Interview for Lime Odyssey Online


Lime Odyssey Online is a promising MMORPG that has something to do with a curious fruit called LIME. Can you give us a brief introduction of Lime Odyssey’s mystical story?


Lime Odyssey takes place in the magical world of Orta. This land was once one peaceful continent, with every race prospering thanks to the magical fruit called Lime. This fruit is said to be the tears of the true goddess Nysis herself, and it could be used to power magical cities in the sky and heal wounded soldiers. This era of wonder was destroyed by an evil tyrant who obtained the fruit and used its powers for his own agenda. He plunged the world into darkness and chaos, and even split the continent into smaller islands, floating apart. The Goddess Nysis could not stand for her magic to be used in such a way and removed the artifact from the surfaces of Orta. Now each race is struggling to rebuild, and many adventurers seek the magical fruit to use it for good and once again bring the world together in prosperity.


Nysis, which is the goddess, is one of the many NPC players can meet in game. Can you give us some details about her history that players might not know?


The past events in Lime Odyssey have been so buried by time that most inhabitants don’t even know their own history. The Goddess Nysis is worshipped as a benevolent deity, however her true history and involvement with the events of the past are a mystery to be uncovered along with the Lime itself.


Background music and sound effects are one of the features that can often get overlooked or not mentioned enough in online games. Can you give us some of the music and sound effects in Lime Odyssey? Where did the inspiration come from?


I am very happy you brought this up, as Lime Odyssey has a stellar soundtrack composed by the amazing and talented Yasunori Mitsuda. He has composed the music for such games as: Chrono Trigger, Chrono Chross, Mario Party, Xenogears, Shadow Hearts and many others. Unfortunately, I don’t have samples to give out at this time, but you can get a glimpse of the soundtrack on some our videos for Lime Odyssey (Check out the Lime Odyssey YouTube Channel:


Character races designs are one of the most anticipated features gamers surely will love in this game. Can you give us some of the best features Lime Odyssey Online has in terms of making characters in- game? How customizable will your character be?


There are three races to choose from in Lime Odyssey. You can be human beings, who are seafaring nomad swashbucklers in this world.  Another option is the proud Lion-like race of Turga, who live in the savage Tumbara Plains. The last option is the Muris, who are mouse like with tiny bodies and big mouse ears. This magical race lives in a floating city and focuses on arcane powers.


Once you choose your race you can customize your character by choosing their: face, hairstyle, hair color, eye color, skin color, eyebrows, accessories, and clothes.


Skills are asset among game characters, Lime Odyssey promises a powerful character creation in this game. Can you give us some of the most interesting facts about the characters’ skills and how characters progress?


Each combat class will have access to a skill tree with two different possible paths. Depending how a player chooses to spend their skill points their warrior could be a deathless tank or a furious DPS dealer.  No matter how you customize your adventurer, they will always be effective on the battlefield.  Even a cleric focused entirely on healing has some holy damage up their sleeve. However, at the same time, depending on your choices you may play a different role in your party. An elemental mage could be striking the final blow with single target burst damage, but a mage more in tune with the dark magics can open the fight with damage over time spells and debuffs.


Not only gamers can do battles with their characters, they can also build up a new profession for their characters. Can you tell us some facts about each profession? Can a certain character have more than one profession?


When you create your character, you choose one combat class and one life class. These are both equally important in Lime Odyssey. Players can initially choose between a Blacksmith, a Tailor or a Chef.  The blacksmith can make weapons for all classes or heavy armor and shields. The Tailor can make leather and cloth armor for the less bulky classes. The chef can make healing meals and magical potions that keep your group adventuring. Unlike some MMORPGs on the market these days, crafting in Lime Odyssey was not an afterthought. If you want the best gear and all the potions you’ll need to stay alive, you must craft. NPC wares are quickly outpaced by the goods made by fellow players.


 While you cannot change your crafting class or pick up an additional trade, each crafting class has the option to specialize their art for more variety. The Blacksmith can choose between armor and weapons, the chef between meals and potions, and the Tailor can choose between making leather armor or magical cloth armor. 


What kinds of monsters and bosses can players encounter in-game?


The bestiary in Lime Odyssey is varied and inspired. Each zone contains a few familiar monsters as well as a slew of creative new beasts. Be prepared to battle huge hammer wielding ogres, furious flaming nightmares, gargantuan rams, golems, underwater bees, living plants, and guild bosses that tower over and terrify inexperienced players. In addition, the variety of NPCs is also refreshing. If you are tired of seeing only playable races and character models in MMO’s, you will love the crazy characters you encounter in Orta.

Pets and mounts will be available in Lime Odyssey. What kinds of mounts and pets can players expect to find ingame? How will they be able to acquire the pets and mounts and how will the pets and mounts affect gameplay?


Each race has a mount that they gain early game. The Humans ride the wild Windmer, a winged horse. The Muris climb upon their trusty riding turtles to scuttle around their island. The mighty Turga ride the Batu, a huge plains beast that mildly resembles a giant, mutated gerbil. As you progress into the game you will find more varied mounts such as scorpions and even underwater seahorse mounts.


There is a variety of pets that are currently available and players can expect that number to rise with coming patches and releases. Pets will follow you around and help you on your quests and in battle. Each pet will have a different benefit that they can offer you.


Are there dungeons or raids in Lime Odyssey?


Yes, and there are two different types of dungeons in Lime Odyssey. There are the traditional instanced dungeons as well as open field dungeons. Every instanced dungeon is available at multiple level ranges so you can have a challenging and rewarding experience no matter when you decide to try the dungeons. Field dungeons, on the other hand, are in the open world and not instanced.  They are very challenging for their level and cannot be conquered alone. These are a great chance to meet players with similar quests as you and help them out!

Currently there are only normal parties in Lime Odyssey, limited up to 5 persons. We will release more information on raid parties when they come to the game.


Can you describe the PvP system?


The PvP system will not be available to alpha or beta testers. When the PvP modes are ready to be added to the game, we will announce it and release full information.


Lime Odyssey has a housing feature as well as town progression system. Can you give us some information about this unique and a must try feature in the game?


This exciting feature will not be directly available when the game enters Alpha or Beta testing. We will release full information when the Player housing system becomes available.


Players have a lot to look forward to in this game. One of them is the different locations every player must explore. Can you give us some details about the maps on Lime Odyssey and their inspirations?


There are many large and varied zones in Lime Odyssey.  The human zone, Blue Coral, is a tropical island with a swashbuckler feel to it. West Tumbara plain is a savage desert full of ancient relics. We also have the Duval Highlands, mountaintop plains that is characterized by alien looking plants and floating islands. There is even the Muris hometown, Pripet, which is suspended floating in air! Since we did not develop the game we cannot speak to their inspirations, but we can attest that they are vibrant and varied and guaranteed to keep you interested.


There is a Couple system included in Lime Odyssey Online. Can you tell us more about this feature and how it works?


At the current time, the Couples system will not be released to the players initially, so we cannot make official statements about it. We will release full details when the system is coming to players.


What is your favorite thing to do in Lime Odyssey?


So far, my favorite thing to do is engaging in long combat sessions. Once you watch your character’s smooth, polished combat animation as they dance around dealing damage and casting spells, you will understand why so many players have been waiting for this game with baited breath. From the eccentric monster designs to the flashy combat moves, everything in this game looks good.


What do you recommend all players try at least once in Lime Odyssey?


I would recommend that every player actually take the time to read the quest descriptions. I know for a fact many players prefer to skip through these, but in Lime Odyssey you would really be robbing yourself of extra backstory and all the character that oozes out of this game. The quest dialog is entertaining and helpful, and I highly advise taking the time to read it.


Is there anything else you would like for our readers to know about Lime Odyssey Online?


We are still accepting registration for Closed Beta testing at the Lime Odyssey website: Players can also find a plethora of information at the website, including game guides, fan kits, screenshots and more. We’re also accepting applications for a very brief period of time for our limited Alpha Test. Experienced MMORPG players and testers are encouraged to apply. Visit the Lime Odyssey forums for more information: