A Free-to-Play online adventure game with adorable, anime-inspired avatars and a rich, medieval setting. The game serves up several fun modes, including an exciting Player versus Player (PvP) function modeled after old school arcade titles. With the engaging features of a role playing game, Grand Chase is fast and action-packed, allowing players to battle against monsters as well as other players, complete exciting missions and level their adorable characters.

Post Date: 18:26 24-07-2011
Rating: 7
Author: Uberhusky
Comment: Graphics – 2/5
The Graphics are okay and is 2D but edited to seem like a 3D Model. All background and movement go according to the game, you can select the Graphics with F1 or F2.

Gameplay – 4/5
The Gameplay is amazing, you easily get hooked on to the game when you try it. Smooth-out skills and smart way to make use of MP, rather to fight and waste it, we fight to EARN MP! And there is only 1 attack button but can do so many things! This is the new generation of an ARCADE Game.

Features – 2/5
The GAME Features in the game are PARK, PVP, and DUNGEON. PARK is where you can hang out and talk to players, or check out rankings and guilds. PVP is where you can versus other players. DUNGEON is just fighting monsters to a boss.

UI – 4/5
I would say there are many functions to the User Interface, and they keep adding from patch to patch! The MISSIONS section is what tells you where to play each time, but it is pretty bad that you have to fight at the same area over and over again. There is also SHOP, and EQUIP to check out the items for your character, but there is more than 1 character and you will only buy it for just 1.

Sound – 3/5
The music is considerable, but sometimes horrible (can get very annoying) like PvP music. The voices for the game for certain characters do not match, like a male character RONAN has kind of a girlish voice.

Players – 3/5
The community is just okay. SOME people are friendly, and SOME people can be a pain. Well this varies.

Post Date: 13:43 27-06-2011
Rating: 0
Author: cooldude671
Comment: A good game
Post Date: 20:09 20-06-2011
Rating: 7
Author: gokiguy
Comment: Note: This review is based on a dungeoner. I have not touch PvP since the end of season 2.

This game is great. I have been playing it since 2008. The graphics are nice and the gameplay is awesome. The game has improved a lot. Grand Chase is updated weekly. New events are usually imtroduced into the game every two weeks. Major content, like new characters, new dungeons or additional skills, are added into the game every month or two.

Characters: There is no customization of how your characters look except for what they wear. There are already preset characters with there own class. Currently there are 13 with more being added. The first ten characters use an MP system for using their skills. You gain MP by hitting an enemy and you hold attack for a certain time to use a skill. The three newer characters use an AP system. AP is gained over time. You can use a skill by clicking either A, S, D, F, or G. There are 4 jobs for each character. The way they fight is changed and they have different skills. The change is not permanent. By changing your weapon, you can choose which job you want to play. To unlock a job, you must finish a quest.

Dungeons: They are plenty of dungeons ranging from Lvl 1 to Lvl 70. You can run a dungeon with 3 other people. You have missions to complete a dungeon depending on your level. Hero Dungeons are based on your stats. They are very hard. Completing them will give you a token which can be used to buy powerful equipment.

PvP: I haven’t played PvP in a while. I have heard that it is broken and killing people is a matter of hitting them three times. The community there also sucks. If you win you’re a hacker but if you lose you’re a noob. If you want to PvP, I suggest you do it with Grand Chase forumers. They know what they are doing.

Post Date: 06:07 26-04-2011
Rating: 6
Author: sasuke24
Comment: A fun game to play. I like the gameplay and the graphics.
Post Date: 21:37 03-03-2011
Rating: 6
Author: Adrian
Comment: Great little game, fun characters , PvP is great. The graphics for this aren’t all that bad, gameplay is good.
Post Date: 08:49 02-03-2011
Rating: 10
Author: ArmoredBlackDragon
Comment: Hihi!
Post Date: 08:59 26-06-2010
Rating: 2
Author: OutragingGuy
Comment: Ah, cute characters and addicting, fun gameplay, what could be wrong with this harmless fantasy MMO game?
Graphics are fresh and colorful, characters look nice and cool, dungeons and bosses are OK and fun to play, specially with friends.
There are nice, kind players throughout the game… at least thats what everyone says.

When playing on dungeons you get to see the story of the game on each one, standard fantasy story to save a land or defeat evil. People can play to up to 4 players in each dungeon, in which the more people better experience.

Now let me talk about the PvP system, its the most cheapest, stupid PvP you will ever play, it may be full of ¨laggy¨ players (at least most of the time), and for the most part even the weakest skill attack can drain most of your HP (of course it depends on the balance of status a player has, but still it still is way too much), grab attacks is one of the most powerful, overused moves you can do and for each character is different but the fact is that its really frustrating, specially when a player who has lag advantage can do a ¨lag grab¨, or ¨delay grab¨.

PvP needs some serious balancing on this game, if someone wins or loses, there will always be douche bags on PvP who will always whine about everything you do or did during battle.
Supposedly PvP is the best part of the game, but it could be the worst too.

Overall, the game is at least playable, but its not worth it, its a frustrating, repetitive, unbalanced game that will waste your time (at least in PvP).
Its a waste of life.

Post Date: 03:17 03-01-2010
Rating: 0
Author: WoWftw
Comment: This game is stupid. You can only pick one gender in the beginning. You have to unlock the other gender.
Post Date: 13:21 20-11-2009
Rating: 5
Author: jd.emosmos
The graphics are great but the bad part is….
IT IS NOT 3D! Its a side scrolling game where you battle w/ other players or NPCs.You can team up w/ other players to defeat enemy bosses and finish missions.The game has a poor replayability though but playing it over and over again w/ different players becomes fun because it has a good community.

Sound:3/10 the sound is kinda irritating(***ish)
Overall:5.75/10 GOOD

Post Date: 07:35 22-04-2009
Rating: 10
Author: nofear208
Comment: how to download this game??
Post Date: 20:53 14-07-2008
Rating: 4
Author: Mars180
Comment: Ahhh it’s ok but I really waisted time playing it…
Post Date: 16:27 04-07-2008
Rating: 7
Author: PrinceTrase
Comment: I love the anime graphics. It’s alright, I’ve seen better. The gameplay is easy to catch on to, not so hard. The music is driving me crazy as well Monkeydude. The PvP is exctiting and I wish they could amp it up a little more.
Post Date: 00:33 15-06-2008
Rating: 7
Author: monkeydude93
Comment: Meh, it’s o.k. It gets a little repetitive.

Graphics: The graphics are o.k. but not flashy enough for me lol.


Game-play: As I said a little repetitive. Pressing z over and over again can only be so fun for a little while.


Community: Great community! As soon as I started I was being helped immediately! Now like all mmorpgs there are a** holes but for the most part great!


Music/Sound: Pretty stinkin annoying. That’s all I have to say.


Skills: I like them but, there aren’t enough!


PvP: Pretty good! It needs some work though…


Overall: 7/10

Post Date: 16:57 28-05-2008
Rating: 7
Author: monkeydude93
Comment: Meh, it’s o.k. It gets a little repetitive.

Graphics: The graphics are o.k. but not flashy enough for me lol.


Game-play: As I said a little repetitive. Pressing z over and over again can only be so fun for a little while.


Community: Great community! As soon as I started I was being helped immediately! Now like all mmorpgs there are a** holes but for the most part great!


Music/Sound: Pretty stinkin annoying. That’s all I have to say.


Skills: I like them but, there aren’t enough!


PvP: I haven’t tried it. I hear it is one of the best parts though.

Overall: 7/10 When I try PvP, hopefully I will be able to give it a higher score. But for now 7/10

Post Date: 04:16 27-10-2007
Rating: 9
Author: mangler2
Comment: As soon as this game comes out I will tottaly try it.
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  1. Online fighting arena game , game is havily based on 1v1 fighting even tho you can group up with other players and do pve content.

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  2. Free to play video game,with anime characters it has good 2d anime graphic,I recommend this game everybody

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  3. I do not find this game as enjoyable as other games of the same genre. First is the graphics, which is like playground themed. Second is the gaming community where people seem to be very selfish and just doesnt care about anything else. A 1/5 for this one.

    subeJ did not rate this post.
  4. Hmmm .. heard about this game… welp.. it really looks cool coz its anime themed.. I like anime lel… 😛 Welp… i just from one of my friend that it is already down… dunno if its true… lel

    awen123 ratings for this post: awen123 gives a rating of 4awen123 gives a rating of 4awen123 gives a rating of 4awen123 gives a rating of 4awen123 gives a rating of 4
  5. One of the good games i used to play I really enjoyed it when I was still playing art might look childish but the gameplay is definitely good the best part about this game is the 1v1-3v3 PvP though it was really unfair if you were weak fast hands is the key. 😛

    Masako ratings for this post: Masako gives a rating of 5Masako gives a rating of 5Masako gives a rating of 5Masako gives a rating of 5Masako gives a rating of 5
  6. Playing this game is not that great. It Has a great story but the gameplay is horrid, and need a lot of work; as well as the multiplayer, and the maps and gameplay is terrible!

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  7. Grandchase : Game Review

    I first played this game when i was still at middle school. It was fun and enjoyable. The game itself is a cartoonish type of game. It is a 2D kind of game but the graphics is intended to be 3D. Cute anime characters.

    It was a 2D side scrolling free to play game.
    That had many names. In different characters (language).
    It was called 3 Young heroes on the Taiwan server but had been changed to Eternal Adventures.
    It was called Rainbow Warrior on the mainland Chinese Server.

    The main game created many mobile spin offs which didnt kinda stand out at all.
    The remaining game still active as of now is Grand Chase M.

    The plot of the story at first was, the three heroes “Elesis, Lire and Arme” set forth and leave Bermesiah to hunt and face the evil queen Kaze’aze which caused the war and conflict between Kanavan and Serdin. Two of Bermesiah’s kingdom. The story progressed as more and more characters were added to the game.

    At first, there were only 3 playable characters. The knight Elesis, The elven archer Lire and the magician Arme.
    But as the updates came, it went up to 20 different playable characters.

    Elesis :
    She is a daughter of the Sieghart family which was born amidst chaos at the kingdom. She was an heir. She was a daughter of a Kanavan tracker which have never been found after the dispatch to find Kaze’aze.
    She tends to act out like a man. Sturdy and composed, sometimes rash. Being the first female successor of the Sieghart family. When something’s in her mind, she just goes to Sword training to calm her mind.
    Elesis have special abilities.
    Berserk, Arrow Defence and Magic Defense.

    Lire :
    She’s a Saggitarius?! :O
    She was born at the Eryuell Island. Elves are pacifists and peace loving creatures despite their elegance in combat. They, as much as possible try to avoid any conflicts with regards to humans. But alas, the fight of humans were so big that it reached to Eryuell Island. The elves formed the
    Elven Corps to joon the battle and fight Kaze’aze.
    Lire is a sweet girl. She likes gathering flowers. She joined the Elven Corps on behalf of the elves.

    Arme :
    “Serdin’s talented violet mage”
    She is a child that bears a potential powerful magic. It’s a gift, but can be considered a curse too. It is because she was abandoned by her parents due to her strong magical powers. They got scared and left the child onto the door step of the Violet Mage Guild. The Grand Mage adopted her, trained her.
    She learned powerful various magic and mastered not only normal 3 skillsets but rather, eight!. She is a virgo so she is kind of innocent and timid. But she dislikes being controlled by and have the hunger for more knowledge, more power. She learned about Kaze’aze and wanted to meet the evil queen of darkness so she can learn the magic of the evil queen i guess. She has a hobby of reading books, ancient relics, tomes, and other magical thingies. She dislikes spicy food!

    Those were the basic 3 playable characters (classes)

    The gameplay is fun and addictive to play (at least for me)
    But sadly, all the servers have died out and went to shut down. 🙁

    I will give it a thumbs uppy~ anyways.

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  8. Grand Chase was an amazing 2D side-scrolling MMORPG, especially since it is one of a handful of games that presented itself as a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG. After becoming bored of MapleStory, I actually tried out Grand Chase and was really impressed by the game, both graphically and gameplay-wise, though I mostly admired the graphics. There were times when I played this game that I did not enjoy the gameplay, sometimes during a battle. Overall, this game was really nice, and I would rate this game a 4/5.

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