Homebrew givies you the tools and freedom you need to realize your dreams with a building system that allows you to think out of the box and explore the world with custom built vehicles.



  1. Interesting sandbox game where you can build and customize your vehicle and test it out after that.

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  2. Your imagination is only limit to this game, on start u make your own vehicle, robot what ever u want, also u can change them to be remove controlled, i dont see action here, that is only flaw

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  3. Pretty cool game. Kind of reminds me of Garry’s Mod in some ways, but you create your own vehicle instead. I find it a little too complicated for the average person to play this game, especially with modal boxes where you have to connect nodes to create a working vehicle, so you’ll probably have to rely on tutorials to understand the game. It has more of a “game developer” feel to it since it’s almost analogous to how you would create UML class diagrams. Personally, I don’t think it’s fun (other than when you actually have a working car), but just different since it’s like learning to build a good vehicle. Overall, I’d rate this game a 3.85/5.

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