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This is the twelfth match (last match of the second round) of GameOgre.com’s Online Shooter Showdown 2012.  This is a tournament to determine the best Online Shooter out of 16 games. You can also view this Shooter Showdown Video for more information about this important tournament.

Team Fortress 2



While Team Fortress 2 has been involved in most Online Shooter Showdowns, Firefall won the only previous Showdown that it was in. Furthermore, Team Fortress 2 has been a favorite for many years while Firefall has been stuck in development and beta testing. That said, can one of the all-time favorite online shooters defeat one of the most anticipated online shooters yet?


  1. yea TF2 but firefall has a massive lead……….but theres only been 17 voters do……..

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  2. Firefall tasted defeat for the first time after a very close battle with TF2. Thus, Firefall will not be repeating as champion.

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