Luvinia Online, the newest MMORPG from Outspark, is getting its first major expansion, the Age of Enlightenment. The new expansion brings a plethora of new features to the game, including a level cap increase, two new and massive dungeons, exciting new maps to explore, and plenty of new quests and content to discover that help further the exciting Luvinia storyline.

Perhaps the most anticipated feature coming in the patch is the inclusion of the 2nd tier subclasses. This new set of subclasses unlocks 12 unique roles for the game, available to the player at level 80. This new level of subclasses allows even more specialization and sometimes hybridization of a character, such as the Warrior class being able to pick the Paladin subclass. Additionally, the Paladin offers a variety of supportive and offensive buffs along with the defensive abilities of its parent class.

The new subclasses will require players to transverse the new Knowledge Pagoda which will be released with the expansion. In the floors of this seemingly giant book depository, players will partake in quests and acquire the items necessary to advance to the subclass of their choice. This new area will challenge players and advance the rich and elaborate personal storyline that develops as players immerse themselves in the game.

“We’ve been working hard with the developer, Shanda Entertainment, to get this anticipated expansion ready for our players,” noted Philip Yun, CEO of Outspark. “We are committed to keeping Luvinia Online full of great content to engage both new and veteran players of the game and we know that the Age of Enlightenment is the first of many great expansions to come.”
The expansion is currently scheduled for release on November 30th as part of the normal server maintenance for the game. As the launch day comes closer, there will be more information released on the new dungeons and the level cap raised, along with a few more details about new subclasses. Be sure to check out all the news and events on the new Luvinia Website (, comment on the forums (, and follow Luvinia Online on Facebook ( and Twitter.


Exclusive GameOgre Screenshots and Information on Luvinia’s Expansion and The Dark Knight.

Knights pride themselves on their ability to defend for others; however, some knights choose to channel that punishment into the darker arts to help aid them in the destruction of their enemies.  These warriors inevitably choose to become Dark Knights.   Honing their skills with a sword, the Dark Knight learns to inflict as much pain on their foes as they are able to take, thus allowing them to be on the front lines of a party without fear.  In fact, the only ones that show fear are the helpless enemies that find themselves on the point of the Dark Knight’s sword.