Guilds are a major part of any MMORPG because they encourage teamwork helping other players and even allow for special guild-sponsored events. Here are resources that will help manage or host your guilds and several of the larger World of Warcraft guilds. Got a guild site that you want added? Contact us.

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Guild Resources

Guild Helper
Guild help & essentials for MMORPG guilds. Guildhelper offers a number of artistic ways to enhance and immortalize your guild and your members with graphic services for a modest fee. They will create art for your guild and characters.

Guild Portal
Host for guild websites that has been around since 2001. Offers a great deal of content including roster voting web-based mail event scheduling forums and quest tracking.

Guild Universe
Create a free website for your guild or clan with forums news and recruiting.
Service that creates heavy content guild websites. Has a list of featured sites.

Guild Launch
Offers a custom built GMS “Guild Management System” that is being continually developed by gamers for gamers. Community Guilds

Rusty Hearts Guild
Started by forum member Noche this guild consists of many Ogre Regulars.

Kingdom of Loathing Guild
A guild for this long running RPG.

World of Warcraft and other MMO Guilds and Info

World of Warcraft Guild Info
Basic info that anybody managing or creating a guild on WoW needs to know.

Sick Alliance
Mega Guild Wars guild that has been around for over five years. They held the Guild Wars: Guild of the Week for almost 2 years straight. This guild accepts all newcomers.

WoW Mods and Addons
List of mods and add-ons that help with large guild raids and stat tracking.

The Syndicate
One of the oldest and largest online gaming guilds. Now focuses primarily on Ultima Online and World of Warcraft.

Furious Angels Next Generation is a guild on several MMORPGs including WoW and Guild Wars.

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