Chivalry is skill-based and controls like a First Person Shooter. Instead of guns and grenades players are given swords, shields and longbows. Set in a fictional yet gritty and realistic world, players will fight in fast paced online battles besieging castles, raiding medieval villages and fighting for glory in the arena with up to 32 players.

Post Date: 07:26 24-06-2015
Rating: 10
Author: LosmiK
Comment: Yeah, I also want to thank ogreman for this game.

Chivalary is one of those games that can be played by mashing buttons, without regard of situation or without even knowing what you are doing. Same goes for any beat em up game.
Does that make the game bad? Not at all. When first playing the game, you will die. Often. Mostly because you end up inside the mobfight and there is one guy swinging the biggest and nastiest weapon he could find. Given some time to play this, you will find tons of ways to counter these (as again, with a lot of beat-em-up games). Only at this point, will the game reach is potential. It does lack any visual customization or a way to discern your friends from other teammates, but i’m pretty confident those things will come in the near future.
The visual style is grim and dark. Just the way it should be.

Post Date: 17:00 23-06-2015
Rating: 10
Author: axwellshm
Comment: The game I have introduced by GameOgre. I will just say thanks to ogreman for giving me a copy of it, and that I really enjoy it, as much as I enjoy in any medieval game.

The game is based between the two armies, who were once battling together, to free the lands, and unify the kingdom. But the reds, in game known as “The Mason Order” wanted glory for themself. On the other hand, you are starting as the recruit of the “Agatha Knights”. The basics you are learning in training is how to defend/attack and to use some tricky combat skills. Also it has some humor, when you start beating your trainer, and soak him in blood. Also on the proceeding to the other training arenas, you are facing the ambushes of the mason man, who wants you to join their cause. If you refuse, they will likely attack you. Also you are learning the basics of the classes in the game.

Classes are: Knight, Vanguard, Archer, Man-at-Arms.
– Knight is the most armored unit, but also the slowest one. They can carry two handed weapons, and one handed weapon side by side with shield or throwing axes.
– Vanguard is the medium armored unit, and they are faster than Knights. They can use polearms, two handed weapons, and throwing axes or fire pot.
– Archers are the light armored units, but they are really fast. They can use bow or crossbow (if crossbow they can set up their shield) and they have one handed sword, dagger, etc.
– Man-at-arms are also the lighter armored unit, and they are moving fast as well. They have access to the blunt weapons which helps them to faster get rid of the heavily armored units. They also use broadsword, and the throwing knife, or shield.

There are also lots of mods in game such as: King of the Hill, Team objective, Team Deathmatch, Last team standing, etc. Game is really good developed, and I was quite surprised when I entered the game. With my specifications, which are not the best, I am running game smoothly. So that’s one more reason to love this game so much.

Gameplay is perfect, graphics are also good, I only think that the bots could have been done better, they are just killing themselfs, but the game is in overall made to be multiplayer and it’s really representing medieval warfare. it’s also likely to mount&blade; but they have divided themselfs to two sides.

I will just say that this game had a really great impact on me, cause these games are the games I like, and since i stopped playing Mount&Blade; this is a really good “jam” for me. Really good replacement, and I like it.

I am looking forward to play this game with some members of GameOgre, because this game really deserves the attention of the community in my opinion. Tournaments, challenges or at least playing it for fun. Rate for this game is 10/10. Recommendation from me! Try it, you wont regret it! 🙂


Chivalry Medieval Warfare
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  1. Kinda expected more from this game but maybe its too early to comment it since I am not playing it long.
    Overall game is not that bad , combat is fine and graphic this game provides is good.
    The problem is community, 2 many kids and negative attitude in chat is something that I didnt like so far.
    Also got kicked once for accidentally killing my teammate (it was on beginner official server and I was rank 0 which means I just started playing but still it was enought for them to kick me)-
    Solid game if you have people to play with.

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  2. Chivalry is combat video game where you need skills :).It reminds me on one older game called Mount and blade but just in combat.This is one of my favorite games on Steam so I bought this game on :),recommend this game everybody,it worth

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  3. Massive, massive fun to be had with this game here. Look lovely and feels great to play. Fairly easy to lear but difficult to master. You will find yourself struggling a little bit for the first few rounds but see yourself coming back for more an more fun. Strongly Recommend you buy and Play this game!

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  4. Pretty good game; I remember watching gameplay of this back in 2013, and it seemed pretty phenomenal at the time, especially the graphics with features like the lighting and the flowing water and the combat with various weapon selections. It’s like a multiplayer hack and slash that feels kind of like Half-Life 2, but with a medieval theme. And the game seems to have evolved from an earlier mod of Half-Life 2 called Age of Chivalry, but definitely looks more refined than its early version. Overall, I’d rate this game a 4.25/5.

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