Outspark recently launched an expansion, the Expedition to Adealia, that adds a boatload of content to their flagship free-to-play fantasy MMORPG project Fiesta Online. For those who haven’t been playing already, Fiesta Online is an animé-like fantasy-set MMORPG with strong cartoony elements filled with whimsical characters, weird but scary monsters, and magical landscapes—also the lowest level enemy, slimes, have helpful advice to dispense as they die. Alongside the addition of four distinct and new zones for high level players, they will be raising the level cap from 110 to 115—and even introduced a four week event offering a prize to the first ten players to reach level 115 within that time.

In order to commemorate the release of the expansion, the Fiesta Online team extended a hand to GameOgre staff and gave us a tour of the new zones as well as took us on a safari where we found ourselves toe-to-toe with terrifying monsters including the Doomed Elves who threaten Adealia village and even Psiken of Psiken Gardens and Mansion.

Our first stop is Adealia Village—so called “the village in the skies,” the villagers who live in the small city lifted it away from danger and situated it hovering high above. In order to access Adealia Village players must find a giant bird handler and fly to it.

He’s not hard to find and he conveys players to the village on the backs of green-plumed birds.

The village looks a great deal like many others with clouds scuttling overhead and villagers waiting to interact with the PCs. The villagers look different than any other NPCs across the Fiesta Online world of Isyan because of their fox-like features and tails. Their racial differences will be left for the players to uncover and learn the story of their village and why it had been raised from the ground into the sky.

In fact, one of the other events introduced with the Expedition to Adealia content happens to be an MVP story event asking players to spin tales about how Adealia itself came to be.

The first of what we could call heroic areas happens to be the Psiken Gardens and Psiken Mansion.

The Psiken Mansion is an atmospheric gothic manse filled with vaulted ceilings and low-throated, spooky, sad piano music. Within the walls our adventuring party fond ghostly enemies called wraiths and living gothic statuary that acted as mansion guards. Together we cleared a path through the groups toward the inner sanctum of the palatial estate and its owner.

Psiken, one of those terrifying monsters I’ve mentioned, turned out to be a creepy little girl with knives and her very angry dog. We managed to defeat her quite handily—although it was mostly with the aid of our guides for the purpose of seeing the game in action. Normal players will be asked to defeat her at a much more proper difficulty as part of a quest, but when they do it will also allow them access to special loot.

Another monster that they introduced was the Chimera. Just like the creature from Greek mythology it had the body of a lion, a lion’s head, a goat’s head, and the dragon’s head would have been instead a tail that became the body and head of a snake. The Chimera looks like it will be a considerable threat and challenge to Fiesta Online veterans.

Winning against these creatures will give players access to amazing loot.

The next region they introduced to us happened to be fitting the title of “expedition” as they took us to the Kahal Plain—a safari region filled with strange, quirky animals and broad grasslands with waterfalls, lakes, and rivers.

Among the creatures we met we saw a strange monkey-tiger, gorilla-like creatures with rock hands, and bulls that seemed to have been crossed with camels (blue, giant arc-backed creatures with camel humps and ivory horns.) We explored under sweeping blue skies as roads wound between glittering azure waters and green grassland.

A great deal of new content awaits players and, according to GMs, it should keep players busy for over eighty hours of total gameplay should they throw themselves into exploring every nook and cranny.

Additionally Outspark would like to let everyone know that this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg as they intend to continue to expand Expedition to Adealia over the coming months with yet further content in order to keep their players occupied.