Ogre Island is an Internet-based online fantasy role-playing game service.

Post Date: 21:06 07-08-2015
Rating: 8
Author: LosmiK
Comment: Not a bad game, I played it, I like it.
Post Date: 14:15 10-02-2015
Rating: 7
Author: Sle91
Comment: This is online MMORPG game. U get to understand the game after a few tries. It’s not so simple and straight forward in the befining. Also, I really like the community in the game, and they r always there for u, ready to help (just like on this forum). 🙂
The Island itself is pretty massive and the graphics are decent. U make your own character, design it, level it up, and advance into the game. Not a bad game at all. I rate it 7/10.
Post Date: 12:15 10-02-2015
Rating: 7
Author: axwellshm
Comment: When i started playing this game, i was like, is this really a game, it’s so much boring, but time after time it get’s better and better and gameplay is so good.. Really worth of trying. 7/10.
Post Date: 17:44 08-12-2014
Rating: 7
Author: arZ
Comment: Ogre Island is an internet online fantasy role game.
At the begin its little bit confused, you need to learn how to play it maybe 20-30 min. After you learn the game is really cool and fun, its something like the popular gameogre browser game ogre wars. Give the game a chance. I rate this game with the note 7/10!
Post Date: 23:04 19-05-2013
Rating: 4
Author: Webber
Comment: Where is a screenie. There should be pics if the game is going to be played. GO doesn’t own OI :p
Post Date: 16:39 14-05-2013
Rating: 8
Author: ufbre
Comment: w hen I first started to play this game
i get boring bat after a cople games it gets intresting.
it s a great mmo game just like ogre wars.
you must try it out.
nice weapons i like the sword.
oh ye you need skills to play:)
Post Date: 11:57 05-03-2012
Rating: 8
Author: Dmt_2000
Comment: When i first played this game i liked it when heard about i was like ya whatever then when i played it it was fun but in the end it got boring
Post Date: 16:17 24-02-2012
Rating: 7
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: Honestly, when I first started to play this game I got a little addicted to it. When I first saw pictures of the game it looked extremly boring. But my friend wanted me to try it and I did that. It was fan in the beginning but in the end it got boring.
Post Date: 02:18 10-09-2011
Rating: 10
Author: dukejacob2
Comment: I love Ogre Island.
Post Date: 17:04 18-05-2011
Rating: 8
Author: buzzsaw
Comment: I played ogre island briefly out of curiosity. It was ok. I wish GO would buy Ogre Island as its mmo to go along with ogre wars and ogre maze:p.
Post Date: 20:03 21-06-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Sawler
Comment: I love Ogre Island. I need another account if any one has one they don”t ue any more I would love to take it off your hands 😀
Post Date: 17:40 29-10-2008
Rating: 9
Author: nilockiller
Comment: this game is fun once you get to know it. wonderful and helpful people await you if you play this game. the graphics are decent i guess but its not really the quality of the graphics its the quality of the game and the players so for all this i give it a 9 yall should really try this game out
Post Date: 20:56 20-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Wavecritter
Comment: I think the game is Great! The only MMORPG I play, I like the challenges of leveling, the players are quite the upper crust in the World of Video Games and Gaming, pleasant and helpful. The trade skills are varied and the Island is HUGE, growing all the time.
Post Date: 21:40 01-01-2008
Rating: 4
Author: josh139
Comment: i played this game for abou t a week and its not the worst game ive played but it is definitly not the best. the graphics are horrible and it takes forever to lvl. the chat is no help at all and it lags alot. swords are like a ranged weapon on this game. you can kill or be killed from like 20 feet away
Post Date: 23:08 27-06-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Rip The Sky
Comment: Overall, no. Somewhat fun but there”s A LOT MORE stupid things then there are for fun.

I think I nailed it all, if not then oh well, I”m in a rush, but again, overall no. Still somewhat fun, but there are WAY too many wrong things with the game then there are for fun. Thanks for reading.

-GRAPHICS- Could be much better.
-ANIMATION- Horrible. When your fighting, you wait…then wait…THEN ATTACK…then wait again. Very boring.
-VARIETY 1- Making your character. Horrible as well. No matter what race you choose from you still look like a human. And WOW, when you choose a girl, you look like a transexual, seriously, go and see for yourself.
-VARIETY 2- Skills. Not much actually. There is a good amount to choose from but it all falls when it comes to leveling.
-LEVELING UP- You get your characters level and skill levels. No matter which, they both take FOR-EH-VER, to level up.
-LAG- HORRIBLE. There”s like 83 people online and you still lag. I”ve played higher-end graphic games than this (i.e. Guild Wars) and I didn”t lag. The most people I”ve ever seen online were 113 (Great for those who wish to get into the highscores, since it takes forever to lvl up and so few people, it”s easier if you stick to it). They need to upgrade their output connection speed because it seriously sucks monkey balls. It seems like they”re running it off of a Dell with a modem connection, lol (And Dells stink btw, as with HP).
-WEBSITE- Put together pretty bad.
-PEOPLE- Poor and Great. Ask general questions and they”ll answer them, but ask them a question that might make them have some more competition on their hands and they”ll run their mouths (lol wusses)

-LASTLY- Music?! And… and… No sound fx?! This game has been up for like two years now and they”ll still don”t even have that. Not a good thing to leave out since it takes forever to level up (Bore Factor).

Post Date: 21:30 11-06-2007
Rating: 7
Author: aba77
Comment: onec you get into the gme its prety good but the comunity is hrible they wont help with anything. you ask a question and they ignore you. but unlike runescape they dont call you a noob but if you want more skills then the onces you start out with it costs 1k per skill. i like the game play its fun i give it a 7 because oh the comunity thats the only reason.
Post Date: 20:08 09-03-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Miko
Comment: good things about OI:
1. community the people in this game will acutually talk to you and help you this is probably the main reason i gave this game an 8 because no one likes to play with annoying people
2.guilds the guilds in OI are a great way to meet people and also get free stuff

Bad things about OI
1. graphics while the graphics are bad they make the game playable for people with slow PCs
2. skills the skills in this game are very hard to advance so it seems like your going nowhere but the point behind this is so it is more realistic i mean you cant go and carve a bow your first try some people like this others do not
3. large world the world is so large that it takes a while for you to walk from place to place to solve this the game makers added in teleports

final note this game is still being made so look for it to get better

Post Date: 03:12 15-11-2006
Rating: 8
Author: gamedude
Comment: i give this game 8 becuz it has the clasic 2d graphics and thats cool and its alot harder to play and u dont have to have a gold mabership to u can buy plats for rell cash or u can pay 200gold for each platunum on the game the only rell thang duneters git is the abilty to make a guild
Post Date: 23:37 09-11-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Club
Comment: Horrible Interface, has a cool name to it, but thats all it has. Gold Membership account shouldnt even be a freakin option sense this game is so bad. I think thats kinda useless. If theyre gonna have payment options, make the game entertain me for longer than 12 seconds.
Post Date: 16:23 09-10-2006
Rating: 3
Author: Hero786
Comment: no matter wut race you pik you look like a human the skills are kind of bad and its hard to move around hard to fite…
Post Date: 01:47 18-08-2006
Rating: 1
Author: firegamer12
Comment: again a game with usless skills and u always look like human bad1!!!!!
Post Date: 04:14 03-08-2006
Rating: 0
Author: bagbkaz
Comment: This game is bad beyond all belief. ive had more fun staring at a wall
Post Date: 22:33 03-07-2006
Rating: 1
Author: Blloodstain-boi
Comment: really stupid actually… Hard to move, hard to kill, cant find shops, 2-d… But it has a cool name though. The thing is I ushually write a few paragraphs about games i review for my clan…But this one… I cant rlly say much…==
umm good name though>
Post Date: 02:54 26-06-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Malek91
Comment: I have played runescape for over a year and wanted a change of pace. I did a search for MMORPG and Ogre Island came up. At first it was very hard to understand but once you get the hang of it it is quite fun. I have been playing for only 2 days so far and i am lvl 6. People on the game are pretty nice. Runscape i found a lot of people to be rude. When i first started people gave me free horse and armor and weapon and in world chat you can get all your questions about the game answered (most of the time) Other than the pretty poor graphics this is a great game espically if you are new to MMORPG games. If you start playing let me know my name is Malek91. (on Runescape and on Ogre Island)
Post Date: 00:49 06-04-2006
Rating: 3
Author: lukemann0
Comment: i sorta of enjoed this but rune scape is way better the graphic on this suck the aminations suck its a all around bad game it not even woth spending time playing . i mean come on when u pick a race besides human u still look human its a patheic attempt for a good game
Post Date: 18:37 24-12-2005
Rating: 8
Author: QJeeves
Comment: It s a pretty fun game. I ve started a couple weeks ago. The graphics are horrid, but once you get used to them, it s a pretty fun game 🙂 .

If you play, my name is “QJeeves”. Maybe I ll help you 😉

Post Date: 16:14 04-11-2005
Rating: 8
Author: Hattrick
Comment: I have been playing this game for 4 years now, ever since they first released alpha. I have lead the #1 clan, which never fell below #3, for the same amount of time. The sense of community and helpfullness in this game is so much more obvious in this game then any other i have ever played. There is tons of trades to do, oddles of magic spells – including warlock and wizzards – dozens of melee and ranged skills to acquire, and so many other things to do. Definetley woth a look and a play

if you play my name is Hattrick, leader of ^G^

Post Date: 01:25 29-08-2005
Rating: 8
Author: johnh
Comment: Once you spend the time to get established, it can be a very rewarding game, full of constantly changing content, and a very good community.

If you see bonesy online…thats me.

Post Date: 22:42 26-04-2005
Rating: 8
Author: iggy101
Comment: good game but ive been playing it for a while and only a level 6 -_-… names iggy101 if you need help. good game but your going to need to spend some time on it to get anywhere.
Post Date: 00:16 28-01-2005
Rating: 5
Author: chanee
Comment: none
Post Date: 12:55 28-10-2004
Rating: 10
Author: Shelton212
Comment: Awesome game
Post Date: 09:56 15-09-2004
Rating: 5
Author: visitor
Comment: none
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