Strife is a good MOBA developed by Heroes of Newerth developer S2 Games. The game features rich, community-driven gameplay paired with mechanics that make teamwork easy and rewarding.

Post Date: 18:24 12-04-2015
Rating: 9
Author: LosmiK
Comment: First and foremost, I didn’t think I would like this game. So I had a heavy bias going into it. I hated league of legends because the heroes in that game always felt weak, or watered down. It was a game about jumping away and doing backflips, basically. I have always really enjoyed the fact that one good skill in Dota could change the tide of battle. You cant simply spam your skills all day, you have to plan and execute perfectly.
With that said, after about 20 games or so of Strife, I was pleasantly surprised that the feel of the heroes are not the weak and watered down LoL variety. Stuns last longer on average than 1-2 seconds, damage on ults is very nice and high. One hero that executes well, or catches someone off guard can completely destroy another, just like in Dota. So major props to S2 for keeping the game flavorful.
I wasn’t so sure how I would like the “Toxic removal” systems that were put in place… such as personal couriers that can’t be killed… split gold… no denies… etc. But all in all, I think that it makes strife into its own thing, which is good. I actually really enjoyed the split gold whilst playing support. It was nice to be able to be relevant at every part of the game without getting lucky to farm. I believe that this specific change with gold will attract a lot of players who may have had problems with MOBA’s before.
All in all, its a very entertaining game, I enjoy most of the new mechanics / additions and i’m still exploring others. I certainly would recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of RTS games as well as MOBA’s. While I don’t think the skill ceiling is as high as DOTA and I don’t know that it will ever become as competitive a game… as a game to just sit down and have fun with your friends… its probably my new favorite choice. It certainly itches the MOBA scratch without all of the angry tryhard that I have in DOTA.
Post Date: 14:11 10-02-2015
Rating: 9
Author: Sle91
Comment: Since the overall growth in popularity of MOBAs lately, it’s no wonder independent game designers and companies are trying to make MOBA of their own to be unique and different than all others. This is exact case with Strife. :)The game was developed and published by the company S2 Games. The game was released in August 2014.
Like any other MOBA, strife puts two five-man teams against each other on the battlefield with the general goal of destroying the enemy’s main structure which is called the Crux in Strife, and not letting your own Crux fall down. To do so, teams must work together and form a strategy to overcome the enemy and win the game.
Strife is a lot easier to figure out than any other moba. This simplicity might turn down many players but I personally like it and it makes the game much more relaxing and chilled.
There are only 14 heroes to choose from if I’m not mistaken and this does limit your hero pool, but it also makes u become more confident with those heroes and play them much better. Also, heroes can play multiple roles and fit in multiple strategies.
Strife also brings more changes to the usual MOBA system. For starts there the shared gold system which help a lot to the support type of players. This way u can control the whole map and wonder around looking for opportunities to help you teammates without worrying where u will get the gold for your items.
Smaller maps in game and faster rotation and moving from one lane to another make ganking a lot easier and much more fun. 🙂 Finding enemies won’t be a problem in these small maps, but be careful if u r weak, cause u just might want to avoid fighting at that moment.
Another nice change is how four sides of the jungle each has it’s own theme, unlike the usual two themes of light and dark in other moba.
Characters in Strife have some unique features that u can buy. This means, that even in mirror matches, u can put a different skin on your character and be different than your opponent. I always liked skins, so this is a plus for me.
Also, characters have some interesting voice acting. Some of my friends hate it, cause characters sometimes sound like they r from old Western movies, but I like it really. 🙂
All in all, I like how Strife tries to be different in this era of MOBA games, and although there are lots and lots of MOBAs Strife is unique compared to the rest of them. I like everything about this game, but most of all, that Strife was never too competitive or anything for me and it lets u relax and play the game just to have fun. Look out, Dota and LoL. U just might have a rival here. 🙂
U should definitely try the game and I rate it 9/10. 🙂
Post Date: 10:51 02-01-2015
Rating: 9
Author: FrendlyLeBlanc
Comment: Strife is one great MOBA game. I started to play her this week ansd she is nice game… I havent time to play Pc now and didnt play her a lot but i saw to that is great game… She is not like other MOBAs… You have all champions and have to buy pets. Pets are like summoner speels in League of Legends. Have nice graphic and dont need machine from Pc to play her…
I will write one more review for a month for this game, after i got exerience with this game 🙂
For now 9
Post Date: 18:28 26-11-2014
Rating: 8
Author: arZ
Comment: The game developer and publisher from this game is the company S2 Games. The game was announced in August 2013 and its still in open beta testing phase. Open beta was released in August 2014. Strife is multy player online battle arena or better to say MOBA video game. This game is really interesting. The game owners did a great job against the toxic player in mobas. And that is a big different to other popular mobas. Additional plus in this game is a pet. Every player can own a pet that can give additional attributes to the player. And there is a crafting possibility in the game for interesting new items that can the player use for a limited time, or buy them for lot of
gold and get the item permanently. The game uses an engine called Kodiak like in the popular moba Heroes of Neverearth with some improvements.

The pet system is the most unique thing in this game. Every player can own a pet, and unlock some other pets purchasing with food. Food you get after every game like crafting material and enchants. Every pet got a special ability that you unlock leveling the pet up using it in games. At the
moment they are seven different pets and every pet got unique skills. Crafting system is another unique thing in this game. This is a ability to craft some different item pieces. You can crate some interesting combination from power, health and mana. Every crafted piece got a different
level. The bigger the level the piece cost more but you get much more stats, and sometimes when you have luck you can get some additional bonus stats. Enchant system is the most interesting system in the game where you can get the different items, and use it for some time. But you can buy
the item permanently for gems but it cost to much. Every item get a common bonus, and sometimes rare bonus, and when you are luck you can get a legendary bonus too. That was the epic unique systems that are really interesting.

When the game starts, you need to pick one of the 25 different champions. After you pick a champ you need to chose one of your pets and the game can start. They are three lanes on the map (mid, top bottom), like in the most different mobas and the jungle or woods, and they are some neutral camps and two big bosses, Dragon and a Baldir that gives additional gold and buff for your team when you kill it. The game begins when the creeps spawns, and you need to kill the creeps to get experience and gold for level up and buying some new items that makes your champ stronger. For
killing enemy champs you get much more gold but its harder to kill it. The gold will split with your team mate in the same lane, for creeps and champion kills. Interesting in this game that every player got his own courier that bring your items that you buy, and no one can kill him.

The point in this game is to destroy the enemy base, like in the other popular mobas. The graphic is nice, something like cartoon graphic and the music is not bad to. If you are trying to find new moba this is the moba that you need. I rate this game with a note of 8/10, but I still think
League of Legends in much better game.

Post Date: 17:50 06-11-2014
Rating: 8
Author: Mihajlo
Comment: Strife is MOBA game developed by S2 games. Currently there’re 23 different heroes with 4 unique spells each. Fun feature in this game are pets. There are 10 different ones, they level with you and assist you with 3 unique spells/buffs. I rate this game 8/10
Post Date: 07:45 29-09-2014
Rating: 8
Author: AnimePhreak
Comment: It’s a really good break from competitive gaming where I can just relax and enjoy some fun playing. The art and the heroes themselves look pretty childish but that’s probably the reason why it’s really good. I recommend this game to everyone.
Post Date: 13:20 26-05-2014
Rating: 7
Author: cemex
Comment: another good free MOBA game, like downgate, cool champions gameplay is fine, fine map and much more
Post Date: 09:54 01-05-2014
Rating: 9
Author: axwellshm
Comment: Also similiar to Dota/LoL and, it’s really good game.
Post Date: 18:50 29-04-2014
Rating: 7
Author: nikiwild
Comment: Ok, here we have another moba game. This game is pretty new, beta mode has been released in 2013. It had a lot of updates. Its not good to play now, but its gonna be. This is a teamgame so make sure to play as a team. Its more fun to play with friends, and plus when you talk on skype, team speak, or other even sit next each other. Then you can ambush an enemy champion kill him and make him nervous and make funny from him. Trust me you wont regret playing this game, you just need time to learn. There are 14 champions, the game champions are growing, i mean, their number is growing every update the game has. Like every moba it has 3 lanes top bot and mid. This is pretty much a copy of league of legends, no mather how they try i think the moba games cant be changed really much. So this was my review of the game im giving it a solid 7 i hope there will be more updates for it. Its a really new game, every one expects a lot of her, so we can only do is to wait and see.
Post Date: 16:09 23-03-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: Great game a simple version of a moba with alot less stress compared to games such as league of legends or dota the players in this game are alot less toxic and more friendly aswell one of the best community for a game that i have seen in a long time the graphics for this game are very good other then that the gamplay is rather like dota 2
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  1. As djole said same game as DotA2,For me Strife is a decent moba video game,I recommend it everybody 🙂

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  2. It’s an alright MOBA. The name of this game probably could be improved, since there’s a 1996 game called Strife which is not related in anyway to the 2015 game called Strife, but it shouldn’t be too hard for people to discover this game. There’s not an insane amout of heroes like in other MOBAs, but over 30 heroes isn’t too bad. Game does try to be somewhat different than DOTA and League, such as introducing a pet system. I do praise the effort of this game to be a little different, but it just doesn’t compete on the levels of more popular MOBAs, and it seems like S2 Games shut down servers at some point in 2018 due to the unpopularity of this game, so the game seems to have lasted only 3 years which is quite short. Overall, I’d rate this game a 3.5/5.

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