Warhammer Online is a major 3D MMORPG from the same company as Dark Age of Camelot. Like that older MMORPG Warhammer Online looks to be one of the leading MMOs for PvP. Not only that but this game has also been mentioned frequently as a potential World of Warcraft killer like Age of Conan was when that game launched. Although only WoW will probably beat WoW when it’s all said and done Warhammer Online stands a better chance than most recent launches to rival WoW due to its mainstream approach amazing graphics epic PvP system popular fantasy franchise ease of soloing due to the group system and Public Quests PvE for a reason and depth.

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Rating: 10
Author: Athekkhar
Comment: I managed to play the dreary grindfest that is WoW for about 9 months before i got bored. After the huuuge grind to 70 the only thing that kept me going over that time was some instance runs and mainly PvP.

Ive been playing Warhammer since the open beta and i have to say i’ve probably already had more fun and excitement in WAR than in the whole 9 months i played Warcraft! as soon as you start the game you can choose to start contributing to your realms war efforet by jumping into scenarios and capturing game world objectives in the RvR zones and because you also get experience and loot for killing enemy players its possible to level just by PvPing! Also the PvP and RvR elements actually feel like an integral part of the game rather then a tacked on afterthought like in WoW and you dont have to spend hours playing to get the super uber epic gear to stay competitive a team that play well together as a group will always beat a group with superior gear but that are less organised.

Im actually a big fan of the graphics especially the big chunky armour and how busy the gameworld is- it feels like you’re in the middle of a war zone as soon as you set foot in the game.

The PvE elements are well done IMO theres is a strong story behind the quests that draws from Warhammers mass of lore and history and really immerses you in the Warhammer universe. Oh and i know everyone been banging on about them but the Public Quests are absolute GENIOUS!! as is the open party concept; no more spamming the LFG channel for an hour before you can get that group quest done!

All in all i am hugely impressed with this game so far and considering its only just been launched the few small glitches there are will be ironed out pretty soon and with a bit more polish in a few places this game is going to be HUGE fun.

See you in the WAR!

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