World of Warcraft players have gotten themselves a little treat from Blizzard: if you have a cat minipet in the game, you can get the cat to sit in your lap with you sit down.

You can catch up on the details over at SiliconANGLE, but getting to to work is pretty simple: target your cat, type /sit, and wait for your cat to wander over and hop into your waiting lap!

As a game and an MMO, WoW has always offered a social setting with a lot of “little things,” that change the environment for players. From details in the textures, lore, or the minipets, WoW continues to be a social juggernaut with 7 million subscribers (although this is down from 10 million last November, 2014.)

The addition of the cat-in-lap may be a cheerful addition for those people who happen to own cats in the game.

Those who do not, however, may want to grab them from the Auction House now before prices go up!