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BattleMaster is a free Online RPG with major strategy elements that has been running for 5 years now. While most online games require a great deal of time each day to get the most out of, this game was designed to be played along with other daily activities since it is a turn-based game. BattleMaster also differs from more mainstream games in the graphics department. Strategy and role-playing take precedence over graphics so gamers looking for eye-candy will probably be disappointed. 

Despite the graphics and turn-based game play, BattleMaster is currently the top rated online game right now in's Review Directory with a total rating of 9.19 (out of 10). It should be noted that the majority of the reviews have been given by loyal players who have spent considerable time playing the game. BattleMaster may not require much time to play each day, but the game can capture your imagination for long periods of time as you take part in wars, the managing of realms, and politics. 

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Author: amancair
Rating: 10
Comment: It is the best web based game i've ever played. It is an excellent mixture of strategy and role-playing.

Author: Morningstar
Rating: 10
Comment: Stumbled on this game two years ago, in the same manner I find all other online games. Unlike the others, I'm still playing. I've yet to find anything else that compares to it when it comes to the blend of politics, strategy, and role-playing. A perfect 10.

Author: Cuthalion
Rating: 10
Comment: Been playing this for over a year now - truly one of the best games of its genre out there!

Author: Maverick
Rating: 10
Comment: A 10 on 10 for playability. I would give the game more just for the creator who in my opinion makes the game much more worth playing. No fancy graphics and no animations, but you do get pure fun and playability with one of the most amazing gaming communities. Play it for a couple of days and you will never regret it.

Author: dimitris
Rating: 10
Comment: The best online game I have ever played! A fine blend of Strategy, RPG but mostly a unique "political simulation", resembling not only medieval era but reflecting today's diplomacy between nations, the international power struggle, the inner-realm conflicts for power etc etc. Best game ever!

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Pricing Model

BattleMaster is a completely free Online RPG. Instead of charging fees for extra features or items, the game is supported by player donations. 

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