New frontiers are ripe proving grounds for both new ideas and radical fundamentalism. When the little known religious leader, Jebediah Brightman, established his home on Syren and announced his ‘Prophecy of the Coming Apocalypse,’ there was no lack of devoted followers to pick up his cause. Brother Jebediah proclaimed it had been revealed to him that the world of Syren faced a disaster of astronomical proportions that would lead to the destruction of the world in a fiery apocalypse the would consume the faithless, and release the faithful to enter heaven. In that revelation, the destiny of Syren was sealed. The sudden and violent collapse of the wormhole left Syren cut off from Earth. What little political and economical organization the settlers had vanished when it was discovered that the collapse of the wormhole had altered the orbit of the world. Syren’s future became frighteningly clear as the planet drifted into a new orbit, closer to its sun. Cut off from Earth, the power of the Mega Corps withered. Resources were rare in the new, harsh environment. The lost colonies quickly organized themselves into a system of clans, battling for domination. A new world order arose and a terrible future presented itself: The Clan Wars!

CyberStrike 2
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  1. Cyberstrike 2, hmm… i dont like those kind of games. Graphic are not bad in this game, maybe someone will love it and play it. But for me this game is not that good. Nothing to say. 5/10.

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  2. This is kinda fps video game it has lower graphic,but I recommend it everybody anyway

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  3. CyberStrike 2 is a fps but it would be considered outdated compared to modern times, this game was released before online games existed and before the internet was insanely popular. The combat in this is good.

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  4. CyberStrike 2 is a pretty nice 3D combat game, though it is very old. It compares well with a lot of 3D games of the 1990s, though it feels lacking in some ways such as the terrain. It’s not bad though, even during the time it came out, but it doesn’t compare well with some of the 90s games from the N64 and the Playstation. Overall, I would rate this game a 4.4/5.

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