It’s been hot and heavy in the MMORPG world with the finals of the MMORPG Showdown 7 and (drumroll please) the finalist of finalists, the MMORPG to take all MMORPGs is none other than Guild Wars 2.

According to our Ogre-in-chief, Ogreman, this means that Guild Wars is the first series for the original and the sequel to both with an MMORPG Showdown. The original GW won the MMORPG Showdown 7 in a no-holds-barred face off with Lord of the Rings Online; where as GW2 went up against TERA Online in the final rounds this time around.

The battle weary have seen this through from the beginning but for those interested in the history of the contest here’s the match ups

First Round Matches:

WoW vs. TERA

RaiderZ vs. Rusty Hearts

StarWars: The Old Republic vs. Lord of the Rings Online

RuneScape vs. Crystal Saga

APB Reloaded vs. Vindictus

Drakensang vs. Dragon Nest

Guild Wars 2 vs. DC Universe Online

TERA: Rising vs. Dungeons and Dragons Online

In this round, having TERA essentially twice seemed a little bit of an odd match up, but it did make sure that it would go onto the second round. And, on its way into the finals, Guild Wars 2 handily crushed DC Universe Online in its match up as well.

Second Round Matches:

WoW vs. RaiderZ

Lord of the Rings Online vs. Guild Wars 2

TERA: Rising vs. APB Reloaded

RuneScape vs. Drakensang

Having World of Warcraft in the mix would have upset things a few years ago, but apparently RaiderZ has the greater popularity currently. GW2 swiftly cut the legs out from under Lord of the Rings Online (we saw this in GW vs. LOTRO) and TERA went on by defeating APB Reloaded.

All nice lineups.


Guild Wars 2 vs. RaiderZ

TERA: Rising vs. RuneScape

Of course, knowing the outcomes, we can see how this one went. GW2 is most certainly more popular than RaiderZ in the mix; and TERA overcame RuneScape.

Final Match:

Guild Wars 2 vs. TERA: Rising

This match felt closer than expected–ending with 12 vs 10–in favor of GW2 and solidly placing the ArenaNet, NCSoft production as the undisputed winner of MMORPG Showdown 7.

It’s also auspicious that GW2 hit this mark during MMORPG Showdown 7. As a game, it has seen a lot of attention from many players and even our bloggers–GW2 got a first impressions here on the blog as well as an examination of how World vs World PvP works in the game.