Are you ready to Die2Nite?

Hello, and welcome to the newest column on the GO Blog! In Weekly Browser Times, I shall be posting reviews of the best browser games (both popular and not very well known!) on a weekly (or more) basis. If you don’t know me, I’m Quinn, an active GO member and a moderator of the GO Forums. If you haven’t seen them yet, go and check them out! They are pretty awesome and a lovely community.

Introductions concluded, let us continue on to today’s game, Die2Nite.

Die2Nite is a browser game that was only recently translated to English. The basis of the game is simple: You are pitted in a deathtrap town with 39 other people (all real players). Every night a growing hoard of zombies will attack…and you better be prepared.

Die2Nite has a great deal of co-operation involved. This is both a good and a bad thing. If you end up in a good town, you can survive a long time and have an enjoyable time. But on the flipside, a poor town filled with new players will leave you dead before you can experience any of the strategy of the game. Die2Nite does a good job of handling this, however, by making towns only accessible when you have a certain amount of experience. Despite the importance of player interaction, there is a great lack of diplomacy that could be expanded on. Pretty much there is only one sensible choice to make at any time, and you either make it or you don’t. There are a few choices to be made, but they are often settled by a few voices in the forum, and not a vote or similar.

One great thing about Die2Nite is the variety. There are a great deal of items to be scavenged from the zombie-infested desert. From batteries to balloons, from crate lids to toolboxes, there is a huge variety of items. These items all are usable in multiple ways, for example, you can use a log and matches to make a torch, a defensive item that lasts for a single zombie attack.

Die2Nite features a great deal of variety in the objects.

Overall, Die2Nite is a very enjoyable game to play whether you have 10 minutes or an hour. The co-operation and codependency between players is amazing, and is unlike anything ever seen in a browser-based MMO before.

If you are interested in joining the GameOgre Die2Nite Coalition (in-game team), please PM “Quinn” on the forums.