Jade Dynasty Spring Content Interview

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Jade Dynasty offers players a multitude of features and systems not commonly found in free-to-play MMORPGs. Once inside the crisp, clean game world, players begin their quest to uncover the secrets of immortality as they first assume the role of a simple paladin. Players delve into a system where choices between good and evil begin to shape their game play experience as they obtain different skills, items and ultimately, a story that is unique to every player. Among the many great features, the classless character progression system allows players to focus on the skills you desire to create the ultimate warrior.”

Gameogre: Jade Dynasty is a free to play MMORPG from PWE’s extensive line up of games. JD has been out almost 2 years now. For those who don’t know about the game, tell us a little about it and what has led up to this Spring Content Update.

JD: Jade Dynasty is Perfect World Entertainment’s martial-arts, fantasy inspired MMORPG and is based off of the popular Asian novel, Zhu Xian. The background story is that humans have long searched for the elixir of immortality, but this resulted in upsetting the natural state of the universe. Faced with the prospect of the universe being thrown into utter chaos, the immortal Athan race has sent down their warriors to restore the balance and ultimately wipe out the human race. Players will need to choose a side between fighting for human existence or restoring balance to the universe.

Gameogre: The Spring Content update will offer new Vitalic Quests. These Vitalic Quests need to be done in order to unlock the new Chroma Skill system. Can you tell us a little about these quests? What kinds of things can players expect to do on these quests and about how long will it take the average player to do them in order to unlock the new Chroma Skill system?

JD: The Vitalic quest chain will require players to take down several bosses of varying degrees of difficulty.  Once all of the Vitalic Quests are completed, the new Chroma skill system as well as Vigor resource will be unlocked.

On average, players should be able to complete the Vitalic Quests relatively quickly, but that will vary depending on play style and  whether or not you’re following the story or just powering your way through the quests.

Gameogre: The new Chroma Skill system offers 4 unique skills per faction. After unlocking this system how will players obtain these skills? Will each player be able to obtain all 4 new skills?

JD: Players will indeed be able to acquire all 4 unique faction Chroma skills.  Acquiring these skills involve accumulating Chroma XP and Chroma Beads that players then trade in for Chroma skills that are available to them based on their Chroma level.

Gameogre: Tell us about Dragon Mountain for ascended lvl 90+ players. What is its purpose and what can players gain by doing it? Will Dragon Mountain be something players can solo or will they need to party up to complete it?

JD: In addition to visiting Dragon Mountain to receive the Vitalic Quests, players will be able to turn in daily quests for Chroma beads, which in turn, can be exchanged for experience for leveling up Chroma skills. Players are able to solo in Dragon Mountain, however to unlock some of the Dragon Gates, players from all over the server will need to work together.

Gameogre: Elysium can be unlocked after a server wide effort to complete Dragon Mountain. What exactly is Elysium? What players expect to find and do there? What will be the recommended level for Elysium?

JD: Elysium provides an entire new map for players to explore along with a host of new PvP-centric gameplay options.  As is the case with the first stage of Dragon Mountain, this zone is designed for Ascended-level players.

Gameogre: Im sure everyone is excited about the new high level gear that will be made available. How will players be able to obtain this gear?

JD: The content update will provide additional options for players to acquire the highest leveled weapons in game.  Additionally, an item will be available that will ease the pain of trading your Ascended gear for upgrade by preserving its refinement levels.

Gameogre: With this update there will also be new daily quests and a new unique server progression system. Can you tell us about some of these new quests and what players will be doing in them. What are some of the rewards from the new quests?

JD: Apart from the Vitalic quests, there will be a new daily dispatcher for players to receive new quests. Not only will players be rewarded with Chroma beads for completing these quests, they will also receive an item that will give them a chance to unlock a Dragon Gate or the fourth and final Empyrean Gate.

Gameogre: How will the new unique server progression system work and what advantages will it offer players to work together as a server to accomplish their goals?

JD: Unique server progression is related to how players will unlock some of the Dragon Gates as well as the fourth and final Empyrean Gate in Dragon Mountain. Players will complete daily quests that will give them items that they can use to weaken as well as has a chance at unlocking the gate. The chance of unlocking increases as more players attempt it and once unlocked, the new area will be available for the entire server.

Gameogre: There will also be an updated Event interface. What changes have been made for this and what features will the new interface offer? How will this new interface make game life easier for the players?

JD: We are updating the event user interface to be more streamlined, intuitive and player friendly. Now players can more easily search for upcoming events as well as sort through them by starting time, type and even recommended level.  Players can also browse through boss encounters that are available in their zone and auto-path directly to them if they so choose.

Gameogre: While this spring content update is huge everyone knows players can never get enough! Im sure pwe has already started working on its next big update. Can you give us any hints on whats to come in the future for Jade Dynasty?

JD: Ironically, we are waiting for players to tell us what they want in future updates and expansions! We’re pretty happy with what’s included in the Spring Content Update with many of the features such as new maps, higher level quests and an entirely new skill system being requested from our players. We look forward to hearing feedback from the players on the content and are always listening to them as to what is good and what can be improved upon for future updates and expansions.  But what we can reveal at this time is that there will be more exciting content updates to look forward to in 2011 and we’ll reveal more info on these updates over the coming months.


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