Poptropica is a virtual world in which kids explore and play in complete safety. Every month, millions of kids from around the world are entertained and informed by Poptropica\’s engaging quests, stories, and games.

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  1. Oh yes Poptropica this is a good game I used to play it, they always had events it was very fun, but if I play it again I wouldn’t like it anymore I did quit cause I got bored after all 😛

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  2. Poptropica is a fun role-playing virtual world, and was one of many kids games I played during my middle school years. What I truly enjoy about Poptropica is the amazing platforming and the exploration. I just like how the character does a front flip and gets all happy whenever the he or she jumps. The character displays a lot of emotions which really captivates the gameplay, and the simple designs for the character and background are actually very elegant. My favorite activity to do in Poptropica would always be scavenger hunting and collecting various items, which was really fun to do. This game would really be an enjoyable game for any child. Overall, I would rate this game a 4.5/5.

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  3. Another cute game! If it s age restricted and i morph myself into having a kid’s perspective, i would definitely have tons of fun with it. The graphics arent top notch but still
    It would be awesomely fun!

    Thumbs Uppy~

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