characters,I think you should try this game,it is worth a try.

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  3. The game looks good but comparing it to other FPS MOBA games there’s better ones the graphics looks good and probably the gameplay as well but i prefer Paladins more and some other games. 😛

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  4. It’s a great moba. Everything from the Hilarious, witty, and cool characters to the great grind for rewards makes this game an enjoyable game to play. The matches are short with pvp. The dlc is not half bad downloading as well. Overall 10/10

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  5. Battleborn is one of the most chaotic shooters I’ve ever played, and true to form it managed to frustrate and amaze me at the same time. The single-player and co-op campaign hinges on a threadbare story, propelled by forgettable NPCs flailing with non-stop hit-or-miss jokes. The multiplayer attempts to fuse genres by mixing in MOBA mechanics and is sometimes successful, but also misses out on sorely needed online staples. And the entire package is led by a cast that constantly piques my curiosity due to the brilliant in-match leveling system.

    Each of Battleborn’s two dozen characters has a fun look that creates an instant attraction, and the variety of their abilities digs the claws in deeper. After dipping my toe in with the standard soldier Oscar Mike, the literally lumbering Montana made for a natural progression. Before you know it, I was moving onto stranger selections like the melee-focused human-demon hybrid Shayne & Aurox. What gives each of their ability sets depth and diversity beyond the initial character choice is that you begin every new excursion at level one and progress through 10 upgrade choices in the course of a single session, with the twist that you have to choose the upgrades on the fly, like in a MOBA.
    One of the weirder characters I took a liking to was the multi-limbed magician Orendi. While her magical skills are fun to use at level 1, I liked having spur-of-the-moment choices to bolster them. Would the up-close Nullify attack work better if it automatically launched Orendi out of range of an enemy’s retaliatory attacks, or if it immediately recharged her shield so she could take that hit instead? Would her damaging Shadowfire Pillar cause more devastation with a wider range or if a second, less-powerful pillar could be immediately deployed afterward? With Oscar Mike, you can end up with a precision-focused fighter with sniper-scope and laser-strike upgrades or take more of a spray-and-pray approach by using a laser sight on your rifle and a wider bombardment strike as upgrade alternatives. When a team is in desperate need of revives and an extra gun, weird choices like whether Montana’s health regenerates faster as his chaingun is heating up or cooling down can become abnormally stressful. It’s a sensation I’ve rarely encountered with shooter campaigns, and I have to say, I liked the extra tactical level added to these frantic battles on top of the unique feel it gave to each character.
    Even though multiplayer maps and modes are scarce, at least they’re all instantly available – unlike the hero roster, which left me wanting access to more characters earlier. At the outset, the seven heroes to choose from are a bit paltry, especially when three are the standard gun-toting soldier types that don’t do a great job of showcasing the diversity of the larger cast. The entirety of the seven-hour campaign will net you four more, and it’ll take another two or three hours to start unlock characters via multiplayer or by generally leveling up your overall profile. It’s made for a pretty thin cast of characters in multiplayer matches during the opening week of Battleborn’s release, but I hope the modes are still active when players start earning the higher-level characters.
    This game is really cool ! Hoping to see you playing this one
    Recommended / Rating 10/10 🙂

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  6. It’s a good type of FPS. And it is in MOBA setting. Actually it’s fun because of the characters livening up the game. While it’s a MOBA game, theres still a story mode on it so its an addition to the fun!
    The graphics is decent as well but im not a fan
    I will give this 3.2/5
    Thumbs Uppy~

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  7. Battleborn is an excellent MOBA-style first-person shooter. While it is unlikely that this game will top games like Call of Duty or even League of Legends, this game is very unique in its own way. What I really like about this game are the smooth 3D graphics, but above all, I really like the characters. The characters are not so stationary like in many other games, but also have importance. Overall, I would rate this game a 4.65/5.

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  8. This game is fun and addictive. All the characters are funny and interesting in their own ways, and there is a character for everyone. The story is short and simple but it’s main job is really just to show off all the fun characters and it does a great job at that and I enjoyed playing it. The game didn’t deserve what happened to it, with its comparisons to Overwatch etc.

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  9. 3/5 – Although not many people play this anymore, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a decent FPS. The time to wait for a match to start because of this can be boresome. I think if you found a group to play with on Discord it would be a lot easier.

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  10. Pretty good fps game. The graphics are decent but what makes this game stand out is the character diversity. The game play is pretty fun though not a ton of people play anymore. The game mechanics are also quite good and support the overall feeling of the game. I would rate it 4/5.

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  11. Battleborn a multiplayer FPS game. You can play with many characters that have their own skill set to use against their opponents. All characters have their own personalities which can be a redeeming quality to play one. The game has a few multiplayer game modes and also a story mode as well! Plays well and looks good! It gets 4 stars!

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