************ NEW VERSION WITH MISSIONS **************Try to reach the 20th Level and Unlock a must Have Bonus!!!!****************************************************Help Woody, the Flying Squirrel, to fly as far as possible in this awesome and colorful world.Try to fly from Nuts to Nuts, and jump on Clouds to reach the highest distance ever traveled by a squirrel.Catch and try Crazy Bonuses to improve your score and challenge your friends !!!Have fun and make the Nuts Crazy!!!!- 06/22/2013 UPDATE : Missions EngineNew BonusesGraphical ImprovementsFX Sounds ImprovementsBug Fixes

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  1. Well there is not much to say about this game other than it’s a 2D flying squirrel passing by clouds eating nuts from trees. It’s not so much of a ‘quality’ game, however, it can be considered as a time-waster. I don’t really like games similar to this genre, therefore I’ll have to rate this game a 2/5.

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  2. R.U.Nuts is a really fun arcade game starting off easy and progressively getting harder as there are less clouds to support as platforms. The concept of the game is brilliant as the player tries to keep the squirrel above the clouds as long as possible, and the controls are simple, as clicking down of the mouse accelerates the squirrel downwards. What I really like about this game is that it is that unlike many arcade games where collecting coins/points do nothing and there are no tasks to have that feeling of progression, this game actually has a shop to spend coins on items and also has missions to accomplish, which makes this game different from most arcade games. Overall, I would rate this game a 4.25/5.

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  3. I like how the game gots motivation feature in the form of coins so players have something to look forward to and not mind the repetitiveness of the game. But i see nothiing special as Zombie Tsunami pretty much and any other games of its gender better. Like the banana one with the monkey idk the title. Anyways. As an individual game its still a great game~

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