To use these cheats press the enter key and type in the code. To activate the cheat simply press enter again.

iseedeadpeople = see the entire map

allyourbasebelongtous = instant victory

somebodysetusupthebomb = instant defeat

thedudeabides = remove spell cool down

itvexesme = remove conditions to win

abrakadabra = make trees disappear

keysersoze [+Amount you want] = gold

pointbreak = removal of food limit

synergy = the disabling of tech tree requirements

sharpandshiny = research upgrades

strengthandhonor = no defeat

leafittome [+Amount you want] = lumber

riseandshine = morning

lightsout = night

greedisgood [+Amount you want] = gold and lumber

thereisnospoon = unlimited mana

iocainepowder = a fast death

warpten = the speeding up the construction of buildings and units

whoisjohngalt = enable research

Hidden Items Levels etc:

Hidden items:
Destroy huts tents or other homes. Some of them will have hidden items such as Scroll of Town Portals Potions of Mana etc.

Get other heroes:
In the scenario with the strange monoliths go the Undead and make sure there are four other forest patrols. Enable the synergy sharpandshiny (three times) thereisnospoon whosyourdaddy and iseedeadpeople codes. Use the Banshees to posses the monolithic creeps and get their items. If you do not have a hero you can get their heroes. The creeps can be the Murlocs the Furbolgs the Wolves the Spiders the Satrys the Beasts and the Trolls.

To get the two mini-games pick CUSTOM GAME then SCENARIOS to locate a mini-game where you have to dodge sheep and another where you play as a hero and kill things.

Diablo reference:
In the last Human mission Lord of the Outland where you need to assault the Lord’s castle you can find the Butcher and Wirt’s other leg (from Diablo) just northwest of where you start. The Butcher will also say the same sentence that he did in Diablo “Fresh meat”.

Secret Orc level:
Select the “Custom Campaign” option at the menu then choose the “Exodus Of The Horde”. The game wukk launches a screen with the selection of the first level. This extra campaign takes place after Thrall leaves Lorderon but before Kalimdor.

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