Numerous things have come to us from GDC 2013, but what’s got a lot of the MMO sphere curious is the upcoming Bungie title Destiny. I’ve been following this [not]MMO for some time and have been soaking up the scraps and leaks as it goes.

During its panel at GDC Brave New World: New Bungie IP, Bungie released a video full of concept art, character animation, and concepts of what we might expect.

From the video there’s a little bit of what the future will hold for the three character classes and many of the enemies to be demonstrated in the game. The horrifying and zombified Fallen, metallically frilled Vex, multi-armed Fallen, and heavily-armored shelled Cabal. The video flickers between concept art sketches and animiations with a lot of transitions—epic music swells over it.

The models are good; but this is only a teaser.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing more from this IP in the future that can give an idea of what the environments and level design will look like.

Dropped in your lap via Joystiq.