Brawlhalla is a 2D platform fighter where the best of the baddest-ass warriors in history battle each other in an eternal tourney of champions for bragging rights, infinite mead, and the pure pleasure of delivering a beatdown. Includes online 4 player free for all, team games, custom games, and local play options.

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Post Date: 13:13 15-05-2015
Rating: 9
Author: axwellshm
Comment: It’s a really insane game i must admit. Although it’s 2D game it is actually popular than half of other games that mainly are not in 2D. 9/10.
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  1. 2d Platformer fighting game with cartoony graphics.You have different map to choose from.
    Artstyle seams fine but game is not that interesting.

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  2. For 2d game, its awesome, you can play training, arcade mode, local or online with your friends.
    Gameplay is so smooth, and its action whole time. You are in arena map and u fight vs 3 more fighters. U can use all kind of different weapons, weapons are dropped on map itself, and who pick it 1st, only he will have curtain weapons. Lots of fun.

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  3. Brawlhalla is solid 2d platform fighting video game.Recommend this game everybody who feels boring

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  4. I gave my opinion when i started to play game, those were my 1st impressions
    Now after playing a while i like game even more.
    There are much more to tell, game is perfect for playing with friends ( or enemies to settle scores 🙂 )
    There are such more different ways to play, you can play solo or as team up to max of 8 players
    Stock Match – Its something like last man standing, u get curtain number of lives and when u reach 0 you are out.
    Timed Match – Set curtain amount of time and when times up, winner is one with highest score
    Strikeout – Pick 3 legends and win game with them
    Brawlball – U need to take ball and place it on targeted area, while fighting enemy team
    Snowbrawl – Hit enemy with snowball and score points, one of my favorites btw
    Dodgebomb – you are on small platform and u can use only bombs to defeat enemies
    Each game mode has its advantages and bring new ways of fun
    What i like on this game is that is so dynamic, no time to rest, its always action, also huge diversity of game modes allow you to play game longer, because if u get bored of one u can go and play 2nd.
    Each weapon has its own combo and each legends has 2 different weapons
    U can win brawls on 2 ways, deal huge amount of dmg or toss enemy from arena ground
    Only thing that i dont like here is, when more players are playing, its sometimes hard to know where you are
    U can also play ranked games to check how good you are or to training mode where u can practice new combos with different legends
    Overall, rly good game, brings so much fun, especially with friends

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  5. Here to make a great review on the free 2d kick-fighting game Brawhalla. This game has a whole bunch of characters that players can choose from to play in the game. Also, the game includes different maps that can help ones play of battle. Each character has their own skill and uniqueness when playing the game.

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  6. Cute 2D action game :3
    I like the flashy animations which makes it fun. Plus the cuteness adds up to my personal tastes.
    It’s similar to Street Fighter in many ways.

    Anyways, ill give it a ratey of 3.5/5
    Thumbs Uppy~

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  7. Brawlhalla is a wonderful 2D fighting game with a handful of game modes and competition against other players. What I enjoy most about Brawlhalla is its resemblance to other fighting games like Super Smash Bros. and the various unique Legends, or characters to choose from; Gnash has to be my favorite Legend to play as. The game’s tournament mode, stock match mode, and sudden death mode are pretty fun and addicting to play. Graphics-wise, Brawlhalla’s cartoon-like characters and background are smooth and appealing, and definitely caught my attention when I first saw this game. Overall, I would rate this game 4.5/5 and would recommend this game to fans of fighting games.

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  8. This game is very good, However there are numerous problems with it.

    Take for example the community. It is very toxic at times, and makes you not want to play. However, at other times the community can be Very nice and supportive.

    The game itself is fine, with very little bugs other than server lag and Some faulty hit regestration.

    Hope you enjoy the game fellas.

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  9. One of the bests fighting games I’ve played with lot’s of stuff, active players, a leaderboard and so much fun! The gas was one of the top twitch streams in 2017 but with the new fighting games, this one has become a game to play with friends.

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