Jalopy is a car simulation game with a distinct personality.



Game Description:

Jalopy is a simulator game, but do not mistake it for one of the many generic often-hated simulators that are currently available. The name alone should be a great clue as it is not something bland and boring like Eastern Car Simulator 2016 haha. You start out being woke up and have to basically assemble a junk car with spare parts on hand in a garage. This is done to get you familar with the car and its parts because it will break down often. For example, you have to climb around a junkyard to retrieve a spare car door that will fit yours. After that, you get to drive around the country. It can be a very relaxing game on the open road when the car runs good.

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  1. This game is practically a simulation on taking care of a Laika 601 Motor car. It’s a pretty decent game, yet I don’t want to respond my life on ride another car in a different virtual game. Therefore, I am not really supportive on this game.

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  2. Omg. This is one of a kind. Not your regular car simulator game which is plane boring. Its interesting in terms of gameplay. The graphics are a bit (tiiiiiiiny bit) cartoonish on my feel. But all in all its great.

    Thumbs uppy~

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  3. A survival simulator like Minecraft except you’re not trying to keep up with your players hunger or tiredness you’re trying to keep the car alive inside. If you like casual driving games then try this out

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  4. Jalopy is an interesting simulator game which includes driving, but also refueling, repairing, and other doing car-related simulations. The graphics and models are not as detailed as I expected them to be, but they are not terrible at all. While this game may not have VR support, the gameplay is more varied than some other simulator games. This game is still in early access, so it is a bit early to truly judge the game as a whole, but I think this game has some steady progress and is worth checking out. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.65/5.

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  5. I’ve gotten a lot of fun out of this game, although change is slow and I personally believe that a game which revolves around driving should have more than the buggy steering-wheel support that it has. Otherwise, fantastic for audiobook listening while puttering around in a dilapitated husk of a vehicle.

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