Oblivion, the fourth game in the Elder Scrolls series, is set within the province of Cyrodiil, the heartland and Imperial capital of Tamriel. Emperor Uriel Septim VII is assassinated in flight from his own palace, but just before he dies he passes on to you—the foreordained of his dreams—the mystic Amulet of Kings. The adventure proper begins with the quest to find Uriel\’s lost and illegitimate son—the only heir to the throne. In a world where the forces of darkness seek their ultimate dominion over the ranks of man and mer alike, you alone stand between the future of Tamriel and the gates of Oblivion.

Post Date: 21:20 08-08-2014
Rating: 5
Author: Marks
Comment: Good game.Graphics is good.They can kill animals, humans and zombies.
Post Date: 20:10 06-08-2014
Rating: 5
Author: FrendlyLeBlanc
Comment: this game is not specaial and its not funny a lot… 5
Post Date: 08:17 06-08-2014
Rating: 3
Author: Glorious
Comment: first one to review this? hmm, alright then, but it aint gonna be pretty.
when oblivion first came out i was still young and was excited for it. i played it for a few weeks i think before getting bored out of my mind. later i would revisit this game and beat it (there were a lot of difficulty mods installed) and realize how lazy this game is.

story – story is dull and boring, a horribly voiced king dies? do i care? once again im a prisoner? really? does bethesta know how to start a game without NOT being a prisoner? the story is basically there to take you by the hand and lead you through this landscape bethesta made, make you explore all 4 types of dungeons, and make you waste a lot of time doing the same quest over and over (oblivion gates) just to extend the game. and ofc, there is no end boss, cuz that’s what people want, no epic battle at the end of the game (sorry – that was a spoiler). its expansion shivering isles has a really good storyline, too bad you are forced to play through the main story first! and other than that, the only story that interested me was the one with elven ruins, and maybe a few other side quests.

gameplay – gameplay of oblivion (like morrowind) consists of you wandering around this ‘wonderful’ world, exploring plains and forests and occasional dungeon you come across. you collect stuff you find so you can sell it for gold and buy more stuff. you dont get exp, because bethesta still hasnt developed a decent leveling system, making quests not so appealing to do. fighting is boring as it boils down to just mindlessly grinding your left mouse button no matter what you are fighting (at least for a warrior character, it is somewhat different for others). and one of the biggest issues i have with this game is the difficulty, or more precise, scaling difficulty. in oblivion, everything you see scales with you. if you are a level 2 warrior, you will be facing other level 1-2 characters around the world wherever you go. once you get to level 40, your common thieves hiding in the sewer get magical ebony armor and other extremely powerful gear making them look like heroes instead of slimy backgroundless thieves in a sewer.

graphics / environment – no matter how poor other aspects of the game are, this is what bethesta’s money is riding on, so naturally, it well done. landscape is pretty even thou its repetitive, and i must say that the elven ruins look really nice. characters on the other hand, while their bodies are decent, their faces are horrible. well, maybe that’s a bit overexaggerated, but they are really far from being pleasant to look upon.

sound – boy oh boy is it bland, lazy, and forgettable. voice acting is really poorly done, it sounds like the voice actors didnt care about the game, so why should i? they all sound bored out of their minds and so absent. music isnt bad, its just forgettable. i remember i got excited when i heard the main theme, but after hearing it 5 times i stopped paying attention to it and soon forgot it entirely.

overall, i can see why people like this game, i liked it at start too, but it just became so boring so fast that i started seeing all the bad details it is riddled with until i could no longer see anything redeeming about it. if you want a game to sink a lot of time into, its not that bad, but as with all elder scrolls games, i would not recommend anyone to play them without getting a ton of mods.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
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  1. Oblivion is the type of game where you can customize your character…You can make him look how you want, there are alot races so there is alot posibilies…Graphics are especially good and gameplay is very funny…You can do pretty much everything.Game has open world and there are alot tasks and missions to do that also makes it funny….Sure i recommend everyone this game

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  2. Oblivion is one of older rgps,it is like skyrim but a bit older,type of game is same as in skryim,but online different thing is lower graphic .

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  3. Skyrim was my favorite game of all time so I decided to try this out and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Please don’t get turned off by the poor graphics because the game otherwise is imply amazing.

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  4. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has old graphics, but it’s definitely more of an improvement over its predecessary The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind for its graphics. And the setting is pretty nice as well, a bit more like your traditional fantasy with emphasis on castles. But I feel like Oblivion tends to be somewhat more forgettable in the Elder Scrolls series, and I think the reasons why is that questing is not as fun compared to Morrowind and Skyrim, plus modding for this game tends to get overshadowed by modding for other TES games like Morrowind and especially Skyrim. But overall, I’d rate this game a 4.39/5; still a pretty great game, but I’d probably rank the game just below Morrowind.

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