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Game allows players to build outlandish medieval siege engines to pit against castles or armies. Players select from a collection of mechanical parts that can be connected together to build a machine. Each level has a goal, such as “destroy the windmill” or “kill 100 soldiers”. Although the goals are relatively simple, the wide variety of possible approaches allows for experimentation. Despite the medieval theme to the game, players are able to build modern vehicles such as tanks, automobiles, bomber planes, propeller planes, dirigibles, and battleships.

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  1. Besiege is a physics-based video game in development by Spiderling Studios,You can buy it on steam for $7.99,I suggest it everybody

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  2. Great game, your job is to build wehicle that can either crush a village, kill sheeps, get past archers… you can use cannon balls, spinning blades or anything you come up with 😀 very creative and fun game 😀 I recommend it to everyone

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  3. Besieged is an great/building game,where others can destroy your village.There is a lot of this kind of games,but this one is unique,atleast for me.I suggest you this game,it can be really enjoyable.Try it !

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  4. Very cool game, would recommend trying it. You basically have to build the craziest weapon where you can obliterate almost anything. The dev team is active there and they add new levels often.

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  5. Besiege is a fun 3D medieval physics and sandbox game. What I really like about this game is that the player can construct his or her siege machine and then use it to attack anything around him or her, and pretty much express creativity. The game looks very minimalistic by design like the environment, but the gameplay looks fun. It’s even interesting seeing that this game has its own modding community. For its current $5.35 price, this game is definitely worth it. Overall, I would rate this game a 4.75/5.

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  6. My only complaint about this game is that the learning curve on how to build the machines and control them is pretty damn steep.

    I like how you can build just about anything you can imagine and wreck everything.

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