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MOBA stands for Massive Online Battle Area Games. This genre of games uses elements from RTS and RPG games in order to make an exciting fast-paced hybrid of the two. Unlike most other MMO genres, MOBAs are just getting started. High profile entries further shows how bright the future is for these games.

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League of Legends Video Review's official review video for League of Legends.

MOBA Games

League of Legends 
The current leader from Riot Games. LoL is a very competitive and action pack pioneer of the genre.

Heroes of Newerth
Real-time strategy MMO where you do not have to micro manage every stat and troop.

Defense of the Ancients. The original MOBA that came from a popular Warcraft III mod.

DotA 2 
Sequel to Defense of the Ancients.

Realm of Titans
Realm of Titans was developed by Pro Defense of the Ancient Players. Choose from dozens of skills and spells.



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