Find and combine 2 of the same Mahjong tiles to remove them. Combine the 2 dragons to finish a level.

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  1. Dragons Mahjong is a pretty neat Mahjong game. It feels more like a memory-matching game with elements of Mahjong since the player does have to flip over tiles to see what they are. I really enjoy Dragons Mahjong for the most part, though I do wish the tiles were different instead of the standard tile design, maybe all dragon-themed instead. Still, Dragons Mahjong is neat as it has a very unique element that makes it different from other Mahjong games. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.85/5.

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  2. The music is very pleasant for a Mahjong game. In Dragons Mahjong, all one has to do is find and combine 2 of the same tiles to remove them while also keeping an eye on the clock. Since, I like games that help me improve my memory I rate this a 4/5.

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