• i like the market feature which gives the players some motivation to set something for their goal. the game is more of texts and it would be more awesome if visual effects or even like pictures or slides are added to the game where ogres are fighting or ogre selling in the market etc. overall it is an interesting – impressive game

    my rate will…[Read more]

  • its an investment game that uses resources and corporate world as its setting. manpower and being smart is the key for investments to grow. its a good game to open the gamers knowledge about the capitalist world which is a great learning experience. thumbs uppy~

  • Mayonnaise commented on the post, Banished 3 years, 8 months ago

    its an amazing survival / economy game that gots the setting like Clash of Clans. But with better graphics.
    the goal of the game is to cultivate the land with travelers that want to settle. dont let the population die and let it bloom and grow. the resources needed are present in the areas and manpower surely affects the effectiveness of…[Read more]

  • i easily get curious with survivaal games cos i find them fun and interesting. and i liked this one because of the story. its amazing. as a pilot of a crashed plane after a catasthrope that occured. the elements that affect you , the environment, the wilds.. its great. the feel of playing the game gives you thrilling excitement and heightens up…[Read more]

  • Mayonnaise commented on the post, Hurtworld 3 years, 8 months ago

    rate 3.5/5

  • Mayonnaise commented on the post, Hurtworld 3 years, 8 months ago

    a sandbox game which i find very amazing. the 3d graphics are superb. The plot of the game is what’s so much interesting. you start with nothing like you woke up and you need to use your resources to survive. the gameplay offers so much enjoyment and smooothness. i like how you can use bows and guns and etc by progressing with the game. you can…[Read more]

  • The game is adorable with the nostalgic graphics. The effects as well. Like i went to a time machine and play gameys from the old times. It’s got a newer feel tho. The endless game setting is a very fun layout of the game. It’s challenging and also fun!

    Thumbs uppy~
    Im gonna raise the rate to 3.5/5

  • Mayonnaise commented on the post, R.U.Nuts 3 years, 8 months ago

    I like how the game gots motivation feature in the form of coins so players have something to look forward to and not mind the repetitiveness of the game. But i see nothiing special as Zombie Tsunami pretty much and any other games of its gender better. Like the banana one with the monkey idk the title. Anyways. As an individual game its still a…[Read more]

  • I really like the setting of the game, the 2D graphics that is nostalgic for us old consoles gamers. It is a very good game which i really think is fun and adorable. It gots all the elements for a good RPG. The item system, etc. It really brings back memories of games like Sword of Mana from GBA.
    Great game
    Thumbs Uppy~
    Ill still rate it from…[Read more]

  • Mayonnaise commented on the post, Maze Game 3 years, 8 months ago

    The games goal os reaching your destination by safely avoiding obstacles that will make the game over. The thing about it is that, the obstacles are quite near each other making the game more thrilling and challenging
    The game is worth playing
    Thumbs uppy~

  • Omg! The difficulty is insane! It’s adorable! As the main goal is for super meat boy to rescue his lady love. But i feel gore everytime he splatters blood ish stains everywhere he goes. Omg. :3

    But as a game. It’s super super super challenging. The sequences you have to do gots very small amount of time for you to perform
    Thumbs uppy~


  • The game is awesome. It wont get boring that easily. The setting is also great. Being an ogre beating up enemies like a bully bossy ogre!
    The graphics are simple yet splendid. The brightness / contrast is pleasant to the eye and the progression of the game gets pretty thrilling as well.

    I will raise my initial rate for the game

    3/5! Thumbs uppy~

  • The game is pretty interesting. It boosts your analytic skills with the mechanic of not jumping too far as it needs focus and timing for you to safely cross platforms. Its cute as the theme uses a froggity froggy <3

    But.. As all games like this. It tends to be repetitive. The game gots levels tho so the difficulty rises which makes it more…[Read more]

  • Tje graphics are cartoonish. The obstacles are quite logical. It is fun and the ram is cute! My first review was a little bit short. So im putting another one.

    The levels get quite hard which gives it challenge for players and will make them play longer as the game progresses. It’s a fun game but still getting repetitive by the time you master…[Read more]

  • A puzzle combination of a tetris game with the 3D view like on a rubick’s cube. But its not entirely a cube, just the layout looks a lot like it. It is an amazing brain tester game that requires focus and analyzation skills. It also gots online ranking system which serves as a goal for the players.

    Thumbs uppy~

  • It’s got cool fighting cinematics with cool combos. But it is too simple. The matches are rather short as you only need to use like 3-4 moves and the enemy gets defeated. The game is pretty enjoyable and but as my initial review says. It still gets repetitive with no improvements.

    I will change my ratey of the gamey to 3/5

  • I am a proud member of the Stompy Stompers nation!
    The game is fun. With Gameogre friends. I tend to be roll for goldies often as i want to be financing the nation for its needs ~
    Its a great game i can also battle and challenge mr.ogremaan himself!

    Thumbs uppy~

  • Its cute 2D game just like Grand Chase which gots 3D graphics. The thing i like about this game is its gameplay because i liked grand chase. It’s a bit lower in quality but it’s a great game so far

    Thumbs uppy


  • It definitely gots the Teraria feel. Creating, adventuring, the features are all fun and cute as well. Its 2D but that doesnt give it negative points.

    Over all i think that its a great game worth ypur time
    Thumbs uppy~

  • A dungeon crawler game which is cute and features guns mostly. It’s fun and addictive
    Gots good setting with gundead etc

    Thumbs uppy.

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