The MMORPG, Fiesta Online is a common participant in sales and events that appear here on GameOgre, and the publisher, gamigo, has just announced a new class joining the ranks of the game: the Crusader. A nimble swordsman who wields not only a blade but the power of light will be leading intrepid heroes into the depths of darkness and dungeon.

Unlocked at Level 60, Crusader provides experienced players an opportunity to master the powers of light with dozens of new weapons, armor and skills. These masters of swordsmanship are swift, agile, and possess stunning abilities that include slicing and dicing enemies with glowing blades and balls of light.

According to the announcement, and the lore, the crusaders are a long-lost class of warriors who vanished from the game world sometime in the mists of the past. In the meantime, they have returned on floating ships with their leader at the helm. Their arrival heralds the addition of this class to the line up as well as celebrations and festivities.

Along with the Crusader, Fiesta Online is also announcing a bunch of events that should keep the game lively and hopping. These events were designed to celebrate the arrival of the Crusaders with events that fit nicely into their legendary aspects, lore, and storytelling, giving the players a glimpse into their history–and perhaps the future of Fiesta:

Isya’s Defense – a PvE moshpit of epic proportions where players are called upon to defeat a relentless monster spawn and share in a massive loot drop.

EldersTale – a GM-led tour of Elderine where players share stories of the great war that forced the Crusaders to leave Isya and how they made their way back to the land they love. At the end of the tour, players can test their wits at trivia for chic fashions.

Crusader Race To The Top – See how quickly you can get from L60 to L115. Players who make it beyond L100 will have the opportunity to do a sub-class change to Templar and will be entered into the Templar Raffle for a chance to win special prizes.

Snapshot Wonder – Community is invited to post screenshots in the forums to show off their Crusader characters for rich rewards.

Visit gamigo’s Fiesta Online and create your Crusader today!