There have been some great bundles at HumbleBundle over the past few years, but the current Weekly Bundle has to be considered one of the best yet. In fact, over thirty thousand bundles have already been sold in a little over a day. This is with no above the average tier at all this time. Instead, there is only above $1, above $6, and above $12. This bundle is special because not only do you get games, but you can get game making tools that would cost hundreds of dollars and made the games, and you even get the source codes for the games to see how they were made.

As you can see by the games, this software tool can turn out some impressive results. For example, Savant – Ascent is a seemingly simply game, but is quite fun especially for a game with a normal retail price of $1.99. GameMaker Studio is now free on Steam, but this bundle contains the professional version ($99) and the Android Export Module ($299). Thus, anybody who could not afford the Android Module can now. Yes, the games made from this can be played on multiple platforms. Heck, they even threw in Spelunky Classic and L’Abbaye des Morts for free! Here is the breakdown for each tier of this bargain.

$1 and Above Tier:

YoYo RPG Engine

Another Perspective


Spoiler Alert

Death Ray Manta

$6 and Above Tier:

GameMaker: Studio Pro

Stealth Bastard Deluxe

Savant – Ascent

Another Perspective Source Code

Detective Case and Clownbot in: Murder in the Hotel Lisbon

Death Ray Manta Source Code

10 Second Ninja

Spoiler Alert Source Code

Super Crate Box + Source Code

$12 and Above Tier:

GM:S Android Export Module

Stealth Bastard Deluxe Source Code

Savant – Ascent Source Code

10 Second Ninja Source Code

Detective Case and Clownbot in: Murder in the Hotel Lisbon Source Code

Wasteland Kings + Source Code

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